Swollen Clitoris Hood - No Burn Or Itch

Jan 20, 2014

Two days ago I woke up and noticed that my clit hood was swollen. It does not burn or itch but it is just swollen. I'm not sure if its the soap that I am using that's causing an allergic reaction, yeast infection or over stimulation (masturbation). Do you know what I can do to get rid of my swollen clit hood?

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Clitoris - Covered Fully By The Hood

So today I took a mirror and really examined my lower region and I noticed my clit is covered fully by the hood. It's not embedded per say, but I have to use my fingers to expose it. I don't really get my feeling to if I rub it when I'm in the shower or something. Is there something I can do to ease the skin off or will I have to have it cut down?

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Vagina :: Clitoral Hood Is Swollen After Masturbation

The top of my clitoral hood is swollen is the normal from masterbation it hurts like its raw ...

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Vagina - Itch And Burning, Irritated Clitoris

#1. Since January my vagina and clitoris has been itchy and burny. after a few weeks I told my mom. She told me it was a yeast infection. I know it was cause I looked down there with a mirror, and it was looking like a yeast infection. It seemed to go away after I stopped eating alot of sugar, and breads, and pastas. But then it came back. I have been looking at my clit in a mirror in my bedroom to check my process, and I had noticed a rip and half my clit was enlarged/irritated. The rip and the irritation kinda went away for a while, but then it started back up again a couple of days ago. I'm afraid to tell my mom, and I don't know why. But, is there anything I can do to help the symptoms go away.

P.S. since April 13th or so I started eating a lot of sugars again, could that cause the pain.

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Herpes :: Bump / Pimple On Clitoris - No Itch Or Hurt

Tested negative for hsv with blood work and swab well after the window period. And today I was looking down there and noticed a red bump doesn't hurt or itch. Didn't take a bath last night could it just be a pimple?

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Swollen Clitoris After Sex?

I had oral sex last night an I woke up dis morning with my cloritis swollen .. is that normal

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Clitoris Swollen After Masturbation

Ok so im teen. i was masterbating the other night and i tried the method wear you rub you clit and finger at the same time it felt good. But as i kept doing it my clit started to swell up, sting , and hurt what happened is this normal?

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Irritated And Swollen Clitoris

I have recently noticed that my clitoris is irritated and sort of swollen...there is little spots on it..sort of like little cuts...i don't know what this means. I have even had my boyfriend not go near it during intercourse for a few weeks and the swelling has not gone down and it is still irritated...what is the problem...? Also, during sex sometimes...i get a pain deep inside during different positions..

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Swollen Clitoris After Losing Virginity

I am 16 years old and two days ago I lost my virginity. When I got home I saw that my clitoris had swollen up, it's not very big, it's about the size of a pea maybe smaller. There's no colour change and it's only painful when I squeeze it. It just makes me feel self concious and I am scared to have sex with my boyfriend again incase it's painful or if he finds this off putting. I was just wondering if you had any idea what it was and even how I could get rid of it?

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Swollen Clitoris And Sore Labia Lip - 4 Days After Sex

My boyfriend and I had sex almost 4 days ago. Thing got intense but nothing out the ordinary. I noticed yesterday my clitoris was very swollen and bright red and my right labia lip had an open sore on it (on the top) it hurts to walk because I can feel it rubbing on my jeans. No smell, some discharge but not much. Doesn't hurt to pee either. What could it be, the cause or what is going on?

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Vaginal Health :: Swollen Clitoris And Labia

I'm recently getting over a bacterial infection and uti. I was given antibiotics taken for 7 days. Then got a yeast infection on top of that. My clit was swollen and my libia was swollen at the time couldn't walk cause they were swollen so bad. I took all the med and the swelling went down. And now my labia and clit is swollen again don't have the discharge like I had when i had the uti and infection. Could it be something else that is causing the swelling?

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Vaginal Health :: Clitoris Swollen After Sex - Tender To Touch

I’ve noticed that my clitoris has become swollen the day after last time I had intercourse. I guess that I couldn’t get std because we used condom. I’ve not noticed to have vaginal discharge. The only symptom is swollen clitoris that is tender to touch. It is a bit itchy when urinate. What to do?

