Magnesium Supplements Useful In Raynaud's?

Feb 7, 2015

I read on the RSA website that Magnesium supplements may be useful in Raynaud's. Anyone got experience of using it, and how much to take?

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Menopause :: Magnesium Supplements To Help Insomnia / Restlessness?

I've been reading a lot of ladies posts about insomnia and restlessness at bedtime.  I'm murder:  my legs seem to have a mind of their own, they're all over the place!

I think I probably sleep better some nights than I imagine. But I suppose as I can sometimes get up for a wee up to 5 times a night at certain times of the month, I deem 2 trips to the bathroom in the night a good kip!

Well someone suggested Magnesium Citrate to help with insomnia.  I did a little Google research and found it could be good for a myriad of my Peri symptoms, not least the restless legs and bouts of insomnia.

My husband and son are pretty fit and go to the gym 4 times a week. Both have had occasional bouts of cramp and now my ol' man has a problem just above his achilles tendon area (hoping its a torn muscle above). 

Well, my point here is that it would appear that Magnesium may help them with their problems too! 

I'm taking Menopace Original for B&D Vits.  Notice it has 100mg of Magnesium too.  I read that women's RDA for Magnesium is 350mg, so I'll supplement my Menopace dose with the tablets I got today.

Oh, and before I forget, it also talks about helping digestive transit, which is great seeing as most every month I change my name to Mrs Constipated.  At this rate I'll be swinging from the chandelier in no time!!

I'll report back in a week or so to give it time to work - or not. Be nice to hear from anyone else who's had good results with Magnesium.

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Restless Legs Syndrome :: Does Magnesium Help?

Does magnesium help? I need to be careful not to take anything with iron in due to my haemochromatosis.

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Prozac For Two Weeks - Calms Magnesium With It?

My downfall is my dizziness / lightheadedness

I'm 22 with no life. I would love it back. 

Been on them 2 weeks. 

Can you take calms magnesium with it? As I want to try it? 

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Alternative Medicine :: Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

I've read a lot that mag is even more important than overloads of calcium, which can cause calcium deposits for just one issue....

Enough mag is needed for best calcium absorption. Then there is the Vit D deficiency......lots of deficiencies.

I don't know if any/many here are up on this mineral and how it could be related to fractures and all the hip issues many are challenged with.

I've been taking MORE mag than calcium for some years now, even though docs push calcium and don't even discuss mag....that's conventional medicine for you.

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Menopause :: Insomnia Due To Magnesium Supplement In Perimenopause

I have been using magnesium and calcium for a while now, they work well together.. However i switched to calcium and Vit D ( Natecal ) chewable ..

no longer having the magnesium ... 

then i started effervescant magnesium ... i always take this by dropping in a glass of water, they range from lemon - orange flavour etc..

what I want to share is, as I have been an insomniac all through peri etc, I have  found that the effervescant form of magnesium, that you fizz and drink has totally relaxed me before sleep, i find myself in a lovely relaxed mood, and ready for slumber ... 

Since this little difference, i have been researching magnesium and it also helps, tightened muscles, headaches, aches and pains..

worth a try ugh ? Drink it 30 mins before you go to bed ...

Magnesium has many benefits to good health, one of them being its action as an effective natural sleep aid.  James F. Balch, M.D., author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, writes: “A lack of the nutrients magnesium and calcium will cause you to wake up after a few hours and not be able to return to sleep.”  

Chronic insomnia that occurs with frequent night time awakenings is one of the main symptoms of magnesium deficiency.  

On the other hand, a high magnesium diet has been found to be associated with deeper, less interrupted sleep. This was proven in a study done by James Penland at the Human Nutrition Research Center in North Dakota.

Mildred Seelig, M.D., the leading medical researcher on magnesium says: “Many people needlessly suffer pain – including fibromyalgia, migraines and muscle cramps – because they don’t get enough magnesium.”

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center web site, inadequate magnesium also appears to reduce serotonin levels in the brain.  

One study found that magnesium was just as effective as an antidepressant drug in treating depression.  In addition, researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute reported that for every 100 milligram increase in magnesium intake, the risk of developing type-2 diabetes decreased by 15 per cent.  

