Newborn :: Baby Circumcision?

Mar 13, 2016

How do u mommies of boys feel about getting your babies circumcised? I'm getting my son circumcised but I'm very scared because I know he's gonna b n pain and it makes me sad to have to see him crying. How did you guys feel about your baby being circumcised and how was the baby after it?

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Newborn :: Thoughts On Circumcision

Im having a boy and I'm unsure whether to have him circumcised or not? Thoughts??

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Newborn :: Circumcision - Pros And Cons

im expecting a baby boy in just a month! its the first boy in the family, so no one has had to make that decision before. thoughts on it?? pros and cons??

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Pregnancy :: Circumcision For Baby Boy?

for moms who've had there baby boy circumcised... was he in any kind of pain after? if so, for how long? or was he perfectly fine?

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Pregnancy :: Opinions On Baby Circumcision ?

Has anybody else thought about getting the baby circumcised? And what are your thoughts and opinions on this topic?

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Newborn :: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

I am A FTM and have Questions about bed bugs...1) Does It harm a newborn baby? 2)What Can You do to get rid of them? 3) Are they only on bed or also on clothes, Blankets etc Anyone had problems with bedbugs before?

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Newborn :: Gripe Water

I was wondering if you guys ever tried Gripe Water? I decided to try it as a last resort. My baby made the ugliest face after tasting but literally within 2 mins he was sound asleep. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved.  

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Newborn :: Girl Ears Pierced? When?

When can I get my little girl ears pierced?

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Pregnancy 6 Weeks :: Earliest You Felt Baby Movement On Second Baby?

On baby number 2 when was the earliest you felt movement and kicks. I'm only 6 weeks and getting nervous because i haven't had any symptoms only snackin all the time.

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Penis :: Is There Any Other Way Around A Circumcision?

Is there any other way around a circumcision?

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Why Women Think Circumcision Is Better?

I estimate most of women do not care if a man is circumcised or not. After all, what do they fall in love with... the man or his penis? In my opinion women who claim that circumcision is better, who seem to prefer circumcision are insecure about their femininity and think that circ is a way of leveling the playing field.

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Men :: Circumcision After Phimosis And HPV

I was diagnosed with both phimosis and HPV, so my urologist told me to get circumcised.

Being that HPV is something serious (an illness, after all) and that my foreskin always troubled me and my sex life in one way or another (I felt weird about how it looked and intercourse was uncomfortable and painful if not impossible), I decided to undergo surgery.

Today is my tenth post-op day.

I'm very anxious about how things are developing and what will be my sex life's future from now on. I've been dealing with so much stress, lately, due to this, not to mention that it was the first time I ever stepped on a clinic (I'm almost 30 years old, by the way).

There are certain things I already knew I should expect after the surgery, such as swelling, lymph discharge, purpleness, sprinkle-like pee, etcetera, which all subsided before the first week. I even went to my urologist's office and he checked me and said that everything was going ok.

I left his office without the piece of gauze I would put on every time I came out from the shower, and it did felt quite uncomfortable walking down the street. And it still does at some point. And that's one of the things that freak me out.

For instance, I'm just unable to figure out what's annoying me the most; I don't know whether it is the rubbing of the glans or the tip's slit against my underwear, or the small bruise I've got on the sulcus, or the stitches, or everything altogether! What drives me crazy it's not the fact that I'm going through a typical circumcision post-op, but the idea that everything will feel and stay and bother me this way forever!

I sometimes regret not having a foreskin anymore (although getting rid off HPV was somewhat worth it). But it's just that I feel so awkward and frustrated... It's not only my penis what feels weird, but also my movements: they are silly and limited and unnatural. I can't seem to walk straight and at a reasonable speed. Sitting down, standing up, such basic tasks are now almost impossible to accomplish.

I think of sex, or even masturbation, how will they be in a few weeks or months... And I feel so hopeless about that.
I mean, will my glans ever become desensitized enough to allow me to walk, act and move normally? It already started to shed (which doesn't scare me, since I expected it to happen), but I keep wondering if that has something to do with keratinization or anything like that.

