Newborn :: Gripe Water

Jan 12, 2016

I was wondering if you guys ever tried Gripe Water? I decided to try it as a last resort. My baby made the ugliest face after tasting but literally within 2 mins he was sound asleep. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved.  

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Newborn :: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

I am A FTM and have Questions about bed bugs...1) Does It harm a newborn baby? 2)What Can You do to get rid of them? 3) Are they only on bed or also on clothes, Blankets etc Anyone had problems with bedbugs before?

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Newborn :: Thoughts On Circumcision

Im having a boy and I'm unsure whether to have him circumcised or not? Thoughts??

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Newborn :: Baby Circumcision?

How do u mommies of boys feel about getting your babies circumcised? I'm getting my son circumcised but I'm very scared because I know he's gonna b n pain and it makes me sad to have to see him crying. How did you guys feel about your baby being circumcised and how was the baby after it?

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Newborn :: Circumcision - Pros And Cons

im expecting a baby boy in just a month! its the first boy in the family, so no one has had to make that decision before. thoughts on it?? pros and cons??

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Newborn :: Girl Ears Pierced? When?

When can I get my little girl ears pierced?

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Pregnancy :: Tap Water Is Nasty - I Boil Water And Freeze

tap water is nasty if I boil water & freeze it would that be a good idea?

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Pregnancy :: Non Sterile Water Or Sterile Water For Formula?

Which one is best for formula

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4 Litre Of Water A Day - Too Much?

Recently I've been trying this new thing where I drink 4l of water a day, just because I've stopped drinking anything sugary and/or fizzy and would rather drink healthy filtered mineral water, is 4l a day too much and does it put me at risk of drowning my blood? I heard that you're only supposed to drink about 2l, so if I'm going overboard I should probably stop.


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HIV :: Blood In Water

if hiv blood mixed with water means can it still infectious after 12 hours?.i noticed in a website that hiv will live for sometime in water,so it wii infect at those time?

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HIV From Splash Of Water ?

I am a physiotherapy student in a hospital doing some training and one time, I went into in the ward to check few patients along with a supervisor. Afterwards, I proceeded to wash my hands but because there was some kind of partially opened cupboard in front of me, I decided to close it well and in the process some water in my hands splashed and made its way into my nose and eyes. I mean, if one of the patients that we did check is HIV positive, will this event put me at risk considering that the virus could have been in my hands but got into my eyes and nose because of the splash. I do not remember any wetness in my hands before I wash my hands.Is this of concern for HIV transmission?

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UTI :: Water Infections

I've been suffering from water infections since I was around 11/12 I am now almost 17 and recently have an infection weekly for the past few months. The doctors have given me endless antibiotics which one type I've become resistant to and the cranberry power things which you mix with water when I was younger. I literally have tried everything to avoid getting an infection including cranberry juice , barley water , water itself , cotton knickers, no perfumed products around the area , peeing straight after sex and nothing prevents it!! Really needing advice as the doctors will just give me more antibiotics also around November 2015 I had scans around my kidneys and back and everything was clear?

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Pregnancy :: Hot Water Help With The Cramping?

Will hot water help with the cramping I'm having? I'm 11+4

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Water Retention With Mirtazapine

Just started on Mirtazapine and my feet and ankles are swelling up. Is there anything that can help?

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Water Retention From Mirtazapine

Does anybody suffer from water retention on this med? I currently taking 45mg and only drink tea or bottled water, but my face is puffy and my knees and ankles have ballooned up to the fact that I feel I cannot bend my ankles, I am willing to put up with this as the med is helping loads, I have tried herbal diuretics that don't seem to help, and when I do go for a pee its like nothing comes out, is this what causes the weight gain as I have not had the munchies like so many people seem to have on hear.

Also I am terrified of taking the 45mg tablet, I have been taking 30 + 15 mg, has anybody noticed a difference, will my good sleep go? who and I do sweat a lot, night and day.

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Ear Feels Blocked After Getting Water In It

I've had an ear problem for 12 months after getting water in it. Feels blocked all the time and it wont pop properly. It is mentally doing my head in. I went to ENT recently and the doctor said he couldn't see anything causing the problem. Now waiting for an MRI scan.

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Pregnancy :: How To Go For A Water Birth?

I want to do a water birth, where can i do it? Who do i talk to about it?  

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Depression :: Better By Drinking More Water?

Has anybody started to feel better by drinking more water? I've read that it can help depression.

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Nutrition :: Has Anyone Tried Alkaline Water?

Has anyone tried this? I have read there are many health benefits to drinking this water and am considering purchasing a machine.

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Menstruation :: Water Retention

I have gained some weight in over 2 days and it's close to my period so can someone tell me if this is water fluid or fat I lost 5 pounds today with a water pill...

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Orlistat :: Coconut Water?

Has anyone tried coconut water?

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