Lymphoma :: Lump Near Left Shoulder Extending To Collarbone

Jan 1, 2016

I am a 23 year old female. A week ago I was rubbing my neck when I noticed a swelling near my left shoulder extending down to my collarbone. The swelling is quite visible and I can see my right collar bone in the mirror but not my left one.

After palpating the swelling, I felt something hard and big and higher up on the base of my neck there was another hard "ball" that was smaller. I know these are probably my lymph nodes but I am concerned about the swelling and the fact that it is hard to the touch. The swelling is painless by the way, even when I press it. I don't know how long its been there for and I only discovered it by mistake a week ago.

I know that lymph nodes general swell up when an infection is present but I haven't been sick with the flu or anything in a long time. I have noticed a burning sensation at the back of my left shoulder and I feel a tingling/numbing sensation down my left arm sometimes but prior to finding this swelling I never thought much of it.

Besides this, I have had an itchy rash for a bit over a year now, I've been to several dermatologists and been told that I have chronic urticaria for unknown reasons and I should just take antihistamines to relieve the intense itching. Otherwise I am perfectly healthy with no other symptoms. I am starting to worry about this swelling and will be making an appointment to see my GP asap. What should I expect when I see him? I don't want to take antibiotics because I don't have any symptoms of an infection whatsoever.

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Shoulder :: Collarbone Replacement?

I'm 34 years young but my body is aging faster than I am. In 2007 I separated my shoulder joint while at work. It wasn't diagnosed until 2013 when I finally got a dr who listened to me. I did PT and also had surgery that year. Surgery also cleaned up my partially torn rotator cuff and got my bone spur that was fraying a ligament out. Last year (a year after surgery) I started having issues again. My dr wanted to throw me into PT as well as ortho but I refused because I'm so over PT after spending 6-9 months before & after that surgery. I just found out that nearly half of my collar bone was removed to repair that joint separation and because my shoulder/joint is lacking support the muscles over my scapula are basically permanently strained. PT would've been a waste of time. I can do range of motion exercises & meds. I need to check into NSAIDs because I have stage III kidney disease so I'm supposed to limit my NSAID use. Right now I have to go in 1-2 times per month for Toradol to treat migraines. We think the kidney disease is because prior to being diagnosed with my separated shoulder in 2013 and until surgery I was taking 800mg of Advil 3x/day (max dose). At one point I won't be able to lift my elbow to my shoulder. Once that happens I can get steroid injections. As it is, I can't lift my arm above my head for more than 1-2 minutes without extreme pain. I suspect the steroid injections could be in my near future. So...can that collarbone be replaced? Do I have any surgical options or any options? Or are these really it?

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Neurology :: Lump Above My Collarbone, What Could It Be?

I'm a 15 yr old girl and I have found 2 lumps on my neck about 2 inches above my collarbone on my right side about a week ago. They are painless and immovable, and they have grown in size slightly since i noticed them. One is about 1cm in diameter and the other is about 2.5cm in diameter. I also have a long lasting headache, dizzy spells, slight chest tightness (worse when lying down), itchiness of my upper back, quickly losing weight (5kg this week) and extreme fatigue. What could this be? Should I be worried?

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Lump On Right Groin. Could It Be Lymphoma?

I went to bed last night, I felt a lump on the right side of my groin. I immediately began to panic (still am 12 hours later!) and have convinced myself I probably have cancer. The lump doesn't hurt, is hard, and doesn't move when I touch it. I'm too scared to tell anyone, especially my mum because I know she'll start to freak out.

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Lump In Neck With Migraines And Sweats

I feel a lot of annoying pain in my neck best way to relate is a stiffness a lump looks like a swelled up the ENT said it was around 2 cm  more long that wide close to the right side of jaw line but the top of the neck not too close to my ear but I've had terrible migraines on my right side as we'll night sweats loss of appetite, tiredness ,  the ENT sent me for a blood test for mono but my throat isn't sore and  I am a little achy but I'm trying to not freak out waiting on the blood test if I don't have mono next is cat scan and ultra sounds....

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Pea Size Lump On Right Side Of Neck

I found a pea size lump on my right side of neck in between my ear and collar bone but more close to collar bone. It does not hurt when I touch it but I have been touching it too much it causes the area to hurt. When I feel it it feels like it's on my neck muscle. I'm scared of what it could be. It's giving me anxiety and I just want to know if anyone else has had this or knows what it could be. I felt this a couple days ago I'm not sure how long I've had it but I did come down with a cold a couple days ago and a fever etc and I also had minor ear pain and my wisdom tooth seems to be a bit inflamed I can tell on my cheek. It might be from that but not sure.  I'm taking antibiotics for the last couple days but ts still here. Not sure what to do I want to stop worrying.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Bilateral (left And Right)

I have bilateral frozen shoulder - idiopathic.  Several professionals have stated my left is "severely affected".  Right is manageable and seems to be on recovery but full ROM is not there yet.  Ortho is considering MUA with a scope to clip any scar tissue on the left.  I'm wondering what is the true pain level of this surgery?  How soon after were you to "functioning"?  I have 3 kids (9, 6 and 3). 

