Progesterone Can Cause Cervical Erosion / Ectropion?

Feb 27, 2015

Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or has experience with it?

I am not pregnant or on the pill. I am 45 years old & have been told that low progesterone can cause it....anyone else

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PCOS :: Cauterization For Cervical Erosion / Ectropion

I was just wondering if anyone had been diagnosed with Cervical Ectropion? After many months of being told my abnormal bleeding was just due to PCOS, I finally saw a GP to did a proper examination on my cervix today.  She has said I have Cervical Ectropion and that I need a referral to a gynaecologist to have it cauterised.  She did say they will have look and around and check everything else is fine, which worried me slightly that there was something she wasn't telling me.  But knowing that she has referred me on a 4-6 week referral and not the 2 week referral reassures me a little.

Anyway, I was just wondering if this common with women who have PCOS, the GP explained it was likely due to my hormones, since it usually happens in pregnancy or women who are on the pill.

Any insight/advice/reassurance appreciated.

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Cervical Erosion - Cauterization

Just been for my routine 3 yearly smear and doctor found a cervical erosion. Said its totally nothing to worry about and is sending me for it to be cauterised. Just a bit scared for my smear results now as they've always been normal.

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Cervical Erosion - Non-stop Bleeding For 10 Days

I've been told i have a cervical erosion and have been bleeding non stop for 10 days and lots of watery discharge.. can the erosion do this?

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Bilateral Cervical Ribs With Neckache And Shoulder Pain

I'm 42 and i have just found out that i have this condition. The 1st doctor i saw after having an x ray didn't bother to tell me that i had this condition, and it was the next doctor that did. I have been having symptoms for the last year or so , which are dizziness, some numbness in my little finger and ring finger, neck ache, which is muscular and nerve extending to my shoulder and arm i have also been getting jaw ache, and i've had tension headaches for years.

i'm not sure if all these symptoms are due to having 2 ribs. i'm waiting to have an mri in october.

However i am seeing a 'sacral-cranial' osteopath who is really helping, and i am also having homeopathy which is also helping.

I'm not sure what is going to happen and it's comforting to know that there are others out there that will know what I'm talking about and who i can talk to.

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Average Size And Width Of Cervical Ribs

I have recently been told after 15 years of going to the doctors asking for help i have 2 cervical ribs and need to see a respiratory specialist.

I have been suffering with breathing problems which they did put down to asthma which might not be now, pains in my back, stomach, neck and arm. and sometimes get numbness in my arm and fingers.

I am cold and feel weak and tired all the time. I can sleep for days and still feel tired, the more i do the more i feel ill.

I have a large bone showing above my left collarbone which i can feel a large tube or vein above it going over the top of the bone which i measure to be about 2" wide.

Just wanted to know what the average size and width of cervical ribs.

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Spinal Cord :: Cervical Radiculopathy From Pinched Cervical Neck

Have been suffering for 3 months with pain from cervical issues (diagnosed through MRI) - bulging discs, some stenosis, degenerative disk disease that is causing severe pain from neck through shoulder blade, underarm and down left arm. As I've had arthritis in my neck for a long time I know this pain came about from a stress injury to my neck. Have tried much conservative treatment (some physical therapy, chiropractic, and medication - currently 900 mg gabapentin and hydrocodone and ibuprofen and various others that I stopped.) I just had a Epidural Injection last week and thru this week experienced a bit of relief but not what I was hoping for. My question is has anyone gotten better with this type of problem doing these measures and had their problem resolve or at least get about 75% better without having any surgical intervention. My doctor thinks we can resolve this without surgery but also said surgery would be extensive as I have about 4/5 bad levels. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture and would appreciate anyone's input. Very tired of the pain and getting a bit depressed.

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Cervical MRI :: Degenerative Disc Disease Involving The Cervical Spine

I've been having pain and neck stiffness for years, and also have rheumatoid arthritis. Several months ago I started having "pins and needles" feeling in my left arm that became more and more intense from my shoulder down into my hand, mostly my thumb. I had an MRI, this is the result:

C2-3: There is a small posterior right lateral disc osteophyte complex as well as advanced facet arthropathy, particularly involving the right facet joint. This causes marked narrowing of the right neural foramen.

