Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi Worked - SVR After 4 Months

Aug 17, 2014

My Doctors say we have a victory. He says no one after 3 months being negative has relapsed.

We took a lab draw 4 months after the meds stopped am I'm clean. We will do another 6 months from now just to nail it in but he is confident I'm done with HCV.

I was Negative at the 3 months lab draw.

I was GenoType-2. Had it since 2006, treated twice on the interferon and Ribavirin, once for 6-mos and another a year later for a year. Relapsed both times.

We caught mine very early in the antibody stage.

I asked about the ones who relapse and the trend there seems to be obesity.

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Hepatitis C :: How To Take Ibavyr And Sovaldi Together?

How does one take the Sovaldi?  On its own at a different time of day or together with the first dose of Ibavyr?

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Hepatitis C :: Deaths Associated With Sovaldi?

someone wrote on other forum that Sovaldi killed her mother. She is suing the doctor and it's kind of scary reading about it. Have there been many deaths associated with Sovaldi?

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi And Ascites

Has anyone on treatment with any Sovaldi combo experienced ascites?

I have been on Sovaldi and Olysio for 8 weeks now and have noticed quite a bit of fluid just at the top of my ribs, making me look maybe 3 months pregnant. I don't want to say anything to the doctor because I don't want to stop my tx. I know everyone says drink a lot of water, but I am thinking perhaps I have been drinking too much water and the kidneys are suffering with processing it. Also, my breathing is more heavy than it was just a week ago if I go walking. I do new labs in a week so will be able to see if anything is awry, but mostly I'm curious as to whether anyone else has experienced this.

Perhaps it is not even ascites and I've just been eating too much.

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Hepatitis :: Anyone With Sofosbuvir (Sovaldi) Experience?

I wonder if any readers have taken sofosbuvir. What is your experience? Mainly, how did it get financed?

I would love to get rid of my Hep C, but wonder how anyone can afford the new treatment.

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Hepatitis C :: Ribavirin/Sovaldi? Can't Take Harvoni

I'm a Gt3 and while I'm excited to be on treatment, I also feel slighted almost that I can't take Harvoni.   I'm always searching for results from others with the same as me but I don't see much.  I have 8 more weeks to go from a 24 week treatment of Ribavirin and Sovaldi. 

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi Tx - Trials Vs. Reality

A newly-released study shows that data from trials does not correlate well with data from real life. The statistical study revealed that four times as many patients treating with a Sovaldi regime stopped treatment before finishing than in trials. probably the same discrepancy exists regarding cure/relapse rates and maybe even adverse effects.....

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi + Daklinza Experience - Anyone?

I've just started this new combo and I'm finding only a couple comments from others.  Has someone actually finished a treatment?  If so maybe you could share your outcome?  I'm having the official advertised side effects plus sharp groin pain. 

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi And Olysio For Q80 Sensitive Patients?

The past 9 weeks I treated with olysio and sovaldi. They stopped at 9 weeks. The test came back at week 8 still positive. Tx was stopped. Geno 1A, Past biopsies showed stage 1 mild fibrosis. In 2010 they didn't get a good sample but told me it was probably still stage 1, but not sure. Now after an ultrasound that's "suggestive" of cirrhosis I fear after failed tx the progression will bring me down even quicker. Anybody have any GOOD info that olysio/sovaldi speeds up the virus progression? Dr.says no. Have been positive for 50 years. Since 1999 I have lived a very healthy lifestyle. For most of the years I supplemented and took the herbs to keep my liver in as good of shape as I could until a "cure" came along. So much for that idea. I never did the interf/riba. The past couple years for some reason I stopped taking my supplements, (glutathione raising supplies etc) I used to be a member of a group that was alternative oriented, then I stopped that. I did the q80 variance test and it was positive, and so I went ahead with the tx. My question is: Is this new drug coming out only for those who weren't sensitive to the q80? Or is it supposed to take care of tough bugs like mine? Im hopeful I will be eligible for the new tx. Im 68 now. I am starting to experience symptoms, unpleasant symptoms. Good days/bad days. Sorry for rambling but I saw Blue Metals comment about disease progression after failed tx and it kinda spooked me.

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Hepatitis C :: Relapse Chances With Sovaldi And Olysio

Does anyone know what the possibility of relapse is if you are und at 4 weeks post treatment?

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi - Non-responder To The Interferon & Ribavirin

As per Dr. I'm having to do the Sovaldi and Ribavirin 6 months this seems a very long time compared to what I've been reading but since I'm closer to needing a transplant I suppose he is wanting to make sure the virus clears and hopefully it does as I was a non-responder to the interferon & ribavirin treatment. From what I've read even if there's just one or two whatever they call the virus that's left in your system it can still mutate and go from there. So far I'm only have very bad nausea and headaches at times. First labs Jan 8th....here we go!

