Genital Herpes Simplex :: Tingling And Constant Itching, Ball Ache, Sore Penis

Feb 22, 2015

My partner has been diagnosed with HSV2 in the genitals. He has never had an external break out with sores but ever since he has been diagnosed 7 weeks ago he has constant itching around is anus and all down the insides of the inner legs (especially where the underwear line is), ball aches (just one ball at a time), tingling pains like shards of glass under his skin all throughout his anus, balls, penis and inner thighs. Some days are better than others and he can get thru the day. Other days he can't even bear to sit or walk. Its gotten so bad now he cant even touch his penis! some days the inside of his penis burns and it feels like there is still urin left inside. other days his ball aches so bad that a stabbing pain goes up into his stomach, it is debilitating he cant even concentrate at work. a minute can't pass without something hurting.

He has tried  a full course of valtrex for 10 days and nothing helped. he tried no meds and it seemed to get a bit worse. he tried a double dose of valtrex for a week and no change.

He is so depressed and worried about it because nothing changes and he hurts badly every day. he has changed as a person and i am reaching out for any leads or help. I have suggested to him to be in valtrex for a much longer term period but he doesn't think it will help as he felt nothing before when he was on a double dose...

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Itching During Shower?

I was out shopping last Thursday evening. When I made it home I hopped in the shower. Before this I felt absolutely nothing, but when I wash my scrotum it itched like crazy which made me scratch like crazy. When I gout out and dried off, the area I had scratched was raw. I looked down and it was a little red but no bumps, blisters or anything. When I put my finger on area later it burned a little, but I assumed that was because I broke the skin by scratching in the shower. It made a long scab the next morning and when I got in the shower the scab came off, which made it a little sore. From itching in the shower Thurs night to Sunday, everything had cleared up. My question is does this sound like herpes?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Sore Throat And Swollen Glands

I was diagnosed with genital HSV 1 in November. I've come to terms with it l, but I'm still learning amount it.

A few days ago, I had a sore throat and 1 swollen gland. The next day, I noticed a couple of white spots on the back of my throat. There has been no fever. I have not had any type of sex since early January.

Called my pcp and he called in regular antibiotic until I can get in to see him next week.

Could this be related to my HSV 1 condition or strep throat.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Can You Get A Wax?

Can you get a wax if you have herpes? I have hsv2.

And also if you can do you have to declare it to the beautician? I'm going away in a few weeks and have been contemplating it for a while now.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: How To Find If It's Old Or New?

I am a 47 year old married female, just went to the doctors last week....although I do not have my test results back, he is positive I have genital say the least, I am an emotional train wreck.

I have had multiple affairs, using condoms except with a trusted co worker, however one did have a mouth sore when performing oral(co worker) I never correlated that with genital herpes until I did my research.

Here is my question...I'm assuming the test result (culture) will tell if it's type 1 or 2....but how do I find out if it's an old infection ???

When I was 18 I had an std, it burned when I went to the bathroom,,, I was broke out...hard to walk...went to emergency room...I just don't remember if the dr said hpv or hsv...

Gosh this all makes me sound so dirty...I'm a professional, clerical at a hospital, co workers will see testing and billing, I feel so ashamed...I have children and grandchildren now,the stigma is devastating....I have not told anyone yet but my best friend, I've been abstaining from all sexual activity.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Depressed

I'm a 20 year old female who was diagnosed with genital herpes simplex 2. I have been diagnosed for 2 weeks now and i've been depressed because i don't know what to do. I don't have any out breaks no more thank God but i do know that my ex boyfriend has genital herpes before i caught it. He caught genital herpes 2 years ago and me and him been having sex with a condom but he never exposed me. I left him alone and start having sex with another guy, without a condom but i know for sure he did not expose me to genital herpes. Me and my ex had sex 2 weeks ago and i had 3 bumps on my vagina that was itchy i thought they were hair bumps, turn out to be herpes. I cant believe i have herpes, i know my ex still loves me and we both love sex a lot but sometimes i hate myself and wish this never happened. I don't go out as usual and i don't show a lot of excitement no more like i use too. I need help! Im depressed, i know i cant tell someone that I have herpes because they will not accept me for who i am and they will know for a fact that im a walking disease im hurting inside.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Eye Infection?

