Using Perindopril [ACE Inhibitor] And Developed Pulsatile Tinnitus As A Side Effect?

Apr 6, 2016

Is there anyone out there who is taking the anti-hypertensive Perindopril [ACE Inhibitor] and has developed Pulsatile Tinnitus as a side effect? I take this drug and do not have any side effects only that last February I was diagnosed with slight hearing loss for which I was given hearing aids and had Pulsatile Tinnitus which sent me rapidly to the G.P. from where I was referred to the ENT dept. at the hospital. I've had a MRI brain scan, Intercranial CT scan and Doppler scan on my neck in the Vascular Dept. where I saw a consultant. He told me there was nothing wrong in my brain or my ears but he couldn't help my problem as it is very rare and he hadn't seen a similar case for 17yrs. He said maybe my brain will eventually get fed up of listening to my heart beat swishing through my left ear. Has anyone experienced the same?

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Pulsatile Tinnitus In My Left Ear

I've had tinnitus in my right ear since I was about 10 or 11, my brother has it too and so it seems genetic, anyways, this has never really bothered me. What's been bothering me is this pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear. I developed this in June last year, at first I had crazy anxiety about it, but eventually I got used to it. It tends to be louder at night, happens when I bend down quickly, and the noise stops when I press on the vein in my neck. I had gone to an ENT in September, did a hearing test, that was fine, and he quickly examined me. He took a look down my throat, up my nose, and in my ear, he couldn't see anything wrong and told me that this happens sometimes and will go away on its own, but if it doesn't within 6 or 9 months (can't remember which) then I should come back.

Well, it's coming up to that time and although the noise doesn't bother me too much anymore it is still there. I also have anxiety in regards to my health and it can be pretty bad, I guess I'm just really worried as to whether or not there could be a serious underlying cause for this.

I'm assuming a scan of some sorts will be done but at the same time I guess I'm scared to get this.

I was wondering if anyone has had this type of tinnitus, and if so was the underlying cause found, did it go away on its own, or is it still being coped with?

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Hearing :: Pulsatile Tinnitus After Stapedectomy

So, I bit the bullet and had the same surgeon who operated successfully on my left ear operate on the right ear yesterday. I had a much harder time with nausea and recovering from the general anesthesia than the first operation. The first time, I threw up once and that was it. Yesterday, I was throwing up a lot, and then they give me a phenergan injection, which just made me so weak and tired that the nurses had to get me dressed. And they were insistent that my friends take me home at noon, because they were getting the people for the 2 pm operations ready. My poor friend was driving with me in the back throwin up into a plastic bag.

Right now, I'm having a lot of pulsatile tinnitus in the right ear, which was not the case with the left ear operation. It's very loud because it's not masked by any external sound and is very distracting. I had pulsatile tinnitus in that ear before, and now it's even louder, unfortunately. As tired as I was last night, it kept on waking me up. Because I had some mild nasal congestion, the surgeon has me on oral antibiotics and nasal spray for a few days. I have very little discharge on the cotton balls so far, but it looks like a piece of the gelfoam packing came out on one of the cotton balls (at least I hope that it's gelfoam and not my eardrum!).

When I had the first operation, the right ear "popped" and I began to hear low frequencies sounds 8 days after the operation. Can't wait to get some relief from the tinnitus with external sounds.

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Pulsatile Tinnitus In Left Ear Plus Slight Hearing Loss

I recently had a brain MRI and there is nothing wrong with my brain. However these symptoms are changing my daily life and making my depression and anxiety far worse than they have ever been before. I'll give you a quick run through of the symptoms that have appeared and worsened during the last year.

Pulsatile tinnitus in left ear plus slight hearing loss.

Migraines more often to the point where I cannot speak or lay down or walk.

I now need glasses, I used to have perfect vision and now cannot see any further than about 10 feet in front of me.

A few months ago I suddenly couldn't write of hold my fork to feed myself, my hand just wouldn't work. I though of it as a one off. It's worse now, it happens more often and the shaking happens quite bad and in both arms and hands, sometimes I have spasms and often wake myself up by punching, kneeing or headbutting the wall next to my bed.

