Gallbladder :: Headaches From Having Gallstones?

Sep 9, 2014

Can anyone tell me if they have had headaches from having gallstones?

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Gallbladder :: Headaches Due To Gallstones?

I was recently diagnosed with having 3 gallstones about 8mm in size. I had an ultrasound due to upper right abdominal pain.

I felt fine after finding out what it was and had very little symptoms for about 2 months.

However, for the last 2-3 weeks I seem to be getting headaches every day. I can't see any pattern to them but they gradually seem to come on throughout the day. I still get occasional twinges of pain in my right side but haven't suffered an 'attack' like others.

Has anyone else experienced these headaches? And if so, did they go once you had your gallbladder removed?

It is really getting me down and I just generally feel unwell and fatigued all the time.

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Gallbladder :: Nausea - Small Gallstones

60 something guy, good health but developed nausea and bloating, fullness after eating for the last couple of months, becoming more regular, a little discomfort under the ribs, but no major pain. What I eat doesn't seem to matter much. Ultrasound showed many small gall stones, endoscopy was normal. I assume this would warrant GB removal even though I am not experiencing the sharp attacks that people speak of. I hate to go through removal if it is really not the problem as I understand gallstones often show no symptoms.......

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Gallbladder :: Gallstones - Swelling Of The Stomach

I have gallstones but thanks by the grace of God I don't hafta have surgery I just need to follow up with a doc about getting them out so their not in no dangerous way right now I just need to act fast I was told not to wait to long because they can become serious and I don't want that but I do have the swelling of the stomach so I want to know as well is it the gallstones, I can sometimes feel a knot in my stomach and see it as well and I have a feeling is the gallstones...

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Gallbladder :: Why Do I Have Gallstones (23 Years Old Male)

I am a slim 23 year old male who regularly plays sports etc.. Around 4 years ago I first had that sharp stabbing pain in my upper right abdomen going through to my back, went in an ambulance to hospital and was diagnosed with constipation. This happened 4/5 times before I was finally diagnosed with gallstones 2 years ago. I had another attack not long after being diagnosed and it gave me pancreatitis because it was blocked in the tube ( or something along those lines), I sort of blame this on the lack of support from the hospital on what I should be eating and avoiding, I mean they was serving me fish and chips, pie etc in hospital and I didn't know any different. I then had the camera down my throat to try and remove the gallstones that way but something went wrong and they couldn't remove them (there is 2 medium to large gallstones).

since then I have been watching my diet like a hawk and I am very happy with what I can and can't eat. I eat chocolate regularly, pastries, low fat cheese, muffins etc and none of these have given me an attack I eat them in moderation and never more than 8 grams of fat in one go. Thinking about it only fried food and cheese have given me attacks.. Now the only attack I have had in two years was my fault because I brought the wrong fish pie ( I am fine with the low fat youngs ones but I got the regular one with 4x the fat ) 

anyway I am scared to death of hospitals, my mom died aged only 40 a few years ago due to hospital negligence so I'd do anything to avoid having an operation on the nhs, it also doesn't help that I have severe anxiety..  The hospital want me to get it removed but I honestly feel like I can cope and would like to explore all possibilities first.

is it possible I could live happily ever after without getting my gallstones removed and just maintaining a low fat healthy diet? What would you do in my situation? 

I have seen lots of people on these forums that are having difficulties after having their gallbladder removed so even if I go through with it there is no guarantee?

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Gallbladder :: Can Gallstones Pass Like Kidney Stones?

I don't want to sound stupid but how do gallstones pass? Compared to kidney stones. Or do they pass?

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Gallbladder :: Gallstones Diet - NO Fat, Meat, Fish, Cheese And Butter

I am waiting for gallbladder surgery as my gallbladder is full of stones. Saw my consultant yesterday and he said in order for my gallbladder to not become inflamed (and possibly lead to open surgery) then I must go on a NO fat diet. No meat, no fish, no cheese, no butter etc. Has anyone else been put on such a restrictive diet? I thought low fat would be acceptable but NO fat?

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Gallbladder :: Remove The Polyps Without Removing Gallbladder?

I have been diagnosed with multiple polyps in my gallbladder recently. They are all small except one with less than 5mm. I have a symptom recently with pain. My doctor has suggested to remove my gallbladder. But I am wondering if there are any surgery or technique that can take out the polyps without removing the gallbladder or get the polyps for biopsy test to see it is malignant? I really hope to keep my gallbladder as it is a part of body that god created. 


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Gallstones With Enlarged Liver And Spleen

I have had very dull upper center abdominal pain 3 times in the past 2 months , I had blood work done and all my levels were normal except for showing slightly anemic , I had an abdominal ultrasound which showed "gallstones" and enlarged liver and spleen , im female overweight and I do not smoke or drink , should I be worried?

