Herpes :: Bump / Pimple On Clitoris - No Itch Or Hurt

Feb 8, 2016

Tested negative for hsv with blood work and swab well after the window period. And today I was looking down there and noticed a red bump doesn't hurt or itch. Didn't take a bath last night could it just be a pimple?

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Herpes? Pimple On My Foreskin - No Itch, No Pain

I stupidly had unprotected sex 7 days ago and today I noticed what looks like a pimple on my foreskin  (at the top on the outer part) I have no other symptoms and an worried sick it may be herpes, it doesn't itch or give any pain whatsoever

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Pimple Like Bump On The Inside Of My Left Ear Lobe

I have a unpoppable "pimple-like" bump on the inside of my left ear lobe near my piercing and it has gotten bigger in size because I have been bothering it here lately. Is there a way I can decrease it in size by applying something or is there a way I can get rid of it completely.

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3 Small Flesh Colored Penis Bumps (no Itch Or Hurt)

I am extremely worried about 3 small bumps I have noticed on the shaft of my penis. I received unprotected oral sex. Two days later I noticed three small flesh colored bumps. They do not hurt or itch. I am worried they are warts. I applied vinegar to them on 3 different occasions but they never turned white. It has been a week since I noticed them and they have not changed. Could these be genital warts or something else?

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Swollen Clitoris Hood - No Burn Or Itch

Two days ago I woke up and noticed that my clit hood was swollen. It does not burn or itch but it is just swollen. I'm not sure if its the soap that I am using that's causing an allergic reaction, yeast infection or over stimulation (masturbation). Do you know what I can do to get rid of my swollen clit hood?

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Vagina - Itch And Burning, Irritated Clitoris

#1. Since January my vagina and clitoris has been itchy and burny. after a few weeks I told my mom. She told me it was a yeast infection. I know it was cause I looked down there with a mirror, and it was looking like a yeast infection. It seemed to go away after I stopped eating alot of sugar, and breads, and pastas. But then it came back. I have been looking at my clit in a mirror in my bedroom to check my process, and I had noticed a rip and half my clit was enlarged/irritated. The rip and the irritation kinda went away for a while, but then it started back up again a couple of days ago. I'm afraid to tell my mom, and I don't know why. But, is there anything I can do to help the symptoms go away.

P.S. since April 13th or so I started eating a lot of sugars again, could that cause the pain.

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STD :: Red Pimple Like Bumps All Over My Thighs, Herpes?

For the last two months now, I have had red pimple like bumps all over my thighs. (Just like pimples on a face, are spread out) They are red, about the size of a pimple, and have white heads. The same puss in pimples comes out but they are harder to pop. About a month ago I got them, popped them, and they all seemed to clear up. Now their back, they are very itchy and painful. There's probably around ten on each thigh, after they pop they bleed and then scab over. I heard other people's questions that it sounds similar too, but it also sounds like herpes. I always pop them and touch the puss, but it never spreads like herpes does. (At least not yet.) herpes or no?! Please help I am 19 year old male and this really worries me!!!!! If it's herpes j have no clue what I am gonna do as I am a first responder!

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Small White Bump On My Clitoris Due To Masturbation?

I have had a small white bump directly on my clit since I can think of I have had a yeast infection before im not sexually active (virgin)but I do masturbate frequently I've experienced pain in my lower stomach area and if I touch my clit not directly bcs i can't its to sensitive but if i rub the hood (sometimes) Ill get pain the bump never itched or hurt so i assumed it was okay however I got a kind of a sore right by it like bumps but so tiny an if i touch it it hurts a bit it goes away but now its not I was masturbating the other day and I started to get pains in my lower stomach and pelvic area my clit direct looks kind of swollen do you think that I could have irritated my clit masturbating too hard will the doctor be able to tell? I don't want them to know i masturbated

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Vaginal Health :: Small Bump Near Clitoris

I'm 7 months pregnant with my first child. My husband and I are quite sexually active and faithful to each other. I noticed a small bump on near clitoris. It's the same color as my other flesh. And burns only when I touch it. I'm not actually certain if it's on my labia or my clitoral frenulum. It doesn't burn when I urinate. I'm thinking it may be from friction during sex or I've wiped too hard. But I wanted to be sure. My husband snapped a photo of it but I'm not sure if that's allowed here. What does it sound like to you?

