Esmya :: To Stop Bleeding After Endometrial Ablation

Dec 23, 2014

I had an endometrial ablation back in July and bled for over 3 months the consultant put me on ESMYA to stop this.  I stopped bleeding after 2 wks of starting the tablets which was mid October however over a week ago I started bleeding again. I am not sure whether it is a normal lighter period or whether I am going to go back to constantly bleeding again.  Is anyone else on ESMYA and having similar symptoms? 

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Uterine Fibroids :: Endometrial Ablation - Esmya

Hi All - I had a Polyp removed in March where they discovered I had a 12 cm Fibroid - I had an Endometrial Ablation to remove the fibroid and I went for the option of keeping my fertility, this Op was at the beginning of July, since this time I have had only 4 days where I haven't bled. I have just had my 3 month check up with the consultant and he has suggested that the Fibroid is growing back and to start taking ESMYA saying that this will reduce the fibroid and will stop bleeding.

I believe that this is a stop gap with the intention that I will take the tablets for 3 months but once the bleeding starts again I will probably have to have a full Endometrial Ablation.

Has anyone else had an Endometrial Ablation with similar effects and has ESMYA stopped the bleeding? AS you can imagine bleeding for over 3 months solid has become somewhat frustrating.

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Endometrial Ablation 10 Weeks - Still Bleeding Every Day

3/21/13. Just for reference, I'm 48 with 2 kids and have never had any health problems of any kind. 71 days ago, I had a fibroid resection by hysteroscopy followed by a Novasure balloon ablation - and haven't had a single day without either spotting or bleeding since. I'm very upset - and am wondering if there are others out there like me? I'd love to hear what kind of followup information you've gotten.

I'll try not to write a novel (knowing me, it'll be close), but here's how it all went down: in December my doc ordered an ultrasound to look into why my periods had gotten heavier over the past couple of years. I didn't bleed for very long (4 days exactly every 28 days) but I bled a lot and it was getting to be sort of worrisome, not to mention inconvenient, and while I was only borderline anemic, I was often tired and got out of breath easily. The ultrasound showed a small, submucosal fibroid (only about 2cm) so my doc referred me to a Seattle hot-shot gynecological oncologist to remove it. Because I have always taken a conservative approach to my healthcare, I asked my doc if I really needed to remove this thing and she proceeded to terrify me with a story about one of her patients whose fibroid had prolapsed and she'd begun to hemorrhage and ended up in the ER, after having nearly bled to death (she'd told me the same sort of horror story when I wanted to try a vbac after my first c-section - needless to say, I went ahead with the second c-section - AND the fibroid removal).

So I went to see this hot-shot. After he explained in detail what he'd be doing to get rid of the fibroid - going in vaginally to re-section with a metal scraper thingy then using a roller-ball to cauterize the site AND my entire uterus, I realized he was describing a second procedure as well... an endometrial ablation. I didn't actually understand this until I was sitting in his "library" (don't all hot-shot docs have Libraries?) waiting for my pre-op instructions from the nurse. I saw those two words: endometrial ablation on the consent form and realized that was the procedure my doc had been trying to get me to do for a couple of years and I'd always declined (in her office, they use the Her Option procedure so I'd not known it by any other name. I'd said no several times over the years. My period's not THAT bad. Like I said, I take a conservative approach. So anyway, here I am realizing the hot-shot (who actually specializes in female cancers, not necessarily fibroid removal and endometrial ablations) has tacked on something I didn't want done, without asking me, without explaining to me, without giving me any literature about it nor briefing me on possible risks or complications.  So I called him back into the Library and asked point blank: "Is this something that needs to be done?" and his response: "Well yes, see, we want to go in there and do this now so we don't have to go back in in two years"... Now, I took that to mean this rollerball procedure was necessary for the successful removal of the fibroid and would prevent others from forming in the 4 or so years I have until menopause. So, once again, I fell in line with blind faith and went ahead and let them schedule me for surgery.

The fear was the worst part of the procedure. I'm not that comfortable with hospitals and even the idea of general anesthesia makes me sweat (I'd never been all the way out before) - but all seemed to have gone well because I woke with essentially no pain and no bleeding and laid low for a few days (which I never let myself do so that was a luxury). The only complaint I had at that time was that while I was coming back out of the anesthesia, hot-shot went out to the lobby and told my waiting husband that I was to be on pelvic rest for 4 weeks (news to me) which meant no sex (fine - hey, my husband and I have been married for 18 years, what's 4 weeks?) but also, no riding my horse (not so fine). He'd never mentioned that I'd be grounded from the saddle - my horse and I are in training. It's kind of a big deal to suddenly stop what we've been working toward for a month. I was upset - why the hell didn't he me this BEFORE the surgery (we discussed my equestrian pursuits during the consultation appointment)? But oh well - I scraped together the pennies to pay my trainer to ride my horse while I recovered.