The stitches sometimes hurt (specially during erections at night, which I also expected), but I'm not sure if they have something to do with swelling (I can't tell if my penis is swelled; it does look significantly different from what it was, but still I can't figure out what should be its final shape) or with the awful sensation of having something folded around my glans, like if I still have my foreskin half rolled back.
Well, again, I don't want to think about masturbation and sex now, because it isn't time for such things (I even do my best to keep any dirty thought away; and it's not difficult since my libido is currently on the basement, due to my anxiety). But someday stitches will fall apart (I was given those that dissolve on their own; yet, I wonder if they'll stay forever) and I will feel the urge to release myself, at least through masturbation, and I'm scared that I won't know how to handle my new body... Not to mention sex with a partner. What if she is not patient enough or something?

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Phimosis Cure Without Circumcision

I am 20, i am suffering through partial phimosis where i am able to retract my foreskin when its flaccid but cannot do so when its erect. I noticed that i might have short frenulum where it is attached to my foreskin and is attached to the tip of the penis head right where the urethra hole is.

Although i don't suffer any pain while urinating or while erection but it pains trying to forcefully retract foreskin while erect.

I strongly don't want to go for circumcision or surgery. Please help regarding the methods. Are there any creams available in india OTC. I am losing my self confidence, will it create problem during sex even with a condom?

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Pregnancy :: Circumcision - Get It Or Regret It?

When your son was born did you get your son circumcised and later regretted it?    Did you have another son and opted NOT to circumcise him?

I have one boy and he is circumcised, then a few days post circumcision I deeply regretted it seeing how it looked as it was healing.  After 5 mos it healed, but he did experience penile adhesion which I had to gently pull the skin back over the course of 2 weeks so as not to cause him great discomfort.  I felt bad for having him circumcised during that time, but after that all was well.  My sister had gone through the same thing with her son, and we corrected the penile adhesion before it was completely fused.  Now my dilemma is, I'm greatly concerned about going through this again if I should have another son (my gut feeling tells me I'm having a boy) and I dont want to get him circumcised, however my husband feels differently.  And I told him to research the pros and cons so he can make an informed decision.  Instead of just saying "it looks better".

Does anyone else have  at least two boys, one who is circumcised and one who isn't?  

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Penis :: Bulge Below My Circumcision

I have noticed that in the area from a few mm below my circumsision to below my head on the left side there is a bulge. This bulge is a rounded area. The colour is a little lighter at the point which comes out furthest from the rest of my penis. It does not always occur, and can be removed by squeezing the enlarged circular area. When erect it appears normal. I tried pe stretching a few months ago and did feel a sharp pain, then I stopped. I am unsure if it correlated to that. I can not remember exactly when it began. It is not painful. And has been occuring for months. I mastubate once daily. Thank you for your time. 15 male white

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Penis :: Plastibell Circumcision

Is it possible for the doctor not to trim the foreskin after a plastibell circumcision and let the foreskin fall off with the ring?

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Penis :: Instillagel After Circumcision?

I don't know who will see this but i need to know: I was given a Circumcision and afterwards I was given something called Instillagel, I want to know what it is and how I use it. Someone explain please?

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Penis :: Looking Smaller After Circumcision ?

I am 19 years old and i had a circumcision due to phimosis 9 days ago.

Some of the stitches are gone and it is not so swollen anymore. I still can't masturbate of course as it hurts.

I got an erection today. I was not fully erected but still.... When i got the erection I saw that my penis was really smaller than it used to be.. I measured it and I found it was 10 cm... Before circumcision I was 16.5 cm.

Will my penis return to its normal size over the time? (6 weeks after the operation) Have something went wrong? Could this be because I am still swollen down there and because I can't get fully erected due to the stitches?

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STD :: Circumcision Protects You From HIV (AIDS)?

I`ve been reading about AIDS. Is it true circumcised men cannot be infected at all? I am considering circumcision. Anybody?

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Penis :: No Masturbation After Circumcision

i used to masturbate a lot even after marriage. It helps me not to cheat on my wife because she often comes home tired an just wants to sleep. Now that i have done circumcision it's very difficult for me to masturbate since i dont have the foreskin. i have tried but it hurts and kind of impossible. how best can i continue with my habit after circumcision

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Penis :: Circumcision For Phimosis

Well I'm 23 and have had this problem for as long as I can remember. I finally went to the doctors and was forwarded to the hospital this week. Seen the doctor there and have been told the best way forward is to have an Circumcision! Now this seems the best way forward as i can't even pull my foreskin back. But since google-ing this topic I have read some really horror stories on Circumcision. I'm from the UK and it's not a very common thing to have done. I really need some advice as to go forward with this as i have the op in 4 weeks on the NHS free.

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