Hypertension :: Lisinopril Vs. Losartan

Jan 22, 2016

I was started on Lisinopril and had a terrible cough so doc switched me to 25mg Losartan. I have been taking it since January 11th. the drug works well as far as no side effects but it seems like BP is higher than when I was on Lisinopril and my numbers are all over the board.

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Switching From Lisinopril To Losartan - Dry Cough

my doctor put me on lisinopril and ever since i have had a dry cough. i thought it was due to post nasal drip but now that i read the side effects i have my doubts. i was wondering if it would be wise to try losartan.

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Lisinopril Alternatives? Amlodipine, Candesartan Or Losartan?

I've been on BP meds for approx 6 months, and currently take Lisinopril 2.5 mg.  It's working well and keeping my BP down.  However, I'm fed up with the resultant dry cough.  The cough isn't continuous, but annoying and disturbs my sleep.  Other side effects are tinnitus, and occasionally a 'woolly' head and odd dreams. 

I'm considering asking my GP to change to a different medication (not Amlodipine - tried that first).  

I'd be interested to know other people's experience of Candesartan and Losartan.  I've read that these drugs have fewer, but different side effects.   But, also read that the two drugs are less effective.

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Hypertension :: Losartan And NSAIDS

I have had knee problems off and on for about seven years. Yesterday my doctor decided that my cartilage has finally 'Gone', probably finished by getting off our local trains where not only do you have to Mind the Gap but have a good two feet to step down. He is arranging for another X-Ray prior to discussing my surgical options. Two years ago after the last X-ray I was told that my knee was in good condition for my age:-)

Meantime he reluctantly prescribed an NSAID ( Naproxen) after considering my BP and past stomach ulcer and other problems.

Reading the packet insert it tells me that Losartan and most hypertensive drugs may be affected by how NSAIDS  work.

Googling Naproxen + Losartan I read,  "Significant interaction possible (monitoring by your doctor required).

losartan oral , naproxen oral . Either increases toxicity of the other by Other mechanism. Combination may reduce kidney function, particularly in elderly or volume depleted individuals.

naproxen oral decreases effects of losartan oral by opposing drug effects. Combination may reduce blood pressure reducing effect"

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Hypertension :: Losartan - Morning Or At Night?

just started losartan today this is the 4th tablet I've been prescribed hoping side effects aren't to bad this time. Is there any benefit in taking meds at night instead of morning as they make me light headed and dizzy. Anyone got anything good to say about this particular tablet .Hope this one doesn't give me a cough again just got that settled after lisinopril.

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Hypertension :: Losartan - Woolly-headed When Moving Around

I have recently been put onto Losartan, after developing a Ramipril cough. After some adjustment, it has been agreed with my GP to put my dosage to 50mg taken at night.

However, the last few days I have been feeling very woolly-headed when moving around. I have now taken a few readings at various times and I think I may be getting a drop in pressure when standing. Sitting pressure is showing 130/78. Standing straight after the sitting reading is give my 118/70. Should I go back to GO?

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Hypertension :: Losartan - Joints And Muscle Pain

Hi I'm female 60 years old recently put on meds for high BP. I also have Fibromyalgia I mention that because it seems whatever tablets I'm given for BP (,Losartan being the 4th tablet) my joint and muscle pain become some bad I struggle to even do the housework and where I used to walk the dog's for at least an hour I can only manage 15 mins  also I could walk round the shops for hour's now can't wait to get my weekly food shop done and get back home . My BP when I take it at home is anything from 116/71 ,to 133/77 on the meds , I have stopped taking Losartan for 2 week's now and BP is  136/76 to 149/74 when I go to the docs the readings are always high 162/84 for example. I really can't cope with the pain when taking these tablet's especially in my knees has anyone else experienced this , is there even a tablet for BP that doesn't make you feel ill .I have stopped these but not told the doc yet as can't face being put on another tablet I am feeling so well at the moment I take my BP daily it's usually 140 something over 82 is that really too high for my age.

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Hypertension :: Lisinopril & Norvasc Combination Works?

I have been taking 40 mg lisinopril for over a year now but my blood pressure still is elevated at times. I have anxiety as well and recently went to Dr who prescribed me 5mg norvasc to take with my 40 mg lisinopril. Does anyone else take this combination and if so how does it work for you ?

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Hypertension :: Losartan - Muzzy Head, Transient Vertigo

Have been on Losartan K 50mg for a few months and have been experiencing muzzy head, transient vertigo and feeling queasy at these times also very tired. These feelings seem to come and go. When taking my blood pressure at home it is very low but when at Dr surgery it is always much higher. I am sure these symptoms are from the Losartan but my GP doesn't . Does any one else feel like this from the drug?

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Alternatives To Lisinopril?

I have been prescribed this drug and am due to take my first 2.5 mg on sunday evening. Now, after reading all this I am seriously doubting whether I will take it. Surely there must be a natural way to reduce BP..... has anybody tried Resperate?

