Fluoxetine - Is Tiredness/lack Of Motivation A Side Effect?

Apr 14, 2013

I have suffered with depression for some time. I used to take Citalopram but my Doctor recently changed my prescription to Fluoxetine. I had some very weird side effects at first - very strange thoughts - almost like hallucinations and felt quite 'spaced out'. However, after reading the leaflet, I saw that this can happen and will generally disappear with continued use. So I persevered.

I have been taking it now for about 8 weeks. I did stop for about a week when I was away on holiday. I hurt my back and had to take anti-inflammatory medicine. I was worried about the risk of stomach bleed that this can cause when interacting with fluoxetine so I stopped taking it. This was about 5 weeks ago. I became extremely low with thoughts of harming myself. I resumed the fluoxetine and these thoughts have subsided.

My problem is that I feel constantly tired with no motivation to do anything; I have difficulty concentrating and feel generally lethargic and lacklustre.

Does anyone else feel like this while taking Fluoxetine? I recently had a general health 'MOT' with blood tests for liver/kidney function, thyroid, blood sugar etc so it is unlikely there is a different underlying cause. Or is it just a symptom of my age/state of mind? I am 58, generally fit and active.

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Vivid Dreams - Common Side Effect Of Fluoxetine

I know dreams are a common side effect of fluoxetine, but do they ever settle down?

I seem to be having quite a few vivid and realistic dreams per night, usually about things that are worrying me which then makes me question myself as to whether it was a dream or not!

Has anyone experienced this and did it settle for you? Or is there anything we can do to ease it?

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Dihydrocodeine :: Why The Lack Of Motivation

I've done a few posts now , been on d for 15 years , my morning are still Sh** even though I take 5 at once. Why the achy stomach and knee and joint pain. I thought you only got that if you tried to wean off.

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Cannabis Use - Lack Of Memory And Energy - Loss Of Motivation In Life

I'm 19 years old . First time I ever smoked hash was when i was 17 years old i didn't like it very much as my life was perfect and enjoyed and absolutely loved being normal . i did not smoke again the rest of the year and then started smoking with m cousins occasionally for 2 -  3 months usually once in a week or once in 2 weeks then we all decided not to smoke and we all  quit but this year had been a complete mess i smoked a joint when it was my best friends birthday 23rd january this year and from that moment on wards is smoked alot started from once a week and ended up smoking every day in summers for about 2 months with some unexpected gaps such as on a family vacation any ways for a month or so i have successfully cut back on the use by noting down the frequency of the use and now i take 3 to 4 puffs a week i have noticed that it did not cause any major problems for me besides i fell my memory is slightly of and the attention is a little weak but the most prominent problem is i'm not as energized as i used to be . i want hash to be completely gone from my life and how long it takes to my brain be completely back to normal and secondly it affected my skin badly its pale now and the youth seemed to be succked out of it with dark circles around my eyes and its making me depressed please just give me a timeline or just an idea of how long it will take me to recover from this so i can keep my self motivated.

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Sertraline :: Tiredness And Agitation - Zoloft Side Effects

New to this Zoloft thing 1 week in ! Hoping I'm on the right road to recovery ! This has been a tough 5 months ! Feeling some side effects such as tiredness and agitation would this subside ?

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Lipitor Side Effects - Horrible Muscle Tiredness And Aches

I know that it's known that lipitor has the side-effect of muscle tiredness and aches. Has anyone else have to deal with this? Man it's off the hook. I almost am paralyzed fro, lipitor. This horrible and I would like to talk to someone who's been through it. This is a very under-rated affliction IMO. I've been tested and it doesn't look like I have the Rabadolosis<sp? That spelling isn't even close. I was very scared before I realized what was causing this severe problem.. Now I know that lipitor has helped a lot of people, it brought my cholesterol down a bunch very quickly. Frankly i would rather have high cholesterol. I did have a stroke at the end of November, small, deep in the cerebellum. Hence the lipitor.

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Side Effects :: Amitriptyline With Fluoxetine

I've been on Amitriptyline for 6 months for pain management - lowest dose 10 mg in evening and I am getting on fine after the side effects at the start!

