Alcohol And Recurrent UTI's And Kidney Infections

Aug 18, 2015

I have suffered for a few years now with my kidneys, first starting off with when I drank alcohol. A few days later I would get really ill with a kidney infection and given antibiotics. It then became more common to get them without drinking.  I would also inbetween this get recurring bladder infections.

I am 19, a female, and have had various tests (ct scan, dye put in my arm through a drip to see any problems clearer and a few ultrasounds) done to check the structure of my kidney is all okay and that there isn't any obstructions ( all seems to be okay, and they didn't think that it would be worth looking with a cystoscope just yet.) However something worth noting is that I always seem to have invisible blood in my urine that is discovered through dipstick tests. And recently my brother has been having the same kidney problems (kidney infection, especially after drinking alcohol). 

I am also now on medication called 'Hiprex' it has antiseptic qualities to try and prevent getting UTI's/kidney infections however doesn't seem to be working as I still get them. 

Really getting fed up now, as when I get ill with it I get super achy, all of my glands swell up, a dry mouth so constantly thirsty and weeing loads, especially at night, and dull aches in my back.

Once when passing urine I passed out from a pain in my right lower side. But like i said, no kidney stones or any problems structurally.

Has anyone else been going through this too? Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Women's Health :: Recurrent Yeast Infections

I have been dealing with recurrent yeast and bv infections for several years. I have been to a handful of doctors, they cannot tell me why my symptoms won't go away. Doctors have tried to grow cultures of the yeast, but it never grows. I have tested negative for diabetes and do not have anything that would otherwise compromise my immune system. I have tried the yeast free diet - all I did was lose 5 pounds (and on my 100 lbs. body that is saying something). Now my Dr. says that I have BV and a yeast infection. I have tried eating yogurt, inserting yogurt with a probiotic powder, taking probiotics, nothing seems to work. He is giving me Flagyl (500 mg for 5 days) then he wants me to take a Diflucan pill once a day for 20 days. I am not having sex during this most recent treatment plan, in hopes of getting this under control.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: I Cured My BV/Recurrent Yeast Infections

I had to share my story in hopes of helping someone else. I had BV for about 3 years and when I did not have BV I had a yeast infection. I was a mess! I had tried absolutely everything you could read on the internet I was obsessed in curing myself. The doctors did not help all the stuff they gave me made me so much worse and I was back to square one. This is what has worked for me after my three years of trying everything and anything. Months later I have no symptoms. What I can tell you that has actually worked for me was: Stop taking baths (only showers). Do not let your partner finish inside you (use your imaginations on this one there are other ways. Do not insert anything into your vagina (NOTHING). Do not douche. Do not wash your vagina with anything but warm water. Do not wear underwear all day (let it breathe when you get home). Drink lots of water. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Do not let anything inside you that will change your PH of your vagina. Cut out sugar, and all junk food. Do not use scented tampons. Be patient for symptom relief for about 10 -14 days when taking these supplements. I now take a probiotic, cranberry pills, garlic pills, vitamin D, B complex, and vitamin C. Yes that sounds like so much stuff but I am telling you all the things I listed have a good reason behind them. The supplements are 100% needed to cure you from the inside out and the vagina when left alone will do what it needs to to cure itself. I hope this helps someone to weed threw all of the info online and finally be free from this horrible problem that ruins your self esteem. 

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Kidney :: 19, Suffering With Bladder And Kidney Infections For Years

Hello I am 19 years old I have been suffering with bladder and kidney infections since I was 14. I was admitted to hospital to find out what was wrong with me nothing could be found, I think I have tried every antibiotic under sun...nothing seems to help, I suffer with them every few mounts or so on and off.

When I fall ill with one I'm very ill it puts in bed for days with terrible pain and fever, I'm young and starting university very soon...I don't know anyone who suffers as bad as me and I struggle to get to the doctors a lot with being a full time student, it's so unbearable and frustrating can anyone help?.

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Frequent Kidney Infections After Hysterectomy

In Jan '09 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I opted to have a hysterectomy due to I was done having kids.  I had it done in feb '09.  Doctor said that everything look fine and sent me home.  I called the doctor's office daily complaining of pain. They told me I was being lazy and needed to get up and walk around more.  They said I was having gas pains.  Finally the doctor told me to get gas ex that would help.  I went back to work about 6 weeks later.  While I was at work I started leaking urine.  The next day I went back to the doctor (OB) and all he could say is I don't know what is wrong.  they but a catheter on me and I was still leaking around that.  They ran test after test.  Finally when that day was over they sent me home with a catheter and said get some rest come back tomorrow and talk to the urology department we have no clue.  I had 3 kids husband out of town working and I am in severe pain.  My mother in law took me to the doctor the next day and he said oh your ureter was damaged during surgery we just need to do a minor surgery to put a stent in there and you will be as good as gold.  They did the surgery that day.  When I woke up they told me that I had 15 mins to get my head on right cause I had to go to the hospital to have a nerostophy tube put in my ureter was actually cut in half.  I had no clue what was going on.  My mother in law took me over there where I was admitted into the hospital for my 2nd surgery that day.  When the doctors there but the tube in they hit my main nerve in my back so every time I would breathe I would get sharp shooting pains up my back.  I was sent home with cather and tube for 6 weeks.  then in 6 weeks I have a Ureter replacement surgery.  The doctor there did wonderful.  But to this day I get kidney infections VERY easily and I am ALWAYS in pain in my right side on my back right by my kidney.  I was wondering does anyone else have this problem?

