Genital Herpes :: Significant Bump On My Penile Shaft

Nov 23, 2015

I got diagnosed w/ HSV1 about a week ago. I slept with a girl about a month back who i didn't know very well, and I'm sure she passed the virus to me. 

In any case, I masturbated about two weeks ago and noticed a significant bump on my penile shaft the morning after. It was hard, red, and noticeable. However, it DID NOT blister, and actually got significantly smaller each day before disappearing completely within 72 hours.  

I masturbated again two days ago, and again the bump appeared. Obviously, I'm nervous this is HSV1. I've scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist, but that's two weeks down the road. As such, I'm in desperate need of peace of mind. Below are photos of the bump. The first is from the first day, the second is from the day after.

I know diagnosing something online is difficult. But can this be a herpe sore if it goes away so fast AND doesn't blister?  It should also be known that the sore doesnt really hurt. It feels like a tiny pinch, but I can rub my finger on it without experiencing pain.

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Genital Herpes :: White Dots On The Shaft Of My Penis

So about a month ago I noticed these white dots that appears on the shaft of my penis that were flush with the skin (not bumps). About a week ago, I noticed that they have risen and turned into a cluster of little bumps and I'm afraid of it being herpes or maybe some other STI. I am very sexually active but with only one partner and I know that I am her only partner too. We use condoms about 80% of the time (she is also on the pill but can never be too safe). I would like to think of us two as very clean and hygienic people which is why I'm confused about what these small bumps are. They have given me no pain at all, in fact, I forget they're even there until I look at them.

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Genital Herpes? Warts? Small Painless Bumps On Shaft

I have some small, painless, bumps on the shaft of my penis and they do not hurt and do not itch or anything. I do masturbate frequently and one day I just happen to notice that there were some very small bumps on the shaft of my penis. I've always had a few pimple like bumps on my penis for as long as I can remember. They can even be popped. But these new bumps are not the same thing. I haven't had sex in over a year and a half.

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Large Swollen Area On My Penile Shaft

There is a large lump on the right underside of my penile shaft, I haven't had sex and know its not a sexual disease. It appeared all of the sudden last night when I noticed it while I was in the shower. It looked like a swollen pimple almost so i proceeded to try to pop it (probably a bad idea) there is now an indention not unlike a hair follicle has been dug out. There was a decent amount of blood that came out of the surrounding area (most likely because I scratched it while trying to "pop" whatever is causing the lump. Its been a day since that and I checked on it again shortly before writing this. There is still a lot of welling in the area and I put some topical antibiotic on it (neosporin) just now to avoid it becoming infected. I would like to know if this is something I can just ride out with the proper care, or if I need to go to a doctor.

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Penis :: Hard Large Pea Sized Bump On The Shaft

For about 4-5 weeks prior there was an extremely small white bump that looked like a zit that would show up on my face in the same spot that didn't seem like much of an issue. Then suddenly about 4 days ago this huge lump was there instead of the small white thing. After doing some research it looked like it wasn't a big deal but it has stayed there for a few days now and has only gotten worse. It is very smooth and shiny with a dark spot on the top. Tender to the touch. As some background information I am 18 years old and generally masturbate once per day, but once as this showed up I haven't done anything. Any help or points in the correct direction would be appreciated! Here are a few pictures for clearance: .....

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Dermatology :: White Bump/spot On The Shaft Of My Penis

I have a white bump/spot on the shaft of my penis, I really think it's just a ingrown hair because I do shave it but it's white, and it's been there for a couple of months. There's no redness  and doesn't hurt.

I have had sex but it's been like 6 months.

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Bump On The Inner Lip Of My Vagina - Herpes Or Shaving?

About 5 days ago I noticed a bump on the inner lip of my vagina. It is about the size of a pencil eraser. It did not hurt or look like it had fluid in it. Last night I got tired of it and tried to pop it (I know I shouldn't have) after a while of trying some white liquid puss came out followed by clear liquid and blood just as a pimple does. I stopped after that. Today the bump is still there and is swollen and now it is sore. Now it looks sort of raw (could have been my fingernail) and slightly yellow in color and there is red like stained blood or blood under the skin where it came out. I'm wondering if this is herpes. Like I said it did not hurt before I did all this and it was there for 5 days and didn't change until I messed with it. It did not look like a clear fluid filled blister but I know cases are different. I do shave also so I know that could have something to do with it. I've just never gotten an ingrown hair in this spot. It's on the inner lip of my vagina kinda on sensitive skin. So I thought that might be why if it was an ingrown hair or something it was sensitive while popping and hard to pop. I'm also having some vaginal discharge, burning during and after urination, and a smell. I think it's possible I have a yeast infection. But I don't know what the bump is and it's really worrying me. I've only ever been with one guy, we've used a Condom every single time. I try very hard to protect myself so I'm really hoping this isn't herpes. I haven't had any symptoms like fever nausea or abdominal pain either. I just don't know what this bump would be and I'm especially worried since I popped it.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Can You Get A Wax?

Can you get a wax if you have herpes? I have hsv2.

And also if you can do you have to declare it to the beautician? I'm going away in a few weeks and have been contemplating it for a while now.

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Herpes :: Bump On Inside Vagina Flap

I just noticed yesterday that i have a bump on the inside of the flap of my vagina. Two weeks ago i saw my geno for hiv and my yearly pap which was negative. But im not sure if its herpes or a reaction to my new body wash.

