Pregnancy :: Persistent Recurrent UTI

Dec 14, 2015

I used to have recurrent utis about 5 years ago- trimethoprim used to work as a charm and they disappeared after i had my tonsils out (linked?)

I got a uti 4th of nov- got cephalexin. it got better but i still couldn't have trousers on due to uncomfortability which i assumed meant that the infection was there- 2 weeks later i got test results from gp saying i had a resistant form of e.coli and got new set of antibiotics- as i was on them i took a pregnancy test- which was positive (very happy news). last period date being 3 november.

my symptoms for uti are insane- my clit gets uncomfortably stimulated and i feel like i have to rub it to release the tension but if i do that the same feeling comes back with a vengeance. i have to keep pushing in the toilet and if i stand up there's a horrible sensation over my vaginal area which makes me want to jump out the balcony. so this is a major problem for me unlike the symptoms of "i pee a lot with a burning sensation".

i can't bear this feeling anymore. its been 4 days since i finished the last course of antibiotics, and mornings are horrible followed by symptom free nights. luckily i gave another urine sample on friday (waiting for results). can someone help me? starting to think uti came with the pregnancy.

or maybe i have screwed up genital area that needs to be fixed or something. i got the same symptoms when i was little around 4/5- i used to rub myself back then and remember how bad it used to get - my mum had to sit with me in the toilet to help me get through it. and now i just cry in the toilet for a hour before i force myself up and into bed.

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Son Has Persistent Cough For 10 Weeks Now

So my son has had a persistent cough for around 10 weeks now, on and off. During that time he got an ear infection, now it has recovered, but during one of the doctors said he should start using albuterol for his cough if it continues, that he had during his ear infection. His ear infection has gone away, but his cough hasn't! Should I use albuterol or some other medicine, or am I able to treat it without using any drugs. I also gave him claritin to see if it was caused by allergies but that did not work.

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Ramipril :: Persistent Dry Cough At Night

Prior to taking Ramipril I suffered from a persistent dry cough of which the cause had not been diagnosed.

On taking Ramipril the cough was very considerably aggravated particularly at night: codeine gave some relief ( as phoschol and 15mgm tablet) but sleep was reduced to snatches between coughing bouts.

This lasted for 3/4 months until I was advised to stop its use.

Within a week I retrurned to the status quo ante with considerable relief.

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HIV :: HIV, Persistent Swelling Of Lymph Node

I am HIV-positive from last 8 months. One month after infection, i got cold and observed swelling in lymph node at the back of my neck. Even after 7 months of infection, this swelling has not gone and slowly increasing. I came to know about my HIV status last month. Could you suggest something for it?

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HIV :: Recurrent Mouth Sores?

I had an exposure around 3 months ago, I got a rapid blood finger-prick test at around six weeks and a little more, and it came back negative. However, starting from this month, I kept having mouth ulcers in my mouth,they are small, I'm getting a new one maybe like a week or so, then it goes away about a week. It's been a month and i have a new mouth ulcer each week after the old one heal.

My question is, how much can I trust my 6 weeks rapid test?  I know its not conclusive and I'm getting another test soon, but just really wanna know its accuracy.

Also, is keep having mouth ulcers related to HIV?? is it damaging my immune system and cause such situation?

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ENT :: Recurrent Right Ear Blockage At Night

OK, so the problem started at night...

During sleep, I noticed my right ear became blocked. My hearing from this ear became impaired and there was a feeling of fullness. (If I slept on my left ear, it was like I was deaf!). During the morning however, the problem would disappear.

Anyway, this problem kept recurring night after night. After a bit of google research, I figured it was just excess wax in my ear. I went to a local grocery store and picked up some ear drops, claiming to remove excess wax. ("Debrox"). After administering, the feeling of fullness came back...and has now stuck!!

I read in one article, that gently placing your index finger in the ear and moving it up will create a vacuum that will open up the ear. However, within seconds, this whooping sound occurs in my ear and it closes up again. I repeat the process over and over and the same thing keeps happening.

So should I have put the drops in my ear? Is the problem more serious? I also read it could be Middle ear pressure- how can I hear properly through my ear again?

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Lansoprazole :: Producing Terrible Saliva And Persistent Mucus

I am 29 M, have asthma and suffer with anxiety. Started getting bad asthma 2 months ago when playing football and this continued every time I played/ did exercise. Went to docs after a month and was given seretide preventor. After a week of slightly improved asthma I started getting really bad indigestion, gas, acid reflux. Never had this before so considering my anxiety -I am scared!

Went back to docs last week and he has given me Lansoprazole and sent me for blood test, stool test tomorrow. But the LANs while it has helped with acid, I'm now getting chronic, consistent, persistent mucus, which is driving me to distraction and horrible feeling in my throat just below Adam's apple. I'm convinced there is something drastically wrong with me. My wife thinks it's my anxiety and probably not a serious condition but having never had reflux to then have it ALL the time for 2.5 weeks I'm terrified.