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Omeprazole :: Long Term Use Of PPIs Causes Gallstones

I have been on Omeprazole for about 3 years (40mg once daily.)

A few days ago I had an episode of biliary colic (Painful), which is caused by gallstones.

I had a liver ultrasound about 4 years ago, which was clear. This means that the gallstones have formed more or less since I was put on Omeprazole.

I was surprised to read on Wikipedia that long-term use of PPIs can cause gallstones (Cholelithiasis).

Has anyone seen any scientific research on this topic? If true, it is such a major side-effect that anyone taking PPIs for any length of time should be advised of it by their doctor.

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Lansoprazole :: Acid Reflux With Gallstones - Effective?

Have had Ulcerative Colitis for 40 years so have accepted stomach pains as a way of life, even though it`s managed with Nsaid`s.

But for the last couple of years or so I occasionally got sudden chronic pains under the ribcage about 30 minutes after a meal. Would last anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

I couldn't see an obvious pattern to the attacks. would go days or weeks OK then out of the blue it would kick off.

Lately they have become more frequent with shorter periods between attacks.

Yesterday saw the GP who suspected Gallstones and has requested an ultrasound scan. It seems that attacks are much more likely after meals with a high fat content, such as a roast dinner. The theory is that as the gallbladder produces bile to digest the fat it reacts with gallstones along the way and hey presto agony!

GP has prescribed a fat-free diet, (so no chips, butter, cheese etc), and also Lansoprazole 30mg for an initial month. Took the first one today.

Bit early to make a judgement yet, but have felt just fine today.

Constipation is more common with colitis, so any sudden occurrence of diarrhea could almost certainly be put down to the Lansoprazole.

Will post progress reports if any side effects occur.

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Gallstones? Chronic Diarrhoea And Stomach Pain

Been sick since late September 2015. Have had on and off chronic diarrhoea pain in abdomen,back ribs area and occasionally feeling like a heart attack. That would disappear in a few hours.

I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood tests, fecal tests, ct scan and pancreas.

Specialist isn't booked till next month. I also basically eat only salad and meat these days.

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Chronic Pancreatitis? Tender Stomach, No Gallstones And Pain

So since 09 I have had incidents where I get pain in my upper abdomen. Usually it's shortly after a meal, but sometimes it does creep up on me a few hours post meal. It varies in severity and duration. In the beginning I only had it once/twice a year, but the pain was excruciating for 4-7 hours. Fast forward to 2011 I started having these incidents like every 4 months, but with less pain. In 2014 I had an incident every month, but pain again was less. Here in 2015, it seems to be going backwards. I have incidents every 2,5 months now and the pain is far from what it was in 09, but its still painful (its a dull squeezing kind of pain). Sometimes it will go away if I drink a smoothie containing ginger,lemon, beetroot and stuff like that. Other times I need to go for a walk. But then there are times when nothing but time helps. The only pattern I have been able to identify is, that if I am very hungry and eat some junk, then I MIGHT get it. Other than that, I have not been able to find any pattern to when I get them.

I fear it might be Chronic Pancreatitis. This worries me a great deal.

Stools have also been acting weird. Switching between brown/yellowish-brown in color and consistency is mainly normal, but also range between somewhat loose/normal/hard

My stomach is also somewhat tender to touch in the upper right side/middle. Feels sorta like how a black eye would. Nothing too painful at all, but still something I notice here and there, since I can sometimes feel it when I walk around. 

Two months ago I had my stomach looked at by a doctor performing a gastroscopy. He didn't find anything there. No ulcers. He also did an ultrasound of my gallbladder and apparently also my pancreas (Only thing he said was it looked good and that I had no gallstones).

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Menopause :: Migraine Headaches And Pressure Headaches

I've been having migraine headaches, pressure headaches, dizziness and nausea. I kept chalking it all up to menopause. Because as most of you know, so many of these symptoms are menopause. 

Last Friday, Jan 2nd at around 7:30PM my boyfriend and I were leaving a restaurant, suddenly I started getting shocks in my right leg like my leg was falling asleep, while I was walking to the car. This shocking feeling quickly radiated up my arm and into my head, all on the right side. My boyfriend quickly started toward the hospital. On the way I lost the ability to formulate sentences and words. I would say one sentence and a totally different sentence would come out. I would try to say one word and a totally different word came out. Being a former medic the only word I wanted to relay was "stroke". It felt like someone had tasted my right side. It was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced and I was awake for the entire ride. After getting to the hospital I was in the ER for about 3 hours. Then sent to Neurology/Stroke ward. For the next few days I had a battery of MRI's, EEG, EKG's, CT Scans, Blood Work, Ultrasounds and a Spinal (Lumbar Punch). Within 6 or so hours I was able to formulate sentences and say words again. I forced myself the entire time. My right side started getting feeling back within a few days. I still have some numbness in my right hand and am experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my right leg and foot. 