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Hepatitis C :: Completed 12 Weeks Sovaldi , Peg And CoPeg

Just completed 12 weeks sovaldi , Peg and CoPeg ......awaiting blood work results to see if I cleared the Hep C  3 Virus . While I tolerated these drugs fairly well , I am concerned that in the 12 weeks of treatment the liver enzymes which are 150 to 200 respectively , never went back to normal. It seems that my situation may be an anomaly.

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Hepatitis C :: Completed My Sovaldi / Ribavirin 12 Weeks

Treated for HCV Genotype-2 with Sovaldi & Ribavirin for 12 weeks.

Came up undetected half way and drawn full labs today to be read 6/6/14 to me on my follow up.

The proof in the pudding will be for Labs drawn in 1/15.

My sides were mostly nausea but frequent water and making my meals smaller and more frequent all but eliminated that. Three regular meals a day seemed to leave my stomach unprotected in-between. So smaller and more often did the trick.

The Sovaldi seemed to make me hyper. I noticed an hour or so after taking it I seemed to have lots of energy.

Periods of general yuck feeling would come and go, and in different strengths.
Sometimes keeping busy helped and sometimes nothing but the couch would give me comfort.

I took the Riba in the AM, the Sovaldi mid day and the Riba again in the PM.

Its been a long row to hoe over 9 years. Two stints of Riba & Interferons, 12 and 48 week terms both relapsing, then on the interferons only @ half dose to maintain while waiting for something new.

Then as a result of all this diabetes and neuropathy set in causing the maintaining regimen to be discontinued.

I don't drink or smoke, I did it all as correctly as possible.

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi / Ribavirin Side Effects

My sister is experiencing trouble with Mucus in back of throat and nothing seems to help such a Zyrtec and other decongestants.  First has anyone else experienced this and second what has worked.  She is doing well and finishes her 12 week tx for genotype 2 tomorrow 9/24/14.  All her labs are coming out normal.  Of course the final result 12 weeks post is yet to be seen. Just wanted to show some support.  I have recommended water with lemon.

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Hepatitis C :: How Long Sovaldi / Riba For Complete Treatment?

Its been Since Tuesday PM since I finished my 12 weeks and I still feel like I am on it.

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Hepatitis C :: Improvements 4 Weeks After Starting Sovaldi / Riba

I am genotype 1, had liver transplant in 2001, treated and relapsed after 72 weeks of Interferon and Riba in 2006/7.  Possible cirrhosis, as biopsy shows F1 and but Fibroscan shows 27 kPa.  Have controlled HE (Xifaxan) and some ascites on CT scan.  PCR at four weeks showed presence of virus at less than 43 (13 million in January).

Amazed at the improvements compared to the day I started treatment.
Start/after four weeks of tx

ALT:  59/31
SGOT:  61/36
Albumin:  3.1/3.7
Bilirubin:  1.6/1.6
Platelets:  126k/132k
HGB:  11.9/12.4
ALP:  273/196
GGT:  1283/543
INR: 1.0/1.1
Ammonia: 52/35
Creatinine: .8/.8

The values for Alt, Sgot, Albumin, GGT, and alk-phos are the best I have had in three years.  Can’t wait so see how they look at end of 24 weeks.

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi And Ribasphere Causing Vomiting, Diarrhea And Shaking

Started sovaldi and ribasphere yesterday and within hours was vomiting diarrhea shaking.  Dr. Does not think it's related to meds.  But stopped until mon.  Will try again in a few days.  Has anyone had this reaction.  I'm terrified I cannot finish tx.  

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Hepatitis C :: Sovaldi And Olysio Safe For Atrial Fibrillation Patients?

Has anyone heard any comments made about A-Fib patients not able to treat?

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Hepatitis C :: Additional Vitamins / Herbs With Sovaldi/Olysio Treatment

I am not going to take herbs with my S/O treatment. I started treatment three days ago. Take both pills at the same time right after dinner - no side effects whatsoever or any unusual filling so far.

Let me know what is the reason to stay away completely from sun? Also if this is OK to take general vitamins and supplements during the S/O treatment?

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Hepatitis B :: Marriage ? Vaccine 6 Months Before

if I vaccine a gal for six month before marriage I hope she will no longer contact the virus?

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Hepatitis B :: 3 Months On Viread DNA Positive < 20 Iu/ml

I ve been on viread for 3 months. The latest hbv dna is positive <20 ıu/ml. Before viread I was on lamivudine and hbv dna was generally again positive <20 ıu/ml. I think it was 3 times undetectable at different times. Alt Ast normal afp normal. Do you think dna will be und next time? If it comes positive again what.  treatment or evaluation can you recommend ? I also started to take vit d3 daily 10 days ago.

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