Hysterectomy :: Mild Cystocele And Frequent Peeing

Oct 26, 2013

I went to the doctor as i am constantly running to the toilet. I also feel a lot of pressure. I am 46 years old. I am trying to loose weight but can't walk far as i then need to pee. I pee approx 15-20 times a day. Blood tests show no diabetes etc. My doctor examined me and says i have a cystocele, he said it wasn't as bad as he expected going by my symptoms. He did say tho that everything is crammed in there (whatever exactly that means i am not sure) He is referring me to get a pelvic ultrasound and then consult with gynecologist. He thinks i may benefit more from surgery as he thinks the other treatments don't work as well for me.

Anyone had similar symptoms with a mild cystocele?

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Interstitial Cystitis After Rectocele / Cystocele And Vaginal Hysterectomy

I  am a 53 year old and had this surger y  8 days ago. I had a cystocele before and recovery was only a couple of days but unfortunately i had to have it redone. I and am very surprised at how sore my bottom is and my legs just feel tired. I am normally very active and find it hard to not be able to do much. I havent drove yet just don't feel I could even walk from parked car into a store. Just wanted to know how long before it started to feel better and back to somewhat normal.

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Frequent Kidney Infections After Hysterectomy

In Jan '09 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I opted to have a hysterectomy due to I was done having kids.  I had it done in feb '09.  Doctor said that everything look fine and sent me home.  I called the doctor's office daily complaining of pain. They told me I was being lazy and needed to get up and walk around more.  They said I was having gas pains.  Finally the doctor told me to get gas ex that would help.  I went back to work about 6 weeks later.  While I was at work I started leaking urine.  The next day I went back to the doctor (OB) and all he could say is I don't know what is wrong.  they but a catheter on me and I was still leaking around that.  They ran test after test.  Finally when that day was over they sent me home with a catheter and said get some rest come back tomorrow and talk to the urology department we have no clue.  I had 3 kids husband out of town working and I am in severe pain.  My mother in law took me to the doctor the next day and he said oh your ureter was damaged during surgery we just need to do a minor surgery to put a stent in there and you will be as good as gold.  They did the surgery that day.  When I woke up they told me that I had 15 mins to get my head on right cause I had to go to the hospital to have a nerostophy tube put in my ureter was actually cut in half.  I had no clue what was going on.  My mother in law took me over there where I was admitted into the hospital for my 2nd surgery that day.  When the doctors there but the tube in they hit my main nerve in my back so every time I would breathe I would get sharp shooting pains up my back.  I was sent home with cather and tube for 6 weeks.  then in 6 weeks I have a Ureter replacement surgery.  The doctor there did wonderful.  But to this day I get kidney infections VERY easily and I am ALWAYS in pain in my right side on my back right by my kidney.  I was wondering does anyone else have this problem?

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Frequent Bladder Infections After Sling And Hysterectomy

I had the bladder sling done and hysterectomy this past june. The doctor told me he did pull the sling tight since I am just 41. I keep having bladder infections every couples weeks or months. What the heck. I don't have insurance now. The scientific method was used on me (sling). I am scared , don't wanna have no more surgeries. Gotta go see the doc tomorrow or Thursday.

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Gallbladder Surgery :: Persistent Mild Dyspepsia, Mild Nausea And Appetite Loss


First, I am diabetic and have had a fairly normal healthy life except in the last two years where I gained 40 pounds, did not control my blood sugars well, and went off the rails. I have had a lot of issues this year, but to focus on my most recent issues, I had a A1c of 10.5 two month ago and went to 9.1 a month ago finally to 7.6 right before my single incision laparoscopic with robotic-assisted single-incision surgery to remove my infected gallbladder (Hida Scan 11% no gallstones). 6 month ago i started experiencing a lot of bloating, indigestion and took charcocaps that helped a lot after meals.