This week I've been started on fluoxetine 20 mg per day for other issues. GP said it might interact with the Amitriptyline but might not so give it a go.

Has anyone else taken these two medicines at the same time? How did you feel?

I've taken fluoxetine before so I'm ready for the crazy initial side effects (off work for 4 weeks so I can get through it!)

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Fluoxetine :: Awful Side Effects... Hang In There

I thought i would just write and share my experiences to give a little hope to those who have just started fluoxetine and are suffering from the awful side effects... Hang in there! i am 6 months in now and i cannot believe how my life has changed, im laughing every day, i love my job im enjoying my wonderful children and my beautiful granddaughter, im moving house and i just feel my old self again, my friends are so happy for me they said i got lost for a while but they have been so supportive, and say that its great to have me back ! something i didn't think would happen 5 months ago believe me i had no motivation and suffered every side effect felt totally disconnected from the world, i have been where you are now! this site has been my life line and people who came through the other side gave me hope.....

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Ramipril :: Cough Side Effect

I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and since have been on various medicines one of which is 5mg Ramipril every night. I read the booklet which explained that a side effect is a cough but agree with other inputs here that the cough is very depressing. It constantly disrupts my sleep pattern and it's so dry ! Im off to the GPs Tomorrow and hopefully he can prescibe something else. Is there anyway else of stopping the cough ?

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Venlafaxine Side Effect - Sweating?

Does anyone seem to sweat more on venlafaxine. I know it is a side effect but how common is it

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Anxiety :: Stopping 20g Seroxat - Side Effects, I Had A Nausea, Lack Of Appetite

The story started when I noticed a tremor in my hand fingers (both hinds) as it starts from my wrist bone. I went to a nervous specialist and then he offered me the seroxat knowing that I didn't had any kind of anxiety at that time, where I had before this visit by half year. This visit began 6 months ago. I have started, as per his instructions, to get table and a half per day for the first 6 days then 1 tablet till 3 months. Suddenly, I stooped to use it and I know that was my bad. I returned to the dr, he said that we will start over. then, I started to feel that this medicine is not resulting well anymore. I started to stop it as per his instruction by taking half a tab for 5 days then half a tab every day after day. The last dose was on last Thursday. Now, we have passed 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Today, I am feeling very and very bad. I had all of its side effects, I had a nausea, lack of appetite and DIZZINESS.. What do you suggest?

He said that I have to return to half a tab day after day and visit him on Wednesday. I am not planning to go to that dr any more thus I am here. I have read some forums of dropping it in the right way. Do you suggest taking a quarter tab day after day again? or to deal with the above side effects and finish up the day, tomorrow or what?

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Depression :: Fluoxetine Side Effects - Frequent Panic Attacks

I've been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks. I had experienced frequent panic attacks and my doctor put me on 20mg a day. Initially I had all the usual side effects (although some of these could be the depression) - I lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight, I developed insomnia and had to take sleeping pills, and I just generally felt worse for the first month. Now I'm able to sleep at night without pills, I've stopped losing weight, I don't have panic attacks anymore and I usually feel ok. The only problem is that I've got an issue with grinding my teeth all day. It's starting to become very uncomfortable and annoying. It feels like my jaw is always clicking and popping, and often I have earache or a feeling of fullness in my ears. Is this a side effect that will go away after a while? It's been 8 weeks and I'm starting to think I might want to come off fluoxetine if this jaw pain doesn't go away.

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Fluoxetine :: Increasing From 20mg To 40mg - Horrible Side Effects

I'm new to this website just hoping it can keep me more positive while I get through this. I've had generalised anxiety disorder for years now but I've only recently tried medication. I was on 20mg fluoxetine for nearly 8 weeks, the first week and a half was awful with side effects then I just felt the same as I did before taking medication which obviously wasn't as bad as the side effects. I agreed with my doctor to up the dose to 40mg last week after just under 8 weeks because it wasn't really doing much. Since I upped the dose 3 days ago I've been feeling spaced out/drowsy not quite with it nearly all the time which is something I experienced when I first started taking the 20mg and I'm not happy about it I hate feeling like this I'm scared of feeling as bad as before. I was wondering if people could please tell me how long they had side effects after increasing their dose if they had them? And whether 20mg didn't work for you but when 40mg did?

