Penis Disorders :: Very Low Erection Angle (30 Degrees)

Jul 28, 2014

my erection angle is very low. say 30 degrees from pointing to ground (this almost looks like even the erected penis pointing to ground) 

1) When i was younger, my penis use to be higher when erected 

2) i  used to masturbate on my stomach. this way i will masturbate all the time. i used to rub my penis against the mattress, etc 

3) i'm currently 25 yrs of age

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Penis Size And Stammering - Masturbation And Penis Erection

I have four doubts related to masturbation, penis erection, penis size and stammering.

I am 22 years old.

1. It is said you should quit masturbation, but other related websites say you should masturbate twice or thrice a week to flush your old sperms and to protect from prostate cancer. Please comment on this.

2. It is important to have blood flow in penis. So what I do is, I close my eyes imagine beautiful girl which increases blood flow in penis and it causes erection but I don't masturbate. I repeat this exercise 10-12 times a day. So is it good thing I am doing??? Or should I stop doing it immediately??

3. My penis size is 6.7 inches in length and 5.3 inches in girth. Is my size OK according to my age??

4. I am stammering from age six or seven. Now I am 22, I have started getting control over it, but I want to improve more. Sir please suggest me some help.

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Less Erection Of Penis Due To Low Testosterone

I am 24 years old. I was losing my weight , feel tired everytime. Fatigue in muscles every time. Lazy and very less concentration on things. Less erection of penis. Very less facial hair only weak mustache and chin hairs. Feel weak every time. Poor wound healing. Always depressed.

After noticing all these symptoms i searched on internet about the solution for these problems and found out that this can be due to low testosterone. I did my medical test and my serum testosterone level was 158 ng. Normal person in my age must have testo in between 260 and 1600 ng. I am very much conscious about my hormones.

I want to have some info and solutions to these. Can i go for a testosterone injections?

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Penis :: Hard Foreskin Retraction On Erection

I can pull my foreskin totally back when I'm flaccid. But when Im erect, I can only pull back it over the head. The foreskin "collects" under the head, but won't pull back any further. There is foreskin there, it just won't pull down the shaft when erect!

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Penis :: Unable To Maintain An Erection On Physical Stimulation

*i had phimosis earlier and now cured but its is still a bit tight when erect and a little skin from foreskin is attached to glans.

*glans fully covered by smegma non removable.

* i cannot maintain an erection when i try to masterbate

*i get easily get erect by porn , by talking with by gf any type of tal like when she says i love you it gets erect too.

*problem is i cannot maintain an erection when i try to physically stimulate my penis i don't feel any pleasure actually...

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Penis :: Foreskin Doesn't Retract Fully On Erection

Basically, my foreskin doesn't retract fully when I am erect. Two reasons for this, my foreskin is very tight and the head of my penis under my foreskin is very sensitive. Is there any conventional method of remedying this problem without going to the doctor? And that won't take so long. I can masterbate fine, when i masterbate i don't go anywhere near the head of my penis, i just work up and down the shaft. That's fine and all but I am worried about the problems i am going to face when I have sex.

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Men - 14 Years Old - Small Genitals (penis) Of 2.5 Inches Only On Erection

I'm 14 years old, i have already hit puberty and my penis is only 2.5 inches when its fully erected, i am really worried because i couldn't have kids, and do woman really care about penis size?

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Penis Erect Apart From The Very Base - Full Pointing Upwards Erection?

I'm a 6"3 26 year old male, no notable health problems. 

However when I get erections the whole penis become fully erect apart from the very base. The base is very weak so under the weight of the erection it hangs at about 40 degrees.  I am able to have sex with no problems but girls have commented that it seems unusual and perhaps feels a little different because it doesn't naturally point upwards.

Is there anything a doctor could for me to perhaps strengthen the base so that I can achieve a full pointing upwards erection?

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Penis Disorders :: Large White Stone Ball On Penis Can't Pop Get Rid Of?

For a few months now I've had this hard white ball or stone in the middle area of my penis. I have been trying for weeks now to pop it and it just grows larger. I am 19 and have never had sex so it cant be an std. It just stays in place and no matter how hard I squeeze nothing happens. The stone like object doesnt even look like a pimple its just a white ball I cant see a doctor for a few more weeks ....