Two weeks ago I went out for a cup of iced coffee (huge coffee drinker 3-4 cups a day for a long time no problems for years), and something hit me, it felt like a sharp pain and instant feeling of bleh no appetite and sick feeling the rest of the day. This continued for a week before I knew something was wrong, I could not have anything acidic or felt like I could eat anything. I had just seen my doctor for a bike accident a month prior to get a referral to a PT and osteopathic doctor. I had a l3/l4 compressed nerve with a twisted sacral (this is much better now with some minor spasms in my right leg from time to time). With all of that pain (took hydrocodone and muscle relaxants to sleep, sleep was poor) and school, I figured I must have given myself an Ulcer. My doctor game me a ppi-omeprazole (i've never had reflux and didn't then) since I had symptoms of some burning sensations and this chronic dyspepsia so this would treat the possible Ulcer for two weeks while I was sent for an ultrasound to check out my gallbladder (family history - Mom, aunt, and uncle had their's out with gallstones). The ppi sort of helped but I just was fatigued, could not eat anything but a bland diet, I had chronic dyspepsia and general nausea that I could never shake. My daily caloric intake decreased with each new day and food just made me generally feel sick, however if I skipped meals it would still be bad, worse with food.

After the Hida scan came back positive with an ejection rate of 11%, I scheduled my new a1c test, ekg (family history of heart disease), I was cleared and scheduled for surgery. I stopped taking the ppi as I believed this to be the cause of all my problems. btw, I was 254 the end of june and lost 25 pounds by the time of surgery (average daily caloric intake ~900-1200 prior to surgery


After the surgery 7/21-one week ago, I had my two days of pain and adjustment, and recovered decently with a soft food and liquid diet. I noticed the general sickness was gone! Hazzah!, except on Saturday I was feeling bloated, cramping, and I could not eat a solid one bite without feeling sick. I knew I was constipated. I stopped the pain meds the day before and I knew I had not eaten too much but it was over a week since i went. I took magnesium citrate and nothing after 7 hours, I drank another 1/2--then BOOM it was insane. I was sooo wiped out and tried to replace lost liquids but I believe I was dehydrated. I was sick that night and stomach was not happy.

Sunday was much better but I was wiped out still and felt generally just depleted of all my energy. I ate, walked a bit and then came back home. That night I started feeling very uncomfortable and the symptoms were somewhat similar to prior to surgery of the general dyspepsia and nausea chronically. I could not sleep because of my back problems (had to sleep upright on my back all week). I woke up in the middle of the night turned to my side and then all of a sudden I felt a warm rush of something just above my stomach and the constant burn in my stomach no reflux. I could not sleep until the morning.

I have had really bad gas (low fat diet) for the past few days. I was getting and feeling better on day four but now this!

I felt extreme discomfort all day, felt like a low grade fever 98.6 (no fever) incision site is also slightly red, but the doctor said to call if I had a fever. I was worried about an SSI. The pain was like I threw up (I never have even starting out back in at the coffee shop) and that ache afterwards. The burning sensation let up later in the day after I took some antacids and saltines (I must have some acid issues, but I have read a lot of people suspecting many people may actually have low acid).

The thing is a lot of people have episodes after food, but mine is chronic with mild discomfort, burning sensations, upper abdomen and stomach discomfort (with some nausea), and food helps it initially and then it comes back. I feel week, slight low grade fever even though I don't have one. I keep thinking I have an infection of H. Pylori or something. Food takes a while to do much, I walk after I eat everything. I feel like I could eat but I get so much bloating and indigestion that it is uncomfortable. I drink plenty of water, but I wonder if I am low on essential things for the long ongoing low calorie daily diet. I can't eat more then 800 calories even with smaller meals-since Thursday.