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A Purple Hard Lump On My Left Ear

I have a lump on my left ear, I've had it for a couple of weeks now and when I push it it hurts. It has now moved further up my ear towards the top of my cheekbone. The lump is hard. When I fist noticed it it was purple but it has no gone back to it normal colour but hasn't gone just moved.

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Vision / Eye Disorders :: Lump In My Left Eye

I have a big lump in my left bottoms eyelid. It hurts to press and it's never happens before. Its about 0.7mm across and it is bigger than usual.

I have no cysts in my eyes or never had anything wrong with them. Should I be worried or not and what should I do now?

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Lump On The Outer Side Of My Left Testicle

I'm 16 and for the last few months I felt a lump on the outer side of my left testicle. Its not like it hurts or   swollen like what I hear to look for in article and videos I seen. But the lump concerns me and I feel pain on my caves  that feel like its being pulled. The lump might be nothing it could be a bug bite that I'm thinking to hard into.

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Found A Big And Sore Lump Under My Left Armpit

I am a 27 year old male and i have found a lump under my left armpit it feel big and sore what could it be, cancer is very high in my family my mom died aged 62 from cancer and my father is fighting it at the mine, what could it be?

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Hard Red Lump On Left Labia Minora

Recently I felt some irritation on my left inner labia, nothing major just some general irrigation. For the last 3 days I've been at my boyfriend's and we've been having intercourse about twice a day, there is now a clear hard bump a little smaller than a pea on my labia that isn't painful just uncomfortable, it is pretty red and is localized to this one spot. It feels as if there is something hard underneath the skin like a pimple or a cyst. What could this be?

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Lymphadenopathy :: Hard, Painless Lump On The Left Side Of My Neck

I am 39 years old. I have a lump about one and a half to two centimetres in size on the left side of my neck midway between my ear and collar bone. It has been there for at least over a year and a half, possibly longer. It is hard (feels like a round bone) and painless, even when firmly pressed. There is no colouration or abnormality on the skin above or around the lump. I have seen several doctors at the same hospital here in Japan where I live (they keep referring me to different departments within the same hospital), all of whom say it is either a schwannoma or a lymph node tumor. They also tell me that there is a high risk of performing a biopsy (needle or open) because there are a lot of nerves in the area of the neck where the lump is located. All of this has also been explained to me in either low-level English, or fast Japanese which I am not good at. It has been extremely frustrating, as I feel I haven't received a great explanation of any diagnoses or what my options are. I have been referred once again to another doctor, this time in the ENT department, by a doctor in the oncology department whom I saw today, my 4th visit (and department!) to date.

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Rock Solid Non Movable Lump Behind My Left Side Teeth

I've had a maybe tooth sized lump on the roof of my mouth behind my left side teeth. I've had this many years and also a smaller one on the other side. I have another lump i can feel under my right ear. I feel my right ear canal is noticeably more closed than the left and this side of jaw alwaysclicks loudly whenever I open it over halfway and close. Both ears are very often itchy on the inside. I don't have pain. I often get a dry throat and feel like vomiting especially in the morning. I wen't to my GP but feel I wasn't taken seriously as I have a history of anxiety. Any explanation to whats going on in this area? They are not visible

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Frozen Shoulder :: Pain Pattern - Left Sided Chest Pain?

i've just been diagnosed with FS. severe shoulder/neck (left side and back of neck) pain with very little arm/shoulder movement range.

however, can anyone say, if it's 'normal' for FS to cause left-sided chest . chest pain that radiates to shoulder blade, down (L) arm, elbow, wrist, palm of hand, up the left side of neck, ear & face culminating in a hemi -cranial headache?

whilst i know the scapula, elbow,wrist & palm are pretty classic of FS, however, i'm worried re the chest pain/left sided neck, ear pain & headache. it fluctuates throughout the day and is worst in the pm & at night. i did have an ambulatory ECG some 9 ago. it was considered within the normal limits. that was before to-days diagnosis. my GP made a v. quick diagnosis based on 3 arm movements this evening and wasn't interested in the chest pain aspect.

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Hard Lump On Left Knee Slightly Bigger Than A Golf Ball

I have a hard lump just below and on the right of my left knee slightly bigger than a golf ball. It feels like a bone but i don't have one on the other knee. It doesn't hurt but it is noticeable especially when my leg is straight. Any ideas on what it is?

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Cancer :: Hard (bone-like) Lump On The Left Side Of My Nasal Bridge?

