Sweating Smells Like Bleach Or Semen/ejaculate

May 9, 2016

When i sweat now a lot of the time my but smells like ejaculate (the sweat) other people had this but say they have mucus or actual semen coming from their butt i do not pleasure my butt like some of the people who have the actual white liquid, for me it feels like sweat (The liquid). it smells like bleach or ejaculate. i've had this for 7 months and im worried .

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Chemical Burn :: Bleach On My Face

I got bleach on my face about a week ago it burned then became a scab and im wondering if my face will go back to normal ?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubal Pregnancy, The Bleach & Urine Gave A Positive

My tubes have been tied almost 5 years. I have had a ectopic pregnancy in the past. Now I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms before my period I took a home test it was negative.but should I be alarmed? I also experimented with the bleach & urine and it gave a positive result.

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Folliculitis For A Year - Bleach Baths, Clindamycin Foam - Nothing Works

I have had folliculitis for over a year.  I get these bumps under my skin on the topside of my arms by the elbow area that eventually turn to whiteheads. They are scaring my arms all up. My Doc gave me Azithromycin for 3 months and it seemed to clear it up, but as soon as I stopped the antibiotic it came back.  Im starting to think it's more of an allergy than a skin condition.  I tried the bleach baths, clindamycin foam nothing makes this go away forever. I am having one cultured today and i'm sure it will change nothing.

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I Ejaculate As Soon As I Penetrate My Partner

I ejaculate as soon as I penetrate my partner. It happens very quickly and I really don't know why. The moment my penis start penetrating I ejaculate. I am 28 and this is happening for years now. I tried the desensitizer, but it didn't really work. I do not know what is really the problem and how to fix it.

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Husband Can't Cum / Ejaculate Inside Me - Needs Masturbation After Sex

My husband can't ejaculate during intercourse, which is certainly not helping our desire to have a baby.

He can thrust for up to an hour without showing any signs of ejaculating inside me, by which time I am sore and dry.

He says that he enjoys sexual intercourse with me, but he looks frustrated, and I certainly am, and getting more so by the day. I mean, having an orgasm for the man is normal, yes? Ejaculating inside his partner is supposed to be the natural outcome of sex, yes? The best thing ever?

I want to see and feel him coming inside me, and I certainly don't like the idea he doesn't find it possible to ejaculate when we make love. He also says that he can come with his hand, and indeed he does sometimes finish off sex by ejaculating through masturbation.

But this is all second rate. Does anyone know why a man would not be able to ejaculate during intercourse?

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Sexual Stimulation :: Can't Ejaculate With Girlfriend

I am really turned on with my girlfriend..we didn't have sex..we only make out and touch each other but not inside underpants..only outside (because she doesn't feel comf etc..)...so,when she is rubbing me i feel my penis wet and it's something like an orgasm but its not white sticky semen coming out,its something watery...when i masturbate i ejaculate normally,with orgasm and white sperm...maybe im not stimulated enough because it's outside of the underwear..

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Chances Of Pre-ejaculate / Precum Causing Pregnancy?

What are the chances of pre-ejaculate causing pregnancy? To be more specific; what are the CHANCES of wiping off precum and then fingering, getting a woman pregnant.

Sometimes, I get precum on my fingers when I'm aroused and then finger my girlfriend. I always wipe it off before I touch my girlfriend of course, usually on my bedsheets or a towel, and most of the time I urinate before hand, even all day before this happens.

Yes, I know precum CAN cause pregnancy. The answers I have gotten vary between "Next to impossible" to "Yeah most likely it will!".

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Ejaculate Even Try To Hold Errection

hello doctor ... i left masturbation ...and i am getting erections ...only for a minute or two ... and even if i try to hold erection i ejaculate .. like premature ejaculation... erections are also weak and ejaculation also is too soon .

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13 - Small Penis (3 Inches Erect) - Can't Ejaculate

First of all, i have 1 ball, yeah only 1. it's because when babies are born (my mom is a doc, she said so, she knows) their balls fall from their stomach to their place (sorry for my english, it's not my native language, but i hope you will understand) And when i was born,  testicle stayed in my stomach, doctors tried to remove it, but they failed so ended up having 1 ball. I recently asked my mom will i be ok with it and will i have children, she said yes.

I have a small penis, maybe 3 inch erect. I really like masturbation, but i can't ejaculate. It feels like after 1 minute of porn i already ejaculated and it's getting soft, if i continue, after 7 minutes i feel the same and it turns completely soft.

I am 160cm overweight (66 kg) I really put a lot effort to lose the fat, but i can't maybe it's genetics, my mom is very fat. I play basketball, lift weights eat healthy food, i tried suggestions from "the truth about six pack" but it ain't helping.

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HIV Risk Assessment :: Oral Sex, Pre-Ejaculate Exposure

I know my question may have been asked a million times before but I want to get a first hand assessment of my potential risk with HIV based from the series of events that acquired during that night. I was firm to believe that oral sex is safe - up until I read some articles on the internet. Some websites say it's low-risk. Some say it is moderate risk. I do not know which claim is more true than the other

So how this is my last sexual encounter went:

- So I met guys
- I did brush my teeth lightly.
- We basically did give and receive oral sex. No anal sex was done .
- One of the two guys did finger me.
- The whole act last around 30 - 40 minutes
- he ejaculated 5-10 minutes after through masturbation. He "unleashed" it in my legs or in my chest.
- About a minute or two, I gargled water
- We had a small talk after the deed. I was kind of hesitant to believe that he was negative although that's what he did told me. Aside from that, he told me that what we did was a low-risk activity.

