Levothyroxine Sodium :: Heat Rash, Allergies, Hay Fever Symptoms

Mar 24, 2009

I have been taking Levothyroxine for about 8 months now and since then I seem to be suffering from increasing allergies. I already suffered with Hay Fever during the months of May and June but suddenly I started being allergic to my rabbits. I knew I was allergic to their hay but not the rabbits themselves. The doctor gave me an inhaler for when I needed to use it if I inhaled some of the rabbit fur as I found I was struggling to breath. I then started to be very sneezy at night and in the mornings sometimes sneezing up to about 15 times which is quite wearing. Then my skin started to start feeling really itchy all the time. I went to the doctor and he said that it should not be down to the levothyroxine and prescribed me some antihistamines to take to see if that settled the allergies. I am now getting a heat rash which seems to appear when I exert some energy. I am not talking about a great deal of energy though just a brisk walk or so and the rash starts on my chest and raises up past my ears. Today the rash was even on my legs and my fingers swelled so much that I had to quickly remove my jewellery. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects

I think I have come to the conclusion that my pills levothyroxine is causing me to break out everywhere like my shoulders and face here is why I think it was them I was sick for three weeks stopped taking my pills and guess what everywhere I cleared up 

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Weight Shoots Up

I started to take levothyroxine last August for hypothyroidism. I have always been slim, no problems with weight UNTIL NOW. Since I started taking the medication my weight started to creep up. In six months I have put on a stone and my tummy is sticking out as if I'm pregnant. I have been on various internet sites to find out why this is happening and I can't find the answers. I believe it is the medication. I spoke to someone from British Thyroid Foundation and she was very rude and unhelpful. She insisted that it wasn't the medication. Well, I had no problems with weight for 35 years and all of a sudden when taking Levothyroxine my weight shoots up, there is something going wrong and I'm not at all happy.

This is very depressing. I feel are we all being tried out as guinea pigs and then in years to come they will admit to it.

Has anyone else had the same problem cos I'm at my wits end. I want to come off this medication its made me feel a lot worse than before.

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects - Hot And Then Cold Flushes, Burning Ears And Lips

I have many negative side effects from this drug. I recognise that some may be down to my having Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism but I think I am allergic to some of the medicine's contents. The medicine contains lactose and acacia. I know little about the latter but know that I have become lactose (as well as wheat) intolerant since being diagnosed (9 months ago) and given levo. Some side effects are - hot and then cold 'flushes', burning ears and lips, dizziness, continual headache. I have altered my diet and lifestyle to manage the condition as best as possible but cannot manage these side effects. Any help - or just sharing - very much welcomed. I wonder if there is an alternative drug on the NHS in the UK.

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Allergies :: Sore Throat With Fever And Chills

Male, 37, I have a frequent sore throat. Sore throat with feverish feeling / fever and chills, excess mucus and blocked nose. In addition gas, acidity with fatigue and weakness. This is going on for the last 14/15 years. It is decreasing the quality of my life.

In my childhood I have suffered with frequent tonsil infection or tonsillitis.

Is there any permanent cure ?

Is there any test to detect properly that which bacteria or virus is the culprit ?

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Allergies :: Rash Or Hives Only In USA

I am an Australian who has been travelling to USA annually for the last 6 years.

Every time I visit the USA, after approx 4 or 5 days I break out in itchy, red bumps (hives?) all over my torso and upper arms. The outbreak lasts as long as I stay in the USA, and subsides almost completely within 24-48hrs after returning to Australia.

I have stayed at different hotels each time, so I don't think bedding can be blamed, and there is not a particular food I believe triggers this...

What could it be in USA that I am so allergic to, that does not exist in Australia. I travel the world extensively for work and have not experienced the rash in any other region either.

Antihistamines (Benadryl) does not seem to help at all.

Is there some food additives/preservatives that are unique to USA that I may be sensitive to?

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Cramp And Heat Sensation In Back Of Lower Leg

for about a week i have had periodic "heat flashes" in the back of my right leg from the foot to the back of the knee.  Not painful, but odd sensation like hot compress being applied.  happens 8-10 times a day when i am sitting or standing.  Had a severe leg cramp, charlie horse, about 1 1/2 weeks ago so thought symptoms might be related.  went to my MD who told me no danger of blood clot (would be very severe pain, swelling, hot to touch).  said probably related to leg cramp and advised me to do more walking (i sit in an office chair all day) and to  do exercises consisting of pushing left down down as far as it will go for 5 seconds, then arching up for 5 seconds, for 10 times.  She likely due to spasms and  that hot flash is due to when blood vessels stop dilating (???). I will try this recommendation for one week and will let you know, but I am not very confident that this will work.This discussion is related to Strange feeling of heat in my leg.

