UTI :: Water Infections

Mar 9, 2016

I've been suffering from water infections since I was around 11/12 I am now almost 17 and recently have an infection weekly for the past few months. The doctors have given me endless antibiotics which one type I've become resistant to and the cranberry power things which you mix with water when I was younger. I literally have tried everything to avoid getting an infection including cranberry juice , barley water , water itself , cotton knickers, no perfumed products around the area , peeing straight after sex and nothing prevents it!! Really needing advice as the doctors will just give me more antibiotics also around November 2015 I had scans around my kidneys and back and everything was clear?

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Undiagnosed Constant Water / Kidney Infections - Sever Back Pain

For the past few years now i have suffered with constant water infections, its always pain in my right side, sometimes i'm sick with it and my back feels like it could break. It can also go into my groin area and down my leg also. I've had CT scans and another type of test which all came back as normal which was last year. I don't understand how it can be nothing as the pain is horrendous and all they do is take a urine sample and give me antibiotics. Does anyone else suffer with this? I wasn't sure if it was when i drank alcohol which is very rare but sometimes i get a water infection and sometimes i don't. The hospital put me on antibiotics for 6 months changing them every 2 months and i still managed to get a water infection on them. I am now having blood tests again and will presume i may have to go for all scans again but just wondered if anyone has had the same problem and had any advice on what it could be or what i could do?

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Pregnancy :: Tap Water Is Nasty - I Boil Water And Freeze

tap water is nasty if I boil water & freeze it would that be a good idea?

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Pregnancy :: Non Sterile Water Or Sterile Water For Formula?

Which one is best for formula

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How Do I Prevent Yeast Infections?

How do I prevent yeast infections?

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Penis :: Can Masturbation Cause Infections?

I’m new to mastrubating and what interests me the most is can mastrubation cause an infection in my penis?

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Bladder (UTI) Infections. Upper UTI?

Has anyone had an upper UTI infection before? - I just got a UTI last night around 1am, burning while peeing, sluggish, etc, but later tonight I started feeling tenderness around my flank area underneath my rib cage, nothing painful, but I can feel it. I'm not sure if that's just natural gas or what. I've been drinking 100% pure cranberry juice for the past 2 hours with lots of water, so I'm wondering if that helps at all?


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Back :: Ear Infections And Stiffness In Neck?

I've recently been having a sometimes sharp pain on the side of my head and cheek and jaw and what feels like an ear infection and some stiffness in my neck is this something serious?

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Infections Inside Of My Vagina Because Of His Fingernails?

When my boyfriend began fingering me, I felt his fingernail scraped the inside of my vagina. He and I then had intercourse, then he gave me oral sex and started to finger me again. There wasn't any pain (only at the beginning when he actually scraped/cut me), but once we were done,I then felt the stingy pain. And we noticed that there's light pink blood everywhere. Even when I went to pee and wiped I saw light pink blood on the toilet paper. Am I going to get an infection?? He also bites his nails sometimes. And I'm pretty sure that his hands were probably not 100% clean. Who knows what he was touching before he ended up cutting me with his fingernails... now I'm just SUPER PARANOID and CONCERNED about getting infections inside of my vagina because of his fingernails scraping inside my vagina. It still stings and about an hour has past since this incident occurred. What can I do to prevent getting any infections from the scrape/cut?

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Pregnancy :: Can Diet Cause Yeast Infections?

My 1 year old has a bad yeast infection. She has already been prescribed nystatin and it seems to work, but the infection is not going away. The doctor did not answer my question when I asked him what caused yeast infections. He said they just happen. If they just happen how come every baby girl does not have them. Does anyone have any more useful information about what could cause a yeast infection in a 1 year old? I don't believe we were just unlucky.

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STD :: Bacterial Vaginosis And Yeast Infections - Can't Get Rid

So I wanted to give an update on my post I made a few months back, on the "i can't get rid of BV!