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EBV - RA/Fibro Flare-ups Due To Kidney Stones / Infections?

I have RA, fibromyalgia, and diabetes II. I have been dealing with kidney stones for 10 years. The last 4 years have involved kidney infections and hospitalization. Last year I was near sepsis and placed in the ICU. Since then I have been experiencing RA/Fibro flare-ups that are worsening. I have had mono 3 times (infancy, twenties, and early thirties). I am wondering if I have it again and whether the kidney infections caused it or were a result of the EBV in my system.

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Urology :: Repetitive UTIs And Kidney Infections?

I have never really posted on any board before, so I don't know what to do or what to say. But. I am currently experiencing my 6th UTI and the pain is beginning to radiate to my back already; I believe I have a kidney infection. I just turned 18 years old during the holiday and I never really had a problem with UTIs until 8 months ago when I had my first kidney infection. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced. I had the UTI for a week prior and I was just using monistat since that had worked for me the one other time I had one, and when the pain reached my back I didn't tell my mom until three days after and I was taken to the hospital right then. Anyways, they gave me strong antibiotics and sent me on my way home after hours of IV tries and ultrasounds. The antibiotics worked wonderfully and I finished the bottle like instructed. After a few weeks I had another UTI, so I went to see my doctor and I was given more antibiotics. I didn't think anything of it and I just took my medicine as instructed.

My third and fourth UTI snuck up on me about three and a half weeks after my second and that was when I was kind of worried. I know something is not right, but I don't have an ob/gyn to consult with as I'm not sexually active (but I will be making an appointment with one and getting a referral for urologist). So I went to my doctor again and I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and sent off with more antibiotics and that single pill that clears up the uti (i don't remember the name). I thought that it had finally worked and I was going to be a-okay until Dec. 23rd when I got my fifth UTI. I went to the hospital, was given a shot (a steroid, maybe? All I know is that it burned) and it cleared up until the day after my birthday on the 28th. I haven't been able to get out to my doctor yet for antibiotics and I'm not a fan of hospitals so now I'm beginning to have flank pain all the way up to beneath my right shoulder blade.

This was rather lengthy but Is there anything that could be causing these recurrent UTIs and kidney infections that I should bring up to my doctor? Because whenever I go there, I pee in a cup and get sent home with antibiotics and "this will nip it in the bud!" but it's back within a month. I'm probably not wording myself right (it's 2AM) but I just want to know if anyone else has had this and what worked for them/their diagnosis?

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UTI :: Constant Kidney Infections - Antibiotics For Life?

I'm 23 and have had trouble with Kidney infections all my life.

When i was little i had trouble with wetting the bed until i was 8years old.

All my life i've had infections, some urine but mostly kidney. When i was 20 I developed acute pyelonephritis which overnight turned into septicaemia and i was rushed into theatre with suspected internal bleeding.

I've seen specialists in Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire and have had loads of scans and xrays which all confirm there is nothing wrong with my kidneys.

The only symptoms i get are pain (always always my left kidney only) and cloudy urine. I seem to get these about once a fortnight - i'm so sick of antibiotics (which don't even work that well anymore) that i've stopped going to doctors and just try to cope with it on my own by drinking loads of water and taking painkillers.

Its been suggested that i take a permanent antibiotic which i take everyday for the rest of my life - but i'm only 23 and i hate taking drugs for anything.

I worry that when i'm older i will get kidney failure. I just CANNOT believe that a normal healthy person can get this many infections and nothing be wrong? Or that there is nothing that can be done about it. The specialist in Gloucestershire told me "It's very common and unfortunately technology hasn't advanced enough to deal with the disorder, so there's nothing we can do".

I feel sick, tired and emotional everytime this happens and its so hard to cope with work, university, keeping a house and being a single mum to a 2 year old when i feel this ill. I manage but it makes me cry a lot.

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Kidney / Bladder Infections :: Wearing Panties Causes The UTIs?

Can wearing panties cause the uti's?

