Penis :: Constant Tingling On Glans

Jul 3, 2006

For about a year now I've had this incredibly annoying sensation inside my penis around the top area going down to maybe just below the glans. It's almost as if I feel that I need to pee even though my bladder feels completely empty. It never goes away. I've had my self checked. First time a doctor said that there was a "little bit of an infection", then he gave me antibiotics. I came back after the symptoms hadn't gone away. Sometimes it stings very slightly when i urinate but not painfully. The doctor said the infection was gone in the urine test. I then went to a urethral doctor and they performed a cystoscopy but didn't find anything wrong. after that I went to std clinic where they did tests for the typical stds but didn't find anything and they didn't have a clue of what it could be. I really can't relax with it, but it's definitely not psychological. i have also noticed since i got this sensation i can last anywhere near as long during sex or masturbation, so badly that I don't even bother, but I wouldn't care if i could just get rid of this sensation/irritation/ TINGLING.

Oh and one thing is that the std clinic they said it could be nonspecific urethritis if the std tests came back negative which they did. so they gave me zithromax 1g(1 day) and cipro for 5 days, it did not eliminate this feeling. So they concluded that it wasn't nonspecific urethritis because NSU would have disappeared with the zithromax.

I've searched the internet and I can't find anything relevant, and was hoping that maybe you guys know something. I'm 21 years old.

if anyone could help me find a solution or what I have and remove this feeling I would be so incredibly thankful, id even pay a damn reward (that's how sick and tired I am of this).

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Penis :: Constant Tingling And Tickling

It started 3 days ago, my gf was stimulating me with her hand. I became extremely sensitive near orgasm which is normal for me, the problem is, she kept going when i would usually have stopped all stimulation. It became extremely uncomfortable for me while i was climaxing, and now i'm left with this tickling sensation in the head of my penis that hasn't gone away since the incident. I'm thinking i damaged the nerves from over stimulation or something, i'm really anxious that it wont go away it's driving me nuts. I know it's not an std or anything because it was from her hand and i know it happened from the overstimulation when i was climaxing.

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Penis :: Constant Tingling After Protected Sex

4 months ago I had protected sex with prostitute and she also give me oral pleasure, which was unprotected. For the past month I am feeling tingling in my penis, actually tip of the penis. This tingling is somehow constants, which means it occurs at least once or twice a day. My doctor thinks this is not herpes or HPV, because I have no ulcers, sores, bumps or whatever and nothing visible on penis, just this tingling sensation.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Tingling And Constant Itching, Ball Ache, Sore Penis

My partner has been diagnosed with HSV2 in the genitals. He has never had an external break out with sores but ever since he has been diagnosed 7 weeks ago he has constant itching around is anus and all down the insides of the inner legs (especially where the underwear line is), ball aches (just one ball at a time), tingling pains like shards of glass under his skin all throughout his anus, balls, penis and inner thighs. Some days are better than others and he can get thru the day. Other days he can't even bear to sit or walk. Its gotten so bad now he cant even touch his penis! some days the inside of his penis burns and it feels like there is still urin left inside. other days his ball aches so bad that a stabbing pain goes up into his stomach, it is debilitating he cant even concentrate at work. a minute can't pass without something hurting.

He has tried  a full course of valtrex for 10 days and nothing helped. he tried no meds and it seemed to get a bit worse. he tried a double dose of valtrex for a week and no change.

He is so depressed and worried about it because nothing changes and he hurts badly every day. he has changed as a person and i am reaching out for any leads or help. I have suggested to him to be in valtrex for a much longer term period but he doesn't think it will help as he felt nothing before when he was on a double dose...

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Penis :: Light Black Colour Spots On My Glans Of Penis

I got some light black colour spots on my glans of penis . I m not getting any Itching or other problem with that spots .

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ALS :: Constant Twitch And Tingling Foot?

It all started with muscle twitching all over about 8 months ago but now I have the "constant twitch" that I can't see and my leg is getting stiffer and it's got this constant tickly feeling all the way down to my foot it's not tingling just feels like a tickle....

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Vaginal Health :: Constant Tingling In Clitoris And Legs

I have been having this tingling sensation in my clitoris and legs for a couple of days now, I could hardly sleep last night, and if I try and stay still my feet spasm or my legs do.

It's like a constant turned on feeling but it won't go away and it's annoying! My clitoris seems to be extra sensitive a bit red and a bit swollen..

I'm dreading the thought of PSAS and all the research I have tried to do has just led to herpes, PSAS, nerve damage and other big worded things lol, does anybody else get this feeling does it go away? Usually it will after I orgasm but it didn't and I tried 3 times last night...I won't tonight incase it is nerve damage, it's just a bit scary because it's so distracting

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Penis Glans Getting Blue

My penis glans getting blue what is the reasons.

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Penis Glans Has Red Dot And Looks Inflammed

I am a 25 year old male. I have a red dot on my penis glans and a few more showed up. I get pain at times when I am erect and urine drips after I urinate. My skin on the glans looks inflamed. Diagnosed as a skin issue 2 years ago. Testices turn red after in warm water. I am a virgin. What can cause this.

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Penis :: Black Spots All Over The Glans Appear Again And Again

Everyday nowadays, I notice weird black dirt spots around my penis. They are accumulated whenever I pull back my foreskin and they are all over the glans and I have to remove them but they appear again and again. What is the reason? It has never happened before.