All those remedies never worked for me. I tried the apple cider vinegar douche and the H2O2 douche. I even tried the diet thing,(candida diet) where you can't eat anything basically. Needless to say that didn't last very long, I think I did that for about 3 days because it was just waaay to hard for me. But anyways as I was trying that out I also stopped taking my birth control pills. I had been taking Lutera for about 3 years. (Which is around the time all my symptoms started to happen)

Long story short...my boyfriend told me to do one or the other. And since I had already stopped taking my BC (and that candida diet sucks!) I decided to just eat what I want and see what happens with everything going on down south. Well A LOT of my symptoms went away!! I've even had sex about 5 times with no bad reactions afterword(which before when I had sex with my bf, almost immediately after or the next morning the symptoms would be so bad sometimes I would cry).

I'm not saying I don't have this anymore because I think I still do, I still have a white milky discharge, that dries on my panty-liners a sort of yellow-brown color, and it smells a little, not fishy but I don't think it's good lol. But i no longer have that severe itching that i use to get, which was the absolute worst!!!!!! TMI but i could probably sit there and scratch for like literally 5mins straight with out any relief, just a flared up vagina! ugh its sucked sooo bad!

But I'm just nervous to go to the doctor to get tested positive a for BV or yeast infection and have her put me on an antibiotic that might just make my symptoms worse all over again. Should I go to the doctor or try an OTC for a yeast infection??

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Alcohol And Recurrent UTI's And Kidney Infections

I have suffered for a few years now with my kidneys, first starting off with when I drank alcohol. A few days later I would get really ill with a kidney infection and given antibiotics. It then became more common to get them without drinking.  I would also inbetween this get recurring bladder infections.

I am 19, a female, and have had various tests (ct scan, dye put in my arm through a drip to see any problems clearer and a few ultrasounds) done to check the structure of my kidney is all okay and that there isn't any obstructions ( all seems to be okay, and they didn't think that it would be worth looking with a cystoscope just yet.) However something worth noting is that I always seem to have invisible blood in my urine that is discovered through dipstick tests. And recently my brother has been having the same kidney problems (kidney infection, especially after drinking alcohol). 

I am also now on medication called 'Hiprex' it has antiseptic qualities to try and prevent getting UTI's/kidney infections however doesn't seem to be working as I still get them. 

Really getting fed up now, as when I get ill with it I get super achy, all of my glands swell up, a dry mouth so constantly thirsty and weeing loads, especially at night, and dull aches in my back.

Once when passing urine I passed out from a pain in my right lower side. But like i said, no kidney stones or any problems structurally.

Has anyone else been going through this too? Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Frequent Kidney Infections After Hysterectomy

In Jan '09 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I opted to have a hysterectomy due to I was done having kids.  I had it done in feb '09.  Doctor said that everything look fine and sent me home.  I called the doctor's office daily complaining of pain. They told me I was being lazy and needed to get up and walk around more.  They said I was having gas pains.  Finally the doctor told me to get gas ex that would help.  I went back to work about 6 weeks later.  While I was at work I started leaking urine.  The next day I went back to the doctor (OB) and all he could say is I don't know what is wrong.  they but a catheter on me and I was still leaking around that.  They ran test after test.  Finally when that day was over they sent me home with a catheter and said get some rest come back tomorrow and talk to the urology department we have no clue.  I had 3 kids husband out of town working and I am in severe pain.  My mother in law took me to the doctor the next day and he said oh your ureter was damaged during surgery we just need to do a minor surgery to put a stent in there and you will be as good as gold.  They did the surgery that day.  When I woke up they told me that I had 15 mins to get my head on right cause I had to go to the hospital to have a nerostophy tube put in my ureter was actually cut in half.  I had no clue what was going on.  My mother in law took me over there where I was admitted into the hospital for my 2nd surgery that day.  When the doctors there but the tube in they hit my main nerve in my back so every time I would breathe I would get sharp shooting pains up my back.  I was sent home with cather and tube for 6 weeks.  then in 6 weeks I have a Ureter replacement surgery.  The doctor there did wonderful.  But to this day I get kidney infections VERY easily and I am ALWAYS in pain in my right side on my back right by my kidney.  I was wondering does anyone else have this problem?

