Food Allergies :: White Paint Like Stuff On Finger Like Acid Burn

May 20, 2009

my girlfriend was digging in the closet, when she was done she found there was this weird white paint like stuff on her finger it spread a little bit like an acid burn and stung, there was nothing in the closet unsafe that could of donr this to hur, is it a weird rash or a food allergy, what should we do, her 2 fingertips look like they got dipped in white out, is it dry skin?

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Allergies :: Milk And Citrus Stuff Allergy

My wife has a strange type of allergy. She has the from her birth time, she can't take milk because of calcium and not only milk whatever is made from milk, yogurt, cream, cheese and much more. It's not only milk but also citrus stuff like strawberries, lemons all the stuff that has vitamin C.

Can someone tell me what could be a permanent cure for this as she can't eat anything that she likes and what is the name of this problem?

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Food Allergies :: Allergic To Vanilla Extract Or Eggs?

I think I am allergic to vanilla extract or eggs but I can't be sure. For as long as I can remember, I havn't been able to eat cookies, cake, cupcakes, brownies, custard icecream, and vanilla ice cream in general. For some reason, I am able to eat short bread cookies and soft serve ice cream without getting my allergic reaction. What happens, is my throat swells up almost immediately, only to the point where it's uncomfortable to swallow. Then after awhile, I get a stomach ache and sometimes I throw up, but sometimes not.  I do not eat these things at all, although sometimes I will come across something I think I am not allergic to, and I get my allergic reaction from it. (Always some kind of desert food.) Any feedback? Is it all in my head, and it is possible to be allergic to vanilla or eggs? I know one time I handled eggs and then I rubbed my eyes, causing them to get red and puffy. (Also, for some reason I don't eat cooked eggs. I just have never eaten them.)

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Food Allergies :: Mouth Flesh Swollen / Bottom Lip Almost Droopy

Ate pineapple yesterday morning, noticed it was a bit tangy. By noon yesterday, my mouth was on fire, lips and mouth flesh swollen, bottom lip almost droopy. It's not better now, how long should it take to return to normal, if it is caused by pineapple? Have sore throat too, with some blistering on throat.

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Food Allergies :: Fruit Makes Mouth Itching On The Roof

I LOVE fruit bananas cantaloupe watermelon apples tomatoes oranges cuties but ever since I turned 12?? My mouth starts itching on the roof of it and my tongue then my ears (inner part) starts itching like the eardrum please what's wrong with me?? It first started with tomatoes is there any cure? Any way to stop the itching once it starts? Could there be any more food I'm allergic to?

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Breast :: White Stuff Came Out - Never Had Sex

So the other day I was messing around w/my breast and white stuff came out... What is it and what can I do? Never had sex b4...

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Urology :: Boric Acid On Penis Head Burn

Now i have a fairly painful burn on the head of my penis. It has some white layer looking type of thing on the burned area, its not red. I also burned my foreskin.

Does this stuff heal? If i wait it out should it be fine?

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Food Allergies :: When Drink Alcohol Or Coffee Throats Starts To Have Mucus

when i drink alcohol or coffee my throats starts to have mucus frequently

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Vaginal Health :: White Sticky Stuff In My Underwear

I'm 20 and between february 28-march 5th i had this white sticky gooey stuff in my underwear and had sex the 5th. i am confused on why i have that white stuff today but it's creamy and not gooey?

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Vaginal Health :: White And Brown Stuff In My Underwear

I haven't started my period yet( i think) and i have this white and brown stuff in my underwear and this clearish whitish stuff.... What does this mean? It happens every day! I also have a cramp every once in awhile.

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Vulva :: Itching And White Stuff Is Coming Out Of Vagina

Vigina itching and like white stuff coming out of vigina

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Vasectomy :: 7 Months, Now Pain, Smell And White Stuff On Penis

I do have an appointment booked with GP. Its about 7 ,months since I had my vasectomy, and still experience pain in the left side, sometimes it does get uncomfortable and sore. What I have noticed too is my penis smells and I often get a small build up of white stuff on the penis head under my foreskin. I wash it every day, but notice it seems to happen once I start urinating, I haven't notice any change of smell when I urinate though. Can infection be caused this long after the procedure?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Brown Stuff On My Underwear Instead Of White

I missed my period without having sex. A week later I missed it i've had sex the same day I had brown stuff on my underwear instead of white. What does this mean ?

