Glaucoma :: Sight Getting Worse After Laser Surgery

Apr 16, 2016

I had sudden onset acute angle closure Glaucoma last October which I am told is very rare. I had emergency laser surgery within 12 hours and was sent home. I had follow-up appointment 1 month later and all was well. Was told to wait 3 months and then if all ok I would go on waiting list for replacement lens and cataract removal. However our Eye Clinic is overwhelmed and had a letter saying they couldn't see me at 3 months and I would have to wait until appts. became available as and when. Because my sight was blurry I went through PALS to help me get an appt. and was seen at 4 months. Then I was told the drainage channels were open and working well so I would be left for another 6 months to be seen again and that my "sight was good enough", I asked about going on the waiting list for further surgery and was told I had to wait.

My concern is that because my sight is deteriorating I will be left until I can barely see before they will act. I cannot afford to keep going for eye tests and new scripts in the meantime (on a State Pension) so this leaves me high and dry. I had my last eye test and new glasses last July and at that time no cataracts were seen and my eye health was good. I can no longer see through these glasses and night vision is so bad I can no longer watch TV or use my laptop. During daylight I can see better though.

Does anyone know why my sight is getting worse after laser surgery.

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Optic Neuritis - Eye Sight Getting Worse

I have worn glasses all my life and always been dependant on them.  I was having trouble with my vision so decided to have my eyes checked out again, although i only had a sight test nine months ago.  It resulted in me requiring stronger glasses and a large increase in both eyes, especially my left eye.  I have a difference of 1.75 between my left and right eye.

I was referred onto the eye specialist again for further checks and i was told i have Optic Neuritis, and was told that my eyesight will probably get worse and been advised to return to the opticians in a few months to have them checked out again.

I was prescribed last year additional reading lenses i wear multifocal contact lenses most of the time but wear my glasses at night.  I was advised by the opticians that my prescription is pretty strong especially needing additional reading help.

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Eye Care :: Getting Older - Sight Getting Worse

As I'm getting older, my eyes are getting worse! I've had glasses since I was in the third grade! All I can see without them are blurs everywhere!

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Eyes :: Laser Iridotomy To Prevent Closed Angle Glaucoma

Has anyone had an iridotomy (laser - in iris) It has been recommended to me as the dr says I have narrowing and leakage.  no glaucoma.  I was told it would help prevent closed angle glaucoma. I am not sure whether to go ahead and I am seeking another opinion.

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa :: Laser Surgery

I've been suffering from HS for the last few years, I think it started in 2010/11, I am male in mid thirties. I have had various flare ups over the years both small and large in only the groin area. There have been times where it has disappeared for months but then reappeared at existing or new places. 

I have three areas which have scared and still feel like a bump is under the skin, sometimes they weep, they have been there for some time. In one area the discharge absolutely stinks (to me), which is strange as all the other areas seem to be odourless.

Over the last couple of days I have had a couple of big new flare ups which have got me searching on google about HS again and in turn typing on this forum now for the first time. Before that I have been pretty comfortable for at least 4 or 5 months with nothing major going on.

I have been to the doctor and dermatologist various times. Have also visited a surgeon when the doctor gave me the option of surgery, however the surgeon advised me not to go under the knife if they weren’t effecting me that badly as it would put me out of work for six months (not good for self-employed) as well as having the risk of them coming back 10 times worse.

I have been reading up about laser surgery, particularly an article titled “Treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa with intense pulsed light: a prospective study” where they test it on 18 people and seem to have positive results. My question, is there anywhere available in the UK for this?

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Cholesteatoma :: Experience With KTP Laser Surgery?

I just got diagnosed this year with a Cholesteatoma, after a heavy mid ear inflammation in June, following a severe cold. Before that I had no problems with my ear.

My hearing was virtually lost during the inflammation but recovered pretty well, I guess only a 30 % has gone in my right ear. I live in Spain, in the mountains, and have no problems while I am here.

But I just visited the Peruvian Jungle, and it happened two times that after 3-4 days in the Jungle, my ear starts draining liquids and my eardrum perforates. After being treated two times with antibiotics in Peru, and moving to an area where the air is much dryer, the inflammation goes away within a week.

Now, last Friday I talked with my ENT specialist, and he has put me on a waiting list to have it surgically removed. According to him, it is a 'removal' operation, with a high chance of losing my right side hearing completely, as he 'thinks' the ossicles are infected.

When I asked him if a KTP laser is being used, the answer I got was that they don't use KTP laser in these kind of interventions in Spain.  

Since I do not want to lose my hearing capacity in the right ear completely, I understood from reading about Cholesteatomas and treatments that a KTP laser assisted intervention has a high chance of preserving the ossicles, and thus hearing capacity.