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Sjogren's Syndrome :: Often Bladder Infections

I get bladder infections quite often. For the last year I've had 6. I get very sick with them. I run a high fever and am in alot of pain. They last for a couple of weeks. I have to take antibiotics for them and worry about having to take so many. Does anyone else experience this problem or have any suggestions?

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Warfarin? Cystitis/bladder Infections?

Has anyone else had problems with cystitis/bladder infections when on Warfarin?  This is a problem I have never ever experienced previously but for the last few days I seem to have had all the classic symptoms and am wondering if it could be Warfarin-related? I have been taking Warfarin for approx 7 months after a P/E and will be on it for life.  My INR is very unstable, (currently 3.4....should be 2.5).  A week ago I finished a one week course of antibiotics to try to clear up a chesty cough, (didn't).

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Numerous Bladder Infections Can Cause Infertility?

I am not very old, I'm in my early 20s. I have had multiple bladder infections in the past year and they keep coming. I very much want to have kids at some point; its a big deal to me. Is it a possibility to become infertile due to numerous bladder infections?

Also on a side note, other than the general things like wiping and peeing after sex (Etc) is there any other things that could cause so many?

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Bladder Infections With Medrol Dose Pak?

I have been taking Medrol dose pak almost every 2 to 3 months for back pain. for the past 2 yrs. and it seems each time or around the same time , I get a bladder infection!! it seems i'm always on antibiotics on or right around the same time i am taken the Medrol dose pak is almost finished. coincidence?
and if I don't notice it ahead of time . I end up in E.R. passing blood

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Fungal / Yeast Infections :: What Medicine Or Cream Is Used?

This disease occurs near my penis and it is white color around my skin.My skin is dry.

Sometimes it is itchy. I want to know how to treatment and what medicine or cream is used?

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Infections :: Strep Throat? Antibiotics Not Working?

I visited a hospital on 5/15/14 with symptoms of a swollen and severe sore throat (a lot of pain when swallowing) and a 100 f temperature; my throat also had white patches on it. When the doctor saw my throat he said it looks like you have strep. Then he did the 5-10 minute strep swab test but it came back negative. Nevertheless, he still thought I most likely had it and that I should start treatment. We also tested for mono on that day and since then they haven't called back for that (if they don't call back assume negative they say).

He prescribed Amoxicillin 500 MG X2 daily for ten days. So far I have taken 2,000 MG (over the course of 2 days) and my throat still seems the same in regard to pain. The only thing that consistently seems to help my pain is Ibuprofen.

Should I worry? Should I go back to the hospital to see what's going on?

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Recurring Yeast Infections For The Past 3 Years

I am a 21 year old girl who has struggled with recurring yeast infections for the past 3 years. They would come every 4-6 months and I'd treat them and they'd go away for the time and come back. Well I had to take penicillin for strep throat 2 months ago and guess who got a lovely yeast infection? Even taking a diflucan with the antibiotics it still came, so yes I've had a yeast infection for almost 3 months straight. I've give to planned parenthood several times, one doctor says it's yeast the next says it's BV and now this doctor says it's both! Of course they send me home with metrogel and a diflucan even though that hasn't helped. I'm going to do the treatment knowing it's not going to cure it, there's some type of hope right? I need some support from other ladies dealing with this. I've struggled with depression and this is intensifying it. I feel hopeless, I can't have sex and I'm a mess. My boyfriend is completely understanding, but ya no sex isn't the funnest thing. I've also been doing the yeast diet, cut sugars out, no bread, no alcohol, pretty much nothing. I'm taking probiotics, eating yogurt, wearing cotton undies, wearing nothing but dresses at night. I just really really need somebody to tell me what helps them get through this, I wanna cry plenty of times throughout the day because this is so miserable.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 25 Weeks - Recurring Yeast Infections

When my doctor gave me medicine it was a one day pill i had relief for two days then it came back so i baught a three day treatment from walgreens and its worked for a week or so and now.my yeast infection is back,i switched to cotton panties and i started eating more yogurt but why am i having such a yeast problem im 25weeks pregnant.

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