The neurologist found a mass in my brain. Thanks be to God that it is benign. I just found out yesterday that I am cancer free. However, they still don't know what the mass is. It could be a tumor or a jelly bean I stuffed in my nose as a child. (joking) But we won't know for a while.Also it might be inoperable too. I will be seeing the Dr on the 13th for an MRI Rx. In a month we'll do the MRI and see what has happened with this mass. Is the edema gone, has it shrunk or grown? Things like that.

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Just Got My Gallbladder Out

I'm hoping to hear about some other people's experiences and if they're similar to mine! I'm 21 and had to get my gallbladder removed after being rushed to ER with severe chest pains which resulted in me passing out and convulsing (I have Vasovagal syndrome), so the hospital ran some tests and decided I had a gall bladder with sludge and stones. I went to one of the best hospitals where the surgeon teaches other surgeons how to do the laparoscopic surgery (which eases my nerves a bit, as this was my first surgery and I was scared!) I remember initially being super anxious and freaked out about being put under, but when it came down to it, I didn't even realize I was put under lol. I was talking to the nurses and the funny anesthesiologist and next thing I know I'm waking up in a different room with some pain and a sore throat! Now here's the thing that was different: it was supposed to be outpatient ( I was supposed to go home an hour or two after waking up) but my heart rate was just booming for hours and wouldn't slow down. they became worried that i had internal bleeding and ran me through all these tests. then in they admit me into the hospital and I get a visit from the SEPSIS WATCH TEAM which I knew nothing about until they said there's a high mortality rate for people with the infection so there went my nerves! I was stressed out and worried the whole next day and they had to put a damn catheter in me and all this crap. eventually I left a few days later after many tests and such, but the blood tests aren't back yet on the infection yet which I don't understand. why would they send me home? my surgeon never came to visit me after the surgery either, so I never got a real update other than from the nurses who sort of knew what was going on. I'm home and have been on tramadol but i feel no difference. in the hospital they had me on Vicodin the highest dosage and I still didn't feel anything. so anyway apart from my story, about how long was recovery for you? I have finals next week and I'm getting worried. the gas they put in me seems to be the biggest source of pain right now and i still haven't had any bowel movement in four days since my surgery. how long before you can sleep on your side? how long before you can walk and sit through class or work? how long before you were able to have sex again?

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What Were Your Gallbladder Symptoms?

I recently had a liver panel (blood work) done and my alk phos (ALP) enzymes came back elevated. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound of the liver and gall bladder for this coming Tuesday.

My question is....what sort of symptoms did any of you have before discovering you had gall stones/gall bladder issues. I have what I call a "pinchy" pain that radiates from my waist up my right side to under the ribs and it's always accompanied by tons of gas!

At first I thought the pain could be muscle related...but now I'm not so sure.

I do not have any other symptoms of gallbladder disease...such as nausea, light colored stool, etc.

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Gallbladder Removed Yesterday

My surgery went well. Surgery was at 11 and I was discharged at 1:30. They did an endoscopy of my upper GI and all was clear. I am pretty sore in my abdomen area and omg my shoulders are killing me from the gas, and of course I have a sore throat. All in all I'm good...had some soup last night, did fine and I have been juiced today. Already the pain that went through to my back for months is GONE!! I had stones and sludge. I'm so in hopes my reflux will improve, its so bad I get acid in my ears and my mouth stays swollen with a scalloped tong. The worse my Gallbladder got the worse my reflux got.

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Pain After Gallbladder Removal

Last November I suffered severe pains in my stomach and back and after a scan was found to have gallstones and an inflamed gall bladder. I was told that I would need to have the gall bladder removed which I did five months after being first diagnosed. In that five months I eased the discomfort by cutting out dairy food and fried / fatty food (which I had little of anyway) . I did get pains but were manageable. I did lose a lot of weight though, I went from 13st 12lbs to 12 stone within about three months. This was drastic as I was still eating.

I had the operation to remove my gallbladder on 4 April and came out of hospital on the same day. Unfortunately one of the "wounds" from the operation got badly infected and an abscess formed. This led me being taken into hospital for 5 days for the infection to be cut away and put on a strong course of antibiotics. Unfortunately I haven't felt well since the gallbladder removal, leaving aside the abscess, I still get considerable pain from my stomach most days. I have to go to the toilet more which is quite loose and I get dreadful indigestion making me want to burp quite a bit. I was hoping to put on some weight as I am very thin but sadly if anything it has gone down a bit more.