I have told the doctor all of this but have been told if the mri is clear than there is nothing they can do.. I am changing doctors (my current surgery is known for messing patients around and misdiagnosing). But any input on what's happening? The tremors have kinda threw me off guard, it's very uncomfortable and like I said I can't hold things, feed myself or anything when it happens.

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Pulsatile Tinnitus, TMJ Dysfunction And Echoing Of Noise In My Head

I would be interested if anyone else has this. I've had what I think is Pulsatile tinnitus for a year or so. I only hear it when it's very quiet, when I'm lying in bed or reading quietly. I believe it can be associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction. In addition I get episodes for one to three days when any external speaking be it face to face, TV, radio echoes round in my head and is amplified. I suspect the sinuses are involved too.

The GP isn't that interested but he did prescribe a nasal irrigation which can help along with inhalation of peppermint oil in hot water, that really gets up the passages! I can't seem to work out what causes the attacks of the echoing, tho twice it's happened when the weather has been v windy or cold.

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Ramipril :: Cough Side Effect

I had a heart attack 5 weeks ago and since have been on various medicines one of which is 5mg Ramipril every night. I read the booklet which explained that a side effect is a cough but agree with other inputs here that the cough is very depressing. It constantly disrupts my sleep pattern and it's so dry ! Im off to the GPs Tomorrow and hopefully he can prescibe something else. Is there anyway else of stopping the cough ?

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Venlafaxine Side Effect - Sweating?

Does anyone seem to sweat more on venlafaxine. I know it is a side effect but how common is it

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How To Stop Trembling On Lithium As A Side Effect?

Can someone tell me how to stop trembling on lithium as a side effect? My whole body shakes. I can stop

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Sertraline :: Giving Me Headaches - Side Effect?

a have been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks now into my second week on 100mg a feel things are getting a lot better it is just the headaches at times are quite severe am having to take strong painkillers a know it is a side effect but are they meant to be so severe or should i go to the doctors ?

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Gabapentin Side Effect? Headache Along With A Mild Flu

Hi all,been put on Neurontin / Gabapentin for a vestibular problem.Just 300mg a day (Built up over three weeks from 100mg to 300mg a day) . Just wondered as i have a side effect i believe as it started around the same time i started the tablets . I have a low level headache along with a mild flu like feeling . Did anyone else have similar?

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Possible Common Side Effect Of The Tubal Ligation?

is that true that the tubal ligation can make her dry or without fluids if they made love? what the possible common side effect of the tubal ligation? please find me the answer. thanks.

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Ramipril :: Joint Pain - Side Effect

I have been taking Ramipril 10mg for a few months now.

I have experienced the tickly cough, but not often so that's ok, the one problem I'm worried by is joint pain.

I went from 5mg to 7.5mg to 10mg it has been whilst I have been on this higher dose that my arm joint to my shoulder have started to hurt, with sometimes sharp pain, also a sharp pain in the base of my index finger but again very occasionally.

I worry that if I go and talk to my doctor he may try and treat the joint pain with yet another drug which itself might have side effects, and the spiral then goes on into old age.

I am only 51 and will continue to take the medication but will monitor my problems and eventually have a chat with my GP.

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Fluoxetine - Is Tiredness/lack Of Motivation A Side Effect?

I have suffered with depression for some time. I used to take Citalopram but my Doctor recently changed my prescription to Fluoxetine. I had some very weird side effects at first - very strange thoughts - almost like hallucinations and felt quite 'spaced out'. However, after reading the leaflet, I saw that this can happen and will generally disappear with continued use. So I persevered.

I have been taking it now for about 8 weeks. I did stop for about a week when I was away on holiday. I hurt my back and had to take anti-inflammatory medicine. I was worried about the risk of stomach bleed that this can cause when interacting with fluoxetine so I stopped taking it. This was about 5 weeks ago. I became extremely low with thoughts of harming myself. I resumed the fluoxetine and these thoughts have subsided.

My problem is that I feel constantly tired with no motivation to do anything; I have difficulty concentrating and feel generally lethargic and lacklustre.