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HIV :: ARS Rash And Fever

I had unprotected oral sex when she was menstruating (tampon used) and also received oral sex. I am not sure with how many people she sleeps with.  for intercourse condom was used. Condom was tested for no breakage later.

Now after two weeks I have epididymitis inflammation and hence lot of pain on my left testicle. I have given urethral swab for test of chlamydia and also urine for test.  I am waiting for results. I am taking ciprofloxacin and it already helped reduce pain on my testicle after two doses.

now i have been having mild fever (37.5 - 38.4)  ever since i started having the pain (two weeks after the exposure). also i have 3-4 rashes , dark purple (only one of them is big to the size of a bed bug) between my shoulder and elbow on my left arm. rest of the body seems fine.

irrespective of the probability that I may have caught chlamydia, is there any worry for HIV?

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HIV :: Having A Itchy Rash And Also Have Flu But Not Fever

My HIV test is negative after 5 months of possible risk but in 7 month I have itchy rash with little red bumps on back and also have flu but not fever, however there is a cold dry weather as well. Is this a possible symptoms of getting HIV?

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Low Fever And Rash In The Month After C-section

I was pregnant with my first child when the following happened;

- at 27 wks began to have multiple lymph nodes swollen along both sides of my neck

- low grade fever which was controlled by taking a paracetamol

- dark urine color

- at 28 wks I was admitted to hospital and started to have severe oedema

- blood results showed my uric acid, creatine and alk phosphate, ferritin, c-reactive were high - with WBC critically high

- Hemoglobin, RBC, platelet, Albumin was low

- I had difficulty breathing (constant heart rate of 135), a scan of my heart showed it was lacking liquid

- blood pressure was fine

- Baby was taken out via c-section at 28.5 weeks where my condition worsened before starting to get better

- in the month after baby was taken out I continued to have low grade fever and developed a rash

- My blood work returned to normal in 2 months after being admitted to hospital with steroids

The doctors never found out what the cause was, please advise if you have heard of a similar case?

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Viral Infections :: Fever Of 102+ And A Rash That Felt Like A Bruise

My husband woke up with ice cold hands and feet last night and was shivering like crazy with a temp of 99.7. At about 1:30 pm, he came home with a fever of 102+. He also has a rash on his leg that is hot the touch and he says it feels like a bruise.

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Viral Infections :: Fever Broke And I Woke Up Sweating With A Red Rash

Last night I started getting a cold, so I took a shower and went to bed. On the middle of the night my fever broke and I woke up sweating really badly. Well I noticed an itchy sensation by my pubic area and when I looked I had a red rash all on my pubic area up to parts of the hair on my stomach. I even have a small rash on my thigh. It looks like it's only where hair is at. It is like bright red and it feels like it might have something in it, like you can feel the rash. I was hoping you could give me an idea of what it is?

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HIV Prevention :: Persistent Sore Throat, Not Strep, No Fever Or Rash?

Almost exactly 30 days ago I had unprotected insertive vaginal sex with a woman I might categorize as low risk.  Until this encounter I have only been with my wife (high school sweethearts).  The woman in question is from northern Minnesota, white, in her 40s.   I'm also in my 40s, white, also from rural Minnesota.  For the past three weeks I've had sore throat, slightly swollen lymph nodes on my neck.   No fever, no rash.  Checked for strep, came back negative.   I've confessed to my wife who appears willing to stay with me.   I'm scheduled for HIV testing next week (4th generation).   I have an appointment with ENT, but not for another month.   In the meantime my anxiety level is quite high....I don't necessarily feel fatigued, or flu like.   But the last couple of days my appetite has disappeared, which may be due to the anxiety.   I am worried because the sore throat and slightly swollen lymph nodes have lasted this long without knowing the cause....Can't be cold, shouldn't last this long.   Allergies?  I take Zyrtec every day and seem pretty clear.   Not much sinus congestion at all.  Tonsillitis?   One does appear a bit enlarged.  All of a sudden?   Seems coincidental.   Near panic as I wait for my test....any possible reassurance to help get me through this weekend?  Mono perhaps?

