Mouth / Nose :: Red Swollen Itchy Burning Rash

May 30, 2012

How do i make this go away? so its really read and irritated burns to touch and air hurts it a lot. its not here constantly but is pretty close comes and goes. my doc said contact dermatitis but everything he's given me seems to make it worse. Only helpful thing to rid of the terrible pain is cold. like ice and such. how does it leave me alone and can you tell me what it is?

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Allergy :: Swollen Itchy Eyes And Lip Rash / Sores?

For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel constantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingredient in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.

Recently I haven't even be able to use my usual lip balm as my lips react to that as well and my eyes are puffing up and getting extremely itchy and stinging. I was heading overseas for 3 weeks and the doctor have me some tablets to take to clear up my lips as she said they looked like they had a staff infection. Whilst I was OS all my symptoms cleared up completely and within 2 days of returning home everything started up again!

A week after I had been back,I woke up in the morning and my eyes were completely closed over and extremely swollen. I visited a doctor and they said I might have hives or some type of allergy. I was put on antihistmines and a course of panafcortelone, which worked with the eye swelling and the lips a little. but now i have reduced the amount of panafcortelone I take daily as I am at the end of my course, as have been told it isn't something I can take long term and my eyes are becoming more irritated and puffy and my lips sore are getting worse. I haven't changed any make up lately or products like toothpaste, washing powder.

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Carbimazole :: Fish Lip And Itchy Rash On Skin - Hands Are Swollen

woke up this morning with a fish lip, an a itchy rash on my skin my hands are swollen as well, only been on carbimazole for nearly a month now. Going the doctors soon to see if its these tablets am on. I look a sight going like this looks like i have had botox which has gone wrong. hopefully i get it sorted otherwise am going to have to drink radio iodine, am only 22.

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Swollen And Burning Tongue - Contact Dermatitis Around Mouth

My doctor doesn't seem to have a clue what is wrong and has given me antibiotic cream, steroid cream and now antifungal tablets nothing seems to improve. This has been going on for over 3 months and there has been no change.

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HIV :: Having A Itchy Rash And Also Have Flu But Not Fever

My HIV test is negative after 5 months of possible risk but in 7 month I have itchy rash with little red bumps on back and also have flu but not fever, however there is a cold dry weather as well. Is this a possible symptoms of getting HIV?

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Alcohol Intolerance :: Sneezing With Itchy Nose And Ears

I do not drink very often so I don't know if it's just because my body isn't used to to it but whenever I do, I only need a very small amount for these symptoms to show. Basically the corner of my eyes (either side of my nose) get really itchy and I also start sneezing one or two times a minute for maybe half an hour or so and also I get what feels like a grain of rice in my throat that feels like it's rising up and feels a bit sharp whenever I swallow. 

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Skin :: Itchy Red Rash On My Butt?

I've been dealing with this rash on my butt for a few years now. It only shows up in a sort of red "ring" where the cheeks touch. It's a little itchy (my anus is not itchy or red) but mostly just painful. Sometimes it will go away for about a week but it's generally there in some level of severity.

At the advise of a doctor (I went in about a year ago), I tried using clotrimazole 1% for two weeks at a time. It doesn't seem to do a whole lot of good.

Any ideas? I'm really tired of the near constant rash.

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Trimethoprim :: Itchy Rash / Blister On My Feet

I knew that I was allergic to Amoxicillin, but if you are too, beware accepting the use of

TRIMETHOPRIM for urinary infections.

Firstly, after taking only 2 of the tablets, I had a red itchy rash on my feet - one was worse than the other. During the next 5 weeks, my feet rashed then burned, then blistered badly. They were very painful, and when the blisters eventually went, they left patches of raw skin on the soles of my feet which meant that I could not shower or bath because of the stinging. Now, almost 6 weeks later they are still peeling like mad and they have numerous patches of new pink skin both on the soles and sides of my feet..Each symptom was dealt with as it occurred, but I did suffer an awful lot of real pain and discomfort. The urine infection cleared up on its own a few days after I stopped taking the drug.