Does anyone else feel like this while taking Fluoxetine? I recently had a general health 'MOT' with blood tests for liver/kidney function, thyroid, blood sugar etc so it is unlikely there is a different underlying cause. Or is it just a symptom of my age/state of mind? I am 58, generally fit and active.

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Breathless :: Side Effect Of Lipitor OR Lisinopril(ACE) OR Anxiety?

I had a heart attack in mid October due to a congenital enlarged artery. The stent was unsuccessful and I lost 10-15% of my heart. My EF is around 46/48 and the doctor has never mentioned heart failure, but I know I need to do all I can to try to prevent that from happening.

Anyway I am on metoprolol tartrate (beta) 12.5 twice a day, plavix, aspirin, lipitor, and in December the dr put me on a very low dose of lisinopril (Ace) 5 mg.

Lately my back has been aching as the day goes on and I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Let me clarify, when I sleep and when I first wake up I feel good and normal. But as the day goes on I start to get some muscle aches and my breathing seems weird. I don't feel like I'm about to suffocate and I can breath normally fine, but it's like I feel the need every few minutes to take a big deep breath and when I try I can't totally get a full really deep breath like I used to.

Could this be the lipitor or the lisinopril or maybe it's anxiety and it's all in my head because sometimes I don't even notice it. I take the lipitor and the lisinopril at bedtime and sleep well and wake up feeling well, this usually happens about mid-day or so.

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Vivid Dreams - Common Side Effect Of Fluoxetine

I know dreams are a common side effect of fluoxetine, but do they ever settle down?

I seem to be having quite a few vivid and realistic dreams per night, usually about things that are worrying me which then makes me question myself as to whether it was a dream or not!

Has anyone experienced this and did it settle for you? Or is there anything we can do to ease it?

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Dizzy Spells Are A Side Effect Of Coming Off Citalopram?

Can anyone tell me if dizzy spells are a side effect of coming off Citalopram. I have been reducing from 10mg to 5mg for the last 2 weeks and it has been going ok with a few moments of anxiety. But tonight I had to pull over on my way home after becoming dizzy at the wheel. Is this normal or might it be something else?

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Lithium Carbonate For Bipolar - Distended Stomach - Side Effect

I take lithium carbonate for bipolar and think it's the best thing since sliced bread for the bipolar but there's a chance that the distended stomach I have is a side effect.Does anyone else have this side effect?

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Acne :: Effective Oral Contraceptive Pill With Less Side Effect?

I'm on my second month of taking Roaccutane for my severe acne and my dermatologist will put me on the pill, he recommended "Yazmin" but i don't really get along with yazmin. I would like to know if there are any other effective oral contraceptive pill with less side effect?

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Spinal Cord :: Gabapentin - Loss Of Sensation As A Side Effect

Hi, I have been reading this forum for a very long time. I have been on Gabapentin since October 2011. I injured my neck January 2011. Lost the use of my left arm. Had C6-C7 acdf September 2012, fell 3 weeks later due to ataxia that came on after the surgery. X-ray showed everything in place, Cervical MRI showed C5 disk herniated minimally. For the last couple of months I've been losing sensation feeling in my hands sometimes up to my elbows. It goes to one side and the other or both at the same time. My doctor thinks it's a side effect of Gabapentin and my gut says it's not it. Has anyone heard of this side effect? I have not found this loss of sensation as a side effect in my research.

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Rosacea :: Oxytetracycline - How Long Nausea Side Effect Lasts?

Just started taking the tablets and wondering how long the side effects last for, Particularly the nausea.

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Oxytetracycline Body Aches And Swollen Legs - Side Effect?

I have been taking oxytetracycline for the last 5 months or so to clear up spots on my chest and back.But lately i have had pains in my knees,pains in my back and sometimes slight pain in my stomach area.I have noticed my legs,from the knees down especially around my ankles are full of fluid after my work.I was wondering if this is due to something else or has anyone else out there had anything like this after taking oxytetracycline.I have noticed my eyes are a bit blurry at times.But it's the pains and the fluid i would like to find out about.

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