Acid Reflux - Diet / Food Advice?

Feb 6, 2015

I had another bad night's sleep last night even though i took my medication before i went to bed at midnight. At about 6pm I had my last meal which was Ham off the bone new potatoes and baked beans.I later had a cup of tea and later still some Wine Gums as a sweet treat. So in your experience I am i correct in assuming that it was the ham that caused my problem rather than the other things I ate. By what I have read I think I am lucky in what problems I am having compared to many of yourselves but it seems to me that as time is going on my illness is getting worse.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Throat Swollen / Narrowed - Food Not Going Down

I have a couple of points I'd like to ask about here and any advice or pointers will be appreciated. The first thing is that my throat seemed swollen or narrowed in some way. It's completely painless, but I know at the same time that it's not normal, and my throat wasn't like this before. Swallowing even tiny vitamin supplements is unpleasant so I just chew them, because otherwise I have to force them down with lots of water. I've had tiny tablets get stuck in my throat before and I gag on them. I don't know why this is such a struggle for me when I see other people swallowing giant capsules with ease. With other foods it is creating other symptoms. For example, I just ate soup, but immediately afterwards I can feel soup in my throat that hasn't gone down. I brought it back up like phlegm, and pretty much a teaspoon full of pure soup came back up, a good minute or two after it was swallowed. Shouldn't that soup be long gone down toward my stomach by then?

Another feeling I get is this "bubbling" feeling in my throat and the middle of my chest accompanying the food not going down. A lot of air is coming back up whenever I eat, and I find myself belching constantly. A lot of the "bubbling" sensations I guesstimate are air coming back up and looking for a way around the food coming down. What can be done about all this trapped wind? Sometimes standing up causes it to rise up my chest through my neck and out my mouth. I can feel it traveling all the way up and it's a weird sensation. Throughout the day I'm almost constantly working air out of my chest and in to a burp.

I experience no real pain, or even burning / heart burn most of the time. Things just seem to come up a lot, whether it be air, food and very rarely, acid. Even on the rare occasions that I get "acid reflux" with acid in my throat, the first I know of it is when it hits the back of my mouth. Is that unusual? Shouldn't I feel "heart burn" or other symptoms first if it has managed to come up that far? I struggle to lay down after a meal because the food sits there in my neck and refuses to budge. It's starting to affect my quality of life because I'm having to carefully plan how/when/what I eat , when I lay down, how I lay down etc.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Inhaling Acid Whilst Asleep - Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux for 2 years and been on Lansoprazole 30mg once a day as a PPI

I am 42, male and overweight

Recently I have had the most frightening experience of waking up in the middle of the night choking and unable to breathe. It lasts about 60 seconds but feels like 10 minutes

The doctor says I could be inhaling acid whilst asleep.

Has anyone information or experience of this and know what can be done about it - its VERY scary.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Acid Reflux/heartburn On NSAIDS

I have various back problems I have posted about in the back section but due to this I'm on 500mg of Naprosyn 2x a day. I also take 20mg of omeprazole 2x a day at the same time as the naprosyn as it was giving me heartburn. I started on 20mg but went up to 40mg because I was still getting the heartburn which is now acid reflux bringing me close to vomiting.

I've told my doctor about this and the latest thing I'm on is peptac liquid at bed time but I'm also taking it after meals if I have to.

It doesn't seem to be improving. My doctor said if it doesn't improve soon she will have to take me off it. The only reason she hasn't done yet is I am already in so much pain and the naprosyn is one of the few things that has helped.

I also have noticed I'm beginning to have difficulty swallowing hard or dense foods. Soft ones are fine but now I'm kind of afraid of and completely avoiding anything hard or dense. Could this be to do with the acid reflux?

I am going to ask my mum to help me raise the head of my bed (as due to my back problem propping myself up on pillows just makes things worse) but is there anything else I can do?

I'm really worried about developing a peptic ulcer.. it's the last thing I read right now. Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are I need to watch out for? If this carries will I end up with permanent acid reflux as well does anyone know?

I see my doctor again on the 4th of November so will discuss it all with her again then but I just am worried in the meanwhile.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux/Heartburn - Throat Itch And Deeper Voice

I am a 22 year old male. Along with my other issues I also suffer from the above. My endoscopy showed (Mild G1 reflux oesophagitis and minor duodenitis. Some bile reflux in stomach). I am currently taking Esomeprazole 40 mg per day which I believe is not helping. Everyone has said how my voice sounds much deeper and different than before, and the top of my throat is always itching. My teeth feel really bad, I know over time Acid can make them really bad. I have had several appointments cancelled by the Gastroenterologist at my local hospital and I am due to see him in September. I have tried all remedies etc but nothing seems to help.

