Red Bumps On Vagina - Razor Burn Or Herpes?

May 7, 2016

Alright so I went to the dr two weeks previous to having sex with a new partner and I was clean. I had pretty rough sex with this new partner a week ago and the lubrication wasn't very effective it was pretty painful. then developed a chest cold a few days later which I thought was normal because everyone in my family had been sick at the time. Well a day or two ago (a week after intercourse)I noticed bumps near my vagina. Now I shave so I figured it to be razor bumps. But I also noticed something that looked like a tear at the entrance to my vagina and I assumed it to be from the rough intercourse. At any rate it's probably too soon to tell but there's only three small red bumps and no head to them. They aren't painful to touch but very itchy. The tear is both itchy and slightly painful. I'm headed to the doctor in the next few days because I'm simply freaking out, but if anyone could take a look and give me some advice for ease of mind that would be great.

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Might Be A Infection Or Razor Burn?

I shaved my vagina and butthole then had sex two days later unprotected. Three days after that I started itching between my butt now I have two vein looking lines that run down between my buttocks that is uncomfortable and sometimes very itchy what should I do ? Is this a infection or jus razor burn

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Sexual Health :: STD Or Razor Burn

So I've had some itching for a few months, and back in March I was tested negative for STD's. I've noticed some itching again, some days worse than others and some days not at all, and on Tuesday I grabbed a mirror and saw these bumps and just about had a cow. Ive had 2 partners since March and neither of them have ever had an STD. Does this look like something I should be concerned about or is it just sensitive skin/ razor burn??? They're not painful whatsoever and I've never felt burning as if they had cracked open.

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Herpes :: Tiny, Clear Bumps (blisters) On Vagina

About a month ago, I got a few tiny bumps, or what appeared to be small blisters, on the top of my vagina. They slightly itched when irritated by my clothing, but if I touched them, rubbed them, or slightly itched them, it would kind of start to burn. I popped them in hopes of relieving some of the pain and irritation, which did seem to help. When I started googling what it could possibly be, everything lead the "Herpes." I am sexually active, but I am married and have been for two years now. My husband and I split up at the end of last year for about two months where we had both been with other people, me with one, him with two. So, seeing that these blisters automatically make people think herpes has me severely worried. I went to my doctor and they had already scabbed over by then, so she said she couldn't be completely sure, and to come back if they appeared again. Well, I noticed them again yesterday afternoon. It's a small cluster of about 5 of them. I left them alone until I went to bed (because I was very busy yesterday), but they started itching and bothering me in my sleep. I woke up and went to the restroom, where I popped them. It relieved some of the irritation, but they began to itch. I didn't mess with them, or even itch them. I just went back to sleep. Today I'm worried all over again about what this could possibly be. I set up an appointment with my doctor for later this afternoon, but I was hoping to possibly get some answers before then.

I do shave, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. My husband and I were tested by our doctors for STD's after we got back together and everything came back negative, except for Chlamydia, which we got treated for. So, I'm really hoping it's not herpes.

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Vulva Itching - No Burn But Strange Bumps Inside

I was a virgin & I had unprotected sex it was hurting & stinging after the intercourse I guess due to the fact of my hole ripping. Day after I lost it my vagina started itching & it led on for about a week, I examined myself down there with a mirror and I see tiny lil bumps on my opening. They don't burn they just itch, I told my grandma & aunt my situation & they told me it could be yeast. When I went to use the restroom I saw blood on the tissue when I wiped, I tried monistat but my period came the following night. My period started may 1 - may 7, after it ended I still had itching. The itching did calm down a quite bit but the lil bumps are still here, they don't burn just itch. They don't look red just blends in with my vagina color, but it's noticeable when I put a flashing on it. My discharge doesn't stink, I guess it had a tint sort of like an off white maybe because my period ended & that happened 5 days after my period. I use to smell it through my clothes as well, but I'm not for sure either because that only happens when I'm in a rush & I pick the nearest panties that's on the floor & thats dirty. -_-_- so yeah I think that causes the smell. Now the tint is gone & it's white. But the little bumps are still here, like i said no BURNING, NO REDDISH COLORS, But it does ITCH. Help me, I know good as well you can't catch as STD a day after loosing virginity.

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Herpes :: Would Urethral/Meatus HSV Blisters Burn When Urinating?

I have a small bump on my Meatus/outside tip of the urethra. It secretes a very, very small amount of clear fluid when I press on it. Doesn't hurt much (only when I squeeze it hard)... and when I urinate there is no pain.

Does this sound like a HSV blister or not?