Can anyone offer any help or advice? Has anyone had mucus with LANs? Is 3 days of LANs enough to know whether it is going to work fully or not?

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Women Urinary Issues :: Persistent Dipstick Hematuria

About a month ago, a random health check at work detected a slight trace of blood in my urine sample, by a dipstick. I went to my doctors a week later to check again and he found it. He ordered 5 different blood tests, sent my urine of to be checked and ordered an ultrasound. He said that if all was fine, then not to worry and its one of those things. All came back fine, even my urine was negative for blood which i did not understand. The doctor said that dipsticks are over sensitive and that the lab found nothing of any relevence. When i went back to a different doctor for scan resuts, which were clear, they did another dipstick which again showed traces of blood. Anyway, now i have been referred to a urologist and I don't know why. I am so worried that it might be cancer. But according the lab, i dont have microhematuria? I have no other symptoms at all.  

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Persistent Polymyalgia Rheumatica Sign Of Underlying Cancer?

My 77 year old father has had PMR for nearly 5 years and still takes 20 mg of prednisolone. Currently he is on 35 mg after a nasty fall and injury. I have read somewhere that resistant PMR can be a sign of an underlying malignancy. Apart from feeling unwell, poor walking and painful spasms in his hands and low back there don't seem to be any other clues. Any advice?

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Recurrent UTI With Pain Near Ischial Tuberosity

I cannot find any doctor to help me. It started in November .. I thought I was having some back pain and went to the DR and found out I had a UTI. I was optimistic I would take the antibiotic and all would be fine. Well after I completed the Cipro the UTI was still there. They switched me to Macrobid and it cleared up. I continued having the pain in my back, hip and near my ischial tuberosity (sit bone). The sit bone felt very tender upon palpation and when i would press on it, it would also then initiate an anal reflex. (I think a sphincter is somewhere around there). I have gone to orthopedic doctors, and I have an appointment today with a Urologist as the UTI has come back twice since then. It all seems interconnected. I also have these shooting pain up and down my labia ... to my hip as well. It is all on my right side as well.

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Alcohol And Recurrent UTI's And Kidney Infections

I have suffered for a few years now with my kidneys, first starting off with when I drank alcohol. A few days later I would get really ill with a kidney infection and given antibiotics. It then became more common to get them without drinking.  I would also inbetween this get recurring bladder infections.

I am 19, a female, and have had various tests (ct scan, dye put in my arm through a drip to see any problems clearer and a few ultrasounds) done to check the structure of my kidney is all okay and that there isn't any obstructions ( all seems to be okay, and they didn't think that it would be worth looking with a cystoscope just yet.) However something worth noting is that I always seem to have invisible blood in my urine that is discovered through dipstick tests. And recently my brother has been having the same kidney problems (kidney infection, especially after drinking alcohol). 

I am also now on medication called 'Hiprex' it has antiseptic qualities to try and prevent getting UTI's/kidney infections however doesn't seem to be working as I still get them. 

Really getting fed up now, as when I get ill with it I get super achy, all of my glands swell up, a dry mouth so constantly thirsty and weeing loads, especially at night, and dull aches in my back.

Once when passing urine I passed out from a pain in my right lower side. But like i said, no kidney stones or any problems structurally.

Has anyone else been going through this too? Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Surgery :: Recurrent Chocolate Cysts

I am 26 years old with no children yet..Two year ago i had an operation and my bile was removed because i had stones in the bile.Last year i had an operation and removed two chocolate cyst with laparoscopy,one on right ovary 4.5 cm and one on the left ovary 8cm.After the operation i had 3 injections ,one every month named arvekap,they stop the blood for three months.After for six months i was taking pills named qlaira,birth control pills.In December i went for check -up and i was cleared.In April when i went for check -up we found out with ultrasound that i had again two chocolate cyst one 8cm in right ovary and one 4cm in left ovary.some doctors told me that is better to make laparoscopy and others laparotomy(Iopen surgey) and i need a surgery quickly because the cyst might broke.some other doctors told me that i have to make injections to stop my period or to take pills made visane and the cyst may get smaller or dissapear and after to do surgey.what you suggest that is the better treatment to do and if i need to do a surgery now or later?if i don't do surgery now there isn't a risk that cysts might broke?

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Persistent Ring Finger Numbness

I was just curious if anyone has had persistent ring finger numbness? I've had ct symptoms 6+ years that come and go, however, now I have this strange numbness that won't go away... primarily in my fingertip (ring finger).

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HIV Prevention :: Persistent Sore Throat, Not Strep, No Fever Or Rash?