There is an ENT specialist who has published about this, Dr. Fairley.

Does anybody has experience with him ?

Has anybody had this type of surgery with a KTP Laser ? How were the results ? I am very interesting in your story, As I am considering paying for the intervention myself in another country.

Prices are fluctuating a lot for this procedure, so if anyone knows a good ENT specialist (Cholesteatoma & KTP Laser) I would appreciate your opinion and experiences.

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Vulva :: Pain And Bruise After Vin Laser Surgery

I had laser surgery to the vulva 10 days ago it is still very painful and I feel really fed up and unwell dr not gave me any after care advice or what to expect apart from keeping area clean. I was surprised to find I am very bruised in my groin and also my pubic area has now become very painful on the left side is this normal?

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Prostate :: GL Laser Surgery Recovery - Still Pain While Urinating

I am 4 weeks post op and still having frequency issues and pain when urinating. How much longer can this go on?

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Eyes :: Styes - Laser Surgery Or Contraceptive Pills (hormones)

I had laser surgery on my eyes eighteen months ago and at the same time stopped taking the contraceptive pill.

Since then every month I seem to get at least one stye.

Is this connected to hormones or the laser surgery?

What do you recommend as treatment?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Laser Surgery - Recovery Taking Long

I was diagnosed with vin3 in Jan 2014. I had surgery in the Feb and had 3 weeks off work recovering.  My consultant told me that I would need about a week.  I then had laser surgery in sept 2015 and then after cells appeared immediately had more surgery 5 weeks later.  Is it just me or is the recovery time under estimated.  I keep being told that it is only a week to recover but the pain is excruciating.  I find standing up difficult and have to roll over to get up. I don't think anyone realises how painful this condition is post op and I feel like I am trying to avoid work when asking for a sick note!  I'm really fed up!

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Bowel Disorder :: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery? Feedback, Reviews?

A few weeks ago, I saw a specialist who does laser surgery and infrared coagulation for hemorrhoids. He took a look at my backside, and recommended that I get laser surgery. So I scheduled it, and got 4 days off from work approved by my boss for the surgery and recovery.

But now that the surgery date is drawing near, (this coming Tuesday) my hemorrhoids don't feel as swollen or painful as they did when I first scheduled the appointment with the doctor. A month earlier, my hemorrhoids were KILLING me. But now my bowel movements are pretty much pain-free. I looked at my backside using a mirror, and it doesn't look as bad back there as it had a month ago.

So now I'm thinking: Should I still go through with this scheduled surgery? I'll be paying a lot out of pocket for it because I have a pretty high deductible on my insurance. Is it worth it to go ahead and get the procedure done anyway to prevent them from flaring up again? The doctor told me in our initial appointment that once you get the laser procedure done, your hemorrhoids won't come back. Anyone else who's had it done find that to be true?

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Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery :: Tips To Reduce The Pain During Laser Hair Removal

Here are a couple of tips that can be used to help reduce the pain during laser hair removal.

Tips 1. Apply topical numbing creams

Topical numbing creams may be applied to the area prior to the laser treatment as they will not change the effectiveness of the treatment. Make sure to time the application appropriately as you don’t want it to wear off by the time the laser treatment starts and some may also take a while to kick in. Many numbing creams recommend applying 20 or 30 minutes prior but all creams are different. Be sure to read and follow the directions accordingly. This is by far the most popular method of preventing any laser hair removal pain.

Tips 2. Bring an icepack to a session

Bringing an icepack to a session and holding it on the area for about 5 - 10 minutes prior to the laser treatment can also help numb the area if you do not have any numbing cream.

Tips 3. Select laser type has a cold air attachment

Some hair removal laser types hair removal laser types come with air attachments that blow a stream of cold air directly onto your skin while the laser is in action. This is used to soothe the area and help reduce pain. If your selected laser type has a cold air attachment, a trick is to ask the technician to blow the cold air all over the area for a minute or two prior to the laser treatment to help number the area even more. If the area gets too cold, get them to stop and proceed with the laser treatment immediately.

Tips 4. Ask the technician to experiment with pace

Ask the technician to experiment with pace. Technicians all have their own technique when it comes to using the laser. Some perform in quick bursts, while others use a slow, continuous pace. One technique may feel better on your skin than the next. Determining what pace feels the best for you can help reduce laser hair removal pain.

Tips 5. Avoid during menstruating

For the ladies, try not to schedule your session when you’re premenstrual or menstruating as your hormones may greatly increase your sensitivity to pain.

