Genital Herpes :: White Dots On The Shaft Of My Penis

May 7, 2016

So about a month ago I noticed these white dots that appears on the shaft of my penis that were flush with the skin (not bumps). About a week ago, I noticed that they have risen and turned into a cluster of little bumps and I'm afraid of it being herpes or maybe some other STI. I am very sexually active but with only one partner and I know that I am her only partner too. We use condoms about 80% of the time (she is also on the pill but can never be too safe). I would like to think of us two as very clean and hygienic people which is why I'm confused about what these small bumps are. They have given me no pain at all, in fact, I forget they're even there until I look at them.

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Multiple Bumps On My Penis Shaft (pink, White With Black Dots)

I have multiple bumps on my penis shaft, none on the head. Some are small and flesh colored, while some are pink. One of the pink bumps has a black dot on the top and another has a white dot. Anyway to know what this is? The last time I had sex was 2 months ago, and 8 months before that, with the same person who hasn't complained of anything being wrong with her.

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Herpes :: Painless White/yellowish Dots On The Corners Of My Mouth?

I developed these tiny painless white/yellowish dots on the corners of my mouth. they're almost inside the lip and aren't noticeable unless I open my mouth and point them out. I also have some inside of my cheek. they don't hurt nor can I pop them and when I try to it still doesn't hurt. they don't ooze either. I should let you know I am a smoker and I barely brush my teeth (I have major depression and taking care of myself is difficult) I also gave oral  July 21st these bumps popped up a week and two days afterwards.  I was told that these were fordyce spots but I'm still a bit concerned. they're spreading to my bottom lip corner as well. also sometimes they expand about two size, turn white and then pop. also I kissed someone after it noticed these dots and he has no signs of anything that's happening to me.

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Genital Herpes :: Significant Bump On My Penile Shaft

I got diagnosed w/ HSV1 about a week ago. I slept with a girl about a month back who i didn't know very well, and I'm sure she passed the virus to me. 

In any case, I masturbated about two weeks ago and noticed a significant bump on my penile shaft the morning after. It was hard, red, and noticeable. However, it DID NOT blister, and actually got significantly smaller each day before disappearing completely within 72 hours.  

I masturbated again two days ago, and again the bump appeared. Obviously, I'm nervous this is HSV1. I've scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist, but that's two weeks down the road. As such, I'm in desperate need of peace of mind. Below are photos of the bump. The first is from the first day, the second is from the day after.

I know diagnosing something online is difficult. But can this be a herpe sore if it goes away so fast AND doesn't blister?  It should also be known that the sore doesnt really hurt. It feels like a tiny pinch, but I can rub my finger on it without experiencing pain.

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Genital Herpes? Warts? Small Painless Bumps On Shaft

I have some small, painless, bumps on the shaft of my penis and they do not hurt and do not itch or anything. I do masturbate frequently and one day I just happen to notice that there were some very small bumps on the shaft of my penis. I've always had a few pimple like bumps on my penis for as long as I can remember. They can even be popped. But these new bumps are not the same thing. I haven't had sex in over a year and a half.

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STD :: Penis - White Spot / Dots Under My Penis

I am 13 year old male and I just started masterbating a few weeks ago I never checked my penis before I started masterbating and now I seem to find a large white spot under my penis I am hoping its a birth mark and I also have little white spots at the edge of the spot. I asked my mom if this is from I was a baby and she said yes. I need help and I started masterbating after my first couple of pubbes.

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Small White Pimple - Did I Get Genital Herpes?

5 days ago I had protected sex with a man with genital herpes. I have since then grown a single small white pimple just above the clitoris and some itchy and burning sensations. I have no problems urinating, always a steady flow with no pain, but I did get some flu like symptoms today (sore throat with yellow mucus, no fever) which I'm not entirely sure if it is a symptom or was just from a night of sleeping with my window open. I also have been experiencing some diarrhea as well.

Did I get genital herpes?

