Cervical Erosion - Non-stop Bleeding For 10 Days

Nov 5, 2015

I've been told i have a cervical erosion and have been bleeding non stop for 10 days and lots of watery discharge.. can the erosion do this?

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Cervical Erosion - Cauterization

Just been for my routine 3 yearly smear and doctor found a cervical erosion. Said its totally nothing to worry about and is sending me for it to be cauterised. Just a bit scared for my smear results now as they've always been normal.

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Progesterone Can Cause Cervical Erosion / Ectropion?

Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or has experience with it?

I am not pregnant or on the pill. I am 45 years old & have been told that low progesterone can cause it....anyone else

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PCOS :: Cauterization For Cervical Erosion / Ectropion

I was just wondering if anyone had been diagnosed with Cervical Ectropion? After many months of being told my abnormal bleeding was just due to PCOS, I finally saw a GP to did a proper examination on my cervix today.  She has said I have Cervical Ectropion and that I need a referral to a gynaecologist to have it cauterised.  She did say they will have look and around and check everything else is fine, which worried me slightly that there was something she wasn't telling me.  But knowing that she has referred me on a 4-6 week referral and not the 2 week referral reassures me a little.

Anyway, I was just wondering if this common with women who have PCOS, the GP explained it was likely due to my hormones, since it usually happens in pregnancy or women who are on the pill.

Any insight/advice/reassurance appreciated.

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Birth Control :: Taking The Pill - Non Stop Bleeding For 16 Days

I had my implanon removed the beginning of October and immediately started taking the pill. I have now been non stop bleeding for 16 days. Should this be happening even while taking the pill? I would think the bleeding would be stopping or at least slowing down at this point, but it's not!

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Can A Bleeding Aortic Aneurysm Stop Bleeding?

A family member was taken to A&E two weeks before Christmas with severe abdominal and back pain and scans revealed that the previously diagnosed aortic aneurysm (measuring 5 cm) was now bleeding and surgery was not an option due to other health conditions and was given just weeks to live. All now seems to be fine with no pain - is it possible that this bleeding has now stopped? Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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Stapedectomy :: Heartbeat In Ear After 10 Days - When It Will Stop?

Heartbeat in ear on my ten day, will it stop?

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Depression :: If I Stop Taking Nortriptyline After 4 Days Will I Get Withdrawal?

I've been taking nortriptyline 25 mg a night for 4 days. Will I get withdrawal if I stop now?

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Contraception :: Cerazette - When Bleeding Will Stop?

i've started being back on cerazette after years of not being on contraception. i started on my 1st day of my period and i finished like normal then after two days of none bleeding iv started again i'm on my 13 day of taking cerazette.... how long does the bleeding stop

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First Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Bleeding

I had my first ever depot shot on Nov 20th 2014 I was fine for the first week than I got my period and it hasn't stopped since. after the 12 weeks I decided not to get my seconded shot hoping this would stop the bleeding because it is driving me insane but the bleeding continued heavy enough to go through 2 pads or tampons a day it is now the 14th of March 2015 and no change I am going insane my boyfriend has been great about the whole thing but I can tell he's not as happy anymore I'm getting more stressed and depressed because of it I need help / advice can anyone share any advice for me?? Any natural remedies anything that could help ?

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Contraception - Lutera :: Non-stop Spotting And Bleeding

I was started on Lutera in July 2015 and since then, I've been continuously spotting. In between the spotting I'll bleed slightly heavy for an hour during the day for about 4-5 days. Then I'll go back to spotting. I've called my doctor about the bleeding in September, about how it's been continuous and she said its my body regulating itself. Has anyone else had a similar experience when they started birth control?

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Esmya :: To Stop Bleeding After Endometrial Ablation

I had an endometrial ablation back in July and bled for over 3 months the consultant put me on ESMYA to stop this.  I stopped bleeding after 2 wks of starting the tablets which was mid October however over a week ago I started bleeding again. I am not sure whether it is a normal lighter period or whether I am going to go back to constantly bleeding again.  Is anyone else on ESMYA and having similar symptoms? 

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Esmya - How Long It Takes To Stop Bleeding?

I was just wondering for those who have taken esmya. How long did take the bleeding to stop once you started taking them?

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Vaginal Health :: Primolut N To Stop Bleeding

I was having bleeding...doctor put me on primolut N for 20 days.

I had to stop it after 12 days due to vomiting and fever. it subsided but since 3 days I stopped primolut,from yesterday it's bleeding for me. what should I do now.

