Newborn :: Thoughts On Circumcision

May 29, 2015

Im having a boy and I'm unsure whether to have him circumcised or not? Thoughts??

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Newborn :: Baby Circumcision?

How do u mommies of boys feel about getting your babies circumcised? I'm getting my son circumcised but I'm very scared because I know he's gonna b n pain and it makes me sad to have to see him crying. How did you guys feel about your baby being circumcised and how was the baby after it?

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Newborn :: Circumcision - Pros And Cons

im expecting a baby boy in just a month! its the first boy in the family, so no one has had to make that decision before. thoughts on it?? pros and cons??

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Newborn :: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

I am A FTM and have Questions about bed bugs...1) Does It harm a newborn baby? 2)What Can You do to get rid of them? 3) Are they only on bed or also on clothes, Blankets etc Anyone had problems with bedbugs before?

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Newborn :: Gripe Water

I was wondering if you guys ever tried Gripe Water? I decided to try it as a last resort. My baby made the ugliest face after tasting but literally within 2 mins he was sound asleep. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved.  

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Newborn :: Girl Ears Pierced? When?

When can I get my little girl ears pierced?

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Am I Depressed? Suicidal Thoughts Every Day

I have suicidal thoughts every day, real vivid ones, I know where, when, how etc. sometimes I cry and I'm not sure why and when i start it can be hours till I've stopped completely, I don't mean all out bawling btw, just teary really, but that's the bad days most the time I feel fairly content, I can laugh and joke and go out with friends. I think I've lost my purpose in life I feel like I don't know why I'm here or what I'm meant to do but I don't feel what I imagine depression to feel like. 

Throughout this though the good and bad I think of suicide every day like I said but every thought ends with me being found in time, ends with me being saved.

Do you think I need help and if so where do you go and what do you say? I'm not good at expressing myself or talking to people, none of friends or family know I feel this way. Is this normal ?

Do I just need to man up and get on with life?  

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Anxiety :: Paranoid Thoughts

I've been suffering from Anxiety disorder for some months now and I never had paranoid thoughts what so ever, but lately my Anxiety as gotten worse and I've been having paranoid thoughts like ,what if my family member is try's to hurt me,what if their talking about me behind my back,what if my brother tries to rape me  eh !!!!!Where the hell are these strange thoughts coming from!!!Is it normal to get these thoughts off anxiety , I really don't want to go schizo or turn crazy!

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Depression :: Lot Of Self Harm Thoughts

i have a lot of self harm thoughts and i wish they would go away. i tried to kill myself before 3 times. i got help and it's been gone for a while and it's come back and i want it gone.

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Depression :: I Have Suicidal Thoughts

At least i can admit that. Im suicidal. I have suicidal thoughts. I cut myself but not so i bleed just so it hurts. I've been suicidal since i was younger but not its worse. I isolate myself a lot. I'm never truly happy. I feel useless, unloved, hated ect. I'm sad a lot but pretend like nothing is wrong so i dont have to hear 5 or more speeches 20 minutes -1 hour long from my family to be treated the same way again in 3 weeks. Or be asked what's wrong only to lie. I don't have any true friends and no one will listen without giving me useless advice. So im pretty much here to ask if there's any online therapist sites that anyone can direct me to. I don't want my family to know. They found out once and it was like living in hell. They thought i was crazy, "helped", lied to me, treated me like i was mentally ill. It wasn't fun and i can't tell them the real reason i want to do it so that was fun. So if anyone can help me. Please don't say tell your mom because she can't and won't help, talk to the counselor at your school because all she did was made me cry for two hours straight, don't do it because i've heard that from friends, teachers, family and on here way too many times anything like that. I have trust issues so that's why I'm asking for online... It's easier for me.

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Anxiety :: Scared Being Alone With My Thoughts

Does anyone hate their own company? I hate being on my own! I just feel scared being alone with my thoughts.

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Mirtazapine :: Ocd Negative Thoughts

I've been trying to get off this awful little tablet.