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Vaginal Health :: Torn Vulva From Accident, White Fleshy Stuff Hanging

I'm embarrassed to even type this question but when I was around ten I fell on a bedpost and had to get surgery on my vagina area, a couple years later I noticed that my vagina doesn't look normal. There's a red piece of the vagina hanging on one side and another smaller piece on the other? It might be that my vagina ripped due to the stitches not working or something? Also on the bottom of my vagina looks a bit torn and has white fleshy stuff showing? I want to have sex in the future and I'm 19 but I'm a bit embarrassed to go to a Gyno even though I have heavy periods because I'm afraid of revealing this...I'm on my parents medical plan so if I get surgery I don't really want to tell my parents because this is so embarrassing...What could I do? Is this serious and was the doctor who did this supposed to do a checkup or something because I wasn't aware of this for awhile so it could've torn over the years?

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Allergies :: Post Nasal Drip Connection With Stomach Acid

I researched the PND and stomach problems connection. I am trying to figure things out as I have an upset stomach for 1 month now, and I think it might be related to my PND condition.

I can not even remember the time I have PND, I just did not know how it is called. I always sucked mucus in my mouth from "somewhere", and did not know it is coming from the nose/sinuses. I am allergic to a lot of things, not just in the air but foods too. From the PND - at least I guess - I have tonsil stones and one enlarged tonsil at the right side. Left is quite ok.

I have not had any serious or long lasting stomach problem until now. For 1 months time I am feeling a gradually stronger pain under my left rib, which is actually also in the back. Not to talk about the bloating I feel. I was at my Doc, he said it is ok, just take a plill to lower acid. Although, I like to look after and research things, and read that too low stomach acid can cause indigestion, which causes bloating. I would not take that pill, I am looking for a deeper solution.

The question is - can PND cause low stomach acid? My theory is that this mucus which is landing in my stomach (when I can not spit it out) inhibits stomach to produce enough stomach acid, leaving food undigested and also vitamins unabsorbed. So the whole system is not functioning as it should and sooner or later (looks like later is now arrived) it will cause an ulcer or who knows what. (And also, in case of this, killing HP bacteria would not mean any solution as I read, but it is another question.)

I am trying the neti pot tomorrow, and hoping for a solution that it will lower the amount of mucus dripping down at the back, and so it should help my stomach.

What do you think? Am I on a very wrong way, or can there be something in what I am trying to say?

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Acid Reflux - Diet / Food Advice?

I had another bad night's sleep last night even though i took my medication before i went to bed at midnight. At about 6pm I had my last meal which was Ham off the bone new potatoes and baked beans.I later had a cup of tea and later still some Wine Gums as a sweet treat. So in your experience I am i correct in assuming that it was the ham that caused my problem rather than the other things I ate. By what I have read I think I am lucky in what problems I am having compared to many of yourselves but it seems to me that as time is going on my illness is getting worse.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Throat Swollen / Narrowed - Food Not Going Down

I have a couple of points I'd like to ask about here and any advice or pointers will be appreciated. The first thing is that my throat seemed swollen or narrowed in some way. It's completely painless, but I know at the same time that it's not normal, and my throat wasn't like this before. Swallowing even tiny vitamin supplements is unpleasant so I just chew them, because otherwise I have to force them down with lots of water. I've had tiny tablets get stuck in my throat before and I gag on them. I don't know why this is such a struggle for me when I see other people swallowing giant capsules with ease. With other foods it is creating other symptoms. For example, I just ate soup, but immediately afterwards I can feel soup in my throat that hasn't gone down. I brought it back up like phlegm, and pretty much a teaspoon full of pure soup came back up, a good minute or two after it was swallowed. Shouldn't that soup be long gone down toward my stomach by then?