Tips 6. Drink a gallon of water prior to the treatment

Drink a gallon of water starting about 4 to 6 hours before the treatment. Going without a drink can make you more sensitive to pain, a study has found. Although there is the danger of drinking too much and getting sick, but you will not feel a thing through out my session. It's easy and free.

Tips 7. Avoid coffee and anything else that contains caffeine

Avoid coffee and anything else that contains caffeine the day of your treatment. Caffeine has been said to increase sensitivity.

Tips 8. Ask the technician to stop when the pain becomes intolerable

If the laser hair removal pain becomes intolerable, you can easily ask the technician to stop. They can give you some time to recuperate before you are ready to proceed with the rest of the procedure.

Tips 9. Try to have the hair as short as possible

The length of the hair makes a difference. The longer the hair, the more painful it is going to be. Technicians will advise you to shave the area a day or two prior to your appointment. To avoid more pain, try to have the hair as short as possible, but still visible.

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Bone / Joint :: Bunion Pain Worse After Surgery?

I had bunion surgery on my feet last year, since then i have been in more pain than before i had surgery. To be honest they weren't actually painful before the surgery, just a pain to wear shoes and they were very bent. now my left foot feels weird and my right foot is extremely painful.
what to do? i regret having the surgery i want to go back to being my normal super active self. They hurt so much!

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Oxytetracycline Visual Side Effects - Sight Has Degraded

I have been on Oxytetracycline for the past 3 months to treat acne on my back. It seems to be beginning to work now but I have a problem in that my sight has degraded quite rapidly in the past 4 months. My optician did say there is a chance this could be linked. I have done a bit of research and sight variation is a rare side effect of this medication. Does anyone know if this would be a temporary variation on a permanent deterioration?

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Glaucoma And Macular Edema?

2 years ago I had a piece of steel melted into my eye. I went to the emergency room and they called in an eye specialist. After a dew painstaking hour They got all of the steel removed from my eye. But the specialist tells me i need to see another doctor because it looks like I got glaucoma. So finally I got the nerve to go see the doctor. I don't like to go to doctors. Any how, she said i do have glaucoma after 3 visits to her. Also they had a specialist there at the last visit. They brought a different machine with them. They took a bunch of tests to confirm I have glaucoma and other problems. Macular thickening, leakage of fluid inside my eye, aneurysms, cotton walls. They have appointments scheduled all over the state with specialists now. I am 40 years old. They tested me for diabetes and high blood pressure. All negative. They are not sure why I am having such bad eye problems. Any thought? The eye doctor told me they will start a treatment for the glaucoma in a couple weeks after I see the next specialist.

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Ocular Hypertension Or Glaucoma? Pressure In Eyes

Recently (sunday) i was very angry which probably caused high blood pressure (though i don't have blood pressure originally but i stress out A LOT). After a while, i started feeling slight pressure in my left eye and it is there since then. There are times when it isn't there that much and others when the feeling is there. Today after about a week...i still have that feeling. What could it it just due to hypertension?

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Eyes :: Sclerology Against Glaucoma And Other Ocular Problems?

I've been doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to alternative medicine, and I have had a need to, because conventional medicine has not been able to offer me much in terms of glaucoma treatment. Sclerology seems to offer some hope. Are there any other people who have had success in treating glaucoma and other ocular problems with Sclerology?

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Eye Care :: Anatomical Narrow Angle Glaucoma And Normal IOP

I was diagnosed with anatomical narrow angle and OP 13mm. Doctor wants to perform iridotomy on my eyes. What is chance to not get glaucoma. There is a risk and repletion of procedures.I would rather will visit Doctor every month and see what is going on with my eyes.

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Eye Care :: Experience With Narrow Or Closed Angle Glaucoma?

Does anyone have experience with narrow or closed angle glaucoma? I believe I have been having attacks for several years now. My right eye will become real red and I will be in excruciating pain in and around my eye. I will barely be able to see out of my right eye. I also see halos around lights. I have an ophthalmologist appt in December. How were you diagnosed?

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma - Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate Headaches

My mom who is 83 years young has narrow angle Glaucoma and takes three eye drops a few times a day Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate, Latanoprost, she has had headaches but now they are getting worse.She has had operations which really haven't helped but could have scratched her retina. One eye seems to not open all the way. Has anyone have any experience with narrow angle Glaucoma and how they treat it, either with eye drops or organically? Thanks!

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Closed Angle Glaucoma - Prescribed Steroids For A Skin Rash - Safe

I have a rash on various parts of my body which is very itchy & I scratch which makes it worse occasionally it goes away but now it is really bad & my doctor has prescribed a short course of steroids. Is it safe to take them since I have closed angle glaucoma?

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