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Urticarial Rash :: Itchy Hives All Over My Face

I've had really bad hives since June, their out of control and all over my body and beyond itchy! I've tried switching laundry detergents and other stuff and it hasn't worked at all. It's so bad where I have to cancel my plans because it's all over my face and it's embarrassing. I've become depressed because of these hives I have cried so many times and the itch gets so bad sometimes that I can't even sleep at night. My doctor prescribed me some Apo-hydroxyzine first at 5 mg it worked the first week stopped, then the hives returned so went back and he upped the dosage to 10mg that worked for a week but stopped working and the hives are just really bad I feel like I'm allergic to EVERYTHING!! We don't have a dermatologist on the island unfortunately and I'm so fed up and done with this I've tried to stay positive but I just feel really down and moody.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Red Itchy Rash That Travels Around

I am looking for help with my itchy red rash.  I posted under “Could this be scabies” a couple weeks ago.  I am at my wit’s end.  I went to urgent care about six weeks ago as I could not get in to see my doctor.  He never got out of his chair to look at it closely and told me it was dry skin and gave me a topical cream to put on it.   A week later I went to my doctor.  She looked at it closely and said it did not look like anything contagious and gave me prednisone for ten days.  Everything cleared up and I felt great.  At that time I had rashes under one breast, one on back at a hard to reach area and a couple on my  stomach line.  They all went away.  After being off prednisone for about a week they started coming back in other places.  I saw a dermatologist and he looked at me with a lighted magnifying glass.  He said it was dermatitis and prescribed betamethasone.  The cream makes the spots go away over a period of days and the itching stops or lets up.  But I keep getting new ones.  I now have spots along underwear line that looks like little bites here and there and some larger.  Also have a rash on the back of my neck that is just a lot of redness and itchiness with a couple bumps.  My skin is so sensitive to the touch in those areas.  Interesting thing is they are almost all on one side of my body and rarely go past the middle of the body no matter where they are.  They also bother me during the day when my clothes and seams rub them, but when I go home at night and relax and put sweat pants on and a t-shirt the itching will subside some.  I don’t have itching at night in bed but may wake up with a couple more spots.  My husband has not had any itching at all this whole time.  I have never had skin problems.  Does this sound like dermatitis?  I see the doctor in four weeks and he wants me to not use the cream on three areas so he can biopsy it to confirm dermatitis.  

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel - Red Raised Itchy Rash

I've been taking the Enbrel injection for the past 4 weeks and this last week I have a red raised itchy rash where I inject myself. My nurse has told me that this is normal and usually around the size of a 50 pence piece but mine is a lot bigger than that! So I'm looking to see if anyone else has suffered from this and which creams can help? My nurse said an antihistamine cream will help but I want to make sure I get one that will work because it's so itchy!

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Chest Pain :: Nose And Mouth Bleeding, Constantly Coughing, Headache

i have a aunty who has been sick her whole life she is now 43 yrs old. she lives in a third world country and has been to the doctor many times with no right treatment or cause of her sickness.

I would love to bring her to the US and get her treated but i dont have the money to do so. However i would still love to know what is wrong with her why she is always sick maybe by knowing her sickness I could help her.

This is what she describes her symptoms to be

-chest problem-she said she feels like her heart is rotten and she can small it and others can small it too

her chest hurts really bad and it burns too

noise blood-her noise bloods really bad

mouth blood-blood comes through her mouth a lot

she has headache all the time

she is always coughing really bad that her chest hurts.

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The Base Of My Nose Always Swollen

The bottom of my nose where it meets the top of my lip is constantly swollen on 1 side, it feels like the nose bone has been pushed to 1 side and cannot be moved back, (at least not by me anyway) my nose is also always running and blocked any ideas ?

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Swollen Nose / Nostrils Off And On For A Day Or Two

Male age 30. I have been facing a strange problem where left or right nostril swells up suddenly for a day or two and goes off.I don't have any pain in them, I take steam and it relaxes a bit. It usually stay for more than a day. The swelling happens alternately on right/ left nostril from outside. It looks a weird.I have shown that to an ENT who recommended a CT scan while I had this swelling. I found little sinus problem but the doctor was not able explain the cause of the swelling.

