Urticarial Rash :: Itchy Hives All Over My Face

Nov 17, 2014

I've had really bad hives since June, their out of control and all over my body and beyond itchy! I've tried switching laundry detergents and other stuff and it hasn't worked at all. It's so bad where I have to cancel my plans because it's all over my face and it's embarrassing. I've become depressed because of these hives I have cried so many times and the itch gets so bad sometimes that I can't even sleep at night. My doctor prescribed me some Apo-hydroxyzine first at 5 mg it worked the first week stopped, then the hives returned so went back and he upped the dosage to 10mg that worked for a week but stopped working and the hives are just really bad I feel like I'm allergic to EVERYTHING!! We don't have a dermatologist on the island unfortunately and I'm so fed up and done with this I've tried to stay positive but I just feel really down and moody.

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Urticarial Rash :: Hives - 3 Weeks Gluten Free

How has everyone been feeling. I'm 3 weeks gluten free and feeling much better. I've been able to cut way back on my medicine routine too. Last night I ate some candy and I had some hives and swelling today but nothing like a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed.

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Urticarial Rash :: The Itching Is Driving Me Crazy

My Urticaria started in August this year and no-one can be bothered to really help until I had gone through 2 lots of steroids and now 'the strong' prescription antihistamine at night but shop bought I have to take 2 in a morning!!! nothing is working !

Is there a cream to help because Calamine doesn't help at all... At this moment I have it on my right arm on the backs of my legs and my back but the worse is my feet on the tops they are itching like mad and I could cry...

2 weeks ago my right arm was swollen from my wrist to the top of my arm and it felt all stiff...

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Urticarial Rash :: Loratadine - Back With Vengeance

After taking Cetrizine for a week with no results I changed to Loratadine which seemed to work at 4 x 10mgs per day, then I started applying a salty solution followed by sorbolene the Anime which also seemed to work.   So well in fact the rash cleared up, the itch also went and so I tapered down to 3 x 10mgs of Loratidine and then to 2 x 10mgs and all was fine for a while - but it's back with a vengeance:   Chest and abdomen look like sunburn and I itch like crazy.   Under arms, groin, back of upper legs, back of hands and chest and abdomen are all crazy itchy but no redness.   Should I up the loratidine to 3 x 10mgs or back where I started 4 x 10mgs?

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Urticarial Rash :: Cetirizine / Loratadine Or Animen (Calamine) ?

I've just been diagnosed with Urticaria - oh joy.   Initially I had it just on the lower back but it gradually spread and now I get it over my entire back, front, neck, buttocks, back of thighs and knees.   The Dermatologist gave me a script for Cetirizine and another for Loratadine.   I am first to try the Cetirizine and if that doesn't work the Loratadine, 4 x 10mgs per day.

When I first noticed it I started applying 1% Antroquoril cream.   It kept the itch away but the rash spread.   I saw my GP who prescribed a 2% solution which does basically the same.   Biggest problem is it only lasts a few hours and then the itch returns.   I've been on the Cetrizine for 4 days now and aren't seeing any relief.

I've found animen (Calamine) tends to relieve the itch longer but tends to rub off during the night so I use that during the day and the Antroquoril during the night (twice).

Interestingly, I also have had PMR for the last few months and have been on Prednisone, it was after going on Prednisone I came down with Urticaria.

So now I have two maladies with no known cause, no known cure and will probably stick with me for a few years if not for life, ain't life grand.   What's next I keep asking myself, all these pills plus being a diabetic I guess I know what's coming - dialysis.

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Allergies :: Rash Or Hives Only In USA

I am an Australian who has been travelling to USA annually for the last 6 years.

Every time I visit the USA, after approx 4 or 5 days I break out in itchy, red bumps (hives?) all over my torso and upper arms. The outbreak lasts as long as I stay in the USA, and subsides almost completely within 24-48hrs after returning to Australia.

I have stayed at different hotels each time, so I don't think bedding can be blamed, and there is not a particular food I believe triggers this...

What could it be in USA that I am so allergic to, that does not exist in Australia. I travel the world extensively for work and have not experienced the rash in any other region either.

Antihistamines (Benadryl) does not seem to help at all.