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Penis :: White Bumps On Head And Shaft

I had sex about a week ago and when I woke up the next morning I noticed a white bump on the shaft of my penis... The following day I began to notice the addition of another bump on the head of my penis and eventually a week later (today) I currently have 3 bumps on the head of my penis, in no related pattern, 1 on the posterior of my shaft, 2 on the anterior, and one on the right of the shaft. I can't tell if more are developing or not and it does itch occasionally, not often or triggered by anything. I also have a few bumps on the left side of my thigh close to my genital area. I normally practice safe sex, but the women I have been with without the use of a condom were disease free. The bumps themselves are nearly the size of a needle point and are somewhat peal-like.

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Dermatology :: White Bump/spot On The Shaft Of My Penis

I have a white bump/spot on the shaft of my penis, I really think it's just a ingrown hair because I do shave it but it's white, and it's been there for a couple of months. There's no redness  and doesn't hurt.

I have had sex but it's been like 6 months.

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Penis :: Tiny White Bumps/spots On Shaft

i've noticed tiny white spots on my penis shaft. about two yrs ago i was watching an episode of the "Dr.s" or whatever with my girlfriend,the episode had a segment about pearly papules. since then i've been inspecting my penis for any changes. I've always had tiny white bumps under the shaft side of my penis ever since i was a kid. but never comin along the base or mid shaft area. ive researched everything i could find online. but every picture i see looks way different than what i see on my penis.

some of the spots are there one day and the next they shrink or get smaller. one has gotten big enough for me to pop..and when i did puss came out like when you pop a pimple then blood and after a little more squeezing a hard white very tiny ball comes out.

from the looks of it i'm thinkin they may be some sort of cysts from pictures i've seen. they don't break open and scab over like herpes and they don't resemble any kind of warts i've seen online, not even the mildest of cases.

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Penis :: White Spot / Kind Of Holes On Shaft

I have kind of holes half way up my penis that go directly down under a thin but of skin, and when squeezed white pus comes out. I have developed more of these "holes" recently which has got me more worried. I had also used Canesten fungal cream as I first believed it as a fungal infection.

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Fordyce Spots :: Small White Bumps On My Scrotum And Shaft Of My Penis?

I am currently 13 years old and I have these small white bumps on my scrotum and shaft of my penis I don't want to tell my dad or mom anything because I get very embarrassed about stuff like this because I'm sorta a runt and I have enough problems but I don't really know what they are I am willing to send a picture of what they look like if I have to it, but I don't really know what they are and if they are normal.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Tingling And Constant Itching, Ball Ache, Sore Penis

My partner has been diagnosed with HSV2 in the genitals. He has never had an external break out with sores but ever since he has been diagnosed 7 weeks ago he has constant itching around is anus and all down the insides of the inner legs (especially where the underwear line is), ball aches (just one ball at a time), tingling pains like shards of glass under his skin all throughout his anus, balls, penis and inner thighs. Some days are better than others and he can get thru the day. Other days he can't even bear to sit or walk. Its gotten so bad now he cant even touch his penis! some days the inside of his penis burns and it feels like there is still urin left inside. other days his ball aches so bad that a stabbing pain goes up into his stomach, it is debilitating he cant even concentrate at work. a minute can't pass without something hurting.

He has tried  a full course of valtrex for 10 days and nothing helped. he tried no meds and it seemed to get a bit worse. he tried a double dose of valtrex for a week and no change.

He is so depressed and worried about it because nothing changes and he hurts badly every day. he has changed as a person and i am reaching out for any leads or help. I have suggested to him to be in valtrex for a much longer term period but he doesn't think it will help as he felt nothing before when he was on a double dose...

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Small White Pimples On Penis Base And Shaft Like Huge Hair Follicles

August first I had sex with a random girl,but I used a condom. During the intercourse the condom broke,it didn't take me more then 15-20 seconds the most to realise it and I stopped right there.  A week or two later I shaved,but it was my first time using a buzzer,usually I trim it with scissors.  Id say 2-3 weeks after the shaving(40 days after the sexual intercourse) I saw that small little white bubbles in a ring shape had occurred at the base of my pennis,and in a straight up line on the left side of the pennis.  they're not painfull at all, they would get a little itchy when pressure is put on them like the laptop,the belt or skinny pants. Its almost new years eve now, I popped most of them out,and they seem to crust and disappear after I pop them,some disappeared itself but new ones keep coming out,especially after my second shave with a buzzer again. When I look at them, they're like huge hair follicles that just pop out ,and hair comes out of almost all of em. They've reduced in numbers but never disappeared. I don't remember me getting sick after the sexual intercourse,don't remember any fevers or stomach pain,except for 2-3 days ago,i had a slight stomach pain but probably it was cuz of too much drinking,now its gone. it still feels ticklish a little bit down there.what could it be guys?any ideas? please tell me its not herpes....