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GERD (Acid Reflux) :: Damage From Stomach Acid But Never Feel Pain?

Okay, I am going to have to ask many questions because trying to fit them all in one post is going to be way too wordy.

I have a question that has been bothering me a lot lately:

Is it possible to have damage from stomach acid but never feel pain, have no symptoms and have no feedback from your body to let you know something is wrong?

I apparently have damage, but these are my symptoms.

No = Never had symptom B4

Yes = Have symptom

PRILOSEC = Only RECENTLY got symptom since starting Prilosec (Been off it for a couple days)

Heartburn: No

Bad Breath: No

Sore Throat: No

Lump in Throat: No (PRILOSEC)

Hoarseness: No

Bloating: No (PRILOSEC)

Stomach Pains: No (PRILOSEC, feels like what I imagine a mini labor contraction would feel like)


Bitter Taste: No

Cough: No

Asthma: No

Nausea: No

Trouble Swallowing Food: Yes

- Feels like SOME foods (It's always the same food) get "stuck" somewhere between my throat and my stomach.

- It hurts.

- I salivate a LOT. (Maybe enough to fill 3/4 of a cup)

- Drinking water makes it WORSE as it just rises the food contents closer to my throat.

- Going into a dark, quiet room and focusing hard on relaxing, calming thoughts usually makes the food go down (Stress, loud noise, bright lights seem to make it worse, sometimes creates hiccups)

- Sometimes this doesn't work though, and I have to forcibly vomit the food back up because it simply will not go down

- Can stay in the "stuck" position for 10-15 minutes

- Feels like a muscle is way too tight and won't let the food pass, and I can almost FEEL it when it relaxes. Breath of relief.

- Gets better as I eat the food, not worse. (It's almost like the muscle is getting used to relaxing or something.)

- Taking Prilosec has not helped (Been taking it for 2 months)

Does this sound like a GERD type of swallowing issue? Because I was just browsing around the forums, looking at this topic and I noticed a few things:

- Every post seems to be talking about problems with the throat, not the area between the throat and the stomach

- Many people are saying that water helps them, while water makes it worse for me

- Many people are saying that they have that lump alongside this swallowing issue. I have had the swallowing issue for a while, but have only recently (since starting Prilosec) felt a lump.

- Many people are saying they have to "push" food. The food has easily already gotten past my throat no issues, my issue is that it just hangs somewhere between my throat and my stomach. I couldn't push it even if I wanted to, because that area doesn't have any voluntary movement.

- Many people are saying they have trouble swallowing saliva. I have never had that issue.

Mucus: Yes/No (Sometimes get it, thickness varies, not really been a real problem for me, so 50/50 on this one.)

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Pescatarian Gluten Free -- And Reflux?

I decided to become a vegetarian about 6 months ago... I ate very little red meat at the time anyway. I also, about 3 months ago, cutout glutens. I have found my general digestion very good... And have lost about half a stone, and never feel bloated or blocked. (Too much information?).

My diet is pretty well rounded. I do eat fish, as well as the Quorn chunks, and every now and then a protein supplement. I have one or two fresh fruit smoothies a day, and a eat 'little and often'. Calories wise I am always there or there abouts - although being a runner (5 miles a day) and a performer, I do expend a lot of energy.

I have recently started suffering from reflux and acid. My doctor has given me tablets for 30 mins before a meal. And habits con plus for afterwards, but I don't really want to have a reliance on those.

Is this acid reflux quite normal after a major change in diet such as this? And does anyone have any advice on how to cut done stomach acid?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Hypochlorhydria - Lack Of Stomach Acid

I went to a new doctor and he mentioned that I may actually have Hypochlorhydria, a lack of stomach acid, anyone have experience or knowledge with this?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Constant Acid Taste In My Mouth

I can eat the smallest thing and get an acid taste in my mouth. The taste can stay in my mouth for hours. Does this mean that acid is continually fluxing into my esophagus while I have the acid taste?? I never feel acid in my esophagus or throat, just this acidy taste in my mouth. I worry that acid is fluxing for so many continual hours, if that is what is happening. I had the acid taste WORSE when I was on PPIs, so it doesn't make sense that it would be nonstop acid fluxing into my mouth, but I don't know. I am not seeing a gastroenterologist until October ...

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux - Pain In The Back And Chest

Okay, so here are the facts: I have a 1 cm hiatal hernia and reflux. This I have been diagnosed with.  I changed my whole diet  - very bland and eating next to nothing. For about a week or two I was feeling better and eating all the same foods. However, last night I ate the same meal I eat every night -my chicken and apple sauce at 5:00. At 8:00 the intense pains started in the chest and went on and off until 1:00am with feeling like I was having a heart attack. Pains in the back and chest and under my breastbones. Finally took my spasm meds (docs thought I was having esophageal. spasms) but that didn't work to help the pain. Any thoughts - does anyone experience this horrible chest pain. It is horribly painful feeling like my esophagus is being pulled, stabbed, and crushed. Its excruciating!