Also during my suspected first outbreak, I think I have infected my left eye ... been feeling eye dryness and pain lately but today I woke up with a completely red left eye.

Went to two different eye doctors for this and they said it's nothing serious and both gave moisturizer eye drops.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Can I Use Tampons During An Outbreak

Can I use tampons during a outbreak I just found out I have herpes and started my period I've been using pads but they are so uncomfortable.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Inner Labia Is Contagious As Well?

Ok so i'm wondering if u can spread the virus if 1. U feel u are in between shedding and a outbreak. When i shed it feels tingly. Then i will have a day or so with absolutely no symptoms then Bam... a outbreak and 2. If u have a outbreak on your outer labia does that mean ur inner labia is contagious as well? Is viral shedding only active at the specific place where the outbreak is? Or is everything contagious?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: When To Start Shaving

Still haven't gotten my results... But it doesn't hurt to go to the bathroom anymore. I've been able to wipe fine and haven't even been itchy. Checked for bumps or anything out of the ordinary and from what I can tell there doesn't seem to be anything now. So this is what gives me hope that it is GH, but I was wondering when I can start shaving again if it does happen to be GH?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: For The Rest Of My Life?

I recently contracted oral AND genital herpes. Myself and my DR were almost certain it was HSV-2, but yesterday, my results showed that they were BOTH infact HSV-1! So I know this is the cold sore virus, but I'm wondering if it acts the same as HSV-2, will I get flare ups every now and again for the rest of my life? Do I need to let potential partners know I had this virus?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: How Long Do The Outbreaks Normally Last?

I was diagnosed with herpes last night. I'm really confused!

I have antibiotics to clear the outburst i currently have. Im worried about telling people and if i have new sexual partners in the future.

Once it's cleared will i still be risking someone else with the infection or am i only risking someone if i have a outburst?

I don't understand! Iv read loads of forums and nothing is clear!

How long do the outbreaks normally last?

What's the percentage of me getting another one?

Does alcohol and a poor diet really affect me?

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Genital Herpes Simplex (HSV) - Nothing To Worry - 80% Population Has It

I have been reading all week on this topic and I think we all need to become nuns and monks if we never want to catch the horrible disease. Some say wear condoms to protect ourselves some say condoms won't completely stop the virus because of any skin contact . Then there's the viral shedding to constantly worry about when and if we have it. Also we may never get sores but be a carrier.

I have been tested and have HSV2 I only ever get 1 tiny bump that comes up a few times.

I've been worrying about it so much lately that if I worry anymore it will probably be there all the time. Stress they say causes outbreaks. Well with all the information i've read you wouldn't want to be with anyone or ever have sex again and become ocd.

I have however read some really positive stories that gives me some kind of reassurance.

So i'm not worrying anymore about this it's not a death sentence we all probably have it as statistics say 80% of the population do.

I just read a post recently and the poor girl was asking what if I kiss my partner and I had a cold sore signal tingling and he gives me oral sex then I kiss him after and so on and on ffs when does it end with worry!

We could be wiped out tomorrow with a outbreak of some deadly virus

Just live your lives as best you can and be happy for each day you have with loved ones.

I'm not worrying anymore about this.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Kick In The Vagina

Had lesions swabbed couple days ago. I'm still waiting on results. I feel like I've taken A swift kick in the aches so bad. Is that a normal herpes symptoms? I was diagnosed with a rare yeast infection and bacterial infection. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the sores are from yeast, but I'm so afraid it's herpes.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Natural Remedies Or Vitamins?

What are some natural remedies or vitamins can you take that help with OB's or in general? Does anyone have any stories or luck w anything?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Swollen Lymph Nodes With Outbreak

Does anyone else get tender swollen lymph nodes with their herpes outbreak mind tends to be swollen and tender on the side that my outbreak is on. Is this normal?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding (carrier)

I was tested positive for HSV2.

I've done the HSV 2 type 2 specific Elisa Euroimmun igg test

1st result is 43.5RU/ml July 28th 2015

2nd result is 23.9RU/ml Nov 4th 2015

3rd result is 54.9RU/ml Jan 29th 2016

Less than 16 RU/ml--Negative

16 and less than 22 RU/ml--Borderline

More than 22 RU/ml--Positive

I never have any visible symptoms, I understand that this is very common.

