Excessive Sweating Due To Stress?

Jun 11, 2015

stress may cause excessive sweating. I am a stressful person so do you think my constant sweating may be caused by stressful personality?

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Skin :: Excessive Sweating And Lot Of Bad Smell

I suffer from an extreme sweat issue which means I sweat a lot! Like if I take a shower right now I'll be sweating in the next 5 mins! Not just sweat but also produce a very bad smell! I had a roommate before and I never saw this in her or anyone else and even when they sweat occasionally, their bodies don't make a bad smell! I tried everything from natural to cosmetic and nothing worked! Please tell me what should I do? Should I visit a dermatologist? If I do, will the treatment last a while and the results will be permanent or is it gonna be temporary and I'm gonna have to buy the treatment constantly?

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Bisoprolol :: Excessive Sweating And Very Poor/slow Recovery From Exertion

I had AF with hyperthyroidism in 2013 and the AF was attributed to the hyperthyroidism. I was chemically cardioverted within the first 24 hours at my local hospital.  Then I had another bout of AF when I was euthyroid and I was (so far successfully) electrically cardioverted in late 2014. 

I was put on bisoprolol after the first bout of AF and since being on bisoprolol, have have been troubled by excessive sweating and very poor/slow recovery from even minor exertion.  I will spontaneously start sweating for no reason and it takes ages to stop and by then I am soaked through - head, face, chest & back.  After exertion e.g 20 mins walking on a running machine, it will take me 2-3 hours to stop sweating & being flushed.

Has anyone else had a problem with bisoprolol and excessive sweating/poor recovery from exertion?

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Stress / Anxiety :: Sweating / Choking

I have been struggling with anxiety for about eight months. I work a very stressful job (collections for a financial institution) and have tried to alleviate the stress by smoking/drinking more than I should. I know this just probably makes things worse, and I'm working on eliminating those habits.

At least three times a week I have had to change my clothes before going to work, because my anxiety is so high that I sweat completely through my clothes. I also go through bouts of coughing/choking just about every morning. I do not have much of an appetite. I often feel as though I am "out of my head."

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Has anything helped? I'm not a fan of anti-depressants, but I would be interested in hearing what other people have done to fix these problems, as they are unbearable and have made functioning very difficult.

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Escitalopram :: Sweating With Antidepressant

I used to take an antidepressant SEROPLEX ( escitalopram). I have been sweating excessively for 3 months, very difficult to sweat so much ; my doctor told me the sweating was due to SEROPLEX and I stopped taking this drug 17 days ago: yet , I'm still sweating a lot: is it normal ?

the chemist of the laboratory which sends this drug told me " 17 days is not very long and the secondary effects vary from one people to another"". One week ago I had a blood-exam and also a lung radiography which were normal. My doctor is on vacation in august and I don't know what to do.

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Hypothyroidism :: Hot Flashes And Sweating

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 3 years ago. I currently take 100mcg of levothyroxine daily. My problem is frequent hot flashes and sweating. This has been happening since I've been taking levothyroxine. I initially thought it was menopause but hormone tests show I'm through this now and to be honest, the hot flashes feel different to menopause flushes. At least every hour I become extremely hot and start sweating badly. This can last for 10 mins to half hour. It continues through the night and wakes me frequently. It is ruining my life!

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Duloxetine :: Sweating And Yawning Fits

I started on 30mg of duloxetine (cymbalta) about 3 weeks ago. I was prescribed it for severe lower back pain. And mood swings. I was previously on sertraline. But I was getting severe sweats. Constant yawning fits. And feeling hyper. Anyway since being on duloxetine. My sex drive has gone. I have also been having light bleeding for 3 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this. Drs said its a coincidence. But iv never ever had bleeding for more than 5 days. I have stopped taking it for 2 days now. I'm feeling very tired. My back pain is coming back.