Almost exactly 30 days ago I had unprotected insertive vaginal sex with a woman I might categorize as low risk.  Until this encounter I have only been with my wife (high school sweethearts).  The woman in question is from northern Minnesota, white, in her 40s.   I'm also in my 40s, white, also from rural Minnesota.  For the past three weeks I've had sore throat, slightly swollen lymph nodes on my neck.   No fever, no rash.  Checked for strep, came back negative.   I've confessed to my wife who appears willing to stay with me.   I'm scheduled for HIV testing next week (4th generation).   I have an appointment with ENT, but not for another month.   In the meantime my anxiety level is quite high....I don't necessarily feel fatigued, or flu like.   But the last couple of days my appetite has disappeared, which may be due to the anxiety.   I am worried because the sore throat and slightly swollen lymph nodes have lasted this long without knowing the cause....Can't be cold, shouldn't last this long.   Allergies?  I take Zyrtec every day and seem pretty clear.   Not much sinus congestion at all.  Tonsillitis?   One does appear a bit enlarged.  All of a sudden?   Seems coincidental.   Near panic as I wait for my test....any possible reassurance to help get me through this weekend?  Mono perhaps?

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Leukemia / Lymphoma :: Chronic Anxiety-persistent Lymph Node

I have always suffered from health anxiety and about a month ago, I grew a small lump on the left side of my neck. I was told that it was a lymph node, but it seems odd as it hasn't disappeared for a month now.

It is sometimes sore, but generally there is no pain and no fatigue, and I am generally healthy. Currently, a pimple is growing right on the lump as well, so I am wondering if that has to do with anything.

I do have acne so bacteria there is a possibility, plus allergies have been bad this year.

I had it checked and was told by a doctor not to worry and it was harmless. However, I am still worried. Could this develop into something if it doesn't go down, and why has it stayed there for so long?

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Lymphoma :: Cold And Pneumonia, Possibly Due To Persistent Lymph Node

I've had a swollen lymph node under my jaw on the left side of my neck for over a month now. It's very hard and it hurts. I was tested for mononucleosis and it came out positive, but I have had none of the symptoms except for fatigue and the lymph node. Today, I found a very small but also hard bump on the back of my neck, very close to the left side. I was reading online that this could be related to the fact that I have a swollen lymph node. I was also told by my doctor that my spleen has gotten very large. I know all this is because I have mononucleosis, but is there any way I could be having something worse? I'm a teen female if that helps with any answers. Also, the lymph node is not getting any smaller and I've taken three different antibiotics given to me by my doctor. Also, I have had a cold and pneumonia since i got the swollen node.

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Allergies :: Sperm Allergy - Recurrent Cystitis

Yesterday after having intercourse with my boyfriend of a year and a half, i noticed that some of the sperm came in contact with my hand and broke me out in a small rash on the area that was infected. I automatically assumed i may be allergic to my partners sperm and began looking online for answers as i think it might be related to why i get recurrent cystitis. I have been tested for Thrush and UTI's in the past 6 months and also underwent a bladder/kidney scan and a cystoscopy which all came back negative. After that i was completely baffled as to what could be causing me so much pain and misery. I know i don't have any evidence that this could be the cause to all my problems but when i visited the doctor yesterday he said it is a possibility that they are connected some how.

I really just want to know if anyone has suffered from a sperm allergy before who has maybe been affected with recurrent cystitis because of it and if so how you were diagnosed to find out if you were allergic to your partner's sperm and what you did to treat it? 

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Women's Health :: Recurrent Yeast Infections

I have been dealing with recurrent yeast and bv infections for several years. I have been to a handful of doctors, they cannot tell me why my symptoms won't go away. Doctors have tried to grow cultures of the yeast, but it never grows. I have tested negative for diabetes and do not have anything that would otherwise compromise my immune system. I have tried the yeast free diet - all I did was lose 5 pounds (and on my 100 lbs. body that is saying something). Now my Dr. says that I have BV and a yeast infection. I have tried eating yogurt, inserting yogurt with a probiotic powder, taking probiotics, nothing seems to work. He is giving me Flagyl (500 mg for 5 days) then he wants me to take a Diflucan pill once a day for 20 days. I am not having sex during this most recent treatment plan, in hopes of getting this under control.

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Recurrent Sore Throat In Relation To Herpes?

I have only had a primary outbreak about 3 months ago now. Twice since then I have had a sore throat similar to the one I had in the first 3-4 days of my outbreak. My question is, do you think my recurrent sore throats are in relation to my herpes? I have not had another sore since then.

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Recurrent Corneal Erosion Years Later Due To Dry Climate

I've just moved to a very dry climate and have spontaneously experienced a corneal erosion.  I had a recurrent corneal erosion many years ago.  Is it possible that this is the same injury returning or is it more likely that I have scratched my eye without realising it?

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Eyes :: Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

I had this condition undiagnosed for many years its frequency has increased from once a year to twice a month or so. Eye drops such as chloramphenicol and chloromycetin make it worse. Chloramphenicol ointment Chloromycetin ointment and Simple eye ointment seem to be the only treatment that works. I have to sleep on my back to avoid my eye burying into the pillow if I sleep on my side. To ensure I wake up and have no problem I have to apply a blob of chloromycetin and a line of simple eye ointment into both eyes at bedtime.

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