Might Be A Infection Or Razor Burn?

Apr 2, 2016

I shaved my vagina and butthole then had sex two days later unprotected. Three days after that I started itching between my butt now I have two vein looking lines that run down between my buttocks that is uncomfortable and sometimes very itchy what should I do ? Is this a infection or jus razor burn

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Sexual Health :: STD Or Razor Burn

So I've had some itching for a few months, and back in March I was tested negative for STD's. I've noticed some itching again, some days worse than others and some days not at all, and on Tuesday I grabbed a mirror and saw these bumps and just about had a cow. Ive had 2 partners since March and neither of them have ever had an STD. Does this look like something I should be concerned about or is it just sensitive skin/ razor burn??? They're not painful whatsoever and I've never felt burning as if they had cracked open.

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Red Bumps On Vagina - Razor Burn Or Herpes?

Alright so I went to the dr two weeks previous to having sex with a new partner and I was clean. I had pretty rough sex with this new partner a week ago and the lubrication wasn't very effective it was pretty painful. then developed a chest cold a few days later which I thought was normal because everyone in my family had been sick at the time. Well a day or two ago (a week after intercourse)I noticed bumps near my vagina. Now I shave so I figured it to be razor bumps. But I also noticed something that looked like a tear at the entrance to my vagina and I assumed it to be from the rough intercourse. At any rate it's probably too soon to tell but there's only three small red bumps and no head to them. They aren't painful to touch but very itchy. The tear is both itchy and slightly painful. I'm headed to the doctor in the next few days because I'm simply freaking out, but if anyone could take a look and give me some advice for ease of mind that would be great.

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Women's Health :: Razor Bump During Shaving

My friends told me that waxing or shaving pubic hair a good idea. so I did it and got a bump almost like a whitehead. It's weird cause whenever I shave or wax I never get bumps so could be something serious or just a razor bump

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Women :: Shaving Bikini Area Besides A Razor

What is a better way to shave besides a razor

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Chemical Burn :: Bleach On My Face

I got bleach on my face about a week ago it burned then became a scab and im wondering if my face will go back to normal ?

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Shingles? Bubbles Burn And Little Itchy

On Friday night I had a weird red raised spot on my chest right where the underwire of my bra hit. Saturday the spot was bigger and felt like it was made up of four tiny "bubbles". Sunday the "bubbles" all seemed to be united with a fifth one joined in the group. These bubbles burn and are a little itchy. The week prior I thought I was having an allergic reaction to my laundry soap because my sides felt strangely itchy and tingly.  I went to the Dr. on Monday and he diagnosed Shingles and put me on Valtrex. Tuesday(yesterday) I slept late, took a four hour nap and went to bed early. Today I am still beyond tired, but the rash has stopped spreading and remains a single "uni-bubble".   I have had herpes simplex outbreaks on/off for years but haven't had an outbreak in years......the "uni-bubble" looks very much like the H-simplex bubbles.....but I haven't had the intense pain everyone talks about(thankfully!)......

I'm wondering, do I really have Shingles?

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Pregnancy :: Eyes Get Watery Then Start To Burn

Im not sure whats going on with me but every time I lay down when it is not night time my eyes get water then start to burn. This has never ever happened to me before until recently I am 25 weeks but im not sure the extra water im consuming as well as food for the baby is the reason. Any suggestions?

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Swollen Clitoris Hood - No Burn Or Itch

Two days ago I woke up and noticed that my clit hood was swollen. It does not burn or itch but it is just swollen. I'm not sure if its the soap that I am using that's causing an allergic reaction, yeast infection or over stimulation (masturbation). Do you know what I can do to get rid of my swollen clit hood?

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Orlistat :: Burn Fat Exercise -make Your Heart Rate Up And Down

Theres a few posts so I thought id share what ive learnt from gym instructors and PT sessions

if you consistently do cardio at the same pace you just burn carbs and sugar leaving you drained and not burning fat.

you need to burn fat - take,your heart rate up and down. If you cant manage jogging and sprinting then slow walk 3 mph, fast walk 5/6mph. This is commonly known as HIIT or interval training.

for 10x more fat burning there is metabolic training using weights. Im now just moving on to this.

There's loads you can do at home if confidence or finances don't allow you to go to a gym. Last june I was so unfit I struggled to walk my dogs. Im now jogging with them. I did forgo a holiday to pay for PT though but best thing I did. I know go to gym a good 5/6 times a wk and love it.

and remember muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. 1lb of muscle is the same as 1lb of fat.

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Urology :: Boric Acid On Penis Head Burn

Now i have a fairly painful burn on the head of my penis. It has some white layer looking type of thing on the burned area, its not red. I also burned my foreskin.

Does this stuff heal? If i wait it out should it be fine?

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Herpes :: Would Urethral/Meatus HSV Blisters Burn When Urinating?

I have a small bump on my Meatus/outside tip of the urethra. It secretes a very, very small amount of clear fluid when I press on it. Doesn't hurt much (only when I squeeze it hard)... and when I urinate there is no pain.

Does this sound like a HSV blister or not?

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STDs :: Little Burn Feeling On The Foreskin On My Penis Just Under The Head

I started to get this little burn feeling on the foreskin on my penis just under the head toward the left, there are no symptoms like redness, warts or burn while peeing, what could that be?