Other studies have shown that people with migraine headaches have low concentrations of magnesium in their body.

i intend to post more magnesium finding as i find them 

this I totally second this info above as I really noticed a difference after taking effervescent magnesium before bed , and my curiosity lead me to find out more ..

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Epsom Salts (magnesium) Baths For A Good Night Sleep

I've been having magnesium baths for a while (epsom salts). I do get anxiety and not only do the baths calm me, it really helps with a good night sleep, aching muscles but the next morning helps with going to the loo too!

it is thought to be a natural detox too, help rid of toxins from your body (deodorant chemicals etc)

I buy a 25kg bag as its significantly cheaper but you can get smaller bags just to try.

i have 3 a week and add about 300-400g per bath and submerge as much of my body as i can for at least 20mins.

magnesium is a natural mineral which our body needs. You can make a drink with it apparently which is a VERY effective laxative (I haven't done this)

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Depression :: Choline & Inositol, Theanine Tablets, Omega3 Fish Oil, 5-HTP, Magnesium, Taurine,

I'm just wondering could someone provide me with specific information on these products.  I was reading about them online and found that they help with the problems i suffer with by helping re- balance the brain chemistry. But i couldn't find if they are safe to take all together, which i plan on doing maybe not at once but throughout the day. Some people online said they done it and it works. But I'd rather get expert advice or get info from people that know their stuff.

I suffer from really low moods, low confidence, self esteem issues, depression, high levels of stress whereby i feel "wired" which results in my sense's i.e hearing, sight etc.. being really sensitive and acute( not a very nice feeling to experience) , my thought process also goes 90 like my brain wont switch off, when I'm down or stressed, also i have social and a general anxiety disorder.

some days I've no energy to do anything let alone get out of bed. recently for the past month I've only been sleeping 4 hours or less a day.

Even though i feel wrecked throughout the day and i try to take a nap. I cant go back to sleep untill 10 or 11 that night and then wake up at 4.

I plan on fixing this naturally instead of anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, etc... which I've tried before, which i don't like.

Therefore I plan on taking:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

5-HTP -50mg

Magnesium - 250mg, then 100mg later in the day to keep the tiredness, low energy away

Taurine - 500mg

Choline & Inositol - 500mg

Theanine - 200mg

(i.e. measurements are one tablet each)

Just wondering should i cut some out? only take half a tablet for some? what time should i take them? anyone try this combination before?

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Could It Be Raynaud's Syndrome?

I am 14 nearly 15 years old and for as long as I can remember i have had this problem and my father also has the same problem but I seem to have it on a much larger scale.

My feet do not warm up naturally, even in bed at night they are freezing cold and if it is cold outside my feet are purple and I have very blotchy looking skin on them and my hands, when they are like this they look like the feet of a dead person.

Also, when it is cold, my hands go white, purple, and then bright red. They are numb during this and when they become bright red, my fingers swell slightly and it looks like they are about to burst. Also at this point, if I touch my hands or fingers together, they will sting and the pain is unbearable, it feels like stepping into a hot bath after being in the snow all day, but 10x worse.

I haven't yet been to see a doctor although I know I probably should. The problem with my hands doesn't affect me unless it is unusually cold, mostly during the winter and the problem with my feet is constant, during all weather and all seasons. I have had multiple friends and family members say it could be circulatory problems but I am yet to know for certain

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SLE, Raynaud's And Sjogren's Together

I have the SLE-Raynaud's-Sjogren's package of auto-immune illness (listed in the order of diagnosis). The Sjogren's is the latest and most burdensome flavor of the decade for me. I was diagnosed with it about 3 years ago but was probably suffering from it for several years prior before the symptoms persisted enough to result in a diagnosis. I guess that's typical. It was with the SLE and the Raynaud's.

I can't imagine it could get any worse, but I get the impression that I might be "early" in the cycle and that scares me. No tears, corneal erosions, no spit, heroic (expensive and painful) dental treatments to save teeth that may already be doomed, pain, fatigue. Little annoyances that by themselves are "nothing" all together its a spirit crusher. Can it possibly get worse?

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Could It Be Secondary Raynaud's?