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Undiagnosed Constant Water / Kidney Infections - Sever Back Pain

For the past few years now i have suffered with constant water infections, its always pain in my right side, sometimes i'm sick with it and my back feels like it could break. It can also go into my groin area and down my leg also. I've had CT scans and another type of test which all came back as normal which was last year. I don't understand how it can be nothing as the pain is horrendous and all they do is take a urine sample and give me antibiotics. Does anyone else suffer with this? I wasn't sure if it was when i drank alcohol which is very rare but sometimes i get a water infection and sometimes i don't. The hospital put me on antibiotics for 6 months changing them every 2 months and i still managed to get a water infection on them. I am now having blood tests again and will presume i may have to go for all scans again but just wondered if anyone has had the same problem and had any advice on what it could be or what i could do?

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Excessive Alcohol And Exhaustion - UTI And Kidney Infection?

My 23 year old girlfriend has a urinary tract infection/kidney infection. She has had the infection a year ago brought in by excessive alcohol and exhaustion which is possibly what was to blame this time. She has the usual symptoms, stomach pain, lower back pain, low appetite etc but she also has psychological symptoms that are presenting predominantly as paranoia. From what I've read, this last symptom is seen mainly in the elderly and not such a general symptom And my question is, am I worrying unduly and it's just how she reacts to the infection or could this be something more that just an infection?

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HIV :: Recurrent Mouth Sores?

I had an exposure around 3 months ago, I got a rapid blood finger-prick test at around six weeks and a little more, and it came back negative. However, starting from this month, I kept having mouth ulcers in my mouth,they are small, I'm getting a new one maybe like a week or so, then it goes away about a week. It's been a month and i have a new mouth ulcer each week after the old one heal.

My question is, how much can I trust my 6 weeks rapid test?  I know its not conclusive and I'm getting another test soon, but just really wanna know its accuracy.

Also, is keep having mouth ulcers related to HIV?? is it damaging my immune system and cause such situation?

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Pregnancy :: Persistent Recurrent UTI

I used to have recurrent utis about 5 years ago- trimethoprim used to work as a charm and they disappeared after i had my tonsils out (linked?)

I got a uti 4th of nov- got cephalexin. it got better but i still couldn't have trousers on due to uncomfortability which i assumed meant that the infection was there- 2 weeks later i got test results from gp saying i had a resistant form of e.coli and got new set of antibiotics- as i was on them i took a pregnancy test- which was positive (very happy news). last period date being 3 november.

my symptoms for uti are insane- my clit gets uncomfortably stimulated and i feel like i have to rub it to release the tension but if i do that the same feeling comes back with a vengeance. i have to keep pushing in the toilet and if i stand up there's a horrible sensation over my vaginal area which makes me want to jump out the balcony. so this is a major problem for me unlike the symptoms of "i pee a lot with a burning sensation".

i can't bear this feeling anymore. its been 4 days since i finished the last course of antibiotics, and mornings are horrible followed by symptom free nights. luckily i gave another urine sample on friday (waiting for results). can someone help me? starting to think uti came with the pregnancy.

or maybe i have screwed up genital area that needs to be fixed or something. i got the same symptoms when i was little around 4/5- i used to rub myself back then and remember how bad it used to get - my mum had to sit with me in the toilet to help me get through it. and now i just cry in the toilet for a hour before i force myself up and into bed.

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ENT :: Recurrent Right Ear Blockage At Night

OK, so the problem started at night...

During sleep, I noticed my right ear became blocked. My hearing from this ear became impaired and there was a feeling of fullness. (If I slept on my left ear, it was like I was deaf!). During the morning however, the problem would disappear.

Anyway, this problem kept recurring night after night. After a bit of google research, I figured it was just excess wax in my ear. I went to a local grocery store and picked up some ear drops, claiming to remove excess wax. ("Debrox"). After administering, the feeling of fullness came back...and has now stuck!!

I read in one article, that gently placing your index finger in the ear and moving it up will create a vacuum that will open up the ear. However, within seconds, this whooping sound occurs in my ear and it closes up again. I repeat the process over and over and the same thing keeps happening.

So should I have put the drops in my ear? Is the problem more serious? I also read it could be Middle ear pressure- how can I hear properly through my ear again?

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Recurrent UTI With Pain Near Ischial Tuberosity

I cannot find any doctor to help me. It started in November .. I thought I was having some back pain and went to the DR and found out I had a UTI. I was optimistic I would take the antibiotic and all would be fine. Well after I completed the Cipro the UTI was still there. They switched me to Macrobid and it cleared up. I continued having the pain in my back, hip and near my ischial tuberosity (sit bone). The sit bone felt very tender upon palpation and when i would press on it, it would also then initiate an anal reflex. (I think a sphincter is somewhere around there). I have gone to orthopedic doctors, and I have an appointment today with a Urologist as the UTI has come back twice since then. It all seems interconnected. I also have these shooting pain up and down my labia ... to my hip as well. It is all on my right side as well.