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Yellow Coating On Tongue :: Acid Reflux Or Silent Reflux?

hi does anyone else get a yellow coating on their tongue from reflux?

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Diverticula With Gastric Bypass - Diet Advice?

I have been diagnosed with Diverticular Disease but I get a lot of pain in my right side' also at the bottom of my tummy it feels like I have pebbles rolling around. I have also had a gastric bypass 5 years ago so eating bran is something I can't do and to be honest don't need as I go too much as soon as I eat I am in the loo and I am so scared when I go out because I know if I get a little anxious I need the loo and I won't eat out because of the same reason. It feels my life revolves around the loo day and night and I am getting so drained and tired by it all. Can anybody help please my doc don't seem to know what to do Thanks for reading x

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - What Is The Real Cause And Diet Advice?

I am taking one 5mg Prednisolone every morning.  The shoulder pain is now bearable and goes after about an hour. I have no problem with swimming - no pain at all and the sauna is bliss! My beany bag is indispensable   and very comforting if the shoulders ache during the evening.

What is the real cause of this ailment?  Stress?  My GP has put me on to Mindfulness and I am going to to go in for meditation as I am sure it will help.

What about diet? I have stopped drinking tea and coffee and do not touch alcohol.  A friend has recommended red vegetables ...

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Diverticula :: Food / Diet - Do's And Dont's

Returning from a hospital session of Drips and Deprivation (food) I was handed a Low Residue diet to follow. Scant in products,and information what to do with said products, I searched the web for more information, 

only to find contradictory eat and don't eats, so I thought that WE the sufferers of food deprivation should start our own Divi Diners club and see if we can throw some light on the subject.

I Love mushrooms,but cannot find any info about them. How do we achieve our five a day if we can't eat fruit? Is it O.K. to take the skins off?

Can we have chips or roasties,or fish with batter on? Spices, do any of you use spices. and what do you put on spaghetti?

Can we blitz veggies, as stews and casseroles are forbidden?

Pastry is allowed, but no mention of which type.

So. can we help each other ,then at least when ,or if we ,dine out, we can order something from the menu.

I cannot eat boiled potatoes ,eggs (is it O.K to have a fried one?) jelly and rice pudding for ever. .

So please join in and share your doe's and dont's. mushrooms eaters.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Does Acid Reflux Make You Thirsty?

having new symptom now... Along with Polymyalgia, Prednisone I and other RA drugs, I'm now experiencing extreme thirst.  Water just doesn't quinch.  I drink atleast 8 cups a day. Nothing else.

have blood tests about every two months, sugar levels are good as per doctor, though I see it as on high side of good. In the 90's.

i just wondered if since everything I ingest makes my throat flutter, if it's making me feel so thirsty.

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Acid Reflux :: Choking On Acid - Wake Up Through The Night

I've had a lot of mucous in my throat for over 10 years but have had constant heartburn for 5 years.. For the past 6 or 7 months I wake up through the night choking on acid.. Could there be something seriously wrong?!

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Arthritis :: Enbrel - Side Effects? Diet Advice?

I am about to start Enbrel. I know it's been about for a while, but could anyone tell me what to look out for. What side effects have people had with it? Does it affect your hair? Do you need to watch what you eat and drink? I have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 7 years now and tried everything! Recently had bad flares with skin and joints, so consultant has suggested I try the biologics. Starting Enbrel next week.

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Diet / Nutrition :: What Kind Of Food Give B12

What kind of food give B12

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Sciatica :: Food / Diet / Nutrition Suggestions?

I would figure good nutrition (less sugar, less white flour, less processed foods, less trans fat, and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains) is a good idea. It is a good idea if there are no sciatica problems.

But if you have any cause - effect food insights or if you know of any particularly helpful foods.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux And Cough

does anyone suffer from the above, am worried is something sinister, seem very fatigued sometimes feel sick and acid in throat driving me round the bend, i cough sometimes, GP gave me omeprazole worked a little then dont seem to.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux And Not Able To Breathe

Actaually my brother got synus surgery in throat at january,My brother got refexion 2 times for past one month.oneday while he is eating its just choked and cant able to breathe for a minute with some sound in throat.After 2 days one mid night he again felt breatheless and awake and went for clinic to get back his beathe normal.Thereafter we discuss with ENT surgeriant doctar said its of acid reflextion and will cure it slowly.Even he hates all night and fear of sleeping.How to recover him to a normal guy. Since he is only 25 years old.

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