Penis :: Constant Tingling And Tickling

Oct 21, 2014

It started 3 days ago, my gf was stimulating me with her hand. I became extremely sensitive near orgasm which is normal for me, the problem is, she kept going when i would usually have stopped all stimulation. It became extremely uncomfortable for me while i was climaxing, and now i'm left with this tickling sensation in the head of my penis that hasn't gone away since the incident. I'm thinking i damaged the nerves from over stimulation or something, i'm really anxious that it wont go away it's driving me nuts. I know it's not an std or anything because it was from her hand and i know it happened from the overstimulation when i was climaxing.

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Tickling / Tingling Sensation In The Head Of My Penis

Im 24yo. For 3 days now i've been having a tickling/tingling sensation in the head of my penis. It started when i was having sex with my gf. When i was about to climax my penis got extremely sensitive to where i would normally stop, she kept going and it was extremely uncomfortable. Now for 3 days its been sensitive and im nervous that it won't go away. ive also noticed that my ejaculation is a lot less powerful. im circumcised.

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Penis :: Constant Tingling After Protected Sex

4 months ago I had protected sex with prostitute and she also give me oral pleasure, which was unprotected. For the past month I am feeling tingling in my penis, actually tip of the penis. This tingling is somehow constants, which means it occurs at least once or twice a day. My doctor thinks this is not herpes or HPV, because I have no ulcers, sores, bumps or whatever and nothing visible on penis, just this tingling sensation.

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Penis :: Constant Tingling On Glans

For about a year now I've had this incredibly annoying sensation inside my penis around the top area going down to maybe just below the glans. It's almost as if I feel that I need to pee even though my bladder feels completely empty. It never goes away. I've had my self checked. First time a doctor said that there was a "little bit of an infection", then he gave me antibiotics. I came back after the symptoms hadn't gone away. Sometimes it stings very slightly when i urinate but not painfully. The doctor said the infection was gone in the urine test. I then went to a urethral doctor and they performed a cystoscopy but didn't find anything wrong. after that I went to std clinic where they did tests for the typical stds but didn't find anything and they didn't have a clue of what it could be. I really can't relax with it, but it's definitely not psychological. i have also noticed since i got this sensation i can last anywhere near as long during sex or masturbation, so badly that I don't even bother, but I wouldn't care if i could just get rid of this sensation/irritation/ TINGLING.

Oh and one thing is that the std clinic they said it could be nonspecific urethritis if the std tests came back negative which they did. so they gave me zithromax 1g(1 day) and cipro for 5 days, it did not eliminate this feeling. So they concluded that it wasn't nonspecific urethritis because NSU would have disappeared with the zithromax.

I've searched the internet and I can't find anything relevant, and was hoping that maybe you guys know something. I'm 21 years old.

if anyone could help me find a solution or what I have and remove this feeling I would be so incredibly thankful, id even pay a damn reward (that's how sick and tired I am of this).

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Tingling And Constant Itching, Ball Ache, Sore Penis

My partner has been diagnosed with HSV2 in the genitals. He has never had an external break out with sores but ever since he has been diagnosed 7 weeks ago he has constant itching around is anus and all down the insides of the inner legs (especially where the underwear line is), ball aches (just one ball at a time), tingling pains like shards of glass under his skin all throughout his anus, balls, penis and inner thighs. Some days are better than others and he can get thru the day. Other days he can't even bear to sit or walk. Its gotten so bad now he cant even touch his penis! some days the inside of his penis burns and it feels like there is still urin left inside. other days his ball aches so bad that a stabbing pain goes up into his stomach, it is debilitating he cant even concentrate at work. a minute can't pass without something hurting.

He has tried  a full course of valtrex for 10 days and nothing helped. he tried no meds and it seemed to get a bit worse. he tried a double dose of valtrex for a week and no change.

He is so depressed and worried about it because nothing changes and he hurts badly every day. he has changed as a person and i am reaching out for any leads or help. I have suggested to him to be in valtrex for a much longer term period but he doesn't think it will help as he felt nothing before when he was on a double dose...

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ALS :: Constant Twitch And Tingling Foot?

It all started with muscle twitching all over about 8 months ago but now I have the "constant twitch" that I can't see and my leg is getting stiffer and it's got this constant tickly feeling all the way down to my foot it's not tingling just feels like a tickle....

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Vaginal Health :: Constant Tingling In Clitoris And Legs

I have been having this tingling sensation in my clitoris and legs for a couple of days now, I could hardly sleep last night, and if I try and stay still my feet spasm or my legs do.

