Parkinson :: Dysphagia Due To Sinemet?

May 26, 2014

My mother took 2 sinemet tablets 5 times a day. And a patch once a day for rotigel. She went into a nursing home in March and they accessed her dysphasia as being a hazard and so her sinemet was lowered to 1 1/2 tablets  5 times a day . She now has severe off patches with panic attacks stomach pain leg spasms etc... Has anyone else had experience of these symptoms .

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Parkinson :: Sinemet Or Requip?

Sinemet has left me unable to handle my property management business. Shaky or disoriented to often. ( get about 3 good hours in am). Locals I know are on requip and seem to do better. Dr. wants me to see a Shrink. I am sure I have some depression and anxiety, but don't want any more meds. I took lexapro for about 2 weeks after a divorce. I thought i was losing my mind. Couldn't concentrate on anything. Scared the heck out of me!
What is the difference between the 2 ( sinemet- requip) and has anyone tried the fisher wallace stimulator?

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Restless Leg Syndrome :: Mirapex Or Starting Sinemet Helped?

Been taking Mirapex since late Oct. Have been on 1mg for about a month or so now. Doing great falling asleep, but wake up some nights at 4 or 5 and can't get back to sleep many times. Anyone find that an increase in Mirapex or starting Sinemet helped? Dr said he'll decide in February.

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Dysphagia Confused With Choking?

I've had dysphagia all my life and as a child was diagnosed acid reflux disease and underwent surgery for both a fundoplication and dilation of the esophagus.

The dysphagia never completely went away though.

What often happens is the feeling of food caught in the throat. Like it won't go down even after swallow and I get a gurgling sound and also feel a very uncomfortable "pressure" in my throat.

I liken it to choking, except when this happens I can still breathe fine for the most part so I know I'm not technically choking.

Sometimes when this happens literally spend hours coughing and swallowing until I finally feel it slide down.

Here's my question. When this happens, I know I could swallow much harder and with more force, but psychologically I'm terrified of choking. If I swallow with more force the pressure in my throat gets even worse and whether I can breathe or not it still feels very much like choking.

Am I being irrational here?

Do I just have to suck it up and swallow very hard to force the food down, and just tell myself it may be uncomfortable but I'm not going to choke?

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Dysphagia :: Difficulty With Liquids

I am desperate and scared. I've always been a "slow swallower" but a couple of weeks ago things got much worse. I suddenly had extreme difficulty swallowing water. I was drinking a glass full and it made me feel like gagging, I had to stop and spit it out, I could not swallow. Ever since then it is extremely hard to swallow water. Oranje juice is a little easier and solids generally are okay. It is the initiation of a swallow that is hard. The water is in my mouth and I don't just automatically swallow, I have to think about i, it takes about 15 seconds to get a mouthful down. And I feel so much like gagging every time I have water in my mouth. It is worse if someone is in the room with me.

Everything I read points to something bad - ALS, brain tumors, etc. I am crying and crying I am so scared. The doctor doesn't know and won't' rule anything out until I have the swallowing evaluation (barium) and the ENT visit.

Also scaring me into thinking it is ALS is that I have had problems with my voice for several months, hoarseness, can't project, people can't hear me, I always have to repeat myself, I stumble and slur over words..

I'm scared of the swallow test, I read you have to drink 3 ounces of water as fast as you can. It makes me cry to think about that, it will take me 10 minutes.

I am so scared, can anyone give me any reassuring words? Has anyone ever had something like this happen and it wasn't serious?

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Dysphagia :: Tiny Pieces Of Chewed Food Getting Stuck

I'm having a very weird problem for past week. tiny bits of chewed food when i swallow gets stuck back of my throat and takes time and effort to go down. However the problem of swallowing is not there with big chunk of food :S(when i swallow food without chewing much it will be fine.)
Also there is some pain like sore throat..

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You Do Not Die Of Parkinson You Die With It? Confusing

Many professionals and the charity PD uk sat that you do not die of PD you die with it...BUT The world Health Organisation receive statistica from the UK about the Number of Deaths Caused By PD in the UK...PD is one of the leading causes of deaths in the UK... I haved PD and suffer from anxiety but it occurs to me on  a regular basis that the lack of knowledge and information that is presented to us by a community of experts that all disagree is causing more confusion not only for the sufferers of pd , the public also find the whole thing a non starter. It is an illness for which there are no clear up to date definition and is therefore just seen an old person's shaking complaint

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Parkinson :: Apomorphine Challenge - Anyone?

i've been asked to do the apomorphine challenge has anyone done this,and with what side effects.