Why was my gall bladder inflamed in the first place? I had no stones, and the surgeon said I had a very long a big gallbladder (ready to rupture!) that was really inflamed including a little on the liver. Pathology reports came back negative. I theorize my rapid change in weight and blood sugar levels inflamed the organ or an infection.


diabetic Gastroparesis
H. Pylori
Peptic Ulcer (was never officially tested)
Low/High Stomach Acid
Low bile leak?
Sphincter of oddi dysfunction

What I feel could help:

HCL Betaine
Digestive Enzyme (Garden of life chewable vegetarian)
ppi (I would hate to take them unless I had to)
something to coat my stomach if I do have an ulcer to heal
ability to eat more so I can have more assimilated minerals, ect.
Anxiety med (first year i've had a lot of anxiety-mainly school related and upcoming wedding planning for next year
more tests!

My burning anxiety questions:

When will I get my appetite back?

(i really suspected my odds were decently good that I would get better after surgery, I had a great surgeon)

Did anyone have any of these chronic symptoms? Is it due to an infection or some issue with surgery?

Have some people eventually been able to eat what they wanted after a period of time?

How many had these excessive bloating, indigestion, nausea and general malaise through the day, worse a little while after food or between meals?

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Mild Soreness Just Below Rib Cage/mild Nausea

I have a VERY mild soreness (if I can even call it that) just below my rib cage towards the right side, but only if I move in a certain way--it doesn't really hurt to the touch. I have no diarrhea, no fever, no back pain, stools are normal color---only a brief pang of nausea now and again, but it's not constant. Also, it doesn't bother when I eat greasy or fatty foods. I find it hard to believe that it's gallbladder related, but not sure whether I should see a doctor or not. It has subsided since the beginning of the week. Anyone else have this and it not turn into anything serious?

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Penis :: Peeing A Lot After Antibiotics For Balanitis

Recently had balanitis and have just finished my antibiotics i've found myself peeing alot. Maybe twice an hour, and then when i sit down i feel like there is pee about to Come out. Is it just my body getting rid of the antibiotics

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Intercourse / Orgasm :: Feel Like Peeing

I like to masturbate but not in the technical sense of the word. Mine is all about dirty mind games,reminiscing about a good sex I had or imagining my man working on me how I want him to etc.( I don't really have to touch myself , fingering and all that other stuff, if U get what I mean.) The effect is so mind blowing is incredible!!I am usually able to even get an orgasm!! but here is the problem, most of the time, when I get so aroused, I have this sudden urge to pee.I usually withhold the urge a bit longer, and the effect drives me even crazier, (in a sexual way) when I can no longer endure it, I have to make a quick dash to the bathroom if I can get to it in time, and even the gushing out of the pee is sweet and pleasurable in a relieving way.( almost like how guys feel when and after ejaculating)

Am not sure if I am squirting or I am peeing , that's the issue.I have had orgasms before(usually on my own)and when it happens, this peeing nonsense doesn't surface. I have  also squirted naturally before so I kind of know the difference. Some fluid like water just gushed out of me 4m nowhere (it wasn't pee) I was in a state of shock myself at the time cuz i was still quiet inexperience. I was dating a total jackass,  back then whom (when i think i about it today) did not know anything about female ejaculation. He made me feel so terrible and embarrassed about it, and got me thinking I had a sexual problem. it was after breaking up with him and more years of  sexual experience that made me draw the conclusion that I actually squirted!! there have also been a few experiences with my  recent ex where after  the sex, we realised about half the bed was  wet, I mean really wet, like someone literally poured water on the spot, (it didn't smell of pee either) but the interesting thing is  we both never notice it until the whole deal is over, and he used  to say I probably squirted, so i kinda know about the squirting thing.