I would like to ask if I have itchy or tingling feeling at my scrotum or the base area of penis shaft. Is it every time I have this feeling it is Asymptomatic Virus Shedding?

Also I would like to know the best way to prevent passing this HSV2 to my gf if we would like to have sex.

I know wearing protection is a must, is there any ways that can further reduce the chance of passing it to her?

(She knows I am a positive, and she is not a positive.)

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Herpes Without Genital Or Mouth Cold Sore?

My husband has had a weird infection under his nail for years, it comes and goes. Swollen, gross rash, then normal for a while, then flare. After every known treatment for nail infections failed, we found a doctor that said it was a herpes viral infection, that it was likely a form of the herpes encephalitis virus, not herpes simplex virus and that it didn't come from a sexual situation, but likely droplets or contact, which makes sense because he worked in a mancamp for a long time that was very unclean and they got all kinds of junk from each other for lack of hand washing, etc. Anyway, the doc said not to worry about the finger infection spreading unless the sores are open. Not long after he got a skin rash on his back and was diagnosed with shingles, but the rash comes back every now and then and has spread to a small area near his armpit. We don't live in the same state anymore, so we can't go back to that doctor. But recently, a friend of mine in medical school showed us a picture of a herpes encephalitis rash on a man's lower back that he saw in a text book and it looks just like my husband's rash... but we both get regular std testing and have always been negative, but this skin thing has gone on for years. Is it possible to have a herpes virus of some kind, with recurring rash, but NOT have genital herpes or the cold sore kind?

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Penis :: Constant Tingling And Tickling

It started 3 days ago, my gf was stimulating me with her hand. I became extremely sensitive near orgasm which is normal for me, the problem is, she kept going when i would usually have stopped all stimulation. It became extremely uncomfortable for me while i was climaxing, and now i'm left with this tickling sensation in the head of my penis that hasn't gone away since the incident. I'm thinking i damaged the nerves from over stimulation or something, i'm really anxious that it wont go away it's driving me nuts. I know it's not an std or anything because it was from her hand and i know it happened from the overstimulation when i was climaxing.

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Penis :: Constant Tingling After Protected Sex

4 months ago I had protected sex with prostitute and she also give me oral pleasure, which was unprotected. For the past month I am feeling tingling in my penis, actually tip of the penis. This tingling is somehow constants, which means it occurs at least once or twice a day. My doctor thinks this is not herpes or HPV, because I have no ulcers, sores, bumps or whatever and nothing visible on penis, just this tingling sensation.

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Penis :: Constant Tingling On Glans

For about a year now I've had this incredibly annoying sensation inside my penis around the top area going down to maybe just below the glans. It's almost as if I feel that I need to pee even though my bladder feels completely empty. It never goes away. I've had my self checked. First time a doctor said that there was a "little bit of an infection", then he gave me antibiotics. I came back after the symptoms hadn't gone away. Sometimes it stings very slightly when i urinate but not painfully. The doctor said the infection was gone in the urine test. I then went to a urethral doctor and they performed a cystoscopy but didn't find anything wrong. after that I went to std clinic where they did tests for the typical stds but didn't find anything and they didn't have a clue of what it could be. I really can't relax with it, but it's definitely not psychological. i have also noticed since i got this sensation i can last anywhere near as long during sex or masturbation, so badly that I don't even bother, but I wouldn't care if i could just get rid of this sensation/irritation/ TINGLING.

Oh and one thing is that the std clinic they said it could be nonspecific urethritis if the std tests came back negative which they did. so they gave me zithromax 1g(1 day) and cipro for 5 days, it did not eliminate this feeling. So they concluded that it wasn't nonspecific urethritis because NSU would have disappeared with the zithromax.

I've searched the internet and I can't find anything relevant, and was hoping that maybe you guys know something. I'm 21 years old.

if anyone could help me find a solution or what I have and remove this feeling I would be so incredibly thankful, id even pay a damn reward (that's how sick and tired I am of this).

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