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Yeast Infection? Vaginal, Clitoris Itching With Swollen Lips

I'm 19, 2/3 months ago I was diagnosed with a Yeast Infec. so the doctor prescribed me a pill and it cleared up but around the end of January I had unprotected sex with someone and couple weeks after that I've been experiencing vaginal itching, my clitoris is swollen, my lips are swollen and my vagina opening. Also my vagina opening was white. I told my mom and she told me it's just another yeast infection & gave me Monistat I took it around February 4 and it did help with alittle my itching and my vagina opening wasn't as white as it was but my other symptoms are still present. I did start my period today and will go to doctor after I'm done but I just wanted some insight beforehand if you guys think I might have an STD?

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STD :: Clitoral Hood Discomfort

I'm 16, and I've never been to the gynocologist before, so I don't know if this is normal. Ever since I can remember, when I pull back my hood, my clitoris hurts, and the tissue on the innermost part seems red and irritated. If I push on it when the hood isn't pulled back, it doesn't hurt as long as I don't put too much pressure on it. Is this normal?

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Vagina :: Clitoral Hood Hurt And Burned With Touch

Yesterday night, I was having a little fun with myself and noticed after I had finished my vagina burned to the touch. I didn't know if it was because I was too rough on myself or the friction from being rubbed had caused something. 

The next day I realized the hood of my clitoris hurt and burned with touch. I went through my normal day but when I got home and took off my underwear, I realized there was a raw spot straight on my clitoral hood. I took an ice pack and cooled down the spot, but I don't know if I should do anything else to help it heal. I know it's not an STD because it started hurting the day after I had masturbated.

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Might Be A Infection Or Razor Burn?

I shaved my vagina and butthole then had sex two days later unprotected. Three days after that I started itching between my butt now I have two vein looking lines that run down between my buttocks that is uncomfortable and sometimes very itchy what should I do ? Is this a infection or jus razor burn

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Chemical Burn :: Bleach On My Face

I got bleach on my face about a week ago it burned then became a scab and im wondering if my face will go back to normal ?

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Sexual Health :: STD Or Razor Burn

So I've had some itching for a few months, and back in March I was tested negative for STD's. I've noticed some itching again, some days worse than others and some days not at all, and on Tuesday I grabbed a mirror and saw these bumps and just about had a cow. Ive had 2 partners since March and neither of them have ever had an STD. Does this look like something I should be concerned about or is it just sensitive skin/ razor burn??? They're not painful whatsoever and I've never felt burning as if they had cracked open.

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Shingles? Bubbles Burn And Little Itchy

On Friday night I had a weird red raised spot on my chest right where the underwire of my bra hit. Saturday the spot was bigger and felt like it was made up of four tiny "bubbles". Sunday the "bubbles" all seemed to be united with a fifth one joined in the group. These bubbles burn and are a little itchy. The week prior I thought I was having an allergic reaction to my laundry soap because my sides felt strangely itchy and tingly.  I went to the Dr. on Monday and he diagnosed Shingles and put me on Valtrex. Tuesday(yesterday) I slept late, took a four hour nap and went to bed early. Today I am still beyond tired, but the rash has stopped spreading and remains a single "uni-bubble".   I have had herpes simplex outbreaks on/off for years but haven't had an outbreak in years......the "uni-bubble" looks very much like the H-simplex bubbles.....but I haven't had the intense pain everyone talks about(thankfully!)......

I'm wondering, do I really have Shingles?

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Pregnancy :: Eyes Get Watery Then Start To Burn

Im not sure whats going on with me but every time I lay down when it is not night time my eyes get water then start to burn. This has never ever happened to me before until recently I am 25 weeks but im not sure the extra water im consuming as well as food for the baby is the reason. Any suggestions?

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Red Bumps On Vagina - Razor Burn Or Herpes?

Alright so I went to the dr two weeks previous to having sex with a new partner and I was clean. I had pretty rough sex with this new partner a week ago and the lubrication wasn't very effective it was pretty painful. then developed a chest cold a few days later which I thought was normal because everyone in my family had been sick at the time. Well a day or two ago (a week after intercourse)I noticed bumps near my vagina. Now I shave so I figured it to be razor bumps. But I also noticed something that looked like a tear at the entrance to my vagina and I assumed it to be from the rough intercourse. At any rate it's probably too soon to tell but there's only three small red bumps and no head to them. They aren't painful to touch but very itchy. The tear is both itchy and slightly painful. I'm headed to the doctor in the next few days because I'm simply freaking out, but if anyone could take a look and give me some advice for ease of mind that would be great.

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