Impotence? Lack Of Erection Due To Stress

Nov 2, 2011

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months now.  The sex (when it happens) is amazing!  However, let me backtrack a bit....Around the same time we got together, he also got a really important promotion at work, adding a ton of additional stress onto his already stressful job. We share an incredible chemistry but sometimes, when it comes down to intercourse, there is either a lack of erection or an erection that isn't cohesive to lovemaking:(  This isn't every time!  But the times it happens, I can't help but feel like its me.  He says its not me, but its only human nature for me to think it is.  I would totally marry this man and start a family!  But....what if this is what lies ahead for us?  Is this worth ending a relationship?  Is there a solution other than quitting his job?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Stress Causing The Impotence?

I have been reading up on alternatives for impotence because my husband has a problem in this area , I'm not sure if it's physical or emotional though , I recently read about this natural cure  but that would mean that it's from anxiety or stress. Can impotence be really caused
from stress?

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Headaches :: Due To Stress And Lack Of Sleep?

I'm 16 and consider myself to be quite healthy. About two weeks ago I started to get headaches that have been constant every day (I still have them now). The pain is quite dull, the pain is not so bad that I can't continue with my daily activities but it's still there. They also come and go. I don't wake up in the middle of the night because of them but I get them constantly throughout the day.

After a week of having these headaches I went to my doctor who suggested it was stress and lack of sleep (I have just started college) but I'm not so sure. He also suggested it could be eye strain and advised me to go get my eyes tested which I am going to soon. I am worried it could be a brain tumor or another serious illness. What do you think?

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Masturbation Causes Impotence In Men?

can masturbation cause impotence in men.

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Over Masturbation Causes Impotence?

does over masturbation causes impotence? or does it causes other sexual problems? how often a male should masturbate if it is not bad?

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Norvasc (amlodipine) Causes Impotence?

I started taking Norvasc (amlodipine) six months ago because my blood pressure was too high. I didn’t really have any visible problems that I could thought of were caused by high blood pressure, but it remained high even after I started watching my sodium intake and following the DASH diet. Since I’m 52 my doctor wanted to be on the safe side and prescribed me Norvasc.

Ever since I started taking this medication I’ve started having problems and now it seems as though I’m going through erectile dysfunction because of it. I haven’t been able to maintain an erection in over a month, but my doctor doesn’t really seem to be worried about that, telling me I still need to lower my blood pressure.

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Zocor (simvastatin) Causes Impotence?

I’m male, 42 years old and I’ve been having genetic problem with high levels of bad, LDL high cholesterol, in ranges between 250-270 over period of two years. The first statin medication I was prescribed was Crestor. It took me almost a year to convince my doctor that muscle and joint pain I’m experiencing because of Crestor are ruining my life completely.

So he took me off statins for a short period, just three months, and together with dietary changes, my LDL cholesterol levels were around 250. I was having a completely normal and healthy sex life. Then my doctor decided my levels are still too high and that I need another statin - Zocor  (simvastatin) and for the past six months I’ve been on Zocor, I’ve been having extreme erectile dysfunction.

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Impotence At 26 :: Excessive Sex/masturbation

I had a recent problem with my sexual life. I have always masturbated at least everyday of my life, and then I met this girl 2 months ago. We had great sex for over a month, and I see to it that she will be satisfied. I even force myself to come three times, although I can feel some extreme exhaustion on my part.

Then one night I masturbated, and I can feel a total drain of my energy. The next morning, I found out that would be the last night that I would masturbate. Now, I cannot feel any urge for sex, and my penis wont feel anything. It has been two weeks now that I cannot have an erection, like it is dead.

The anxiety and depression is killing me.

They advise that to do a reboot for a few months would help but I cant help to worry everyday. Because of this it has affected my outlook in llife.
I would blame it on my excessive masturbation.

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Hemorrhoids :: Impotence Or Any Penile Dysfunction?

I occasionally suffer from Hemorrhoids, and have been told that they can cause impotence.