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Herpes :: Bumps Down There - Got My IUD Changed

It all started 3 weeks ago, I went to get my IUD changed (this is my 3rd, all changed at the time they were supposed to be) I didn't have any problems with this one either. I went camping 2 weeks later, still no problems, however it was hot out, so I was sweating a lot. I woke up one morning and I had a burning sensation when I went to pee. I thought maybe it was a uti, I had a bladder infection once before. Anyway it was still hurting two days later so I went to women's health services. (They also did my IUD). So the dr said I have herpes. The thing is, I have been with my husband for 10 years, neither of us have cheated, I have never had an outbreak before. I didn't have a fever or flu symptoms, I had no other symptoms either, I can't tell if I have bumps down there. I don't understand how this could happen.

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Bumps On Vagina Near My Pantyline

I have two squishy almost gooey bumps on my vagina near my pantyline. They don't hurt and when I pick up the skin where they are I can easily move them around and sometimes not even really feel them. I know they're probably not anything to worry about because they're not particularly big and they've been decreasing even more in size lately, I'm just curious as to what they are.

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STD :: Red Pimple Like Bumps All Over My Thighs, Herpes?

For the last two months now, I have had red pimple like bumps all over my thighs. (Just like pimples on a face, are spread out) They are red, about the size of a pimple, and have white heads. The same puss in pimples comes out but they are harder to pop. About a month ago I got them, popped them, and they all seemed to clear up. Now their back, they are very itchy and painful. There's probably around ten on each thigh, after they pop they bleed and then scab over. I heard other people's questions that it sounds similar too, but it also sounds like herpes. I always pop them and touch the puss, but it never spreads like herpes does. (At least not yet.) herpes or no?! Please help I am 19 year old male and this really worries me!!!!! If it's herpes j have no clue what I am gonna do as I am a first responder!

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Negative Herpes But Random Blisters On Vagina But Tested Negative For Herpes?

Hello! I was recently back in February diagnosed with hpv. I had full blood work done and I have no other diseases or infections. I've also not had sex since before the testing. I recently noticed I have two painful blisters, one on the inside of my labia and the other on the other lip. I shave and I've had ingrown hairs but these definitely don't feel the same. They are super uncomfortable. I'm unable to go to the doctor until The end of the week and wanted to see if anyone knew what they might be? And any temporary ideas for pain relief? Over the counters pain killers do nothing. Also, I have extremely bad allergies to pollen and with the pollen, came these blisters, so I am not sure if they are related. I've added pictures below. Thanks for the help.

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Herpes Or Folliculitis? Bumps Around My Anus Area

I discovered these irritating bumps around my anus area that soon developed into tender ulcers.. so I went to the doctor to have them examined and she told me she couldn't really tell if it was herpes being the fact the bumps were scattered and they are each at the base of a hair follicle... so she swabbed them and sent them off for a lab test and I'm currently waiting for my results by the end of this week... I've never experienced anything like this before and the only symptoms I have is itching and I do believe I can feel my lymph nodes in my groin are swollen... has anyone else ever experienced anything like this and what does it sound like to you?

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STD :: Folliculitis Or Herpes -bumps But No Discharge And Itching

I had unprotected sex Saturday during that night I noticed bumps on my pubic hair region on sunday i went to the ER and they said it doesn't look like herpes it looks more like folliculitis they gave me oral antibiotics to take for it . now its monday 5:30 pm notice the pimples in the bumps went away but the bumps are still i have herpes? no discharge no itching on the penis only the pubic hair region.

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Little Bumps On Genitals :: Hair Follicles Or Herpes?

Notice this i have never had sex. It was hot all week and i was hot and sweaty tell i took a shower. One night after exercising i was shaving in my genital area i got in the shower and noticed there were little bumps that looked like acne. It doesn't itch. Is it herpes or hair follicles. 

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White Small Painless Bumps Near Vagina

I had a spot just under my vagina for about 6 months. It has recently changed into 2 white hanging bits, please see pic. It doesn't hurt, only feel it when I'm washing. I do get waxed so unsure if it may be related?