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Hypoglycemia And Lisinopril

Is there anyone else who takes lisinopril and is hypoglycemic.

I am to finally start a low dose today but had a drop to 47 last night- Think I had too much marshmallow root tea for interstitial cystitis. I know I cannot take it when I go on lisinopril. Not sure I should take it after the drop last night. Concerned that I have all info before I start it.

This is a battle - I tried toprol and it dropped my sugar to 67 and an awful hypo attack.

We are trying to find some pill (my PCP And I ) that does not cause leg edema as verapamil does.

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Losartan 50 :: How Do You Replenish Your Electrolytes?

I was wondering, those who exercise and take Losartan how do you replenish your electrolytes? The reason I ask is, are you not supposed to limit potassium while taking this medication? I have been thinking about Gatorade but I'm not sure about the extra potassium in the product. Any in sights would be greatly appreciated.

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Interaction Between Losartan And Omeprazole?

I am on Losartan 50 mg and I'm thinking about switching over to Omeprazole. I understand that there could be some type of interaction between the two drugs. Is anyone taking Losartan? If so, did you or do you notice Losartan becoming more or less effective with Omeprazole? I'm curious before I make the switch.

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NSAIDs :: Naproxen With Losartan

I take Naproxen for Rheumatoid arthritis but as I have high blood pressure I also need to take Losartan 50 mgms daily. My GP now wants me to have 6 monthly blood and urine tests. I think this is because these drugs combined can cause kidney problems. Has anyone come across this before?

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Wheezing

Does anyone suffer from wheezing , my GP has increased my dosage and now I`ve developed a wheeze and a cough.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril - How Effective It Is?

I find this medication awful , it is ruining my life, I can't sleep as I am so restless, when I do finally doze off I am up peeing. I have swollen legs and ankles which is putting pressure on the arthritis in my feet. I crashed the car two weeks ago while having a 'blood pressure moment' i.e a brief blackout - I hate it and am trying to establish what the drug does - it reduces BP and the risk of stroke and heart attack but to what degree.

I am almost at the stage of get up get kids ready for school etc, go to work come home cook diner, wash up etc bed by 9 up at 7 I have no energy. Doc completely unsympathetic says you don't want it don't take it.

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Lisinopril - Hacking Dry Cough

Several weeks ago, having been on Lisinopril for around two years I suffered this hacking dry cough. Thinking it was a cold I left it but it never really went away, in fact it worsened and I had difficulty sleeping, having to prop myself up at a certain angle to stop the coughing.

I visited the doc who immediately diagnosed it as Lisinopril Cough. It's apparently a lot more common than you think. It usually takes a week or two to clear up after you stop taking them (there are many alternatives available) although in some patients it can take months or more. A friend who had been taking it for a few weeks also had this side effect. I found by breathing was a lot better after and my joints ached less. Two more side effects that are listed.

Googling revealed that the cough is a very common side effect. There are hundreds of reports posted on this condition. It could be 35-50% of the people taking it who suffer the cough, some after a couple of weeks of taking it, some after months or years.

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Lisinopril - Bad Memory Issues

Having huge memory problems since taking this drug. Went out in the cold and could not remember where I ALWAYS put my gloves.

Quit 2 weeks ago. Better, but difficulty remembering things. I will take my chances without this medication.

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ACE Inhibitors :: Lisinopril Gluten Free?

I am coeliac and my GP would like me to try Lisinopril for my unacceptably high blood pressure. However neither he, the pharmacist nor myself have been able to discover if the drug is gluten free. We are also concerned that I have had severe allergic reactions (SJS) to ACE inhibitors in the past.

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Best Time To Take Losartan :: Morning Or Night?

Hi I wonder if anybody has some advice based on personal experience please. I recently started on losartan [one week ago in place of bisoprolol] ....it is beginning to work in terms of lowering my blood pressure but i wake up every morning & i'm OK for the first 30 minutes or so & then the side effects kick in .... dizziness, fuzzy head, breathing laboured, heavy legged, headache & so on. I take my bisoprolol along with my warfarin & simvastatin last thing at night. Has anybody felt less side effects either by taking them at a different time of day OR maybe by splitting the pill ... I'm on 50mg daily?

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Blood Pressure :: Losartan With Diuretic?

I have been on Losartan 25 mg for about 5 years. Recently I've had high readings (probably due in large part to less exercise since we've moved) When I discussed this on the phone with my new doctor (who I've been seeing for 9 mos), she mentioned that she might just switch me to Losartan hydrochlorothiazide. After doing some research, I am confused-it appears that the Losartan with Htz is only available in 50mg or more, which would not only mean doubling my dose, but adding a diuretic which I want to avoid(I "go" enough &quit taking Detrol (overactive bladder) due to the side effects) I do not have any water retention or swelling. Does anyone have a similar experience? Am I crazy for thinking the next logical step would be to increase the Losartan only?

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