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Small White Pimple - Did I Get Genital Herpes?

5 days ago I had protected sex with a man with genital herpes. I have since then grown a single small white pimple just above the clitoris and some itchy and burning sensations. I have no problems urinating, always a steady flow with no pain, but I did get some flu like symptoms today (sore throat with yellow mucus, no fever) which I'm not entirely sure if it is a symptom or was just from a night of sleeping with my window open. I also have been experiencing some diarrhea as well.

Did I get genital herpes?

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Bump On The Inner Lip Of My Vagina - Herpes Or Shaving?

About 5 days ago I noticed a bump on the inner lip of my vagina. It is about the size of a pencil eraser. It did not hurt or look like it had fluid in it. Last night I got tired of it and tried to pop it (I know I shouldn't have) after a while of trying some white liquid puss came out followed by clear liquid and blood just as a pimple does. I stopped after that. Today the bump is still there and is swollen and now it is sore. Now it looks sort of raw (could have been my fingernail) and slightly yellow in color and there is red like stained blood or blood under the skin where it came out. I'm wondering if this is herpes. Like I said it did not hurt before I did all this and it was there for 5 days and didn't change until I messed with it. It did not look like a clear fluid filled blister but I know cases are different. I do shave also so I know that could have something to do with it. I've just never gotten an ingrown hair in this spot. It's on the inner lip of my vagina kinda on sensitive skin. So I thought that might be why if it was an ingrown hair or something it was sensitive while popping and hard to pop. I'm also having some vaginal discharge, burning during and after urination, and a smell. I think it's possible I have a yeast infection. But I don't know what the bump is and it's really worrying me. I've only ever been with one guy, we've used a Condom every single time. I try very hard to protect myself so I'm really hoping this isn't herpes. I haven't had any symptoms like fever nausea or abdominal pain either. I just don't know what this bump would be and I'm especially worried since I popped it.

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Herpes :: Bump On Inside Vagina Flap

I just noticed yesterday that i have a bump on the inside of the flap of my vagina. Two weeks ago i saw my geno for hiv and my yearly pap which was negative. But im not sure if its herpes or a reaction to my new body wash.

The bump is hard and small. it does hurt a little bit if i touch it. I put hydroperoxide on it and it fizzed like when you put it on a sore.

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Herpes :: Small Red Bump On The Right Side Of My Vagina - No Pus

I have a small red bump on the right side of my vagina, there is no pus and it isn't crusting.

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Genital Herpes :: Significant Bump On My Penile Shaft

I got diagnosed w/ HSV1 about a week ago. I slept with a girl about a month back who i didn't know very well, and I'm sure she passed the virus to me. 

In any case, I masturbated about two weeks ago and noticed a significant bump on my penile shaft the morning after. It was hard, red, and noticeable. However, it DID NOT blister, and actually got significantly smaller each day before disappearing completely within 72 hours.  

I masturbated again two days ago, and again the bump appeared. Obviously, I'm nervous this is HSV1. I've scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist, but that's two weeks down the road. As such, I'm in desperate need of peace of mind. Below are photos of the bump. The first is from the first day, the second is from the day after.

I know diagnosing something online is difficult. But can this be a herpe sore if it goes away so fast AND doesn't blister?  It should also be known that the sore doesnt really hurt. It feels like a tiny pinch, but I can rub my finger on it without experiencing pain.