Is there some food additives/preservatives that are unique to USA that I may be sensitive to?

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Itchy Palms - Hives?

i got itchy on my hands for 10 days...i go to the doctor he said its acute hives...

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Ramipril :: Hives / Rash - Skin On Fire

I've just switched from 2.5 to 5mg Ramipril, when I suddenly had an allergic reaction.

Very swollen feet, ankles, wrists and hands.

Now the following day I'm covered in welts, hives and a rash.

My doctor has put me on a course of steroids and antihistamines, but my skin feels like it's still on fire!

Have been taking Andopoline for about 5 weeks, and was then prescribed Ramipril 2.5 two weeks ago, then up to 5mg last week.

Took the first 5mg on Thursday, and started getting the symptoms first thing Friday morning

Has anyone else suffered from this, and how long does it last?

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HIV :: Having A Itchy Rash And Also Have Flu But Not Fever

My HIV test is negative after 5 months of possible risk but in 7 month I have itchy rash with little red bumps on back and also have flu but not fever, however there is a cold dry weather as well. Is this a possible symptoms of getting HIV?

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Skin :: Itchy Red Rash On My Butt?

I've been dealing with this rash on my butt for a few years now. It only shows up in a sort of red "ring" where the cheeks touch. It's a little itchy (my anus is not itchy or red) but mostly just painful. Sometimes it will go away for about a week but it's generally there in some level of severity.

At the advise of a doctor (I went in about a year ago), I tried using clotrimazole 1% for two weeks at a time. It doesn't seem to do a whole lot of good.

Any ideas? I'm really tired of the near constant rash.

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Skin :: Red Rash On Side Of Face I Sleep On?

I keep getting red, blotchy and sometimes dry skin on the side of my face that I sleep on (i.e. the one I rest on the pillow). It is usually there when I wake up in the morning and it's getting embarrassing because one side of my face is clear while the other one is red and blotchy. It extends to my neck occasionally too.

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Trimethoprim :: Itchy Rash / Blister On My Feet

I knew that I was allergic to Amoxicillin, but if you are too, beware accepting the use of

TRIMETHOPRIM for urinary infections.

Firstly, after taking only 2 of the tablets, I had a red itchy rash on my feet - one was worse than the other. During the next 5 weeks, my feet rashed then burned, then blistered badly. They were very painful, and when the blisters eventually went, they left patches of raw skin on the soles of my feet which meant that I could not shower or bath because of the stinging. Now, almost 6 weeks later they are still peeling like mad and they have numerous patches of new pink skin both on the soles and sides of my feet..Each symptom was dealt with as it occurred, but I did suffer an awful lot of real pain and discomfort. The urine infection cleared up on its own a few days after I stopped taking the drug.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Red Itchy Rash That Travels Around

I am looking for help with my itchy red rash.  I posted under “Could this be scabies” a couple weeks ago.  I am at my wit’s end.  I went to urgent care about six weeks ago as I could not get in to see my doctor.  He never got out of his chair to look at it closely and told me it was dry skin and gave me a topical cream to put on it.   A week later I went to my doctor.  She looked at it closely and said it did not look like anything contagious and gave me prednisone for ten days.  Everything cleared up and I felt great.  At that time I had rashes under one breast, one on back at a hard to reach area and a couple on my  stomach line.  They all went away.  After being off prednisone for about a week they started coming back in other places.  I saw a dermatologist and he looked at me with a lighted magnifying glass.  He said it was dermatitis and prescribed betamethasone.  The cream makes the spots go away over a period of days and the itching stops or lets up.  But I keep getting new ones.  I now have spots along underwear line that looks like little bites here and there and some larger.  Also have a rash on the back of my neck that is just a lot of redness and itchiness with a couple bumps.  My skin is so sensitive to the touch in those areas.  Interesting thing is they are almost all on one side of my body and rarely go past the middle of the body no matter where they are.  They also bother me during the day when my clothes and seams rub them, but when I go home at night and relax and put sweat pants on and a t-shirt the itching will subside some.  I don’t have itching at night in bed but may wake up with a couple more spots.  My husband has not had any itching at all this whole time.  I have never had skin problems.  Does this sound like dermatitis?  I see the doctor in four weeks and he wants me to not use the cream on three areas so he can biopsy it to confirm dermatitis.  