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Vaginal Health :: Is It Herpes Or Folliculitis? Bumps On My Labia

I have been with my current boyfriend now for 4 years. I have never had any symptoms of herpes, not even a cold sore on my mouth. My boyfriend has also been clean. About 6 days ago I noticed a two small bumps on my labia majora right in the hairline then there was another small bump down on my labia minora again in the hairline and on the same side as the one on the upper part of the labia. I of course began freaking out. I've never had a STD scare before and I immediately thought the worst. The bumps were slightly itchy, red, and it looked as though they had a white, almost puss filled, kind of top. I went to the health clinic 2 days later, the soonest I could get in, and the nurse told me it didn't look like any herpes case she had seen before, but she swabbed me to do a culture just in case. I'm still waiting for the results and the waiting is driving me insane. I've read every article I can find on herpes and how I could possibly have contracted it since both me and my boyfriend have been faithful to each other, and before I was with him I was with the same man for 5 years who I know was clean. I know it is possible for the disease to lay dormant for years, but still it just seems odd that it would wait this long to appear and my current boyfriend has not had any bumps or cold sores since we’ve been together.
I stumbled upon the condition folliculitis and I’m wondering if it could possibly be that. I do shave down there regularly. I’ve had razor burn before but nothing like this. Currently the two bumps that were on my labia majora have turned into a hard lump underneath the skin and the one on my labia minora has also turned into a lump under the skin. I’ve never had a cyst or boils before so I’m not really sure what I’m looking at. There is no puss coming out of anything, but they are painful when irritated. I am able to go without underpants once I am home, but during the day I have been wearing cotton underwear and I sit at a desk. I think this irritates the one on my labia majora because of where it is located so it is normally sore.
I have no other symptoms of herpes. No burning urination, swollen lymph nodes, or any sickness. I’m also not in a great deal of pain or anything like that. I’m just really unsure of what is going on and the symptoms of both herpes and folliculitis sound so similar. Folliculitis makes more sense to me, but then again that’s because I really don’t want to have herpes. There is one other issue I’m having that I can’t find online at all. It’s kind of hard to explain, but there is a white area in the fold of my skin that is above my clitoris. It’s not puss and it doesn’t hurt. I cannot find any pictures or descriptions of this online. I’m not sure if it could be caused from the large hard lump that is near it on my labia majora or not.
I’m not able to find out my results for at least another 4 days and I’m going to make a appointment with my gyno for next week as well, but I’m looking for any opinions or advice as I’m currently driving myself crazy with wondering and researching.

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Irritated Cyst Or Herpes? Bumps On Pubic Area

My vagina has been itching for several months now, anywhere from the pubic area to the vaginal opening. I noticed a few bumps on the inside of my lip, right where the bartholin's cyst can be upseated. They were itchy so I took a warm bath with some epsom salt and went to bed. I woke up to pain there and when I looked I saw one of the bumps had popped open and was now very sore to the touch and itches like crazy! None of my previous itching had caused a sore. I'm beginning to panic because I started looking online and of course herpes is the first thing I found. It doesn't seem like herpes based on what I have seen, I have had these little bumps before and they have never ruptured or caused any pain. I'm wondering if it is herpes or if maybe it could be an irritated cyst?

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Vaginal Pimples And Bumps Inside My Vagina Lips

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I had (rough) protected sex which left my vagina very sore especially around the outside. Upon returning from the gym today, I noticed a few bumps inside my vagina lips / right around my vagina hole. I haven't worked out in a while and I will be getting my period in the next two to three days, so could it just be acne? I looked at images of possible stds but did not find anything that looked like what I have. They are very small, not too sore to touch, red pimple like bumps.

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Anus Itch, Sore Vagina But No Bumps Or Blisters

I've had this itchiness in my genitals specially on my anus. My vagina feels sore and hurts a little bit. But it's really itchy that I have to scratch it and makes it irritated. I have put some creams. But I don't have any blisters or bumps . Is it an outbreak ? I had sex last time with lubrication and condom. Should I stop having sex, because this could be an outbreak. I haven't take any medicine

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bumps On The Lips Of Vagina

I haven't had sex in 8 months. About . 

And haven't shaved at all either ... ..

But just today out of nowhere .. when i took a shower I felt something I haven't ...... two small bumps not inside the vagina .. but outside on the lip. A small bump that feels like a pimple. And another one upper by my clit but towards my leg. Not on the clit...

It sort of hurts. Like a bruise. .. 

I'm not sure if it's because I took a really hot shower last night. And I had the hot water aiming at my vagina ... or if it's because a day ago for two days I sorta did the hump movement for self pleasure ...........what can this be ???

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy Bumps Up My Thighs To Vagina

I am not sexually active but I spent last night w my boyfriend, he didn't even touch me here but I was woken up several times during the night due to a few small itchy bumps up from my knee to my vagina on my inner thigh. When at my vagina there are many more and it's more itchy. I also just started my cycle so could that be it?

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Vaginal Health :: Bumps Filled With Pus On My Vagina Lips

Over the past 3 days I have noticed a cluster of small bumps that look like they are filled with puss on my vagina lips I can't even tough them they are so painful or even walk properly as they rub on my underwear I am also getting a lot of discharge

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