Folliculitis For A Year - Bleach Baths, Clindamycin Foam - Nothing Works

Mar 19, 2015

I have had folliculitis for over a year.  I get these bumps under my skin on the topside of my arms by the elbow area that eventually turn to whiteheads. They are scaring my arms all up. My Doc gave me Azithromycin for 3 months and it seemed to clear it up, but as soon as I stopped the antibiotic it came back.  Im starting to think it's more of an allergy than a skin condition.  I tried the bleach baths, clindamycin foam nothing makes this go away forever. I am having one cultured today and i'm sure it will change nothing.

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Hip Replacement :: Memory Foam Post Op, Yes Or No?

Just five days to go to op day of 5th October and I am getting things ready for when I come home afterwards. 

I decided to go into the spare room for a few weeks so as me and the hubs do not disturb each other.  Was making the bed up and wondered whether I should leave the memory foam topper on. It is quite a thick one and the mattress underneath is pretty firm.

What is best?  Can anyone share their experience either way re comfort?  Anything else I should know other than using a slippy sheet and lots of pillows ?  It is a double bed and we have moved it so I can get in an out either side. 

Oh and I don't have a frame so just on crutches.. Does it help getting in and put if I have something to help me stand?

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Orlistat :: Disappointed - Had An Entire Bag Of Foam Sweets

It's always film time when I crave rubbish and last night I craved and had an entire bag of foam sweets.  I know they are ok fat wise but still full of kals and sugar. 

I just want to do well with this and have really let myself down.

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Chemical Burn :: Bleach On My Face

I got bleach on my face about a week ago it burned then became a scab and im wondering if my face will go back to normal ?

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Tooth Abscess :: Clindamycin Or Azithromycin?

Last week my tooth started to act up so I went to see my Dentist the very next day. I started on a Azithromycin that same day. My tooth still really hurt by Sat. so I called him and he told me to finish that up but also called in a rx for Clindamycin in case I still needed a antibiotic. My question is, has anyone taken that med for a abscess. I have done a lot a research on it and I think it's the last med I would take! I already suffer from acid reflux and this med is really harsh on the stomach. Would like to know if anyone has used it and what if any side effects? Forgot to mention, the abscess is not completely gone.

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Sweating Smells Like Bleach Or Semen/ejaculate

When i sweat now a lot of the time my but smells like ejaculate (the sweat) other people had this but say they have mucus or actual semen coming from their butt i do not pleasure my butt like some of the people who have the actual white liquid, for me it feels like sweat (The liquid). it smells like bleach or ejaculate. i've had this for 7 months and im worried .

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Clindamycin And Tramadol Not Working For Tooth Abscess?

I'm taking clindamycin 300 mg every 6 hours and tramadol 50 mg every 6 hours (unless i'm a work it makes me sleepy) and the pain from my tooth abscess has gotten worse and now the swelling is spreading and my throat hurts. The pain from the tooth abscess has spread from the far left corner of my jaw to my ear and even under my chin. I can't see a dentist till next week and this is only getting worse. I already went to the er that is how i got these meds. The clindamycin is also making me very sick to my stomach. I ate some soup to take it last night and ended up hugging the trash can at my job for little over 20 min till nothing was left to come up. Please help this is getting out of control i can't even hardly help take care of my 2 month old baby because it hurts when she ends up touching the left side of my face!

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Pregnancy :: Epsom Salt Baths?

can pregnant women take Epsom salt baths

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Allergic To Antibiotics :: Used Clindamycin To Develop A Rash And Pimples On Face

I seem to get rashes often from different antibiotics. My allergic to or sensitive to list is ever growing. I recently was taking clindamycin and got a "rash" that looks like little white and red pimples. It started just on my face. I haven't taken any in over a week, but it's still all over my face and back and front of my neck. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there anyway to make it go away. I've grown accustomed to hives, but this is different. I should also add, I had an infected tooth and my period. Could these have anything to do with it?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubal Pregnancy, The Bleach & Urine Gave A Positive

My tubes have been tied almost 5 years. I have had a ectopic pregnancy in the past. Now I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms before my period I took a home test it was negative.but should I be alarmed? I also experimented with the bleach & urine and it gave a positive result.