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Surgery :: Recurrent Chocolate Cysts

I am 26 years old with no children yet..Two year ago i had an operation and my bile was removed because i had stones in the bile.Last year i had an operation and removed two chocolate cyst with laparoscopy,one on right ovary 4.5 cm and one on the left ovary 8cm.After the operation i had 3 injections ,one every month named arvekap,they stop the blood for three months.After for six months i was taking pills named qlaira,birth control pills.In December i went for check -up and i was cleared.In April when i went for check -up we found out with ultrasound that i had again two chocolate cyst one 8cm in right ovary and one 4cm in left ovary.some doctors told me that is better to make laparoscopy and others laparotomy(Iopen surgey) and i need a surgery quickly because the cyst might broke.some other doctors told me that i have to make injections to stop my period or to take pills made visane and the cyst may get smaller or dissapear and after to do surgey.what you suggest that is the better treatment to do and if i need to do a surgery now or later?if i don't do surgery now there isn't a risk that cysts might broke?

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Allergies :: Sperm Allergy - Recurrent Cystitis

Yesterday after having intercourse with my boyfriend of a year and a half, i noticed that some of the sperm came in contact with my hand and broke me out in a small rash on the area that was infected. I automatically assumed i may be allergic to my partners sperm and began looking online for answers as i think it might be related to why i get recurrent cystitis. I have been tested for Thrush and UTI's in the past 6 months and also underwent a bladder/kidney scan and a cystoscopy which all came back negative. After that i was completely baffled as to what could be causing me so much pain and misery. I know i don't have any evidence that this could be the cause to all my problems but when i visited the doctor yesterday he said it is a possibility that they are connected some how.

I really just want to know if anyone has suffered from a sperm allergy before who has maybe been affected with recurrent cystitis because of it and if so how you were diagnosed to find out if you were allergic to your partner's sperm and what you did to treat it? 

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Recurrent Sore Throat In Relation To Herpes?

I have only had a primary outbreak about 3 months ago now. Twice since then I have had a sore throat similar to the one I had in the first 3-4 days of my outbreak. My question is, do you think my recurrent sore throats are in relation to my herpes? I have not had another sore since then.

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Recurrent Corneal Erosion Years Later Due To Dry Climate

I've just moved to a very dry climate and have spontaneously experienced a corneal erosion.  I had a recurrent corneal erosion many years ago.  Is it possible that this is the same injury returning or is it more likely that I have scratched my eye without realising it?

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Eyes :: Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

I had this condition undiagnosed for many years its frequency has increased from once a year to twice a month or so. Eye drops such as chloramphenicol and chloromycetin make it worse. Chloramphenicol ointment Chloromycetin ointment and Simple eye ointment seem to be the only treatment that works. I have to sleep on my back to avoid my eye burying into the pillow if I sleep on my side. To ensure I wake up and have no problem I have to apply a blob of chloromycetin and a line of simple eye ointment into both eyes at bedtime.

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Recurrent Erectile Dysfunction :: Cialis 10 Mg (28 Years Old Male)

I’m a 28 year old male. I’m 5”11, 10st 4lb and have been a vegetarian for about 10 years.

I’ve had an on and off problem with erectile dysfunction in the past 7 years or so. Towards the end of a 5 year relationship when I was 21 and an undergraduate, I experienced problems with getting an erection and with a low libido (I can’t recall now whether the latter just came from anxiety about the former). The relationship ended, I began a relationship with a then friend, in addition to seeking advice from my GP. The GP prescribed a 4 cialis 10mg tablets, and things relatively quickly recovered.

Fast forward another 5 years (with no problems), and that relationship ended. After about 5 months, I went on some dates with a girl. As we started getting a bit more physical, I became a bit anxious about my ‘response’, and again had trouble getting an erection (again, I don’t know which came first). I got another short course of 10 mg cialis, though we never had intercourse and that ended. I was wary that the performance problems might impact upon future relationships, and wanting to not have to worry about it, I got a longer course (28 tablets) of 5mg cialis. I began a relationship with a new partner, which has now been going for about 7 months. I moved for work relatively early on in the relationship, so we mostly saw each other at weekends. A single 5 mg tablet would allow me to achieve erections without problem for 2 days.

Realising that it was probably not good to become reliant on these tablets, I started trying to wean myself of them by breaking tablets in half. One weekend recently, I took half a tablet on Saturday, and was fine for the day, but could not achieve an erection on Sunday morning when we became physical. I sometimes wake up with erections, and sometimes achieve one whilst masturbating, though both seem less frequent and less strong than they used to be.

I realise that at my age it is likely to be psychological, especially given the history. That’s in part why I used the medication for so long, hoping it would eventually just blow over again. I also realise that I have probably not handled it in the best way, though I still feel pretty helpless and frustrated at it all I guess.

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