C3-4: There is moderate facet arthropathy, causing moderate narrowing of the left neural foramen. No evidence of canal stenosis. Right neural foramen appears patent.

C4-5: There is mild disc space narrowing and a right paracentral posterior disc/osteophyte complex causing minimal ventral impression on the thecal sac and mild narrowing of the right neural foramen. There is also moderate right facet arthropathy.

C5-6: There is advanced disc space narrowing, with prominent spurring both anteriorly and posteriorly. There is endplate sclerosis on both sides of the disc space. A prominent central posterior disc/osteophyte complex causes moderate to severe canal stenosis at this level with mild flattening of the cord. There is also moderate bilateral facet arthropathy. Neural foramina are significantly compromised at this level.

C6-7: There is a small posterior disc/osteophyte complex with minimal ventral impression on the thecal sac, but no significant canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing.

C7-T1: Normal.

OTHER: There is degeneration and narrowing at the C1-2 articulation with some irregularity of the dens.

CONCLUSION: Advanced degenerative disc disease involving the cervical spine, which is most severe at C5-6 with canal stenosis and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing at this level.

My doctor never called me, just sent me an email that said "no bulging disks, just arthritis", and he suggested I go see a pain management doctor. What should I do? I am having a really bad day today, my arm has been asleep more than it has been awake, and it's becoming more painful.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

I'm 48 suffered with cervical spondylosis for around 6 years, in the last two years it's got so painful. I have tried all meds, last year I had an op foraminotomy where they drilled the left side spurs C4 to C7. But the last year has been a nightmare the pain is worse. I have now had more MRI & CT scans more meds and having two injections next week. I asked the long term affect of my neck I was told I have a neck of a 70 year old. What dose this actually mean? Wheelchair what?? I am also on the list for a anterior cervical discectomy & fusion.

I have a fall time desk job which doesn't help at all but have a mortgage... holiday is taken as sick days.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Anterior Cervical Discectomy/Fusion

I am recovering from Anterior Cervical Discectomy, which became necessary to avoid drastic further deterioration.

I would like to tell you about my experience and what helped me. My problem started quite unexpectedly with a persistent back ache at work (I am an office worker). Within days it was so bad that I was vomiting with pain and had to stop working (I was commuting to London). I was on morphine within three weeks, but it did not help either. I won't list here all the various painkillers I was prescribed, which helped to certain extent, but the pain was so bad that I was suicidal. The doctors communicated with me hardly at all except writing another painkiller prescription. I felt totally abandoned by them. I tried osteopathy, ordinary physiotherapy and Bowen's therapy. Bowens worked the best but nothing would give more than a few hours relief from the extreme pain. My husband then hit on the Tens machine and that was the only thing that really helped. I would recommend it without hesitation. I dropped the morphine, which was a bit of nightmare for me anyway, and managed to live with the Tens machine.

Unfortunately my problem rapidly progressed to me losing strength from my arm and from my fingers and a neurologist recommended the dissection and fusion. It is not an easy fix, but to me it saved my life. I went back to work four months after the operation, seven months after first feeling the pain. I could not say I'm as good as new, but the pain has gone. My neck is stiff, gets tired very easily and a bit uncomfortable. I cannot lift, push or pull anything heavy. But I'm here, enjoying my family and grandchildren. I couldn't ask for more. I'm 63 and now feeling my age, that's all.

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Dent In Arm - Fat/muscle Erosion?

I'm not entirely sure if this is in the right place, but for a good while now, there's been a bit of a 'dent' in my left arm. I can't take a picture because you can only really notice it when you feel it, but there's a definite dent in muscle or fat or something.

Oddly enough, it's the exact place where I used to rest my arm all the time against my desk, but I wouldn't have assumed it's possible for fat/muscle to erode away.