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TKR :: Epsom Salt Baths Relieve Joint And Muscle Pain?

Has anybody tried Epsom Salt baths to relieve joint and muscle pain after total knee replacement surgery?

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Epsom Salts (magnesium) Baths For A Good Night Sleep

I've been having magnesium baths for a while (epsom salts). I do get anxiety and not only do the baths calm me, it really helps with a good night sleep, aching muscles but the next morning helps with going to the loo too!

it is thought to be a natural detox too, help rid of toxins from your body (deodorant chemicals etc)

I buy a 25kg bag as its significantly cheaper but you can get smaller bags just to try.

i have 3 a week and add about 300-400g per bath and submerge as much of my body as i can for at least 20mins.

magnesium is a natural mineral which our body needs. You can make a drink with it apparently which is a VERY effective laxative (I haven't done this)

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa :: Epson Salt Baths, Pimple Cream And Alcohol Wipe

Is there a HS specialist? I have been dealing with this between my legs and it goes up into my butt crack. I was diagnosed in 1997 with hidradenitis suppurativa . From 1997- 2000 I would periodically go to a surgeon for outpatient surgery, for removal of one or two at a time. I was also placed on antibiotics that did not seem to help. I regularly take Epson salt baths, use pimple cream, and wipe the area down with alcohol. This gives very little relief at this point. It use to prove much more effective. I had surgery in 2005 and couldn't walk for 3 weeks. It seemed to be better for about 1 year. After a year it got much worse. I¿m at a point where the scarring is as bad as it was before the surgery. At any given time I have 2 to 3 swollen up around my v area and 2 to 3 around my anis. It is hard to sit, walk, or even stand at times. I have an appointment with a dermatologist May 25 and we¿ll see what happens. I just feel like I have tried everything.

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Folliculitis :: Hair Removal?

Does anyone know if hair removal is available on nhs for Folliculitis?

Suffered with with this for nearly 3 years and nothing works. Suffer with it on my genital area which is now spreading to my inner thigh. Ive been prescribed washes which don't seem to help and umpteen amounts of antibiotics. Antibiotics help for short while but then just comes back. Sick of this horrible condition which leaves me in a lots of pain as well as intense itching. In process of using pure tea tree oil which seems to have helped on a few of the spots but not on others. Would really like an end to this condition but have been told there is not much else i can do. Doing lots of research online has told me that laser hair removal is very effective for folliculitis but ive also found out it can be quite expensive. I hope one day i will be rid of this condition but until then i guess i will just have to suffer and battle on.

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Scalp Folliculitis For Few Years

I have had this condition for a few years & tried most treatments with little success. in the last couple of weeks i have tried putting a little antibacterial gel on moist hands & rubbing them on my scalp, for whatever reason it seems to be helping,whether it is a coincidence i don't know but i am going to keep on doing it for a while. i also take a low dose 300 mg tetralysal daily. you only need a small amount of gel on moist hands. i can't see it doing any harm.

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How To Differentiate Between Herpes, Cyst And Folliculitis?

How to I differentiate between herpes, cyst and folliculitis?

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Herpes Or Folliculitis - Scrotum Dry, Irritated And Red

I was naked, she was in active wear shorts. We grinded a lot and then she told me she has herpes. The next day I go training in sweat pants without underwear and thought I started to chafe. It's been 2 weeks and the skin on my scrotum and just above my pelvis seems dry, a little irritated, reddish. No bumps but I get tingles at times, pinching and sometimes a testicle with throb for a second. It doesn't look bad at all but it feels kinda crappy and the timing couldn't be worse. Today I noticed that the smell from my scrotum was kind of sour, dunno if it's from the skin being dry and irritated.

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Is It Folliculitis, Vulvodynia, Fordyce Or Herpes?