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Difference Between Parkinson And Parkinsonism?

My father (now 81 yrs) was diagnosed with Parkinsonism some years ago. My understanding is that Parkinsonism is considered to be a "cousin" of full-blown Parkinson's disease. Is it as bad as Parkinson's?

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Dystonia Related To Parkinson?

Is dystonia related to parkinson's?

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How Long Does A Person Live After Parkinson?

How long does a person live after parkinson ...

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Parkinson - Exercises At The Early Stage?

I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and am worried and confused. Are there exercises I should do? I am not on medicine but I understand that there are some that should be considered. Which ones are best for the early stage of the disease. 

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Parkinson Progression With Restless Leg Syndrome

Started with a tremor in my hand last year saw a general neuro who thought its maybe related to chronic pain i suffer and to keep eye on it be re referred if it changes now it's gone to my arms and legs my balance is poor keep falling over my muscles are stiff as a board i get tremors after using my muscles say even drying my hair and also i keep stiffening up so bad my body just wants to stretch itself out from head to toe worse during the night i have also started with restless leg syndrome i'm also getting confused and forgetful has anyone else experienced parkinsons onset like this i'm wondering wether to be referred back to a movement disorder specialist?

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Parkinson Disease :: Choking When Cough - 80 Years Old

I am 80 years

I suffer from Parkinson's disease

And recently I feel something come down from my head to my throat & i did not care

but after a while ... this thing is choking me whenever I cough because it is stuck in my shins aerobic

the doctors in my country have little experience in this cases

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Stem Cell Transplant For Parkinson's In Europe

I have an appointment next week at Placidway to discuss whether I will continue with the stem cell transplant for Parkinson's Disease in Europe early next yr. I have many things on my mind and I plan on asking a lot of questions. I'll try my best to understand and be relaxed. Lol! Anyone can help me on what to expect?

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Parkinson :: Treatment Options Other Than Levodopa And Pramipexole?

Father suffers from parkinson's, My father has been suffering from parkinsons since 1992, he is 59 years old today and on tablet levodopa and pramipexole. Could anyone suggests other treatments to make him feel better?

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Parkinson :: Pramipexole / Ropinirole Causing Swelling

I have had Parkinson's for 9 years. I have taken Pramipexole for many years . Last October  my right ankle and foot became swollen. I was taken off   pramipexole and introduced to Madopar. The swelling went down but not completely. Because of an increase in my arm tremor I  was prescribed Ropinirole to be taken with my Madopar. My right ankle and foot have become really swollen again and am now not taking the Ropinirole. After 5 days my leg only a little less angry. What medication do I take now.

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Parkinson :: Bad Tremors - Sodium Valproate / Lovan?

I suffered severe depression and anxiety and began to get bad tremors around 6 months ago, this was a first for me. My psychiatrist and GP thought it was because I was taking Sodium Valproate which is a mood stabiliser, however I have now come off that (still taking antidepressants, 80mg Lovan daily) but I still have the tremors.

My GP suggested Parkinson's but that I shouldn't have the brain scan now because medicare are not covering them.

Could anyone give me their thoughts on what I should look for in Parkinson's other than the tremors?

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Tests To Rule Out Multiple Sclerosis And Parkinson?

What testing should be done for ruling out Parkinsons and MS in relation to a tremor. (Head)

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Parkinson Rule Out - Still Walking And Balance Difficulties - What It Could Be?

My grandmother has serious difficulty walking, only being able to make small, shuffling steps with a walker and when someone is holding her. She was originally diagnosed with parkinson's, but lacked other symptoms like tremors, cognitive issues, etc and did not respond to levodopa. MRI and not responding to treatment ruled out Parkinsons, but doctors are unsure what she has. What could cause the symptoms and the trouble with walking?

Specifically, she cannot balance standing upright and most hold on to something. When walking, she can only make small shuffling steps, she sometimes fails to lift her feet off the floor. She can move her leg fine when sitting or lying down. She also feels heavy pain.

This has been leaving all of us confused as a lot of conditions (like Parkinson's) have been ruled out, but.. what could it be?

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Parkinson's Progression? Trouble Breathing - Shortness Of Breath

I've been Diagnosed with  Parkinson's Disease for 14 years.. im currently on apomorphine subcutaneous .. over the past  year i've been noticing  im getting terrible episodes of shortness of breath, breathing is really difficult .

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