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Diagnosed Cervical Spondylitis Not Cervical Spondylosis

I was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis when I was 27 ( had a severe fall when I was 16 yrs old...fell 2 stories), am 48 now and moved to Wales almost 2 yrs ago from South Africa and since being here, my pain has increased in intensity. Used to get steroid injections and am aware that I won't get that here in the U.K. I now suffer extreme nausea due to the pain and can only dry retch, as the valve below the oesophagus was tightened yrs ago and now prevents me from throwing up. I would appreciate if others with this condition could tell me what the maximum dosage of Ibuprofen one can take. Taking the normal dosage (2) does not alleviate the searing pain or spasms.

I am also very confused. After x-rays, all dr,s have said cervical spondylitis and not cervical spondylosis. Been told that I don't have arthritis and yet this is not ankylosing spondylitis, which 1 dr said it was..(he never saw the x-rays)...really confused even after numerous x-rays and dr,s. I am almost on the verge of giving up hope of getting effective painkillers from dr,s here. Do the exercises, use heated neck bags and nothing much helps, especially when I get a flare up.

Need to know if increased dosage of Ibuprofen would help.

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Recurrent Corneal Erosion Years Later Due To Dry Climate

I've just moved to a very dry climate and have spontaneously experienced a corneal erosion.  I had a recurrent corneal erosion many years ago.  Is it possible that this is the same injury returning or is it more likely that I have scratched my eye without realising it?

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Eyes :: Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

I had this condition undiagnosed for many years its frequency has increased from once a year to twice a month or so. Eye drops such as chloramphenicol and chloromycetin make it worse. Chloramphenicol ointment Chloromycetin ointment and Simple eye ointment seem to be the only treatment that works. I have to sleep on my back to avoid my eye burying into the pillow if I sleep on my side. To ensure I wake up and have no problem I have to apply a blob of chloromycetin and a line of simple eye ointment into both eyes at bedtime.

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Infertility :: No Periods - Progesterone And Depo Not Working

I got my first period kind of late (17 yr old) and it was immediately irregular. Back then my doctor told me "not to worry about it" when I asked her about how it would affect my ability to get pregnant later on. She said we should wait to worry about it til I was trying to get pregnant. Now that time has come.

I was on the depo shot for about 3 years at the beginning of my relationship with my fiancee, but then he noticed my sex drive was down, so I went to the doctor and she suggested I switch my bc to the patch. I was on the patch for probably about a year and decided in May 2013 to stop. I was testing to see if my period would come back, because even on the patch/ depo I never got it.

I got my period for one week in June, and then it never came back. I have taken a crazy amount of pregnancy tests because we never used any other form of birth literally, not even the "pull and pray"

Finally, I decided that in February 2014 to go see the doctor because me and my fiance want to start a family right after we get married. They prescribed progesterone to try and "jump start" my period and ran a bunch of blood test (like my thyroid and blood sugar levels) which all came back normal.

The progesterone did start my period, which lasted a week. Then it was off for a week, then came back for another week. But now, over a month later, I have nothing. Not even a hint. The doctor today said it was time to start talking fertility issues, so I am going back next month.

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Trying To Conceive :: Progesterone Suppositories To Avoid Miscarriage

I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 7 months, my doctor believes that is an issue with low progesterone. I am currently 3dpo, my doctor wants me to wait until I get a bfp to start my progesterone suppositories, but I keep reading that if I wait that long it might be to late. Should I begin the progesterone suppositories now or wait until my bfp like my doctor advised me to?

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Progesterone To Help Regulate Sphincter Of Oddi Function?

Does anyone out here have any experience with using progesterone to help regulate the function of the Sphincter of Oddi?

My history: I am a healthy and active 132lb, 42 year old female, but I have been having pain in my upper right shoulder, neck and collarbone for three years now that has really curtailed my life and work. I have tried massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, drugs, strength training, chiro, all with no results. Recently a chiro noticed that my gallbladder area was tender and mentioned that gallbladder problems can refer pain up to the right shoulder area through the phrenic nerve. When I started tracking my pain and food I did notice a connection with pain in my shoulder and my right lower ribs as well (which I had been hiding with lots of ibuprofen). An ultrasound, blood work, and HIDA came back normal (at least that's how the doc reads it), but I'm still having pains when I eat oily foods. So now I am thinking I might have problems with the sphincter and with bile backing up creating pressure on the phrenic nerve. Another symptom is that I am now also having pains on my left side which could be the pancreas being impacted, which shares the common duct and sphincter.