But it was on the 5th day that I began to feel I'd been hoodwinked.

It was an easy day at the barn - no riding, just grooming, bending over to pick hooves and lifting the blanket up to slide it on and off my horse - when I suddenly felt a GUSH. When I checked, I found that I'd just bled about 2 tablespoons worth of pink/red blood. Because I'd been given nothing to read, no handouts, no followup literature or online links to help me know what to expect post-procedure, I called the office to ask if this was normal. The assistant who answered (she was apparently brand new there) decided it was probably that my "sutures" from the fibroid removal had dissolved and sometimes there's a gush of blood after that happens. Not to worry unless I started flooding a pad in the space of an hour. I was only spotting by that time, so I tried not to worry. But from that point on, I started doing my own research and was HORRIFIED to discover SO MANY negative after-effects of this procedure! I felt like kicking myself for not digging deeper beforehand - and mostly, for being so careless with my own body that I put it wholly and completely in someone else's hands, hot-shot or no.

During this research, I discovered that an ablation has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not a fibroid removal is successful. And it certainly doesn't prevent the recurrence of fibroids. I hadn't needed to have this done. I'd gone into this whole thing completely uninformed. I actually wrote hot-shot a letter outlining my dismay at the lack of information I was provided prior to this surgery. I was upset and I let him know it. I let my doc know it, too. After all, she was the one who referred me - and she sent me to him specifically for the removal of the fibroid - NOT for an ablation. But, I figured, hang in there. What's done is done and he said the worst that could happen was that I would still get a period. Since I actually hadn't gone to him intending to get rid of my periods - only to get rid of a fibroid - that didn't seem like a very bad worst-case scenario to me...
Well - it CAN get worse. And it has.

During my follow-up visit at 5 weeks (at which time I was still spotting daily and had already had a post-ablation period - which was about 2/3rds lighter than my pre-ablation periods - still more than any of my friends bleed when notes were compared, but lighter for me), I learned that hot-shot didn't end up using the roller ball after all. He said after he removed the fibroid, my uterus looked so smooth and well-shaped that he used the global method of a Novasure thermal balloon instead. So not only had he not gotten my INFORMED consent to even DO an ablation, he didn't use the technique he'd told me he was going to use. Next - I found out the assistant who took my call on day 5 was mistaken - that gush of blood couldn't have been from sutures dissolving - because I didn't even HAVE sutures! I was starting to have a very bad feeling about this...

And my gut was right. Hot-shot called last week to see how I was doing and I proceeded to tell him that I haven't had a single day since surgery of NO blood (that's 71 days today!!). Some days are worse (like around ovulation when I dump a bunch of brown, mucusy stuff over the course of 5 or 6 days - sorry, TMI - and have to wear tampons to keep from having embarrassing leaks) while about three days a month consist of just a tiny bit of pink or tan on the toilet tissue. Every other day is blood. Pads. Tampons. Using them all.

Turns out, this isn't normal. Surprise surprise. He tells me: "Of all the patients I'd especially want this to work for, it would be you since we sort of got off on the wrong foot." Yeah. No sh*t. Alas - not the case.

Not only did it not "work", but it has made my life worse. Where I bled for 4 heavy days once a month before - and always on schedule - I now never know when a gush is on its way and I have cramps with nausea at least half the month (I didn't have cramps before this. At all.) I wear either a pad or a tampon at all times and sex? We weren't worried about 4 weeks. But 10 weeks is starting to feel like some kind of sentence.

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound in a month to see what's going on. Hot-shot wants me to go through a third post-ablation period first because, as he put it, "if I look into my crystal ball, I really feel this is all going to clear up on its own." But his next guess is this: the balloon didn't properly cauterize the site of the fibroid removal so it is still an open wound and just as it starts to heal, the shedding with my period proceeds to slough off any scab that might have formed. On top of that, the reason I'm still having a period, his words: "sometimes the balloon doesn't reach all the way up to the top of the uterus and some endometrial tissue can be left behind." Really???? Then why the hell use it??? Why didn't he use the roller ball he told me he was going to use? If these turn out to be the reasons for the continued bleeding - guess what? We do a repeat procedure. Hospital again. General anesthesia again. A month off my horse again. $30,000 again. Seriously, this all cost $30,000! We would then be hitting $60,000 - for something that really never needed to be done in the first place. Unbelievable!!! And we wonder why our health care in this country is in such crisis??
The whole thing was not only a bust, but has rendered me a slow-leak mess. I've been keeping a daily diary since day one and I'm exhausted. I'm sick of having to write down every dribble, smear and gush. I'm tired of describing all the different colors. I'm discouraged, depressed and angry. I feel like suing for malpractice. Some hot-shot, huh?