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Natural Remedy To Stop Bleeding After Depo Shot

I've had 2 depo shots and stopped last month. I've been constantly bleeding for the entire time i've been on it and after. Ive read similar post about women bleeding almost a entire year after stopping the shots. I switched to the shot after bleeding constantly for 2 years on the implanon implant in my arm. Do you know of any natural pills i can take to even my hormones out and balance my body back to normal. I do not want to put anymore hormones like other birth controls in my body. I don't want to bleed any more and i'd rather i never used any type of bc ever! I tried the IUD and that made me get constant barlothian cyst that was pain n my vajayjay! Someone please help me. ive done a bunch of google searches and cant seem to find anything to take. i seen something about agnus castus to naturally restore hormonal balance... but problem with that is most ppl use it to get their period back not to stop from bleeding... so i don't know what to turn to. I was always the type of person to never want to use BC bcuz i didnt like putting foreign things n my body..until i got pregnant with my 2 boys within 2 years.. so i used BC after i had my last son n march 2012. And i was right .. this BC stuff has messed my life up. My husband is irritated bcuz im not wanting sex any more and i used to love love like A LOT. Now im too tired all the time and not in the mood.. so i decided to rule out ALL FORMS OF BC PERIOD. i want my old body back. I don't even get wet like i used to.. i cant believe i have to use lube and im only 24!I used to b so wet like all the time for no damn reason.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH SOMETHING TO DO!! The blood is ill smelling and sometimes brown and old blood.I have no STD's at all. Been checked twice in 4 month period.

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Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Brownish Red Bleeding / Spotting

Don't judge, & if you are keep your fingers to yourself.

I got my first depo shot on January 11th 2013!

I had unprotected sex On February 1st..I'm 19 btw.

Then on February 27th I had some red spotting the next day dark brown and ever since I've been bleeding/spotting non stop red and dark brown sometimes tan...but when it's brown and its during the day and I don't need to pee at that time so when it sits there where the dik goes in (pardon me) it burns that's happened only a few times && today is May 11th 2013 and I'm still bleeding/ spotting...I'm so confused...but this depo shot is WACK. I don't recommend it to anyone!! And I was supposed to get my shot on April 4th..but hell no that did not happen.

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Birth Control :: Breakthrough Bleeding From Depo-provera Stop?

I've had two depo shots. I got the first in June 2015, the next in September and I'm due for another one at the end of November. I experienced light bleeding/spotting during months July-Sept. After my second shot in Sept, I began to experience mild/heavy bleeding. It is said that bleeding would most likely stop after 6 months of using depo-provera.Should I wait it out or change birth control method?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Started Esmya. How Long Until Bleeding Should Stop?

I started Esmya 6 days ago and am still bleeding, heavy at times. Had a slow wean off norethisterone, last tablet was 2 days before starting Esmya. So prob having a withdrawal bleed from that but just wondering how long til Esmya kicks in.

Had big haemorrhage at Xmas and lost over 30% blood volume so any bleeding leaves me highly anxious and unable to function normally. Has anyone else experienced that?

Also, consultant put mirena in 2 mths ago to help control bleeding. He said it won't impact on effect of Esmya but I've read that it can as they're both competing for progesterone receptors. Have others come across this at all? Is there anyone else out there on Esmya who also has the mirena? Did you have any results?

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Intercourse :: Bleeding 2 Days After Having Sex For The First Time

Im 17 and just lost my virginity on the weekend,not to a boyfriend of any sort,to a friend of a friend.We used a condom and it was perfectly alright.I know that when you have sex for the first time that you bleed a bit afterwards,but that has continued even 2 days onwards.In the morning i wake up with a tiny pain and need to go to the toilet and then it even hurts when i have to pee!I dont want my parents to know that im sexually active now and since you have to pay to go and see your doctor in Ireland everytime,i dont think that i would be able to keep it a secret.What can i do and what is wrong with me?

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Few Days Of Bleeding After Losing My Virginity ?

I'm 18 years old and before a few days we tried to have sex with my boyfriend.Just when he got nearly in he noticed I was bleeding and we didn't continue further more.I started bleeding since that moments and 4 days after. After a week we were trying again but just when we was starting I began bleeding again but this time It felt like my periods and lasted 5 days.The color of the blood was just like periods but I can't go to the doctor and I'm afraid if it's something wrong with me.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Bleeding 13 Days Before Period

I'm in dying need for some answers and unfortunately I've been to 6 different clinics but every place tells me that I cannot get in to see a doctor because they aren't accepting new patients. Still on the hunt though and if no luck in a few days I will just go to a walk-in clinic (not sure how serious this situation is)!

I normally have a 28 day cycle with the exception of it being either a couple days early or a couple days late from time to time. I just finished my period on June 30 and my ovulation date was around July 10 (according to a period tracking app). Well, my boyfriend and I had intercourse that night and right after we were done I had really bad "period-like" cramping along with some nausea but it only lasted about 10 mins. We thought that maybe he had hit the cervix but didn't really think much of it as the pain stopped and nothing further happened. However, the day after (July 11) around 5-6 at night I went to the bathroom and noticed there was some pink when I wiped. Then on July 12 I experienced some more cramping and assumed that my period was coming but again I only had some light red bleeding but not heavy bleeding (spotting, i think? i've never had spotting before). This spotting has lasted seven days now and not sure when it will end. It cant be my period because my period isn't expected until July 24 which would mean that it came 13 days early and in all the years I've had my period for this has never happened! I'm so confused!

My period usually starts with severely painful cramps for the first two days, sore breasts, and a heavy flow. It lasts for 5 days. I haven't experienced symptoms like tender breast or any changes in sleeping. The only thing I can think of is a bit of nausea. I read that it might be implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding (NEVER experienced that before) but im not sure? I'm pretty worried that maybe something could be seriously wrong.

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