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TKR :: Dynasplint To Help Knee Bend (90 Degrees)

I had a follow up today with my DR and I am still at a 90 degree bend.  We had discussed MUA and I was hoping to avoid it.  I have had 6 previous surgeries on his knee due to a car accident when I was 18, I'm now 46. My bend prior to surgery was 110, and I'm just hoping to get back to that and be pain free.  My Dr is having me try a dynasplint in hopes to gain flection.  I'd love to know if anyone has used it & what results they have had.  For the moment, I'm happy to have dodged the bullet of MUA.

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Orthopedics :: Scaphoid Fracture - Can't Bend Wrist To 90 Degrees

I was having a scaphoid fracture, and already have my hand on support for 2 weeks, now i can bend my wrist 45 degree without pain, but i can't bend it 90 degree, it doesn't hurt but i just feel can't, like it's fixed, can i start weightlifting and futsal again now ? Of course with wearing support.

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Cataract :: World Is Tilted 30 Degrees And Shifted After Vitrectomy (IOL Is 15 Months Old)

I had right eye cataract surgery 15 months ago, but protein building required capsulotomy. Unfortunately, the doctor cut a square out of the back of the capsule with a laser which floated in visiont (duh!). Further laser blasting left lots of floaters in eye.

Today had Vitrectomy to remove vitreous and gunk. However, I notice now that vision in that eye is tilted 30° and shifted down from where it should be.

No pain or flashing lights. WIll be calling hospital Friday morning (too late tonight)

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Orthopedics :: Sore Knee Hurts Trying To Bent Past 90 Degrees

I have a sore knee, can not fully extend and it hurts trying to bent past 90 degrees. The back appears to be swollen. Suggestions? It started to hurt a little about a week ago and the last 24 hours the pain has increased... Almost feels as if knee is popping.

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Hip Replacement :: 90 Degree Angle - Low Back Pain?

Does anyone know how long the don't bend 90 degree angle' is crucial for? I am four months in after THR of left hip.  Bent down to put socks on and my husband said I was breaking g the 90 degree rule.  I wonder if this is still causing the low back pain i am getting.  Feel as though I should be better than I am.

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Eye Care :: Anatomical Narrow Angle Glaucoma And Normal IOP

I was diagnosed with anatomical narrow angle and OP 13mm. Doctor wants to perform iridotomy on my eyes. What is chance to not get glaucoma. There is a risk and repletion of procedures.I would rather will visit Doctor every month and see what is going on with my eyes.

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Eye Care :: Experience With Narrow Or Closed Angle Glaucoma?

Does anyone have experience with narrow or closed angle glaucoma? I believe I have been having attacks for several years now. My right eye will become real red and I will be in excruciating pain in and around my eye. I will barely be able to see out of my right eye. I also see halos around lights. I have an ophthalmologist appt in December. How were you diagnosed?

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma - Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate Headaches

My mom who is 83 years young has narrow angle Glaucoma and takes three eye drops a few times a day Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate, Latanoprost, she has had headaches but now they are getting worse.She has had operations which really haven't helped but could have scratched her retina. One eye seems to not open all the way. Has anyone have any experience with narrow angle Glaucoma and how they treat it, either with eye drops or organically? Thanks!

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Eyes :: Laser Iridotomy To Prevent Closed Angle Glaucoma

Has anyone had an iridotomy (laser - in iris) It has been recommended to me as the dr says I have narrowing and leakage.  no glaucoma.  I was told it would help prevent closed angle glaucoma. I am not sure whether to go ahead and I am seeking another opinion.

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Penis Disorders :: Pea Sized Lump On It

I'm 23 with a permanent female partner. I noticed a small 'lump' on my penis. Its been there for 2/3 weeks. I dont think its size has changed (about the size of a small pea). Its not painful unless i'm squeezing to look at it

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Penis Disorders :: Pain When Urinating

So I am currently having an issue where I feel a sharp, shooting pain in my penis when i urinate...The weird thing is that I only get this maybe once or twice a day and not every time I urinate...It's not itchy, burning etc etc...Just have the sharp, shooting pain. Anyone got any idea what this could be?

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Penis Disorders :: Ejaculations Without Any Reason

I am having ejaculations without any reason ..I really don't know why they are happening...they are happening without any reason or anything whenever I am about to have an arousal I ejaculate automatically's creeping me out...i don't know how I it it premature ejaculation or anything else?

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