My new man works on me really good, its just that every time he starts reaching  that particularly moment when I think yeah, I'm about to come, I get the  sudden urge to go and pee and I need to stop him before I spray us both with my fluid. when I go to the loo, I actually pee!!!....what's the connection?? I have tried peeing before the sex, but this always happens.  I tot it was  said that, the urinary tract or something is blocked during sex.
Am I peeing, or squirting or having an orgasm? I have had a few orgasms usually on my own where, this peeing nonsense did not surface. My whole body was just consumed with this feeling I can barely describe, I just remember that I usually feel weak and worn out when its passes. Sometimes I need to sleep or rest a good 10 mins or more  before I can start getting naughty again.XD So I know what it feels like to have an orgasm as well.
This peeing feeling is equally sweet but its confusing and frustrating because when I stop  to go and pee, I kinda kill the mood, and we have to start building the mood all over again.... and when I decide to hold on a bit, its feels nicer but am too conscious of it and i fear I might pee. Am I normal or I have a urinary tract infection or what? what can i do to stop these peeing urges?

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Urology :: Constant Urge But Not Peeing Much

For the last couple of days I don't seem to be peeing much out, just small amounts at a time. Constantly feeling I need a pee most of the time. I did have a small TURP back in 2013 as was having problems then.

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Opposite Of Narcolepsy :: Can Sleep For 18 Hours Without Peeing

I can sleep 18hrs and not even have to go pee!

The last time I remember actually wanting to get out of bed I must have been quite young because I remember it was to watch cartoons.

Depression I s everyone's answer to this but I do this even when life is sweet!

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Bladder Disorders :: Peeing Every Two Hours For Last Couple Of Days

I been peeing for the past couple of days like two times every two hours what can that be ?

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Kidney Stones? No Genital Pain - Stinking When Peeing

I gave had groin thigh testicle and penis pain for around three to four weeks, slightly cloudy urine. I have got fed with this pain and went to see the doctor. He tested my urine , no infection or blood. He said straight away that I had kidney stones. I am not getting to much pain in my back. The strange this is, is that the genital pain has gone a bit as too is the stinking when peeing. Could I still have a kidney stone ?

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Cystocele For 10 Years And Getting Worse

I am a 65 year old female with a grade 3 or 4 cystocele. In the past few days I am having extreme difficulty emptying my bladder. I am freaking out because the issue of surgery rears its ugly head. I do not want surgery in as much as the failure rate if as high as 50% and I would never have mesh because of the ugly hideous complications of using it. Does anybody with this problem have any other ideas? I may try a pessary. I was wondering if there are ways of emptying ones bladder by utilizing certain positions to facilitate urination ( like standing for example). I have had this cystocele for 10 years but not it has obviously gotten worse.

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Cystocele (prolapsed Bladder) And Intercourse / Sex?

Anyone have a cystocele (prolapsed bladder) and still have intercourse? My husband passed away two years ago and I have been attracted to someone. My husband and I had no problems, but I am concerned about the size of the penis perhaps causing problems. I have had the cystocele repaired once but it occurred again. Has not caused any problems so far, however I have not had sex since my husband passed away.

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Hip Pain After (3 Weeks) Cystocele Surgery

I had a cystocele 3 1/2 weeks ago.  It seemed I was healing well with some mild tenderness in the lower abdomen.  Which I felt was normal.  But a little over a week ago I suddenly began to experience excruciating (level 8-10) pain in my right hip area.  The surgeon said it is the tendon/ligament (?) where the sling was attached to that is hurting so bad.  Has anyone else experienced this after cystocele surgery?  And if so, how long did it last?

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Cystocele And Rectocele - Any Experiences? Advice?

I'm wondering if anyone has had this in the past year. What can I expect? Any words of wisdom? 

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Rectocele And Cystocele Repair - Advice / Tips?

I'm due to have Rectocele and cystocele repair. I had my last consultation with my surgeon back in August 2015 had my pre op assessment in September. I was told I would be in for surgery around December and I'm still waiting, I spoke to someone at the gynae waiting list team today and they said I'm not even on the list yet as they are so far behind. I completely understand that they are busy and their are woman out there a lot worse then me it's just that walking and lifting is becoming a real pain and I'm sick of taking co dydramol which blocks me up when I already struggle to go to the toilet for a bm.