It's like a constant turned on feeling but it won't go away and it's annoying! My clitoris seems to be extra sensitive a bit red and a bit swollen..

I'm dreading the thought of PSAS and all the research I have tried to do has just led to herpes, PSAS, nerve damage and other big worded things lol, does anybody else get this feeling does it go away? Usually it will after I orgasm but it didn't and I tried 3 times last night...I won't tonight incase it is nerve damage, it's just a bit scary because it's so distracting

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While Having Sex - Tingling Feeling On The Tip Of My Penis

Last night i had sex with my girlfriend and i did it from behind (on her vagina). So we were both in the moment and things were definitely heated up, and then i felt a tingling feeling on the tip of my penis. kinda feels like when i pee something. mind you, this isn't a constant tingling feeling but a tingle only just at that moment.



*Mind you again, i did not reach orgasm right away that moment, took me quite awhile actually before i actually came. when i pulled out, i checked the hole of my penis (the meatus, am i correct?) it was absent of any white liquid. I tried "squeezing out" my penis to see if there was any liquid coming out, but nothing.

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STDs :: After Oral Sex - Tingling In Penis

A day after i received oral sex from a friend I began noticing a tingling sensation in my penis. It was a brief encounter where i stopped half way through. The tingling has been going on for two days now, could this be an std? She did brush and gargle with mouth wash before performing.

I have not seen a discharge from my penis nor pain when i urinate. But tonight i did notice a yellowish stain in my underwear that did not look like urine.  

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STDs :: Allergy - Tingling Sensation In The Tip Of My Penis

I'm 28 m and I recently had protected sex with a condom with a girl that I know has a very high amount of partners. I usually do not use condoms (This may have been my 5th times or so) since i've had one partner for 9 years prior. The next day i felt a very slight tingling sensation in the tip of my penis. The sex was very short. The next day(2) it was slightly more noticeable and the day after it was definitely more noticeable not going away all day. By the end of day 3 it seemed to spread a bit down the penis along with a very slight discomfort or tingling in the left testicle. In between the anus and penis possibly had a few tingles on day 4. I'm 4 days in and the symptoms have not passed. It came and went the first 2 days periodically and on day 3 and 4 it seems to be more consistent.  It seems to build up more before I urinate. Relief goes away after i urinate for a short period time. On the first couple days the relief would last much longer. When i woke up this morning I did not notice it as much and then 20 minutes later it hasn't stopped all day. I do consider myself to be a bit of an anxious person but i do not take any medications or anything. Out of the research i've done i've limited the std to gonorrhea or a possible allergy to the condom. However, I do not have any of the discharge conditions. My penis may have leaked 1 drop here and there over the past couple days of urine but that's it. I do feel the need to go to the bathroom a bit more than usual. Thanks in advance, this is the only time in my life I have had anything like this.

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Herpes :: Unprotected Oral - Tingling Of Penis

I am a man and have been married and monogamous for many years but 8 days ago I foolishly engaged in receiving oral by two men and giving oral to one of them in a men only group sex meeting. I saw no visible signs of anything on their penises.  About two days after the encounter I had on and off tingling of the inside of my penis. After eight days I still have what is more like a burning and pain in my urethra and an occasional mild itching at the tip of the penis and some slight pain upon movement in my testicles.  I have no pain while urinating and my urine is clear. I have no visible spots or lesions anywhere. I am constantly worried about herpes and at a loss of what to think or do. Thank you for your advise.  

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STDs :: Tingling And Red Rash-like Mark Around The Tip Of My Penis

I recently had protected sex (protected oral and penetration). After sex I showered and tried to force out urine (which I had to force out because I didn't really need to go). I also cleaned the penis tip with a pressurized shower head. That night I noticed a red rash-like mark around the tip of my penis. That went away the next day but since then for the past 4 days my penis has felt very sensitive, like as if it's constantly being rubbed, which makes me feel like I need to urinate. There is no discharge or burning sensation when I urinate. Could this be an STD or perhaps something less sinister related to the forced urination and pressured shower head?

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Penis :: Burning/tingling Discomfort Without Infection

my 17 year old son has been complaining of penis discomfort with a burning/tingling sort of pain for several months. he complains of worsening discomfort after he showers. he is not sexually active so there is not a concern for an STD. he has seen the dr. who did not find an infection but blood tests revealed a high acid count. i had read in a forum that lack of calcium could cause problems in this area. it is possible that he does not get enough calcium. he has so much discomfort that he rarely leaves the house. i am really worried and would like to know what could be causing this problem. he is at the point where he believes he will have this problem always.