The bump is hard and small. it does hurt a little bit if i touch it. I put hydroperoxide on it and it fizzed like when you put it on a sore.

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Herpes :: Small Red Bump On The Right Side Of My Vagina - No Pus

I have a small red bump on the right side of my vagina, there is no pus and it isn't crusting.

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Herpes :: Use Of Toilet And HSV 1 Genital Spread

ok so heres my story/questions my dr decided not to tell me that ive had hsv1 genital for about 9 years maybe longer i dont know why she didnt tell me but thats what it is.. now ive been very very paranoid about everything like what if my daughter uses the toilet after me or touches something after ive used the bathroom and didnt wash my hands right away? can she catch it from that or say could she catch it from a sink or the taps?

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Herpes :: Genital HSV 1 - Long Without An Outbreak?

Diagnosed by blood test with hsv1 on genitals. Bad outbreak in 2007. No outbreaks at all until last month since 2007. That's 8 yrs. Is that normal to go that long without an outbreak. My partner is negative and we have not used protected sex. We have split up a while back and I'm wondering since he never contracted it, is it ok to have sex with a new partner without protection. What's the chances of my new partner getting it since the last one didn't. Of course I know not to have sex during a break out. Is it that easy to transmit this. I have grandkids also and am very careful around them.

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Herpes :: HSV 1 Genital - Two Outbreaks, So Close Together?

I had a outbreak eight years ago. Went all this time until few months ago, had another one. Last week I thought I had yeast infection. Took meds for that but isn't much better. Went to doc today, I have another break out she said. What is going on. Why am I having these two so close together? It doesn't feel the same as last one and that's why I thought it was yeast infection. I have redness and slight burning all over vagina area. She said she saw what looked like a lesion inside the opening of liba. I do have one area that is tender to the touch. I am stressing more than usual last several months. If this is a true outbreak, she did put me on 1000 valtrex, how long should I wait to have sex after I'm feeling normal down there again?

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Herpes :: Genital HSV 1 Transmission Without Outbreak?

How common is it to transmit genital HSV1 through genital to genital contact only having sex once with no outbreak? I am a female who is worried about transmitting hsv1 genitally to a partner whom I only had sex with once. Any insight in this?

I have had genital hsv1 for 3 years.

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Herpes :: Marriage And Of Spread Genital HSV 1

Somebody please tell me if it's easy to spread genital hsv1. Blood test shows genital hsv1. I was diagnosed 8yrs ago with first outbreak. Had another outbreak last month. Yes, I went 8 years with no outbreak. How easy is this to spread using protection and without. Should I take daily valtrex? I'm getting married in couple of months ands would really like to know the chance of spreading it to my future husband. We have not had intercourse, waiting for marriage. Yes I've told him that I have it.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: How To Find If It's Old Or New?

I am a 47 year old married female, just went to the doctors last week....although I do not have my test results back, he is positive I have genital say the least, I am an emotional train wreck.

I have had multiple affairs, using condoms except with a trusted co worker, however one did have a mouth sore when performing oral(co worker) I never correlated that with genital herpes until I did my research.

Here is my question...I'm assuming the test result (culture) will tell if it's type 1 or 2....but how do I find out if it's an old infection ???

When I was 18 I had an std, it burned when I went to the bathroom,,, I was broke out...hard to walk...went to emergency room...I just don't remember if the dr said hpv or hsv...

Gosh this all makes me sound so dirty...I'm a professional, clerical at a hospital, co workers will see testing and billing, I feel so ashamed...I have children and grandchildren now,the stigma is devastating....I have not told anyone yet but my best friend, I've been abstaining from all sexual activity.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Depressed

I'm a 20 year old female who was diagnosed with genital herpes simplex 2. I have been diagnosed for 2 weeks now and i've been depressed because i don't know what to do. I don't have any out breaks no more thank God but i do know that my ex boyfriend has genital herpes before i caught it. He caught genital herpes 2 years ago and me and him been having sex with a condom but he never exposed me. I left him alone and start having sex with another guy, without a condom but i know for sure he did not expose me to genital herpes. Me and my ex had sex 2 weeks ago and i had 3 bumps on my vagina that was itchy i thought they were hair bumps, turn out to be herpes. I cant believe i have herpes, i know my ex still loves me and we both love sex a lot but sometimes i hate myself and wish this never happened. I don't go out as usual and i don't show a lot of excitement no more like i use too. I need help! Im depressed, i know i cant tell someone that I have herpes because they will not accept me for who i am and they will know for a fact that im a walking disease im hurting inside.

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Diagnosed With Nonspecific Genital Herpes?

I was diagnosed with "unspecific" genital herpes. Anyone know what they mean by "unspecific"?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Eye Infection?

Also during my suspected first outbreak, I think I have infected my left eye ... been feeling eye dryness and pain lately but today I woke up with a completely red left eye.

Went to two different eye doctors for this and they said it's nothing serious and both gave moisturizer eye drops.

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Genital Herpes With Occipital Neuralgia?

Ever since I've contracted HSV2 my life has been a living hell! I've been having sharp pains all over my body , leg pains, itching sensation all over my body, and last but not least pains in the back of my head and neck which sometimes radiates to my scalp. can herpes cause this to happen? If so is it life threatening or deadly?

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Herpes :: Bump / Pimple On Clitoris - No Itch Or Hurt

Tested negative for hsv with blood work and swab well after the window period. And today I was looking down there and noticed a red bump doesn't hurt or itch. Didn't take a bath last night could it just be a pimple?

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