Nothing I have read about Hemorrhoids seems to correlate with this, but it would but my mind at great ease if a medical professional could dispel the notion for me.

Or is there any link?

I have no problems getting it up-it lives in that state-but am worried about potential future problems.

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Impotence :: Low Sex Drive And Weight Gain

Here's what has been bugging me for a while. Namely, Im having occasional impotence problems and low sex drive. I also put on a few extra pounds which is also quite a turn off. I want to take up exercising in order to reduce my weight, and since I like cycling, I'm thinking about starting with it but the problem is that I don't know whether it can have some bad effect on my impotence. Any ideas?

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Medicine That Can Cause Male Impotence For Life?

Which is the medicine that can make a man impotence for the rest of his life

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Men :: Surgical Impotence With An Active Libido

I am a 71 year old male. About 14 years ago, I had a high rating on a PSA test, which lead to a twelve needle biopsy. The results were rated as a Gleason 8 tumor. My urologist said the type of prostate cancer I had was very aggressive and that we needed to take some action. At that time, I was told my options were radiation and/or surgery. Prostate cancer had occurred in both of my Grandfathers. My father had not come back from WWII so I had no information on him. However, I had done some research into what I would do if prostate cancer visited me. I opted for a radical prostatectomy. Both my urologist and the pathologist believed that the surgery got all the cancer, and saw no value in radiation. As it turned out, I have never had much of anything to speak of on any subsequent PSA tests. Oh joy and rapture. I am alive, and doing well with one exception. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, my wife and I had a very active sex life. We had been married for over 25 years and had engaged in some form of sex on an average of twenty or so times a month. When my wife learned of my cancer, she asked for a divorce. Following the surgery, I was impotent and of course could no longer ejaculate. On the advice of a crusty older nurse, God Bless her, I learned that I could masturbate to a sort of semi erection and achieve an orgasm. However I entered a period of depression and when I finally found my way out of it, I could no longer achieve an orgasm. Following a discussion with my urologist, I tried some injections directly into the penis that was supposed to result in an erection, but it was not satisfactory, and the whole idea of sticking a needle into my penis was not very appealing. My doctor then recommended an Osbon penis pump which cost a couple of hundred dollars. When I tried the pump, it sucked my scrotum into the pump cylinder and slammed a testicle into the pump cylinder. It hurt so bad I threw up. The pricey Osbon pump ended up in the garbage. So here I am. My libido has always been very high and seems to be getting higher as I age. I am still very attracted to women and, have no interest in a sexual relationship with men. I don't really care for the company of men all that much and never have. Between the internet and satellite TV, I am bombarded with pornography. While I do watch a fair amount of porn and sexually explicit shows on TV, it does nothing to assuage my libido. I hate sleeping alone, and I hate the notion of nothing but platonic relationships with women. Over the years I learned how to do a satisfactory job of performing oral sex, however, even the ladies of my age still want sexual intercourse in their lives and to be honest, I would not be interested in a women who did not want sex. I have been so lonely for female sexual companionship that I have met with several prostitutes, and it is nice to be able to touch and talk with an attractive nude woman, but then I have to go back to my empty lonely place. Is there any way that I could reestablish the ability to have orgasms? Does anyone have an ideas or information as to how I could achieve an erection and failing that, how do I shutdown my libido?

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Impotence :: Soft Erections - Cialis Is Not Working

I have a serious issue of impotence that i have been suffering from for quite some time now. From what i remember it started sometime around the age of 16 right after a bad car accident i was involved which shattered both my ankles & left me bedridden for about 6 months & i am now 22. I've been to a couple urologists but every doctor seems to think i have typical ED & prescribed me cialis. Even that doesn't help at all with having any type of successful intercourse. This problem has really taken a toll on my life & having any type of relationship. Even during masterbation it takes quite some time to obtain an erection. I honestly feel like i have absolutely no sex drive at all. In my younger years i had no problems at all obtaining an erection even with a simple hug but now i get as close to penetration & can barely even get an erection. I've read some threads on here that say it may be phycological more than physical. Which now im considering going to see a psychologist but i would like to see if anyone would be able to give me some more insight as to what may be going wrong.