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Sulfasalazine Reaction :: Rash Head To Foot, Fever And Swelling

Just out of hospital after having experienced a dreadful reaction to Sulfasalazine. Had been taking it in total for just 6 weeks, experienced the nausea, bloating & generally feeling rough. Then wow, did I have a rash head to foot, fever and swelling. My whole body swelled up & I had to be admitted to hospital in a bit of a hurry as my tongue/airway was swelling to. ? over damage to liver. Have had blood taken every day, liver scan & am now on steroids to combat all the nasty effects.

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Hypothyroidism :: Ongoing Symptoms Despite Levothyroxine

After many years struggling with ongoing Hypothyroid symptoms, despite continuous treatment with Levothyroxine (125 mg daily) I came up the plethora of information, mainly from the USA challenging the efficacy of the current tendency of GPs to test only T4 and TSH Levels and to prescribe only Synthetic Thyroid Medications (like Levothyroxine) despite evidence that people so treated continued to suffer from many Hypothyroid symptoms. I asked my own Doctor- apparently, tests for T£ levels are "very expensive" and so won't be offered on the NHS, and even if I had private blood tests done, he wouldn't be able to prescribe additional T3 (Cytomel) or Natural Thyroid Extract for my condition. So, I'm left with a choice- self medicate, buying these products from possibly "dodgy" online sources, or continue to take my Levothyroxine and suffer from ongoing symptoms in silence. Not a great choice, is it? I'd be interested to hear about fellow sufferers experiences and advice, please, on what I should do.

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Rhinitis :: Terrible Hay Fever With Both Nose And Eye Symptoms

I get terrible hay fever with both nose and eye symptoms. However, I find that if I take a steroid nasal spray it not only clears my nose symptoms, but my eye symptoms are very much eased too without the need to take eye drops!

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All Shingles Symptoms But NO Rash?

I had classic shingles symptoms but never got the rash (and my doctor diagnosed as shingles).  Left side only, numbness, itching pain on one side of my neck/shoulder.  Antivirals reduced pain and itchiness but I still remain totally numb there and occasionally having itching or slight pain at 8 weeks out.

Now my lips and the end of my tongue feel different...not numb or painful but just different enough that I notice it. I am trying not to be a hypochondriac...but it worries me that it is not Shingles and something more neurological- MS...etc... My gut tells me this is all related to the shingles but.... 

Has anyone else had a similar experience with symptoms like these? 

My understanding that blood tests are fairly inconclusive..

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HIV Rash Stays And Appears In New Places When All Other Symptoms Are Gone?

20 days after exposure (I received and given oral (with precum in my mouth) to man) I have pretty huge rash on my left arm and leg.

6 days after exposure I had sore throat. And 16 days after exposure I had a runny nose and fever (37,3C – 99F) for 3 days.

Now my temperature is 36,6C – 97,8F and a red huge rash on my left arm leg.

Does HIV rash stays and appears in new places when all other symptoms are gone?

The man I had sex with says he tested before 4 months and he was negative.

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Menopause :: Do Mild Hot Flashes Feel Like You Have A Fever Without A Fever?

I previously posted about my night sweats but now I have a new symptom. Mostly in the morning, my forehead and sometimes my face feels hot but I don't have a fever. In fact my temp. will be a degree below normal. My body will feel a little warm but not as much as my face and forehead. Does this sound like mild hot flashes?

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Alcoholism :: Sweating All Day Long And Can't Tolerate Heat

I am a 42 yr. old female who started drinking at about 31 yrs. old. I started drinking the 5 litre boxes of wine and by 2 yrs. in I was drinking at least 2 of those boxes of wine a week. Present day I am drinking about 2 bottles of vodka a week for about 2 years now. I do not drink during the day. For awhile now I have had really bad night sweats and now I am sweating all day long and I can't tolerate heat. Would not drinking during the day cause this? Maybe menopause? I have had the basic blood work done recently and for my liver, all came back normal. Is my body trying to get rid of toxins?

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Hip Replacement :: Hyaluronic Sodium Injections - Do They Hurt ?

Had my hip replacement in June last year, then had a second fall and broke my right wrist, seriously damaged knee ligaments and damaged my ankle all on the right side, spent until December in a wheelchair, I can now walk with crutches. Saw the specialist this morning and he has prescribed 4 weeks I'd hyaluronic sodium injections for the knee, has anyone had these into the knee joint and do they hurt

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