Hip Replacement :: Hyaluronic Sodium Injections - Do They Hurt ?

Mar 28, 2016

Had my hip replacement in June last year, then had a second fall and broke my right wrist, seriously damaged knee ligaments and damaged my ankle all on the right side, spent until December in a wheelchair, I can now walk with crutches. Saw the specialist this morning and he has prescribed 4 weeks I'd hyaluronic sodium injections for the knee, has anyone had these into the knee joint and do they hurt

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Age To Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

I was at the mall yesterday and Nivea went around offering these free skin tests, so I got one. I have pretty dry skin. I'm 36. I have read quite a bit about hyaluronic acid and think that perhaps it has the potential to hydrate my skin, so I asked whether they had that at Nivea. The lady said yes, they have a serum, but it should only be used from age 40. They recommended some other anti-age range for dry skin to me, not hyaluronic acid. 

So this leaves me being baffled really. Is there any truth to the idea that hyaluronic acid is not for people under 40, or was the lady wrong?

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects

I think I have come to the conclusion that my pills levothyroxine is causing me to break out everywhere like my shoulders and face here is why I think it was them I was sick for three weeks stopped taking my pills and guess what everywhere I cleared up 

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Weight Shoots Up

I started to take levothyroxine last August for hypothyroidism. I have always been slim, no problems with weight UNTIL NOW. Since I started taking the medication my weight started to creep up. In six months I have put on a stone and my tummy is sticking out as if I'm pregnant. I have been on various internet sites to find out why this is happening and I can't find the answers. I believe it is the medication. I spoke to someone from British Thyroid Foundation and she was very rude and unhelpful. She insisted that it wasn't the medication. Well, I had no problems with weight for 35 years and all of a sudden when taking Levothyroxine my weight shoots up, there is something going wrong and I'm not at all happy.

This is very depressing. I feel are we all being tried out as guinea pigs and then in years to come they will admit to it.

Has anyone else had the same problem cos I'm at my wits end. I want to come off this medication its made me feel a lot worse than before.

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High Sodium Levels And Addison's Disease?

Curious if anyone knows what it means to have high sodium levels and Addison's disease? My sodium levels came back at 238 I've had more testing done but this one was the more extreme in numbers.

Anyone else have high sodium results?

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Parkinson :: Bad Tremors - Sodium Valproate / Lovan?

I suffered severe depression and anxiety and began to get bad tremors around 6 months ago, this was a first for me. My psychiatrist and GP thought it was because I was taking Sodium Valproate which is a mood stabiliser, however I have now come off that (still taking antidepressants, 80mg Lovan daily) but I still have the tremors.

My GP suggested Parkinson's but that I shouldn't have the brain scan now because medicare are not covering them.

Could anyone give me their thoughts on what I should look for in Parkinson's other than the tremors?

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Heat Rash, Allergies, Hay Fever Symptoms

I have been taking Levothyroxine for about 8 months now and since then I seem to be suffering from increasing allergies. I already suffered with Hay Fever during the months of May and June but suddenly I started being allergic to my rabbits. I knew I was allergic to their hay but not the rabbits themselves. The doctor gave me an inhaler for when I needed to use it if I inhaled some of the rabbit fur as I found I was struggling to breath. I then started to be very sneezy at night and in the mornings sometimes sneezing up to about 15 times which is quite wearing. Then my skin started to start feeling really itchy all the time. I went to the doctor and he said that it should not be down to the levothyroxine and prescribed me some antihistamines to take to see if that settled the allergies. I am now getting a heat rash which seems to appear when I exert some energy. I am not talking about a great deal of energy though just a brisk walk or so and the rash starts on my chest and raises up past my ears. Today the rash was even on my legs and my fingers swelled so much that I had to quickly remove my jewellery. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Levothyroxine Sodium :: Side Effects - Hot And Then Cold Flushes, Burning Ears And Lips

I have many negative side effects from this drug. I recognise that some may be down to my having Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism but I think I am allergic to some of the medicine's contents. The medicine contains lactose and acacia. I know little about the latter but know that I have become lactose (as well as wheat) intolerant since being diagnosed (9 months ago) and given levo. Some side effects are - hot and then cold 'flushes', burning ears and lips, dizziness, continual headache. I have altered my diet and lifestyle to manage the condition as best as possible but cannot manage these side effects. Any help - or just sharing - very much welcomed. I wonder if there is an alternative drug on the NHS in the UK.