Now for my questions:

- Let' say he was indeed positive, what are the chances of him passing the virus on this one time incident?
- From what I have read over at the internet, saliva has a capability to deactivate the virus once any fluid comes contact to it. Is this accurate? Does brushing one's teeth lessen this saliva's capability?
- Is pre-ejaculate just as infectious as semen or blood?
- Would brushing my teeth before or after the act really create cuts/bleeds deep enough that some pre-ejaculate may come in contact with my bloodstream?
- What about deep throat oral sex. What are the risks say he had pre-ejaculate if I was doing it to him?
- Let's also assume that he had a soaring viral load, will this affect my chances? Again, some websites argue that the higher the VL, the higher the risk one is exposed to.
- What are your thoughts about fingering. Is this safer than say, oral and anal sex?
- where I live we have Rapid ICT for testing. How conclusive is it on 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks of testing? Should I be tested after 12 weeks for it to be definitely conclusive or 12 weeks is more than enough?

I know that the only way to know my status is to get tested. It was only been six weeks since the act happened and my anxiety has been killing me to death regarding this incident. I do not want to be the first person documented to have contracted the disease through oral sex.

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Vasectomy :: Left Testicle Pain / Blood When I Ejaculate

I had a no scalpel vasectomy procedure done on 10/10/14. I have pain in my left testicle when I walk or any pressure at all gets placed on left testicle. I do not feel any pain when I am sitting, but when I first get up and walk I feel pain in testicle and also above testicle on left side. I also have ejaculated 7 times and still have blood in my semen. Should I be worried? My right side is perfectly fine with no pain at all.

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Aspermia - Almost No Semen Upon Ejaculation

I am Male 25 years old 5'11" 155lbs

My diet is almost vegetarian. In the morning I'll typically eat a protein shake and take

High EPA HA ratio fish oil
Vitamin D 5000iu (I'm deficient)
Ubiquinol/pyrroloquinoline quinone
Agmatine 500mg

I take dextroamphetamine for work, i also drink coffee and use nicotine (mostly vape) and sometimes I take a few grams of l-citrulline to combat vasoconstriction caused by amphetamines/nicotine.

Lunch is typically a chicken sandwich. Dinner is Pizza/chicken burrito/something like that. I don't eat red meat, pork, beef, don't drink milk or soda. I also haven't exercised on purpose in about six months. (Need to try and gain some weight back)

I am bisexual. I was in a committed relationship with a girl for 4.5 years, then broke it off. Now I'm having sex almost exclusively with men. I also maturbate daily.

As of late, when I have an orgasm, there is VERY little semen during ejaculation. This is very troubling and requires a resolution. I have to fix this. It started happening after I was experimenting with elastic penis rings and a penis pump (just for fun once in a while). Now, I've tried taking 50mg zinc sulfate in liquid form to resolve the issue to no avail. I don't think I'm deficient in zinc because it tastes terrible and it makes me nauseated when I take it. Though I notice a mood improvement/stabilization following administration, I'm less agitated.

But it did not resolve the issue which sort of leads me to believe that this is not a hormone/nutrition issue. In my opinion, the issue is mechanical. I think I either have retrograde ejaculation or blocked ejaculatory ducts. This also started happening when I started to bottom (receiving end of anal sex) more often and use anal toys/prostate massaging. Perhaps I've done damage to my prostate?

I have a feeling that my ejaculatory ducts are blocked. Is there a device/drug (experimental is okay) that can dilate these ducts?

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Prostate :: Blood In Semen

My husband is 46 and has had blood in his semen a number of times. He's visited his GP and had a rectal examination and blood tests, which I'm assuming to be PSA? He's due to go back to the GP for his results. I'm planning on going with him but would appreciate any pointers really, as to what questions we should definitely ask. I've read that the PSA results aren't always a reliable indicator so, are there any other investigations we should press for? To be honest, I think i've 'over- googled'

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HIV Possibility :: Semen Flowing Out From Top Of The Condom

I had sex with protection 4 months ago and after ejaculation i found that some of my semens flowing out from top of the condom, i felt so worried and cleaned immediately with water. after 10 days from this i had high fever with itching skin and body pain and it lasts only for two to three days . and now after almost 3.5 months i am suffering with mild sore throat also i feel that i lost 4 kg of weight. apart from this i am ok no tiredness or fatigue ....

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Am I Pregnant? Boyfriend's Semen Got In My Clitoris?

Please help! My boyfriend and i used the pull out method. But when he pull out some of his semen got in my clit can i get pregnant?

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Vasectomy :: Blood In Semen After Three Weeks

I had a vasectomy around three weeks ago. At first, there was no blood in my semen when i ejaculated. However, for the past week there has been varying amounts of pink/red blood (not rust colour). Should I be concerned?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Fingering With Possible Semen On Hands

I am so worried at the moment could i be pregnant i am due in 2 weeks for my period but i seem to be gaining a little weight im not sure if i am or not or im just really paranoid.. but my and my boyfriend were messing around we dint have sex but i was giving him a hand job while he was fingering my when i gave him a hand job there was a bit of .....

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How To Increase The Semen Levels In The Body?

How to increase the semen levels in the body?

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Pain In Testis - Semen / Sperms Come Out During Urination

I have pain in my right testis oftenly ........... But from last two days , during urine my sperms also came out and i felt little weakness...

i am doing workout but don't do running .

is something wrong with my body posture how am i sitting or laying??

From last two days i didn't wear underwear may it is due to of that ?

kindly guide me how am i cure from disease any exercise or natural way to cure it ?

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Getting Pregnant :: Wearing Panties Used To Wipe Semen?

are there any chances of getting pregnant by wearing panties which were used to wipe off the semen.. should i take an i pill , its my 21st day.. nd i made a foolish mistake of wiping his semen by ma panties from the inner side and then wearing them on.. plz help as i am getting bit paranoid now..

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