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How To Stop Trembling On Lithium As A Side Effect?

Can someone tell me how to stop trembling on lithium as a side effect? My whole body shakes. I can stop

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Sertraline :: Giving Me Headaches - Side Effect?

a have been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks now into my second week on 100mg a feel things are getting a lot better it is just the headaches at times are quite severe am having to take strong painkillers a know it is a side effect but are they meant to be so severe or should i go to the doctors ?

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Gabapentin Side Effect? Headache Along With A Mild Flu

Hi all,been put on Neurontin / Gabapentin for a vestibular problem.Just 300mg a day (Built up over three weeks from 100mg to 300mg a day) . Just wondered as i have a side effect i believe as it started around the same time i started the tablets . I have a low level headache along with a mild flu like feeling . Did anyone else have similar?

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Possible Common Side Effect Of The Tubal Ligation?

is that true that the tubal ligation can make her dry or without fluids if they made love? what the possible common side effect of the tubal ligation? please find me the answer. thanks.

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Ramipril :: Joint Pain - Side Effect

I have been taking Ramipril 10mg for a few months now.

I have experienced the tickly cough, but not often so that's ok, the one problem I'm worried by is joint pain.

I went from 5mg to 7.5mg to 10mg it has been whilst I have been on this higher dose that my arm joint to my shoulder have started to hurt, with sometimes sharp pain, also a sharp pain in the base of my index finger but again very occasionally.

I worry that if I go and talk to my doctor he may try and treat the joint pain with yet another drug which itself might have side effects, and the spiral then goes on into old age.

I am only 51 and will continue to take the medication but will monitor my problems and eventually have a chat with my GP.

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Breathless :: Side Effect Of Lipitor OR Lisinopril(ACE) OR Anxiety?

I had a heart attack in mid October due to a congenital enlarged artery. The stent was unsuccessful and I lost 10-15% of my heart. My EF is around 46/48 and the doctor has never mentioned heart failure, but I know I need to do all I can to try to prevent that from happening.

Anyway I am on metoprolol tartrate (beta) 12.5 twice a day, plavix, aspirin, lipitor, and in December the dr put me on a very low dose of lisinopril (Ace) 5 mg.

Lately my back has been aching as the day goes on and I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Let me clarify, when I sleep and when I first wake up I feel good and normal. But as the day goes on I start to get some muscle aches and my breathing seems weird. I don't feel like I'm about to suffocate and I can breath normally fine, but it's like I feel the need every few minutes to take a big deep breath and when I try I can't totally get a full really deep breath like I used to.

Could this be the lipitor or the lisinopril or maybe it's anxiety and it's all in my head because sometimes I don't even notice it. I take the lipitor and the lisinopril at bedtime and sleep well and wake up feeling well, this usually happens about mid-day or so.

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Dizzy Spells Are A Side Effect Of Coming Off Citalopram?

Can anyone tell me if dizzy spells are a side effect of coming off Citalopram. I have been reducing from 10mg to 5mg for the last 2 weeks and it has been going ok with a few moments of anxiety. But tonight I had to pull over on my way home after becoming dizzy at the wheel. Is this normal or might it be something else?

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Using Perindopril [ACE Inhibitor] And Developed Pulsatile Tinnitus As A Side Effect?

Is there anyone out there who is taking the anti-hypertensive Perindopril [ACE Inhibitor] and has developed Pulsatile Tinnitus as a side effect? I take this drug and do not have any side effects only that last February I was diagnosed with slight hearing loss for which I was given hearing aids and had Pulsatile Tinnitus which sent me rapidly to the G.P. from where I was referred to the ENT dept. at the hospital. I've had a MRI brain scan, Intercranial CT scan and Doppler scan on my neck in the Vascular Dept. where I saw a consultant. He told me there was nothing wrong in my brain or my ears but he couldn't help my problem as it is very rare and he hadn't seen a similar case for 17yrs. He said maybe my brain will eventually get fed up of listening to my heart beat swishing through my left ear. Has anyone experienced the same?

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