My GP says I have to be patient and it will get better. Has anyone else suffered symptoms like this after a gallbladder removal ?

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Gallbladder :: Pain After Removal

I am 31 years old, female have one son and am married On Oct 12 2013 my life went straight to you know where! 2 weeks prior to Oct 12, I was experiencing horrible right shoulder pain, semi old injury didn't think to much of it, it hurt yes but I usually just suck it up. I am in college full time ( was in the Army for 7 years before all this) well Oct 12 came and all the usual first round symptoms one might get from Gallbladder issue, I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks, just sick and now scared. The pain was crappy, the not knowing sucked more. Had a HIDA scan done since the doc I was seeing suspected GB issues, it came back abnormal. Took 4 hours just to show up and when they injected me with that CCK stuff, 3 min later I was severely sick to my stomach, reports go back to doc they refer me to surgeon, was supposed to be about a month, well I relay this to my husband, who is 1000 miles away training, and he notices now a difference in me as a person, it has taken its toll on me, this is Thanksgiving now...I am trying to tough it out since I had finals around the corner, well I didn't make it, I collapsed on my parents kitchen floor in agony and thought I was having a heart attack, just on my right side! Go to ER, doc there says he will admit, I need to talk to insurance, I went home called them got the green light, and was like well maybe its past, no more than 3 hours of being home, my husband calls I tell him I am about to go back and hang up, my Dad brought me and I was admitted, GB removed the next day. So normal after surgery pain, at this point I had not worked out since Oct 12, I went from running about 15 - 18 miles a week, I lifted weights and all that, I enjoyed it, now I looked like a shriveled raisin who looked like a swarm of beavers beat the crap outta me...So 2 weeks post op doing pretty good, I am eating yay! Until I sat down one morning and ate an apple, within 4 -5 min I doubled over in agony, couldn't breath, horrible cramps, more like contractions, and burning...lasted about 15 min, I am thinking what the hell! I couldn't help but ask my Mom if they actually removed it, so I made an appt with my surgeon, well it was his Boss, the older Doc, very nice, said I prolly had some grit that needed to be worked out, Im thinking ok, that plausible...I barely managed to make finals that semester, but I pulled it off Phew! Now we are around Xmas time frame, Husband is coming home on leave excited! Had some good days, still had pain, but I could handle it, wrong! From Xmas to New Years I spent in and out of hospitals. We moved me up here to North Carolina on top of stopping at different ER's along the way, the pain was just awful. The worst one was when we finally made it here to North Carolina, I unpacked as much as I could under the circumstances, my husband is now worried, which he isnt, and Im not one to cry over pain and well that's all I had done for 4 days of driving and ER trips, anywho we were about to eat some dinner and I started getting this burning sensation right over my BIG scar, I had a small open cholecystectomy, only like 2.5 inches if that....well of course my poor husband was like Ill take you to the ER here if need be, I was so tried I didn't want too, well about 3 min later I passed out in the living room from intense wave of pain and husband called an ambulance, when I got there I was tachycardic and sweating from bad pain, it was like an 8, pretty bad, well the doc wanted to do a CT scan with that stuff you have to drink the dye stuff, 3 big glasses...I discovered later on that the dye quite literally moves everywhere thru your body, worst thing possible for that day, I drank maybe have of the first glass and my pain shot up, mind you I had been given now two 1 mg of Dilaudid and was still in pain, well I pushed on and drank it down hit glass two, I wanted that CT scan to start, I downed the 2nd cup and I finally experienced level 10 pain...albeit it was more like 15, The burning pain in my Upper Right Quadrant was excruciating, it went into my rt shoulder, down my right arm, and I cramped so hard I couldn't breath, like constant contractions, I literally yowled in pain, didn't let up, then my heart rate went to 157 then dropped to 31, my husband now is on the edge of losing it, and I really thought I was dying, gets better , the burning pain started to travel under my right breast and half of my sternum, I honestly cannot put into words how to describe this pain, I was terrified, I seriously thought I was dying, on top of my heart rate going nuts and me going in and out of consciousness in small increments, well fast forward, more pain stuff and they are admitting me.

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Diagnosed With Gallbladder Rocks

I was diagnosed with gallbladder rocks last year. I am 20 years and haven't removed it yet because I wanted to get some feedback from people close to my age, what was the best approach? did it affect you alot? it would be very helpful if a few people who have had similar problems could comment and tell me about their story in order to get to a more educated decision. I have had plenty of medical feedback but I'd love to hear it from those who had to go through it.

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Gallbladder :: HIDA - 7% Functioning - Needs To Be Taken Out?

I had a HIDA scan today and my gallbladder is functioning at 7%. does that mean i need to have it taken out?

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