I was diagnosed with raynaud's back in 2010, but have suffered for about 7 yrs - I'm currently 36. I suffer with typical raynaud's in my hands & feet, they get cold whether it's been outdoors to walking in the fridge isle of a supermarket to holding cold cutlery and now even when I get out of the bath/shower. Back in 2010 my bloods tested positive for the antinuclear factor, so it suggested I had a connective tissue disorder, but with no other symptoms other than raynaud's was left as that. However, I've recently started getting pain in my finger joints - the pain is unrelated to when I have a raynaud's attack. I've been referred for further bloods & X-rays. Anyone else suffer with secondary or similar to my symptoms?

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Raynaud's - Will Gloves Help?

I have trouble writing, cooking, even sleeping and living a normal life generally due to my cold hands.

Has anyone found and eventually bought any gloves that helped hands get warmer and be able to work with them on as well?

I am a student and I have great trouble to do my work.

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Raynaud's Again After Years?

Let me introduce myself as a 57 year old male living in Minnesota. We are currently experiencing one of the longest sub-zero cold spells in my memory. 55 days below zero degrees F already this winter. Yes it is very COLD.

Twenty five years ago, in my early 30's, my fingers began blanching white while carrying items during summertime. I was frightened when several visits to the doc hadn't helped. Carpal tunnel syndrome was ruled out. At that point a neurologist asked if I was a smoker. Yes I was, two pack-a-day. He looked at me very pointedly and told me I'd better quit smoking ASAP. I was crushed, I had tried many times to quit cigs to no avail. I looked down at my white fingertips and bluish toes and decided to quit then and there. That was my last cigarette. Sept 1989. Miraculously, I never saw a white finger tip or blue toe again.

Twenty five years later my left hand has been suddenly reminding me that there is still an issue. Two or three fingers remain cooler than the others and will empty of blood when carrying parcels, or squeezed. Slowly the pink returns. I do not smoke. Hopefully that will keep the symptoms limited.
Someone had posted that what affected you in youth is probably gonna come back to haunt you later in life.

Young people with raynaud's; Quit smoking! Don't move to arctic climates, either.

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Kidney Disease :: Prep For Lithotripsy (Kidney Stones) - Magnesium Citrate

Is it me or is this stuff a waste of time?

I've had obout 20 lithotripsy's in 15 years of having continuous stones. They've never gotten my kidney completely empty of stones ever. I've had lithos, ureterscopy, PCNL. On meds but they can't seem to stop them from growing. I avoid alot of the things that cause stones or limit them. Got to have the 1 cup of coffee in the morning

On the day before litho, your suppose to eat light ( nothing that leaves residue in bowl) but they say you can have white bread or boiled chicken. (Why bother?) I usually only eat jello, gatorade, and just broth. Plus tons of water. The instructions say to drink the magnesium of citrate after dinner. Well to me dinner is after 6/7. But I thought this time I would take earlier since last time didn't start to move the bowels until i was in the hospital. Plus this stuff is awful- taste bad- even refrigeration like they suggest doesn't really help. Twice in past I threw it up.

So I took at 5 pm thinking it would work earlier. Nope. Nothing. Just stomach cramping and it finally started around 5 am after me getting up every hour during night. Still was working again while in hospital.

There has to be something better (tasting) and work faster. Plus less side effects. Or they should change instructions & say take a noon. Next litho (in 2-3 months) I'm taking a 1/2 day off day before and taking at noon. Maybe then can get a little sleep the night before procedure.

Sorry- felt like ranting as frustrated as its been two full days since litho and nothing passing yet. Plus I have a bad back (2 surgeries) which makes it hard to do the exercises where you drink 2 cups water, wait 30 minutes, then elevate kidney @ 45 degrees and stay like that for 30 minutes to try and get the pieces to move.

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Chilblains :: Erythromelalgia And Raynaud's

Is there anyone who has both these conditions? And if yes, do they flare at the same time?

I have had raynaud's since a child (am now 57). I think erythromelalgia has been gradually getting worse since perimenopause began in the early '90s.