I developed a hard (bone-like) lump on the left side of my nasal bridge 3 weeks ago after falling asleep on my couch. It's very painful and aches all the time, even without touching it. It's grown a bit bigger as the weeks have gone by.

Now, I have developed symptoms of a sinus infection and chest infection, that won't go away.

I'm constantly tired and my immune system is the lowest it's ever been, seeing as in the last few months, I've needed an operation to remove a pilonidal sinus, my appendix and some ovarian cysts (that were haemorrhaging), and straight after, this!

Other symptoms include -
A loss of appetite
Weight loss
Just feeling blue all the time
Pain under my left eye
Very large lymph nodes in my neck

Is it cancer? Especially if I did nothing to aggravate the bump??

I'm a 19 year old girl, who doesn't smoke or drink.

I would love to know if other people are experiencing this, or if anyone can help me figure out what this is, because I'm sick of being sick and of being in hospital, and would like to get on with life.

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Painful Golf Ball Sized Lump On The Inside Of My Left Vaginal Outer Lip

For a few days now i've had this very painful golf ball sized lump on the inside of my left vaginal outer lip. I've tried heating pads and warm baths but it seems to not surface or go away. It is very hard and seems to have a fever. It has become very difficult to walk or even get up. Even when I'm laying down, it feels so uncomfortable and hurts. I can't even sit down properly.

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Heart :: Chest Pain, Left Shoulder Pain And Jaw Pain

I saw a cardiologist in september of last year and he assured me everything was normal. I see a cardiologist every few years to check on my arrhythmia that has been a pain in the butt for years.

I am 28 year old female. I have been having pain in my left chest, left shoulder and right jaw for about 5 days now. Yesterday, I went to the ER because it felt like someone was stabbing me in between my shoulder blades and I couldn't catch my breath.

They did a rapid EKG and a blood test when I walked in the door. The nurse said, I doubt anything is wrong with your heart its probably an ulcer or something. So they took me to a room and got me settled in. The doctor comes in a tells me my blood test showed that I either had a heart attack or I am going to have a heart attack!! Really?!?? Totally started freaking.

They re-ordered the blood tests twice after that. They came back normal. Both of my EKGS were normal and a CT scan with contrast of my chest came back normal. They sent me home.

I am still freaking out. My left arm/shoulder is really sore. I am trying to re-assure myself that nothing is wrong or else they wouldn't let me leave, right?
I just need re-assurance to trust the doctors and not let my mind go to that place....What could be the problem?

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Shoulder Rotator Cuff :: Frozen Shoulder - Constant Pain

I have a 'Frozen Shoulder'.

This was caused by an inoperative Humerus shoulder fracture because the orthopedic surgeon found an infection in my bone during surgery. ( I fell back on 10/6/14) Doctors were baffled how I ended up with an infection since I had no cuts and was in perfect health before I fell.
Surgeon put a drain in and closed me up. I was in a sling for 2 1/2 months and on IV antibiotics for over a month.

Dec 14 I started Physical Therapy, 3xs a week. Along with exercises at home. I have little ROM. Very stiff. Extreme tightness.

I have constant pain from the back of my shoulder to my elbow, bicep. muscles. The little knots are quite painful. I push, squeeze to ease the pain. Massaging the shoulder / arm eases it just for a bit.

Due to the infection that was found in my bone during surgery, three ortho surgeons said they will not operate on my shoulder.
Intensive therapy is all they said I need.

Ortho surgeon will not prescribe pain medication.

My primary care physician prescribed 10mg oxycodone which I cut in half. I only take a full pill when I have physical therapy. Scared what will happen when I run out of pills. Doubt my Dr will refill the prescription. (sad face)

I have tried Aleve, Excedrin, Advil, which doesn't help the pain. I even mixed them with benadryl to sleep. But that didn't help either.

Do to Medicare amount allotted for physical therapy, I can only go a certain amount of times. Which now, I only have a few more visits to go.
Been going to PT for about 3 months and haven't seen any improvement. This is really horrible!

PT said he will teach me what I can do at home and that I could pay $30 a visit if I wanted to.

But personally, I feel it would be wasting my money since I would be paying him just to rub my arm for 10 minutes since I do the same exercises at home. I bought a door pulley and therabands.

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Anxiety :: 25 With Chest, Collarbone, And Neck Discomfort

Have discomfort in collar bone, left side of left breast, sometimes up my left side of neck. Also have random increase in heart rate. This has been going on for 3 years now. Have had 2 EKG's, 2 chest X-rays, an Echocardiogram, blood work, and wore a heart monitor for 48 hours. Everything came back fine. Was diagnosed with high blood pressure and very low amount of PVC's. On a beta blocker and a blood pressure medication, which have helped but still have these issues. I'm only 25 so going through this really has me worried. Any ideas on what this could be?

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