Another feeling I get is this "bubbling" feeling in my throat and the middle of my chest accompanying the food not going down. A lot of air is coming back up whenever I eat, and I find myself belching constantly. A lot of the "bubbling" sensations I guesstimate are air coming back up and looking for a way around the food coming down. What can be done about all this trapped wind? Sometimes standing up causes it to rise up my chest through my neck and out my mouth. I can feel it traveling all the way up and it's a weird sensation. Throughout the day I'm almost constantly working air out of my chest and in to a burp.

I experience no real pain, or even burning / heart burn most of the time. Things just seem to come up a lot, whether it be air, food and very rarely, acid. Even on the rare occasions that I get "acid reflux" with acid in my throat, the first I know of it is when it hits the back of my mouth. Is that unusual? Shouldn't I feel "heart burn" or other symptoms first if it has managed to come up that far? I struggle to lay down after a meal because the food sits there in my neck and refuses to budge. It's starting to affect my quality of life because I'm having to carefully plan how/when/what I eat , when I lay down, how I lay down etc.

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Clicking And Pain In My Left Ring Finger. NOT Trigger Finger?

I am 18 and back in May I guess I "jammed" my finger. I say I guess because I really don't know WHAT exactly happened. My two dogs got into a little fit and when I was separating the two of them I don't know what I did, but I really messed up my finger. After it all happened my hand hurt REALLY REALLY bad. It also started swelling pretty much immediately. I waited a couple days and then went to the ER because I figured maybe I dislocated my finger or something. They did an X-ray and came back and said there was nothing wrong, and probably a sprain so they sent me home with an ace bandage and some ibuprofen. Fast forward to now.

The swelling in my hand has gone away after about two months of not moving it a lot and keeping it wrapped up. But each time I completely straighten (like I am stretching my hand) out, my ring finger makes a clicking noise and kind of pops up. Moving it certain ways, making a fist, putting pressure, pulling, or grasping something wrong hurts extremely bad. I can feel it move down at the base of my finger (like my last knuckle). It has caused a problem for me because it hurts with most normal things that I do. Even typing this is irritating.

So I finally went to an orthopedic and he looked at my hand and X-rays and said he isn't sure what it is and he recommends me to see a hand surgeon.

I did. I drove almost 2 hours each way to see this doctor and here's what happened in a span of 3 different visits.

He suspected trigger finger even though he said certain symptoms were odd. He gave me a cortisone injection into my left ring finger and OMG that was painful. But to be honest that pain from the swelling of the injection was about as bad as my hand felt right after it happened. But sadly that didn't help. So my doctor sent me to get an MRI. With the results of the MRI, he told me that he saw swelling in my finger and that he thinks is in the sheath but said he doesn't know what is causing that. So he told me he was stumped and should see someone who is more of a specialist and gave me a few names. None of them take my insurance.

So I decided to put all of my info out here and see if someone has had something similar happen or knows what might be going on with my finger.

I will also post below the "findings" on my MRI report.

"There is a focus of marrow edema involving the dorsal aspect at the base of proximal phalanx fourth digit and adjacent dorsal aspect head of fourth metacarpal with a focal small cortical invagination of the metacarpal which may be post traumatic in etiology from previous impaction. No discrete fracture or dislocation is appreciated at the fourth digit IP joints pr MCP joint. The flexor and extensor mechanisms and tendons appear intact. No significant sized joint effusions. No significant degenerative or arthritic bony changes are appreciated. Visualized musculature has normal signal. Subcutaneous tissues are intact."

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Finger Pain On Middle Finger And Knot On Knuckle?

Don't know how I've hurt my finger,but have a hard knot on knuckle,whole finger swollen can't bend very painful?What is this?

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Vagina :: White Scaly Rash, Thick White Discharge And Abdominal Pain

I have thick white discharge, lower abdominal pain, and white scaly rash and red pimple like bumps near vagina . I took pics but not sure how to upload. Is this a bad yeast infection (I recently had and medicine didn't work) or is this an std!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Milk White And White Jelly Period Then Dark Brown Discharge

I had my period 2 weeks ago, after that i started having milk white and white jelly coming out, a day after i have dark brown discharge coming out, did do a pregnancy test it said negative, i have allot of tenderness on my breast,nausea and lite stomach paint and a headache that doesn't go away.

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