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Esmya - How Long It Takes To Stop Bleeding?

I was just wondering for those who have taken esmya. How long did take the bleeding to stop once you started taking them?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Started Esmya. How Long Until Bleeding Should Stop?

I started Esmya 6 days ago and am still bleeding, heavy at times. Had a slow wean off norethisterone, last tablet was 2 days before starting Esmya. So prob having a withdrawal bleed from that but just wondering how long til Esmya kicks in.

Had big haemorrhage at Xmas and lost over 30% blood volume so any bleeding leaves me highly anxious and unable to function normally. Has anyone else experienced that?

Also, consultant put mirena in 2 mths ago to help control bleeding. He said it won't impact on effect of Esmya but I've read that it can as they're both competing for progesterone receptors. Have others come across this at all? Is there anyone else out there on Esmya who also has the mirena? Did you have any results?

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Could I Be Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation And Endometrial Ablation?

I am a 35 year old woman who had a tubal ligation 10 years ago and an ablation about 7 years ago due to heavy periods. I am the mother of 2 wonderful daughters and do not plan on having any others. I have read a lot of postings about women who haven't had a period since their procedures, however I still get my period. My system has always sort of been out of whack (periods every 2 weeks or every 2 months). Recently I have been concerned about the lack of my period (almost @ 7 weeks) and wondering, if by some chance I was pregnant, what that would mean? Tied tubes and lack of uterine wall surely cannot equal a pleasant outcome. I have taken a pregnancy test which turned out negative but if my system is out of whack, how accurate could it be?

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Heavy Periods / Clotting - Hysterectomy Or Endometrial Ablation?

I have had a bit of a journey over the last 3 years, increasingly heavy periods, which are now 2 - 3 weeks long, with severe clotting (sorry tmi).  I have had a laparoscopy (GA), mirena coil (twice), right ovary and tube removed due to large cysts, and I have a large fibroid.  I have tried tranexamic acid which had no benefit.  I am now being offered an endometrial ablation or a hysterectomy.  Having read some stuff on forums, the experience of EA doesn't seem to be good.   I am inclined to go straight for the hysterectomy in the sense that it gives complete closure to this whole sorry experience, and the on going post op pain with an EA seems well documented.  Just wondered if anyone could offer any helpful insights?

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Endometrial Resection - Bleeding After 9 Weeks

I had my the lining of the womb taken away 9 weeks ago. I still have bleeding everyday. It's not heavy but mild to medium. It's everyday.

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Endometrial Resection - Recovery Time - Still Bleeding (18 Days)

I had this operation done 18 days ago. To remove the lining from the womb. I am still bleeding. It isn't as heavy as it was before operation. But still like a light to normal period. I suffer with very lower left back pain, this has been worse since I have been bleeding heavy & it is still there. Anyone else had endometrial resection? 

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Caused More Bleeding

Having had heavy bleeding for 6 months from fibroids, with mirena coil unsuccessful,I started Esmya couple of days ago. However, despite also still being on tranexamic acid, my bleeding is now worse than ever with lots of lower abdominal pain. Can esmya make symptoms worse before they get better? Also, possible option for future treatment is ablation. Has anyone had this done or can tell me how bleeding is after this?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya - Still Bleeding After 12 Days

I have been taking Esmya tablets for 12 days and still have bleeding also i am getting bad pains on my right side. is this normal as i was told after 5 days my bleeding would stop

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Stopped My Bleeding And Periods

I took two packages  ( doctor gave me only 2)  of esmya from april to june.

My bleeding completely stopped and even month after I still do not a period.

Did you have a similar situation? When can i expect it. My plan is to be operated in August ( hopefully laparoscopy treatment).

During taking the esmya i felt good. Unfortunately scan showed that fibroid size had not changed still 6 x 6. 

Bad effect on me was a cyst ( i had cysts before )in my left breast which at some stage was huge but now after there is only a little mark

I still have a little hope esmya is working a bit, i heard it is possible...