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Hepatitis :: My Lips Are Burn, And Dark And Super Dry With Chapped

2 days ago, i started to put a toothpaste overnight. i did this because apparently it will make my lips pinker, but it turned out that my lips are getting darker like burn, and hurts and chapped and super super dry, help please..

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STDs :: Burn Below Glans (glands) Unprotected Oral From CSW

CSW gave me unprotected oral & protected vaginal in July 2012. HSV 1 IgG positive hsv 2 IgG negative. All other std negative. Now problem is burning below glan.

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Corneal Burn? Due To Camera Flash - Blurred Vision

A year and three months ago I was taking pictures with my camera, and using an on camera flash. The brightness of the light did not bother me while I was taking pictures, or I would have lowered it. A few minutes later I started to get pain in my right eye, and then burning, soreness, throbbing, and then my eye began feeling like a rock. My eye felt this way for months. I did get to an optician a week or so later, and she checked my eye and said that it was just severe dry eye. She told me that she checked the surface, back and around my eye, but did not see anything. I have been to her three times since. At my last exam a month ago I was told my left eye got worse, but my right eye was fine...my eye still feels like a rock on most days, but it's also very sore and like I have something burning the inner corner. I am sensitive to bright light, and if I cover my left eye I can see that my right eye seems to be less clear overall. Everything seems darker, colors aren't as bright, and I can barely see any detail in my eye right. My left eye seems fine, and I can see clear. I was told to use eye drops daily. I have been for over a year. The only ones that work and didn't aggravate my eyes are the Systane gel drops. However, even they do not seem to be working anymore. At this point I am very scared, and I am trying to find an ophthalmologist under my insurance. I figure a real MD might know more. Anyone ever experience this or something similar. I feel like my vision has gotten so much worse in just a year, and the thought of it getting even worse so fast is horrifying.

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Penis Foreskin - Turns Red And Burn When Urinate After Masturbation

I'm 20years old, I am a athlete, in my sport I train around 5 hours a day 5 days a week. My problem is when I masterbate or have sex i seem to occur a after problem with my foreskin, the tip of my penis (tip of the foreskin) turns bright red and starts the burn when I urinate, In some cases i start creating discharge, its extremely painful, i have had two chlamydia tests and tested for all other STDs such as gonorrhea and so on, all came back negative, but all the symptoms suggest these infections, i think it may have something to do with my hygiene, where i train 3hours in the afternoon then 2 hours in the evening I don't shower in between, i sometimes find myself jerking off In Between, i am not sure if that is the problem ....

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Vulva Itching - No Burn But Strange Bumps Inside

I was a virgin & I had unprotected sex it was hurting & stinging after the intercourse I guess due to the fact of my hole ripping. Day after I lost it my vagina started itching & it led on for about a week, I examined myself down there with a mirror and I see tiny lil bumps on my opening. They don't burn they just itch, I told my grandma & aunt my situation & they told me it could be yeast. When I went to use the restroom I saw blood on the tissue when I wiped, I tried monistat but my period came the following night. My period started may 1 - may 7, after it ended I still had itching. The itching did calm down a quite bit but the lil bumps are still here, they don't burn just itch. They don't look red just blends in with my vagina color, but it's noticeable when I put a flashing on it. My discharge doesn't stink, I guess it had a tint sort of like an off white maybe because my period ended & that happened 5 days after my period. I use to smell it through my clothes as well, but I'm not for sure either because that only happens when I'm in a rush & I pick the nearest panties that's on the floor & thats dirty. -_-_- so yeah I think that causes the smell. Now the tint is gone & it's white. But the little bumps are still here, like i said no BURNING, NO REDDISH COLORS, But it does ITCH. Help me, I know good as well you can't catch as STD a day after loosing virginity.

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Food Allergies :: White Paint Like Stuff On Finger Like Acid Burn

my girlfriend was digging in the closet, when she was done she found there was this weird white paint like stuff on her finger it spread a little bit like an acid burn and stung, there was nothing in the closet unsafe that could of donr this to hur, is it a weird rash or a food allergy, what should we do, her 2 fingertips look like they got dipped in white out, is it dry skin?

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Penis Abrasion? Small Circular Pink Burn Under The Head - Neosporin Not Working

Under the penis head there is a small circular pink "injury" / friction burn under it. It's indented inward and is the size of about like a hole on a belt or like something a hole puncher would make. So kinda small. It's right under the head by the pee hole. I've been adding neosporin on it for 4-5 days and it doesn't seem like it's getting better. I've been applying this twice a day. I don't know why it's not healing any help?

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Do I Have An Std Or Yeast Infection?

I've been tested for: chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. And the results came back negative. But I only did a urine test and blood test, no swab. I don't have any green or yellow or smelly discharge but I recently have been getting thicker whiter discharge, it could be a yeast infection? If it helps, I am on the contraceptive pill Diane 35, have been on it a year and a half, I recently used it to skip a period to go on a holiday, I have also recently started seeing someone new and been having more sex than used to but it has been protected. Do you think I have an std that wasn't picked up in the urine tests? A yeast infection? Or could it be due to hormones skipping a period (I am now almost due for my period again next week too) or from having more frequent sex lately?

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