So my husband and I have been separated a few months but had a sexual encounter recently. I know he and I both were HSV-2 negative, but he has HSV-1 rarely breaks out. I noticed last night a sharp pinch in one spot at the top of the vulva, above the good of the clitoris in the area that has hair growth. It doesn't itch, just the pinching feeling that pulsates with a VERY faint tingling that was in my whole lower body and throbbing, dull pain accompanying it. I have fordyce spots that are small on the inner parts of the labor minora and larger subcutaneous "bumps" (I'm guessing follicles or fordyce) that I have on both labias that I have had since I was very little. I also shave and we had sex after I'd shaved so, as usual, I got a LOT of ingrown hairs which are painful when popping or digging out. I noticed the area was pin pointed to one spot so I had to search and at one point I thought I had it but turned out I was squeezing the wrong area/small bump. Then when I found the area, I squeezed it and then plucked hairs I though were associated with the pain. It was mainly red-looking but no swelling came about until after squeezing. This morning the pain was still there but then it slowly went away by noon. I then checked it out an it was raw from the plucking and squeezing, but I also had 1 small bump in both areas I had squeezed. I squeezed it again because the bump (only) was a little tender and clear puss/blood came out and then the skin was easily pulled off from the bump. It now feels better and doesn't hurt really, even when I was trying to check if I got all the hair in it with tweezers. I asked my "husband" if he'd been with anyone since we split and come to find out he's been with many women and so now I am worried that I may have contracted HSV-2. We mainly just performed oral and fingered/rubbed me and we only had sex for less than a minute, which he insisted on wearing his boxers durring. I guess my questions are:

1. How likely would it be to contract it if he was either about to break out or was healing (I'm assuming since he didn't want to remove boxers and u couldn't see pubic area)?

2. Do the symptoms I am having sound like herpes? (I have no swollen lymph nodes, aching, nausea, appetite loss, etc.)

3. If I performed oral and (lets say/hope) the infected area wasn't anywhere that I touched, how likely could I get oral HSV-2?

4. Are herpes blisters a white-colored blister or are they like a TB type test bubble, clear and very noticeable?

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Vaginal Health :: Diagnosed With UTI And Folliculitis

I went to the ER because I was having really bad pain down in the bag area. I was diagnosed with a UTI, and folliculitis. I'm not quite sure if they diagnosed me correctly because I'm having really bad pain down there for about a week now.. I thought it was a yeast infection at first but it turns out its a urinary tract infection. And its very very painful. Not only does it burn when I pee but it hurts so bad I can barely wipe down there. The whole vagina area is red and sore. And as for the follicles its all around the lips of my vagina. I can feel about 15 of them, and they hurt bad. When I try cleaning it hurts when I shower it hurts so bad. I put vagisil down there and it doesn't seem to work that well. The bumps hurt when I walk or sit. I switched to 100% cotton loose fitting underwear, I been taking urinary relief pills from Azo and prescribed macrobid but it doesn't seem to get any better. If anyone has this type of problem please let me know what you have done to heal it faster.

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Herpes Or Folliculitis? Bumps Around My Anus Area

I discovered these irritating bumps around my anus area that soon developed into tender ulcers.. so I went to the doctor to have them examined and she told me she couldn't really tell if it was herpes being the fact the bumps were scattered and they are each at the base of a hair follicle... so she swabbed them and sent them off for a lab test and I'm currently waiting for my results by the end of this week... I've never experienced anything like this before and the only symptoms I have is itching and I do believe I can feel my lymph nodes in my groin are swollen... has anyone else ever experienced anything like this and what does it sound like to you?

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STD :: Folliculitis Or Herpes -bumps But No Discharge And Itching

I had unprotected sex Saturday during that night I noticed bumps on my pubic hair region on sunday i went to the ER and they said it doesn't look like herpes it looks more like folliculitis they gave me oral antibiotics to take for it . now its monday 5:30 pm notice the pimples in the bumps went away but the bumps are still i have herpes? no discharge no itching on the penis only the pubic hair region.

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