Sorry for ranting I just wondered if anybody had any advice as I'm starting feel like I'm moaning all the time to my husband.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Surgery Or Not? Rectocele & Cystocele

I have rectal & vagina vault prolapse - Rectocele & Cystocele( lower 1/3rd) and sex is quite painful and difficult. I have 3 choices at the moment ; 

1/ do nothing until the prolapse gets much worst but this means having uncomfortable & sometimes painful sex ..I am coping with bladder & bowel problems with kegal exercises but hate the look and feeling of it down there.

2nd... try a pressery? If I pressary works my Gyna would preform a much simple perinuem repair to fix the tight skin problem. This still involves stiches so I wonder if pressary is the way to go and I have heard that can affect sex too? or have the surgery. I had huge cuts to deliver my first child as she was stuck in my birth channel and then they figure I didn't had the width to deliver here???!!!. So many stiches and at least 2 further opreations to try and correct the terrible job the first surgeon had done on me. I have literally a thin area of skin in my perinium that is only about a 1 cm wide which is treched so tightly it hurts when touched. Sex has been uncomfortable for the past 30 years and several positions are out of the question. As I have grown older 58 now and the symptoms of menopause have raised their ugly heads. This area has lost its elasticity and has become hard and very taut. 

3/ Do the surgery for the rectocelle & cystocele .. I really worry especially after reading this forum that it won't fix the problem and could make it heaps worst. 

Does anyone have any stats on % of successful operations? This site is full of bad experiences.

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Lump After Cystocele Surgery

It's now been  27 days since my cystocele repair, i had a wee feel the other day and felt like a lump , im sure its where my stitches are/were , is this normal ? , i did have an infection 2 weeks ago and saw my doctor and she said everything looked fine but now i'm worried sick my operation has failed, anyone else felt this, could it just be swelling ? 

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Cystocele And Hysterocele Surgery - Depressed / Lack Of Energy And Sex

Three months ago I had a Cystocele and hysterocele surgery, It was done by a good dr here in Spain, he promised everything was going to be fine and the sick leave was of 40 days. The surgery was through the vagina, he removed the uterus, left the ovaries and lifted the bladder with a "net". I was happy the following day: no pain, no feeling something was dropping out from my vagina... I had repose for one month and a half, then I Started to have stings inside, I came back to dr and told me I refused the stitches, he had to cauterize. Now the stings have gone but for one month I have felt the same sensations I had before the surgery! It's like someone were pulling from my top of the deep vagina, I feel again something dropping and feel as if I had something inside the vagina. My dr said everything is ok, nothing out of normal. Then I started to visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist last week and said that everything is ok the net is being absorbed by my vaginal tissues, but I'm still healing, the scars inside are tight and my pelvic floor is too weak. Besides she has found out that I have a little rectocele! And my gyne didn't tell me anything about that! I am so sad, I can't stop crying, too worried... I have not tried sex yet... I feel sad about my kid and my husband cos I am all day obsessed with this and I don't feel like going out... I used to be a sportive person but I am not anymore... By the way, I began work three weeks ago and feel too weak and depressed, Very hard for me get up in the morning, I went yesterday to the social security dr who is the dr that gives you the sick leaves and she prescribed tranquilizer and told me I can work. I feel I can't go on with my life... I feel that I'm starting depression, I know that if I felt a bit better I would cheer up but I feel worse. Please anyone can help me with any piece of advice? Will I ever be happy?

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Bigger Or Narrower Vagina ? After Cystocele / Rectocele Repair

I am worried that after my repair I will be left with a bigger vagina. When I push my front wall to where it should be I have a gap below my fingers. This really concerns me as I don't want to be bigger than I am now! I know Rectocele repairs can make the vagina narrower but the front wall of the vagina is attached to the pubic bone so is very different. Can anyone tell me how it was after your Cystocele repair?

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