I hope my decision about the treatment is a good one. I've been thinking about it for 2 years. I would like to have children in the future im 33.

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Can A Bleeding Aortic Aneurysm Stop Bleeding?

A family member was taken to A&E two weeks before Christmas with severe abdominal and back pain and scans revealed that the previously diagnosed aortic aneurysm (measuring 5 cm) was now bleeding and surgery was not an option due to other health conditions and was given just weeks to live. All now seems to be fine with no pain - is it possible that this bleeding has now stopped? Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Heavy Bleeding Week 5 Of ESMYA. Is This Normal?

I've bled more or less continuously since starting ESMYA although admittedly it was heavier the first 2 weeks. However, following last Friday night when I couldn't sleep because of abdominal pain I started bleeding heavily again on the Saturday. Thing is, it's not constant. I seem to have these totally unpredictable random episodes of bad flooding immediately followed by a rush of loads of large clots. It's totally debilitating, not to mention the mess and I have no confidence to leave the house. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if it's another period as the timing would be right?

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Contraception :: Cerazette - When Bleeding Will Stop?

i've started being back on cerazette after years of not being on contraception. i started on my 1st day of my period and i finished like normal then after two days of none bleeding iv started again i'm on my 13 day of taking cerazette.... how long does the bleeding stop

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First Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Bleeding

I had my first ever depot shot on Nov 20th 2014 I was fine for the first week than I got my period and it hasn't stopped since. after the 12 weeks I decided not to get my seconded shot hoping this would stop the bleeding because it is driving me insane but the bleeding continued heavy enough to go through 2 pads or tampons a day it is now the 14th of March 2015 and no change I am going insane my boyfriend has been great about the whole thing but I can tell he's not as happy anymore I'm getting more stressed and depressed because of it I need help / advice can anyone share any advice for me?? Any natural remedies anything that could help ?

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Contraception - Lutera :: Non-stop Spotting And Bleeding

I was started on Lutera in July 2015 and since then, I've been continuously spotting. In between the spotting I'll bleed slightly heavy for an hour during the day for about 4-5 days. Then I'll go back to spotting. I've called my doctor about the bleeding in September, about how it's been continuous and she said its my body regulating itself. Has anyone else had a similar experience when they started birth control?

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Cervical Erosion - Non-stop Bleeding For 10 Days

I've been told i have a cervical erosion and have been bleeding non stop for 10 days and lots of watery discharge.. can the erosion do this?

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Vaginal Health :: Primolut N To Stop Bleeding

I was having put me on primolut N for 20 days.

I had to stop it after 12 days due to vomiting and fever. it subsided but since 3 days I stopped primolut,from yesterday it's bleeding for me. what should I do now.

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Natural Remedy To Stop Bleeding After Depo Shot

I've had 2 depo shots and stopped last month. I've been constantly bleeding for the entire time i've been on it and after. Ive read similar post about women bleeding almost a entire year after stopping the shots. I switched to the shot after bleeding constantly for 2 years on the implanon implant in my arm. Do you know of any natural pills i can take to even my hormones out and balance my body back to normal. I do not want to put anymore hormones like other birth controls in my body. I don't want to bleed any more and i'd rather i never used any type of bc ever! I tried the IUD and that made me get constant barlothian cyst that was pain n my vajayjay! Someone please help me. ive done a bunch of google searches and cant seem to find anything to take. i seen something about agnus castus to naturally restore hormonal balance... but problem with that is most ppl use it to get their period back not to stop from bleeding... so i don't know what to turn to. I was always the type of person to never want to use BC bcuz i didnt like putting foreign things n my body..until i got pregnant with my 2 boys within 2 years.. so i used BC after i had my last son n march 2012. And i was right .. this BC stuff has messed my life up. My husband is irritated bcuz im not wanting sex any more and i used to love love like A LOT. Now im too tired all the time and not in the mood.. so i decided to rule out ALL FORMS OF BC PERIOD. i want my old body back. I don't even get wet like i used to.. i cant believe i have to use lube and im only 24!I used to b so wet like all the time for no damn reason.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH SOMETHING TO DO!! The blood is ill smelling and sometimes brown and old blood.I have no STD's at all. Been checked twice in 4 month period.

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Birth Control :: Taking The Pill - Non Stop Bleeding For 16 Days

I had my implanon removed the beginning of October and immediately started taking the pill. I have now been non stop bleeding for 16 days. Should this be happening even while taking the pill? I would think the bleeding would be stopping or at least slowing down at this point, but it's not!

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