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Fear Of Impotence :: Daily Masturbation For Years

I started masturbating at the age of 14, i still masturbating daily.At the age of 16, in a accident my one testes is removed after that also i cant control my mood, i still masturbating, but i have the doubt....can i able to give birth with one testes...I feeling very badly..

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Impotence :: Low Testosterone And Diminished Feeling In Penis

Has anyone besides me experienced low Testosterone and some "unusual" symptoms-loss of feeling when erection is attained, less pleasure and volume of orgasm, and in general less pleasure from sex? While psychologically, I am still "thrilled" at site of beautiful women and nudes, but the feeling is psychological mainly-almost no feeling "down there".

I take small amounts of Lamictal for mood stabilization and ace inhibitors and trilipix as I am recovered from morbid obesity-lost 93 lbs and measured body fat lost 135 lbs of fat! Am in late 40s and sex has been a "staple" since my 20s.

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Prostate Cancer :: Weak Stream And Impotence

I'm a 20 year old male.

I recently fingered myself, and I felt something unusual. I went all the way in with my entire index finger (around 3 inches deep). I felt a hard, kind of pointy bump. I'm not sure if this is my prostate or if it's fecal matter. I've fingered myself before, and every time I do it I feel this. I'm often constipated, so maybe it's fecal matter? I'm worried because I also have symptoms of prostate cancer like impotence and a weak stream when urinating. I was followed by a urologist who was not able to find a problem. She made me take Flomax to help me urinate better. I haven't take a Flomax pill for more than a year.

Note: I do not have a family history of prostate cancer, I am Caucasian. I have a normal weight.

I know I should probably go see my doctor and tell him about this but it's very embarrassing.

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Penis :: Impotence Caused By Excessive Masturbation And Porn

im 23 years Old ,,, i have been masturbating from last 8 years ... but from last 3 years i masturbated daily once or more times but not more than 4 times,.... most of the times i masturbated while watching porn.... ,,,,

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Male Impotence :: Penile Neuropathy Due To Complications Of Diabetes

I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and we've just started getting sexually active. He has confided in me that he has penile neuropathy due to complications of diabetes.

He's been to doctors and had tests done. The result is there is no problem with blood flow, it's nerve damage, the nerves don't transmit the signal to the penis to become fully erect. I've noticed the base does become semi erect but that's about it. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this and is there anything that will help such as over the counter medications like Cialis?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Impotence Causing Marital Issues

My wife starts hating me because I'm unable to give him pleasure. I'm afraid she founds elsewhere. The problem is due to impotence or erectile disorder. I've never seen a doctor because I've not used and I want to settle it all alone if possible.

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Impotence Drugs (viagra / Cialis) - Long Term Side Effects

I would like to start an honest and frank discussion as to the possible effects of impotence drugs such as Cialis and Viagra.

Do you feel that since using these medications your erections have improved or deteriorated?

If you have been prescribed these long term, do you now need to take a higher dose to achieve the same effects or has taking the medications improved matters so that they are no longer required?

What unrecorded or additional side effects have you experienced?

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Less Erection Of Penis Due To Low Testosterone

I am 24 years old. I was losing my weight , feel tired everytime. Fatigue in muscles every time. Lazy and very less concentration on things. Less erection of penis. Very less facial hair only weak mustache and chin hairs. Feel weak every time. Poor wound healing. Always depressed.

After noticing all these symptoms i searched on internet about the solution for these problems and found out that this can be due to low testosterone. I did my medical test and my serum testosterone level was 158 ng. Normal person in my age must have testo in between 260 and 1600 ng. I am very much conscious about my hormones.

I want to have some info and solutions to these. Can i go for a testosterone injections?

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