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Vaginal Health :: Herpes? Irritated Bump On Labia Majora

First I want to say that I am only 19 and I have been with the same person for 3 years and 8 months and I have never done anything sexual with anyone else and he has not either. I am pretty sure this isn't herpes from what I've read but I am concerned. Two days ago I became very itchy down there. I looked down and saw what looked like a big zit and with closer observation it looked like a canker sore with a white center. I also have a white to yellowish discharge. I am fighting a sinus infection at the moment so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I was wondering what this could be and what I could do to get rid of it. It itches and hurts a lot.

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Herpes :: Red Lump Inside Lip Near Clitoris

last Sunday may 30th I finished my periods so on the Monday me and my boyfriend of 3 1/2 year had intercourse and I noticed that it felt like a burning sensation and it hurt I thought that was kinda weird so it stayed like that the next day and couple days later it started to itch on the top of the lips near the clitoris , couple days later I noticed a white crusty looking stuff on the inside I thought maybe I had a yeast infection i went and bought canesten but I haven't used it yet so Friday June 5 we had intercourse again but the burning sensation was gone but the next day I was in pain felt like I was bruised down there and Sunday June 7th when I went to the bathroom to pee I went to wipe myself and it hurt so I felt around and I could feel a lump on the inside of my lip on the right side near the clitorise it does not hurt when I pee only when touched and starting to hurt a lot not sure if because it's on the inside and always touching something I'm really not sure what it is I've had a boil last year that had occurred on the outside of the lip I'm thinking it could be that cuz it's only 1 lump and seems to be getting bigger and sore and the itch is gone but I still have white crust forming in the inside does anyone know what it could be ?

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Herpes :: Clitoris Inflammed - Hydrocortisone Cream Allergic Reaction?

So recently I have had these bumps they could be ingrown hairs not sure. Had unprotected sex 7 days ago .Today I look at the hood of my clitoris and it was inflamed I'm guessing because I applied hydrocortisone cream on the bumps on my pubic area and I could be having an allergic reaction but then today the skin was peeling off the hood of my clitoris. If I had herpes would Hydrocortisone cream heal the bumps? Because I don't think hydrocortisone would work. The bumps are hard and not in clusters. They don't look like blisters and it does burn when I pee..

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Breast :: Pus Discharge From The Pimple

I am 25 yr old unmarried female. I have got a small wound on my breast and it started discharging pus when i pressed it. I applied some antibiotic ointment there thinking that it's a normal pimple but it did not dried up till 2 days and whenever i touch it, puss is coming out.

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Cancer? Pimple-Like Spot On Scrotum

45-year old male. A few weeks back I noticed a red and inflamed pimple-like bump (possibly a pimple) on the very bottom area of my scrotum. It stayed red and tender for a few days and eventually became much less irritated and much less red. Now, several weeks later, it's still there, still looking simliar to a pimple, but not as bad as it did the first days. I guess my main reason for posting is to relieve my mind that this isn't a cancerous cyst or lump. It doesn't go deep beneath the skin, it is the size of a pimple, it might be a pimple. Would a cancerous bump or lump or lesion be similar to this? Anybody want to ease my mind or have me race to the doc to get it looked at? Thanks for reading and for any replies.
I haven't had any sexual relations in some time, so an STD is out of the question unless my hand gave it to me.

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Penis :: Pimple Like Bumps On Shaft

Recently I started noticing very small bumps on the lower end of my shaft where it starts off and close to my testicles. They are lighter than my penis skin tone and are very small like pimples.

The only un-protective sex I've had is performing oral sex on a female, and I've received unprotected oral on my penis and kissing of course. Other than that, I have NOT had unprotected intercourse.

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Skin :: Pimple Where My Butt Crack Begins

I'm 15, and this has been going on for a few months, but I have some kind of pimple or something right where my butt crack begins, and it's in between my cheeks. It kinda hurts when I sit down but only in certain positions. Just earlier I pushed on the area something came out, it has no color or smell but it's wet and I can tell it's there, and now it's like a little red spot possibly an Opening but can't get close enough to look at. It's right on the end of my tail bone. I've did some research and came up with "pilonidal cyst" which it could be but i read up on it and it is a possibility but I'm thinking it could just be a pimple.

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