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Skin :: Itchy Rash/bumps Starting On Penis --spread To Inner Thighs

My penis started hurting at the bottom of the head, then it started itching like mad after a day. I itched it real hard. The next day my inner thighs started itching and it has spread to a couple itch bumps on my stomach, many on my waist area / lower abdomen. I tried to refrain from itching intensely.I've done a buttload of research, eczema is all I've found to fit so far. It doesn't seem to be mites/bed bugs/scabies/chiggers. Jock itch doesn't fit. Neither does yeast infection, or any other fungal/bacterial infection.My penis has become less itchy but more try. The skin on the head is flaking. I've been using ice cubes to temporarily relieve the itch but it's not too much help. My sleep is becoming very disturbed.

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Painful And Swollen Nose Bridge

Sunday evening I felt pain in my nose as if I'm getting a pimple. I work up Monday morning feeling like I got punched in the nose and my bridge was swollen and painful. I have been sneezing from allergies all week so its possible I got an infection. I was also picking on my blackheads so it could have come from anywhere. I went to the doctors office and saw a physician's assistant she suspects is cellulitis. She prescribed bactrim but I am petrified of taking any antibiotics because I am a highly allergic person. I'm allergies to most foods that I have a very limited diet so scared. I have no fever. For now I've been using saline spray rinse and neosporin outside my nose. The pain subsided about 10% after 24 hours but I still have a ton of pain. I read from forums that nasal cellulitis can lead to blood or brain infection so since I'm scared if taking antibiotics because if adverse affect I don't what to do. I'm damned if I take antibiotics I'm damned if I don't. Does here here experienced this and didn't need antibiotics?

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Pregnancy :: Swollen Nose Means Soon Labour?

Is it true you're getting ready to go in labor when your face gets "swollen" my mom told me my nose is swollen. So she thinks I'm gunna go into labor soon. I'm 39 weeks.

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Pregnancy :: Swollen Nose - How Soon It Will Go Down After Giving Birth

How soon will it go down after giving birth?

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Burning Mouth Syndrome

Does anyone have this should it be affecting my teeth and jaw they are agony on top of the burning.

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Burning Mouth Syndrome Or Something Else?

One day last November I awoke with a 'bitter' taste in my mouth.

Several visits to my GP later and I'm still not much further forward.

I'm a 43 year old female. In October 2013 I was diagnosed hypothyroid and began treatment of 50mg levothyroxine per day. Because the bitter taste started relatively soon after beginning the medication, I put 2 and 2 together and thought it was causing the taste. But, no, I took myself off the medication for 3/4 weeks over Christmas and still had the bitter taste.

I've drastically altered my diet as I thought certain foods made it worse but can't pinpoint one particular allergy or sensitivity.......

I've changed toothpaste, tried mouthwash, cut out tea, milk, all dairy, and mainly eat very healthily - fruit, veggies and chicken.

My GP suggested LPR (silent acid reflux) but it doesn't taste like 'acid' - it's just bitter/sour.

I've been on Gaviscon after every meal for over a month and Ranitidine for almost 2 weeks. The symptoms persist still

My mouth can get quite dry, and the bitter taste seems to be on my tongue and/or the roof of my mouth or around a wisdom tooth on one side.

I can't cope with this for much longer. It only eases up when either sleeping or eating.

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Losartan And Atorvastatin :: Swollen Ankles And Bad Rash

After finding I had high blood pressure a year ago I was put on Amlodipine I had really bad side effects with swollen ankles and a really bad rash.

My medication was changed to losartan 50 mg and Atorvastatin 20mg. Although this combination is keeping my Blood Pressure down. I still have a weakness in my ankles and a slight remaining problem with my skin on my ankles.

I would have thought these problems would have disappeared completely after stopping Amlodipine . But now I am thinking it's the statins that is stopping the side effects in my legs from disappearing completely.

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