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Overdoing Masturbation :: Numbness And Tingling In Penis

I'm 18 years old and have been masterbating since I was 12. Recently I think I have been 'overdoing' it and have lost most feeling in my penis. Often I feel it tingle but nothing happens. I can't keep an erection for long.

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Painful Sex - Large Penis Resulted In Constant Bleeding Uterus

so I had sex 2 days ago for the first time. it was more painful than it was enjoyable, but his package was rather large. we used a condom without any lubricant, and an hour after intercourse, I bled. it was more than spotting, but not the amount you would get while on your period. it's been 2 days and I'm still bleeding the same amount, and it's still aching. I checked with a mirror to see if anything thing was wrong, and right on the inside of my vagina, it's a bluish color. does that mean somethings really wrong? I don't know if I should be bleeding this long either. I'm slightly worried and don't want any crazy diseases or infections happening inside me that I don't know about.

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STDs :: Tingling / Mild Burning Sensation In My Penis Tip

I slept with a girl 5 days ago and for the last couple of days I've noticed a tingle/ mild burning sensation in my penis tip......I have felt this sensation before sometimes after masturbation but it tends to go after a bit....could this be a STI? Does anyone else experience a similar thing?

I've read a couple of things that say it could be down to the nerves in the penis tip, could that be true?

To be on the safe side I am going to get a STI check up, I am thinking of going the end of next week which would make it about 11 days after my sexual encounter, would this be long enough after the event to show things like chlamydia?

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Stuck / Tingling Feeling In The Tip Of Penis - Ejaculation Relives

For the past 8  months I have been experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms which I have not been able to resolve. 8 months ago I had unprotected vaginal sex. About a week later I felt a strange stuck feeling in the tip of penis which was relieved by urinating but would come back about 15 minutes later. I also experienced some discomfort urinating as well. Like there was something obstructing my urine flow. I went to my doctor a week after symptoms started showing and was tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Both tests came back negative. Additionally, a friend of mine had unprotected sex with this woman and had an STD test done when I told him of the symptoms I'm having. His tests came back negative too. I was also prescribed bactrim for a possible UTI. I was then referred to a urologist. I had my prostate examined and was prescribed cipro for prostatitis, which did not provide any relief. Afterward, I had another chlamydia and gon test done and it came back negative again. Since the cipro did not help, I was prescribed celebrex which did not provide any relief. The next visit to my urologist, he performed a cystoscopy and could not find anything abnormal. He then provided a bladder control medication to see if that helped. Nothing. By this point I am very confused about what is causing this problem and my doctor does not seem to know either. The symptoms are often better in the morning, and get progressively worse throughout the day. In addition to the stuck/tingling feeling in the tip of my penis, I sometimes experience aching testicles and pelvic pain. I also sometimes have a forked stream when I begin urination and dribbling after. Ejaculating sometimes appears to be split, with small amounts coming out of the underside or my urethra and the semen appears bubbly. Sometimes, but not always, ejaculating makes the symptoms go away, but the next time I urinate they come back after about 15 minutes. When I am experiencing symptoms (which is pretty much all the time) if I squeeze the tip of my penis the pain/discomfort gets worse.

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Ramipril :: Acid Reflux Daily And A Dry Tickling Cough At Night

Been taking ramipril 5mg for a year. And also bendroflumethiazide I have acid reflux daily and a dry tickling cough at night. Is this caused by the tablets does anyone know.

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STDs :: No Condom - Light Tingling Sensation In My Genitals / Penis

I just had my first one night stand yesterday morning, around 1am. The girl was gone when I woke up but she left her number, which is cool but when I got up to take a shower I noticed I wasn't wearing a condom. I looked everywhere for the damn thing, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I seriously believe that I didn't put one on. I now have a light tingling sensation in my genitals. I saw my doctor but he says that its too early to tell but took a urine sample and told me to call back for the results in a few days. I also talked to the girl who says she's clean but I don't know

This whole "wait and see" philosophy is really getting to me.

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STD :: Buring Penis, Tingling Toes, Occassional Itchy Anus?

I'm a 33 year old male. I had unprotected sex 5 months ago. I've been tested for HIV, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis- all negative. My doctor, as well as a urologist, have both said I am fine. They say that it's related to stress because the unprotected sex was not with my wife (she's been tested and is negative too). The problem is that I still have burning in my penis and scrotum and tingling in my toes. I don't have any discharge and it doesn't hurt to pee. The burning is pretty constant. The itchy, warm anus is occasional. I've taken 3 different antibiotics and one nerve damage drug and no change.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Constant Headaches

Im 14 weeks and I keep having constant headaches any ideas how I can get rid of them ?

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