But only over recent years has this gradually gotten so bad that I'm relatively lame and housebound

My feet, hands and face are affected. The feet are worst. The NHS rheumy tried my on low dose vasodilator which had to stop cause it made all my symptoms much worse, apparently permanently.

When both conditions flare together my feet are sort of the colour of raw meat. This has been happening daily for nearly 1 year.

The erythromelalgia association website is v helpful, but even on the raynaud's & scleroderma org website it's hard to find anyone with EM, let alone both EM & RP.

If you are out there and have any tips for how to manage these 2 conditions.

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Raynaud's :: Purple Knuckles

I've been having various health problems over the past 8 months. However, one symptoms that I have been having is purple knuckles. I was curious to know if anyone has raynaud's only in their knuckles? It heavily affects the top knuckles closest to the wrist, especially the one on my pinky. However, all the knuckles have been affected at some point. The main reason I don't believe it's raynaud's is because it doesn't affect the top of the fingers at all and I don't have any other color change except purple. It doesn't happen every time I am cold and they don't seem to hurt or tingle when they change colors.

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Migraine And Raynaud's - Connection?

As a chronic migraine sufferer i'm just wondering if there is anybody else who also suffers both migraine and raynaud's? Maybe some sort of connection?

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Primary Raynaud's Syndrome At 79

At the age of 79 I became aware that the pads on the balls of both feet felt tight and a bit puffy and hardish. Then gradually I experienced a sensation in my toes which I can describe as tingly. This area of both feet became susceptible to cold and required contact with heat pads to feel more comfortable. No pain is experienced. Walking seems to alleviate the tingling sensation. After a visit to a G.P. Raynauds Syndrome was confirmed and keeping the feet warm at all times was advised.

Although I live in a well heated bungalow I take heat-pads to bed at night.

In the morning my toes feel quite warm and look rather pinkish red. This condition doesn't affect my normal activities in any way after a year of beginning. 8)

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Raynaud's And Symptoms Getting Worse

I am currently a 21 year old part time student and full time worker, my symptoms started off with Raynaud's and have progressed. I feel like every time i go to one doctor i just get referred to a different one. I am miserable, and i can't afford to go to all these different doctors. I don't know where i should go next. A few years ago i was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and my thyroid has been tested all have come back negative.

My symptoms are:

Numbness, tingling, burning in fingers and toes
Toes turn red when hot or at night and burn, blue when cold, purple in the shower
Cold hands and Feet, Stiff Fingers
Clammy Hands
Legs, arms, feet, and hands fall asleep very often
Stinging in legs, legs sensitive to touch, sometimes I will have the same sensation in arms but not as often
Runny Nose every day especially in morning
Dizziness/ out of it feeling, (happens randomly), always dropping/breaking things (may just be clumsiness or sweaty hands)
Weakness, Especially in legs
Stiffness in legs
Knee Pain
Odd Sensation in right knee
Face gets flushed often
Nose turns red all the time, if I'm cold, if I'm hot, if I drink, doesnt hurt but is embarrassing
Right lymph node swells randomly
Abnormal stools/ mucus in stools
Diarrhea was getting it very often, recently its been better
Stomach bloats after eating, Stomach pains and cramping after eating certain foods
Cannot get comfortable in any temperature I am always to hot or to cold, mainly have trouble staying warm except for at night
Always Feel like I havent gotten enough sleep, I have the most energy in the morning

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Thyroid :: Hypothyroid Connected To Raynaud's

I have recently been experiencing symptoms of raynaud's so I'm wondering if there's any link.

Last check all my thyroid numbers were good and been feeling good with that.

My thyroid antibodies were in the normal range when diagnosed, so not sure if that means mine is not autoimmune or if Raynaud's is auto immune?

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Raynaud's :: Hands/fingertips Been Going White

I have being in and out of the hospital for my asthma. But for the last month or so my hands/fingertips have been going White on me it will do this when I'm outside or when I am at home or in bed sleeping. I wake up with pain in my feet and my fingertips. My doctor thinks it may be Raynauds but does not understand why it's happening when I am sleeping or in my home. Can I get some people's thoughts on this? and if it is Raynaud's what can I do to help myself with the pain in my hands/fingertips feet?

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