Basically suffered anxiety from a young age now 32. Started getting ocd negative thoughts over a year ago. It scared been at first it was all my worst fears playing tricks with me. So docs put me on mirtazapine as i really don't like taking any meds, I take the odd pain killer but other than that I try not to take anything. I especially didn't want to take AD. But with pressure from folk around me and docs recommend advice they suggested it was best I try mirtazapine as I suffer from anxiety disorder. It was causing me to not want to go out to certain places etc.. Anyway its been over a year now and by far the worst of my life. I only started on 15mg as it blew my hair off, literally couldn't function and ended up bed bound due to feeling so all over. Anyway after a couple of weeks it eased and I started getting out more and felt more positive maybe it's placebo Effect, no idea it's all just been a blur. I suffer from a vertigo( balance disorder) it pops up now and again so I know sometimes I have to rest, but it's the worst thing when your an over thinker. Anyway I've been back and forth to the docs and getting no where, some say up the mirtazapine some say they think am best off not being on Ad. I'm currently waiting for my Cbt. I've tried since Dec to reduce off these awful tablets as I'm convinced they are not doing anything other than making me crave foods at night and sleep qnd have weird dreams. I wake up feeling so hung over

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Fluoxetine :: Depressed With Suicidal Thoughts

I'm 19 and was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks about 3 weeks ago and i got prescribed klonopin. anyways a week after i was diagnosed with depression i started feeling very down and not myself like i didn't even want to get up from bed or take showers or go out i just layed there and cried most of the time and had suicidal thoughts. so i finally decided to see a doctor and was diagnosed with depression and given fluoxetine 20mg i been on it for about 4 days, but this medicine is making me feel really out of it and for the past two days i have woken up feeling very agitated and fidgety and sometimes i don't even feel like myself i've heard this is called depersonalization and it feels awful i also feel like i've gotten more angrier with the medication, things annoy me more easily. sometimes i just sit there and i just wanna scream. overall i think my anxiety has gone away its just the depression now and it sucks i just wanna feel like myself again and i'm scared i never will.

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Anxiety :: Xanax - Intrusive Thoughts

ever since i started taking alprazolam generic of xanax daily (2 months now) i know its supposed to cause memory loss but i keep getting very strange memories of random events from years ago that pop into my head unless im very very busy or with people or occupied. im very scared and have posted about this many times... like its intrusive thoughts but memories instead of thoughts. i also am a hypochondriac and think i have a brain tumor so this new problem is only escalating that fear... what is this and do you think xanax is correlating to any of it?

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Depression :: Confusing Negative Thoughts

Today's been one of the best days in terms of how ive been feeling for a while....but then the negative thoughts started to come back no matter what I do i always end up being worst off (even if it's not 100% true or all the time) im trying not to have these thoughts as this is what started the depression initially in the first place,and I have a reakky good life for the most part,apart from alot of stress or alot of things going on.been taking one 5-htp for the past three nights to try and get to sleep,and had to take a proposal this morning to calm myself down.still have about another month before I see someone to sort all these confusing thoughts out.

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Sertraline :: Intrusive Negative Thoughts

Have been on 175mg sertraline for 3 weeks and am starting to feel better than I was.  I had a really good week last week, then on Monday this week it was as though it wasn't normal to be feeling good and I started feeling anxious again!  Does anyone else get this - i'm sure it's because I've had anxiety for so long that it's become a habit and feeling happy is not normal to me!  I am hoping that the Sertraline will stop these intrusive thoughts - this is my main obstacle to feeling good again.

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Anxiety And Depression - Negative Thoughts

I have and still do suffer from anxiety and depression. And recently have been having negative thoughts, things I shouldn't. I feel like such a terrible person because I know that's not me I couldn't hurt a fly. And I feel like i'm all alone, i'm ashamed of my own self, its worst when i'm alone it's like I get lost in my own mind and I hate it. I'm on medicine for my anxiety, and have a doctors appt coming up. Is this occurring because of my anxiety/depression? Am I the only one?

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Citalopram :: Excessive Negative Thoughts

I was previously on cipramil 40mg for a few years for panic attacks. Over the last year they got bad again so my dr decided to change me to venlafaxine which did not suit me so I got them to put me back on cipramil. I've gone up to 40 mg over a month and have started to get negative thoughts which really scare me. Has anyone else had this side effect? I think it's because I went up so fast. I rang the clinic and was advised to go back to 30mg and am due back in the clinic next Monday. I don't know whether to come off them completely and try manage with Xanax alone or go down to 20mg.

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Fluoxetine :: Dealing With Negative Thoughts

I'm on my 3rd week of flu and needing some suggestions on how to deal with all the negative thoughts.

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Citalopram :: Negative/ Intrusive Thoughts

This is week 13 on 20mg anxiety a bit better low mood better it's just the intrusive/negative thoughts that are making me down is this normal at this stage ?

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Sertraline Or Anxiety? Negative Thoughts

Does anyone know if Sertraline causes negative thoughts or is it because of my anxiety it just i'm not as depressed as before but can't get rid of these negative thoughts and I think it's that what's making me feel down been on 5g for 5 weeks then 100mg for a week

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