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Acne :: Face Is Really Itchy Around Edges

My face is really itchy right around the edge of my face from under my ears down to my chin. Usually the right side but sometimes the left as well. It comes on randomly and usually lasts hours to days. It has been happening for a few months now and it gets so bad that I am scratching it like mad without realising it and leaving angry red marks all down the side of my face! Do you have any ideas what it might be?

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Allergy :: Swollen Itchy Eyes And Lip Rash / Sores?

For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel constantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingredient in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.

Recently I haven't even be able to use my usual lip balm as my lips react to that as well and my eyes are puffing up and getting extremely itchy and stinging. I was heading overseas for 3 weeks and the doctor have me some tablets to take to clear up my lips as she said they looked like they had a staff infection. Whilst I was OS all my symptoms cleared up completely and within 2 days of returning home everything started up again!

A week after I had been back,I woke up in the morning and my eyes were completely closed over and extremely swollen. I visited a doctor and they said I might have hives or some type of allergy. I was put on antihistmines and a course of panafcortelone, which worked with the eye swelling and the lips a little. but now i have reduced the amount of panafcortelone I take daily as I am at the end of my course, as have been told it isn't something I can take long term and my eyes are becoming more irritated and puffy and my lips sore are getting worse. I haven't changed any make up lately or products like toothpaste, washing powder.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel - Red Raised Itchy Rash

I've been taking the Enbrel injection for the past 4 weeks and this last week I have a red raised itchy rash where I inject myself. My nurse has told me that this is normal and usually around the size of a 50 pence piece but mine is a lot bigger than that! So I'm looking to see if anyone else has suffered from this and which creams can help? My nurse said an antihistamine cream will help but I want to make sure I get one that will work because it's so itchy!

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Mouth / Nose :: Red Swollen Itchy Burning Rash

How do i make this go away? so its really read and irritated burns to touch and air hurts it a lot. its not here constantly but is pretty close comes and goes. my doc said contact dermatitis but everything he's given me seems to make it worse. Only helpful thing to rid of the terrible pain is cold. like ice and such. how does it leave me alone and can you tell me what it is?

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Acne :: Is It Eczema? Face Is Dry, Red, Flaky, Itchy

My face is dry, red, flaky, itchy, and peeling but only on the right side. I work in a warehouse and was very sweaty this past week so I wiped my face off with a towel during the day, possibly further irritating and drying out my face. I also have purple pimple like bumps on my face but again, only on the right side.

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Allergic To Antibiotics :: Used Clindamycin To Develop A Rash And Pimples On Face

I seem to get rashes often from different antibiotics. My allergic to or sensitive to list is ever growing. I recently was taking clindamycin and got a "rash" that looks like little white and red pimples. It started just on my face. I haven't taken any in over a week, but it's still all over my face and back and front of my neck. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there anyway to make it go away. I've grown accustomed to hives, but this is different. I should also add, I had an infected tooth and my period. Could these have anything to do with it?

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Carbimazole :: Fish Lip And Itchy Rash On Skin - Hands Are Swollen

woke up this morning with a fish lip, an a itchy rash on my skin my hands are swollen as well, only been on carbimazole for nearly a month now. Going the doctors soon to see if its these tablets am on. I look a sight going like this looks like i have had botox which has gone wrong. hopefully i get it sorted otherwise am going to have to drink radio iodine, am only 22.

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Skin :: Itchy Rash/bumps Starting On Penis --spread To Inner Thighs

My penis started hurting at the bottom of the head, then it started itching like mad after a day. I itched it real hard. The next day my inner thighs started itching and it has spread to a couple itch bumps on my stomach, many on my waist area / lower abdomen. I tried to refrain from itching intensely.I've done a buttload of research, eczema is all I've found to fit so far. It doesn't seem to be mites/bed bugs/scabies/chiggers. Jock itch doesn't fit. Neither does yeast infection, or any other fungal/bacterial infection.My penis has become less itchy but more try. The skin on the head is flaking. I've been using ice cubes to temporarily relieve the itch but it's not too much help. My sleep is becoming very disturbed.

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