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STD :: Red Dots / Flat Bumps On Shaft

I'm 25, I have these very small red spots on my penile shaft that are not painful and do not itch. I kept picking at them and I couldn't tell if I "popped" them but one slightly bled and they are still there. They don't look like blisters or crusty. I know what herpes feels/looks like bc I got it on my face from wrestling in college. I also have what appeared to be chiggers around my ankles and knees and that has also spread throughout other places on my body such as my butt/waistline, bellybutton, and parts of my arm. Most of these have itch pretty bad, but some have not at all. My lymph nodes in the left side of my groin are slightly swollen and sore. I also had sort of a congestion thing too with a sore throat, but that seems to have subsided. However, I still feel pretty tired at times. I was freaking out about an STD, but when I went to the doctor he immediately said it looked nothing like an STD when he saw the spots and I was fine. They are spread out at least a half an inch and don't look clustered. He said it could be scabies or some kind of mite so he prescribed me antibiotics and prednisone which I started yesterday. The last time I was sexually active was about 6 wks ago with my girlfriend at the time, and she had been tested for STD's while we were together which came back negative. Does the doctor sound right on all of this and it's not something to worry about? I've been having other personal issues going on with family so this stuff is just kind of compounding on top of all that.2 hours ago-4 days left to answer. I also forgot to mention that my doc said it could also be folliculitis. The red dots on my penis have been there for about 3 days now. As far as the lymph nodes in the groin, I stay very active in sports and thought I might've stretched a muscle around there this past Saturday- not sure if that's the cause for them to be like they are.

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Penis :: White Spots On Shaft And Scrotum - Fordyce Spots?

Well Im a male and Im 16 and not sexually active. I have these a bunch of white spots at the base of my shaft and like two mid shaft. and they are all over my scrotum. When they are popped, a white pus type stuff comes out (like popping a whitehead on your face or nose or whatever) I don't pop them, but i did when i first noticed it when I was about 13 years old. I've looked around and the closest thing i can come to is that it's fordyce spots? I really don't want to go to a doctor as this is pretty embarrassing even though its their jobs and all but yeah. Btw when i was taking accutane for my acne they sorta went away? Idk i cant remember clearly but i think i saw less of them but i don't remember. I'm off accutane now but yeah.

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Since Birth White Little Dots On My Arms, Chest And Legs

Are they pores? I have had this since childbirth and I have no idea what they are. No itch, no pain though.

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Implanon - Weight Gain And White Little Dots Around Clitoris

I have had the implanon for 4 months now and I haven't had my period since late mid-late January. I've been experiencing ovary and stomach pains, I've gained a few kilograms around my stomach.

Also I have had white little dots around my clitoral area as well as much pain and tearing during intercourse even when lubrication is applied.

What does this all mean and does it have to do with the implanon, am I possibly pregnant?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Can You Get A Wax?

Can you get a wax if you have herpes? I have hsv2.

And also if you can do you have to declare it to the beautician? I'm going away in a few weeks and have been contemplating it for a while now.

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Penis :: Dots That Resemble Pimples, Also On Scrotum

There have been dots that resemble pimples on my penis showing up. Even though when popped either blood or minor amounts of pus surface. What should I do? These small dots also cover part of my scrotum. Same question applies of what I should do?

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Herpes :: Use Of Toilet And HSV 1 Genital Spread

ok so heres my story/questions my dr decided not to tell me that ive had hsv1 genital for about 9 years maybe longer i dont know why she didnt tell me but thats what it is.. now ive been very very paranoid about everything like what if my daughter uses the toilet after me or touches something after ive used the bathroom and didnt wash my hands right away? can she catch it from that or say could she catch it from a sink or the taps?

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