So my question stems from the fact that I had a hysterectomy several years back and have only been on estrogen replacement. I've recently found out that progesterone is important for relaxing the Sphincter of Oddi muscles as well as gallbladder function (as well as many other things). When my nutritionist suggested a few months back to use Progonol, a progesterone cream, it did have a positive effect on the pain within two weeks, but it also caused acid reflux (it also loosens the valve between the esophagus and the stomach), so I had to stop taking it and now we are trying to figure out the best way to introduce it back into my body.

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Cervical Headaches Always Come Along With The Cervical Ribs?

I have Bilateral Cervical Ribs. I also suffer Cervical headaches.  Do the Cervical Headaches always come along with the ribs? Also, is it the Arthritis in the Cervical Ribs that are causing me so much agony?  I have pain every single day. It gets so old, and boring.  What does it take for them to remove them?  I have a Kidney Disease as well, so I'm not able to take many pain meds, and the ones I have taken really don't do much of anything for me.  I don't believe I have the TOS....think it would still be possible they would end up removing them WITHOUT having the TOS?

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Cervical Spasm, Neck Pain, Left Arm Pain, Numbness, Heart

I dont know i have cervical spondylosis  , but MRI said i have a cervical spasm < now even  after eating food my heart rate increase some times and there are weird feeling  all day long in the chest ,pain in arm .. i feel tingling numbness, in legs ,arms , shouledrs some time. disbalance when i just stand up 

Mty Doctors are sending me to neurologist,Cardio , Rheumatologist,Internal medicine . 

nothing solved . Heart is ok , ECG is ok, x-ray of heart is ok.Blood test was ok ...

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Cerazette - Positive Experience - Progesterone Only Contraceptive Pill

Just wanted to provide information for people thinking about or just starting cerazette mainly because all I could find were people's horror stories before starting it so thought I'd add a positive review of the pill. It's a progesterone only contraceptive pill.

I started it just under a year ago and have loved it. I originally went on it due to a very long menstrual cycle. My bleeding was totally normally - rarely very heavy, no period pain and lasting between 5 and 7 days. But my cycle as a whole was quite erratic and very long on average over the course of a year - my average cycle length over a year was 37 days. The doctors found nothing wrong after blood tests etc so said not to worry and if I wanted it more controlled to go on the pill. So I did.

I started it on day 1 of my cycle back in november 2013 and that is the last normal period I have had. I've had a couple of days of very light spotting each month and 2 periods (both of which were very light and only about 3 days in length) in almost a year.

Many people talk about weight gain and I have not changed my diet or exercise routine at all and my weight has fluctuated by about a kilo. So really my weight hasn't changed. I have not suffered any depressive moods or mood swings. Though before starting cerazette my only symptom of an upcoming period was tender breasts and I still get that occasionally.

I've also not had any headaches or an increase in acne. Being 24 I still get the occasional spot but they've not gotten worse or more prevalent since starting cerazette.

Overall I'm really happy with cerazette as I've also not gotten pregnant over this past year which is particularly delightful as I do not want a child at the moment. It is also the only method of birth control me and my boyfriend have been using since March.

If you have any questions about it let me know, it can be really daunting searching the internet and reading people's experiences on cerazette as some of them are horrific but here is a positive one. Its worked exactly how I wanted it to except instead of making my periods regular, got rid of them which is even better!

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Hormone Replacement Therapy :: Benefits Of Estradiol And Progesterone?

I'm new to hormone therapy and just today started 1 mg estradiol once daily and low dose progesterone. I am 28 and my last blood work shows that my hormones are very low. I have been basically going through menopause..although my cycle had remained somewhat normal until this last month.. I have experienced weight loss.. and I have trouble keeping weight on..mood swings and hot flashes are present..and a General just not feeling well is the biggest complaint I have .. I would like to ask if anyone could explain to me what I can expect from the treatment? What benefits might i see as a result of taking these two medications..

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