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Penis :: Purple Patch On Glans

I'm 16 (almost 17) and have been able to masturbate for the past 3-4 months now, yes I'm a late bloomer. My penis hasn't changed significantly in size or shape however I am worried because over the past couple of weeks (2-3, maybe even longer) I have noticed a patch which is grey/purple in colour on the glans (?) and it has actually been getting larger. There are also a couple of bumps on it. (Note: needless to say, I haven't yet had sex.)

Is this normal and just a part of the penis growing, or is it something I should be worried about as much as I am at the moment? I would really appreciate reassurance because I'm worried about what this could be as I don't know what may have caused it. The only thing I can think of is that as I have masturbated and used a tissue, the tissue has removed moisture and caused this.

Should I not masturbate to see if it goes away? Is it something serious or should I just leave it?

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13 And Foreskin Still Attached To Glans Of Penis

I am starting to get worried with my penis. I am 13, and I know I am not fully into puberty. I can't cum yet. I have some pubes, and I am about 4 inches while hard. I am also uncut. So, I know that by this age, I should be able to get my foreskin back behind the glans if I wanted too, except my foreskin is attached to the glans of my penis. It is not attached by the frenulum, it is attached by the synechia. From reading, I have learned that this should be dissolved at a young age. But it is still there. Even with my foreskin still attached, I can pull my foreskin back about halfway the length of the glans. When will my synechia dissolve? The synechia is almost connected all the way around my glans, except for a small gap which is about 1 cm long. I pull back every time I shower, and I also masturbate at an average of 2-4 times a day. I am really worried about getting circumcised.

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Penis :: Foreskin Is Not Detached From My Glans

i am 22 years old. When i pull my foreskin back it does not detach from my glan completely...I have not had sex yet..would it be fine after my first should i try to pull it back completely ?

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Small Bump On Penis (glans Underside)

Around 3 months ago, I noticed a small bump on my penis. It looks like a skin tag. It is close to the glans (glands) but it is on the shaft. Then I noticed two more just on the underside of the glans (glands).

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Sexual Health :: Glans Of Penis Wet And Smells

So over the last year I have found it almost impossible to keep the glans of my penis smelling clean. It used to be quite dry to. However now it's quite moist area.

My girlfriend, seems to have a problem with smells too. Both hygienic and both try our best to wash our genitals to the recommended way no harsh soaps etc.

One fried. Suggested it could be thrush but we have no other symptoms.

I recently went for a nhs sexual health screen and came back clear.

Would love to know what's causing these smells.

I could go for days with no smell down there as long as I had no sexual activity. Just really don't get what's happening.

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and had no other sexual contact with anyone else except from her in that time.

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Burning On Penis - Swelling On The Edge Of The Glans

On 26 Jan 2011 night i feel bad burning in my penis urinary tract and swelling on the edge of the glans, i went to doctor he ask me any sex with girl i told him yes only oral sex she performed then he took urine culture test and HIV, VD also all normal so he gave some medicine but not clear my problem. i went to urology he took urine culture test also but normal he gave some medicine also but still my urine yellow colour if not drink water frequently. still burning but not bad swelling also not bad now im taking (cranbe 300mg & Epitril 0.5) medine please what is my problem advice me. but my urology say nothing to worry.

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HIV Prevention :: Touching Penis (glans) With Anus

Yesterday i played with a man. I used condom. I tried to penetrate his anus but my penis was soft and the condom went out. Then i rapidly pulled out my penis. I noticed there was no penetration but my glans (glands) penis touched his anus. Is there any transmission if HIV?

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Penis Glans Infection - Balanitis, Candida Or Yeast?

I think I have balanitis - I have had a sore and red penis for over a year. It gets worse after sex because the thin skin covering the glans has bonded to the foreskin due to the infection and during sex it tears, causing an open split or wound. Some days it is very smooth and normal looking. It's like the thin skin of the glans has continued to grow over the ridge so I no longer have a ridge around the bottom of my penis - it's covered over. I feel like tearing it all around so I can expose the ridge but it is raw flesh underneath and would be a nightmare.

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Penis :: Circumcision Infected Below Glans At Incision Line

Im 23 yrs male, got circumcised 2 weeks ago due to phimosis, everything was fine but from 4 days after removal of bandage there is thick liquid producing below the glans at incision line, it is painful like burning, my doctor said it infected. He advised me to take anti biotic injections but I was fed up with those injections bcoz I hv taken antibiotics for five days after circumcision. So he given some tablets. and also i'm using ointment called SOFRAMYCIN, is it safe to use this ointment directly on affected area? Is it will stop the infection? Is there possibilities of spreading infection to entire penis?

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Penis :: Foreskin Attached To Glans And White Discharge

sorry i'm new here and i'm trying to get an answer but i can't seem to search it.

i'm 18 years old and have a tight foreskin and after researching it, it seems that i had my foreskin is still attached to my glans.

i try my best to pull back my foreskin to clean off white discharge under my foreskin and i can only pull back till the glans tip part. and today when i'm washing my penis, i tried pulling back and i saw a big piece of white discharge stuck near my attached glans and when i try peeling it, i felt a burning sensation/something really painful and i just can't seem to remove it and i left it there. The big piece of white discharge just stuck there behind the attached glans...

is there any medication or soap or anything that can soften it so that i can wash it away with water? the more i forcefully pull back. the more white discharges i see.. and it's hard to remove it with water...

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Penis :: Circumcision - Glans Sore To Touch After 5 Days

I had it done about five days ago now and the glans are still fairly sore to touch. It makes wearing pants fairly uncomfortable right now. It appears to be slightly bruised on closure inspection and I was wondering how long it takes for the bruising to go, completely? Is the best way to do it just to suck it up and deal with the friction between the bruised part and my underwear until it goes away itself?

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