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Chickenpox :: Headaches, Sweating And Itch

i'm 26 years old, and i was lucky enough to get chicken pox last friday ( today is wednesday). two days before the spots appeared i felt unwell- thought i'm going down with a cold. temperature, sweating at night and a sore throat, plus i felt pretty cold most of the time. i saw a little spot on my chest - but thought it was a bite. as it came out later - that was the MOTHER SPOT- which usually appears 2 days before the rest of the 'soldiers'. friday morning i woke up feeling pretty perky- as i was going to my best friends wedding (where i was supposed to be the bridesmaid). i have decided to have a long bubbly bath- where i have discovered more of the nasty spots- they were quite small red marks. still not knowing what is happening i just thought that i will look silly in my dress with all those 'bites'. one hour later i have realized what was happening. within 1 hour i was on the phone with the doc ( they didn't want me to see the GP). he prescribed me Aciclovir tablets, and i had to get some white liquid. got to the shop and stocked up on food for at least one week. the night was a nightmare - sweating, itching and i even saw fairies!!! i also had a really bad headache and my ribs hurt like hell!! i was up every 4 hours to get my pills and cover my spots with the liquid. day two- had about 60 of them and was dreading that the army will grow in numbers. but i was wrong! day two- i still felt a bit funny but was occupied with flicking the channels on tv and just feeling sorry for myself. the spots that i have attacked with white liquid were already disappearing, and there were only 7 vulcanic once which gave me the itch. today is day six- and all i can see is 1 big spot- its still the same MOTHER one- but it is getting smaller and smaller by the hour. i guess i had a very mild case- seeing all those nasty pics on the net and reading other people's experiences really freaked me out - but i was lucky!. the most annoying ones were the ones in my hair, and i was also hosting two in my mouth. but they are all gone now!

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Venlafaxine Side Effect - Sweating?

Does anyone seem to sweat more on venlafaxine. I know it is a side effect but how common is it

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Alcoholism :: Sweating All Day Long And Can't Tolerate Heat

I am a 42 yr. old female who started drinking at about 31 yrs. old. I started drinking the 5 litre boxes of wine and by 2 yrs. in I was drinking at least 2 of those boxes of wine a week. Present day I am drinking about 2 bottles of vodka a week for about 2 years now. I do not drink during the day. For awhile now I have had really bad night sweats and now I am sweating all day long and I can't tolerate heat. Would not drinking during the day cause this? Maybe menopause? I have had the basic blood work done recently and for my liver, all came back normal. Is my body trying to get rid of toxins?

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Heart :: 67 - Calf Pain And Occasional Sweating?

I am writing to ask you about my father. I am a Family Physician from India. My father is 67 years and is having diabetes from the past 10 years. His sugars are in control, recently cut down the medication to 1 tablet of (Sitagliptin 50 + Metformin 1000), earlier he was taking Metformin 1000 additionally. PPBS is reaching 200 now. He complains of occasional sweating while walking and during at home as well. Says he has pain in the calves during morning. BP is under control 130/80 mmHg and cardiac tests including ECG, echo, TMT done last year and normal. What is this calf pain and occasional sweating attributable to? Today, he complained of sweating while walking. BP, Sugar and Pulse (104 after walking) same as mentioned earlier. No chest pain or breathlessness on exertion, had some giddiness. Kindly advise.

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Sweating Smells Like Bleach Or Semen/ejaculate

When i sweat now a lot of the time my but smells like ejaculate (the sweat) other people had this but say they have mucus or actual semen coming from their butt i do not pleasure my butt like some of the people who have the actual white liquid, for me it feels like sweat (The liquid). it smells like bleach or ejaculate. i've had this for 7 months and im worried .

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Venlafaxine :: Withdrawal - Sweating Excessively / Nightmares

I have been on venlafaxine for around 10 months. I haven't had them for the last 3 days as I have been waiting to see a doctor to get a script for them. I ended up getting some today. I took 150mg for the first time. ate a banana after that. 15 minutes later i felt so sick i threw up. I don't know if i should take another tablet or not? I don't want the sweats to happen again tonight. I have been sweating excessively for the past 2 days and having nightmares. My boyfriend is going to buy me some tablets to stop me from being sick. i just want a good night sleep tonight..

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Shingles :: Sweating And Nose Start To Bleed

I have shingles lately i have been sweating very bad then my nose start to bleed....