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Partial Knee Replacement After Total Hip Replacement

I've had a thr April 2015 and was recovering well then both knees went and I was back in Crutches again. I had an arthroscopy and it was found I need the knee caps have to be repaired as i'm bone on bone. Has anyone had this procedure? Im also lined up for the other hip to be replaced as well. Im 53 and a bit worried.

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Sigmoidoscopy :: Does It Really Hurt

I have been called up for a flexible sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks and not getting sedated but my mate said i should be as she went through it and it was so painful so i'm not worried sick i have had a barium enema and i found that to be uncomfortable but not painfull so could this test be worse than that coz if so i will be demanding to be put to sleep i suffer with enough pain down there.

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Orthopedics :: Hurt Rib

I have had a chronic cough for 4 weeks now and still coughing. Just yesterday after I coughed, my right side rib was hurting alot. It hurts to move, breathe, and cough. The pain also goes to my back on the right side and up to my armpit. Is it possible that I have cracked a rib from coughing too hard?

Thank you,

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Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt When You Get Induced?

Does it hurt when you get induced?, I'm just curious.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt To Be Induced?

So I'm a first time mom... I'm 38 weeks today... I'm thinking of being induced at 39+1 days pregnant... does it hurt when they induce you and how do they induce you?

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Testicles :: Hurt On Walking

my testicles hurt. it only hurts when i walk but it doesn't hurt a lot. when i just in my chair or bed it doesn't hurt.

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Hurt And Bleeding After Having Sex First Time

i had unprotected sex and lost my virginity since after i have light bleeding every time i go to the loo. what is it?

i finished my period on a friday and forgot to take the pill i then had sex on the sun morning am i covered or can i still get pregnant? He didnt cum inside me and it only lasted a min cos it hurt too much.

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Top Of My Uterus Hurt When I Sit Or Stand?

For a while now (today I'm 35 weeks) when I stand longer than 20/30mins, the top of my uterus hurts. I don't know why. And past 2 days I've had a sharp pain that lasts seconds on the top of my uterus when I sit or stand or try to stand up. Why?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Does It Hurt When You Lose Your Much Plug

Hi im 35 weeks with my second pregnancy first pregnancy my water didn't break neither did I lose my mucus plug,I was induce.. so I have a curiosity in knowing does it hurt when you lose your much plug?

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Pregnancy :: Ribs Hurt (35 Weeks)

35 weeks and all up in my ribs!

Anyone elses baby putting pressure on your ribs?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Walking - Can It Hurt The Baby?

Can it hurt the baby? I went walking on The National Harbor & it was a fairly long walk... sort of, idk. But, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. I felt little pains near my pelvic area, but I think I also feel some kicks so maybe everything is fine.

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Gestational Diabetes Can Hurt Your Baby

So I went to see the specialist today and let me say first off I was devastated when I found out I had it last week Wednesday ftm @33wks bc it doesn't run in my family and I never had it before. But listening and talking to the specialist it's not that bad and my scoring wasn't bad at all either just by a couple points but I realize that if you just go by the diet and that the things they give you that everything will be ok. But I didn't realize that having high sugars can literally make the babies heart stop at no matter what week you are she's seen it at happen to a lady at 38wks :( that hurt my heart. Bc I don't understand how mothers to be can't follow and do what they have to do for the time being of your pregnancy in order for you  and your child to remain healthy . But I pray daily so I have confidence . Everything will be ok !

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Years Of Masturbation Can Hurt Fertility?

I am a teenager and I started masturbating a year ago. I want to quit because I feel guilty and most importantly it goes against my religion. I was wondering if I quit would it hurt my fertility in say about 10 years?

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