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Itch, Sweating And Exercise

I was feeling better thinking I had calmed my LS down, and I  was hoping the calm period would last until my app't with the specialist next month. I had been so raw from front to back that I stopped using the Clob and started cream for yeast infection.  I thought it could be one of those two things since I kept getting worse.  I continued using the emu oil.  Anyway it felt much better until today.  Maybe it was a dumb thing to do ,but I did some yoga on the floor with my granddaughter.  When I felt pulling I just readjusted myself. Later today, I did garden work.  I hadn't done any physical activity for 6 or 7 weeks so I really over did it I guess. Tonight, I see raw areas that have come back and there is some itching . Could it be getting hot made it worse, along with the activity?  Will I ever be able to exercise without it hurting ? The exercise doesn't bother that much , but I really like working in the garden.  But it gets very hot here, today it was 88...  last week in the 90's. I know sweat makes LS worse.  


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Adrenal Insufficiency :: Cold Chills And Horrible Sweating

Having cold chills, then horrible sweating. This goes on all day for me. I could not stay in grocery store to the cold, but by the time I arrived home, I was covered with sweat. The sweat is like you just came out of the shower.I have increased my fluids and am drinking diet decaf ice tea. This is especially when I am on the first dose 20 mg hydrocortisone. But it happens all day, and at night, I wake up sweating. Then, I get cold.

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Shingles :: Twice A Year With Sweating, Buring Calf And Rash

i suffer with bouts of shingles about twice a year. i have the usual, sweating, tiredness, swollen calves, familiar burning in my left calf, and then the rash, which gets infected by the 3rd day then slowly goes down within a week. they dry off and leaves a permanent reminder.

I'v always gone to my gp who have looked at it in the stages when its infected and told yes it is shingles, and was also told that i can get it when my immune system is low or if i'm very stressed!

Going to my gp today, i saw a locum who looked at it and said that it were'nt shingles, as shingles does'nt come up on your leg and is localised to your midriff!! So i asked what it could be, and he said he did'nt know!

He gave me the usual anti viral cream but refused to give me the anti viral tablets i've had before, just incase it harmed me!!!

I do not fall in the catergory of over 60, i dont have hiv/aids, im being checked for diabeties, im not on any treatment for cancer or anything, im waiting to get my hypaparathyroid out, could this be causing my shingles? I just dont know.

How can so many doctors tell me its shingles and 1 locum tell me its not because its in the wrong place, i've looked up shingles and it states shingle can be anywhere on your body. So what do i do??

Has anyone else had the same or similar?

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Postherpetic Neuralgia :: Sweating And Upper Back Pain - Shingles?

My 88 year old mother who has dementia has developed odd sensations and pain in her upper back.  She's had two bouts of extreme pain which moved around but were in a similar area of her back - lower ribs on left side.  The pain lasted only for a day each time and each time I saw what looked like sweat pimples but they were on her upper chest at the front - ie a different place.  Now she often feels cold and shivery (when in fact she is hot) and puts more layers on to the point where she starts sweating, feels pain in her upper back and gets very anxious when she gets it (most days in the afternoon/evening).  She gets night sweats.   Does this sound as if it could be left over from shingles?

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Viral Infections :: Fever Broke And I Woke Up Sweating With A Red Rash

Last night I started getting a cold, so I took a shower and went to bed. On the middle of the night my fever broke and I woke up sweating really badly. Well I noticed an itchy sensation by my pubic area and when I looked I had a red rash all on my pubic area up to parts of the hair on my stomach. I even have a small rash on my thigh. It looks like it's only where hair is at. It is like bright red and it feels like it might have something in it, like you can feel the rash. I was hoping you could give me an idea of what it is?

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Thyroid Disorders :: Lethargic And Needing To Sleep With Sweating And Headache

Symptoms came on 3 weeks ago. Had blood test though I'm not sure what GP was checking for apart from thyroid. Had no problems up to now was cycling & swimming. Quit smoking 4 months ago & vape

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Fluoxetine :: Increase In Dosage ... Crying, Non-stop Shaking And Sweating

Upped to 40mg and God I'm depressed, crying non stop, shaking , sweating it's hell. Can't eat can't sleep. Keep telling myself it will settle soon but I'm like a heroin addict cold turkey. Anyone else been here I need some hope. Worse before better? I'm a million times worse. Increase as after baby post natal depression was showing signs again.

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