Women Urinary Issues :: Persistent Dipstick Hematuria

Jun 12, 2014

About a month ago, a random health check at work detected a slight trace of blood in my urine sample, by a dipstick. I went to my doctors a week later to check again and he found it. He ordered 5 different blood tests, sent my urine of to be checked and ordered an ultrasound. He said that if all was fine, then not to worry and its one of those things. All came back fine, even my urine was negative for blood which i did not understand. The doctor said that dipsticks are over sensitive and that the lab found nothing of any relevence. When i went back to a different doctor for scan resuts, which were clear, they did another dipstick which again showed traces of blood. Anyway, now i have been referred to a urologist and I don't know why. I am so worried that it might be cancer. But according the lab, i dont have microhematuria? I have no other symptoms at all.  

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Women Urinary Issues :: Dipstick Hematuria But Urine Test Normal

I am a 17 year old female.

For about four months now I have been experiencing problems with fully emptying my bladder and had trouble with leakage, even wetting myself completely once.

I went to my GP who tested my urine with a dipstick and found traces of blood. My GP also sent off a urine sample to the lab but this has come back negative for blood which confused me.

I have been referred to a urologist and have been booked for a kidney and bladder ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

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Women's Health :: Urinary Incontinence Without Any Reason?

I've noticed in the last couple of months every now and then I have urinary incontinence. It's not a massive amount but it's more just embarrassing because I don't realise it has happened. I'm 25. Any ideas on what could cause this?

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Women Urinary Issues :: Pain When Urinating, But No UTI?

Three times this year I've had pain when and after urinating and each time the doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a urine infection.The first two times it cleared up, but the third time she gave me different antibiotics and although it cleared up at first, within a week the symptoms were back. I went back and saw a different doctor who told me that the previous urine samples taken had shown no infection. 

Recently I feel a little sore down below most of the time, but it becomes a lot worse when I go to the toilet, particularly at the end. And I usually get a few hours in the day when it is really really sore and occasionally a little itchy.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Sudden Frequent Urination?

Okay so First off I'm 16 and I used to only have to go pee 1-3 times a day and I haven't had to wake up in the night to go for years. But suddenly the past 2 months I've had to go much more frequently, every hour or two. I wake up almost every night having to go, sometimes even up to 3 times. I still drink the same amount as before and have the same if not healthier diet, and I'm a very active person. I'm out of state at the moment so I can't see my doctor but any ideas or anyone been through the same thing?

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Women Urinary Issues :: Dribbling Small Amount Urine About 15 Mins After Toilet

When i go pee i find everything is fine, i pull foreskin back to avoid urine getting trapped behind it as i have a long foreskin. Finish off and shake well just to make sure all the pee is out. but about 10 - 15 mins later i dribble a small amount of urine without realising, not enough to empty bladder just a small dribble, but it can be seen on underwear and very occasionally on clothing as a tiny patch. Also as i have a long foreskin it traps urine under it when i do this dribbling causing stale urine by the time i get home from work or being out and about. which as u can imagine is not nice and can smell a bit and cause soreness.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Frequent Bathroom Trips, Abdominal Pain And Back Pain

Does anyone else have problems with frequent loo trips? And abdominal pain and discomfort? I do day and night. My GP doesn't really know what to do surprise surprise. I've pushed for and had lower and upper abdominal ultrasounds as well as gynae ultrasounds and an abdominal/liver MRI. Ans also gastroscopy. I'm just wondering if it could be at all head related. I've seen a live doc and they don't think it's liver related though turns out I do have gastritis. I don't know what else to do. Pain doc (for head) incidentally referring me to anish bhara at queen's square. Also have back pain problems with my SI joint which may be related to abdominal pain or some of it anyway. Also seeing CFS clinic for first time on 28th and am a longterm chronic migraineur. Sorry for long post just getting desperate and trying to think round things.

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Kidney :: Microscopic Hematuria In 3 Yr Old Son

My son is of 3 years old.

Last month he was having fever so doctor suggested me to go through CBC blood test and urine test.

The CBC count was normal except the wbc count was more.

In Urine test it found color yellow, protein present+, puss cells 9-10 and rbc 7-8.

Again doctor treated with some antibiotics. With the help of those antibiotics there was no fever.

Again after a week we went under urine test the result was same.

Till now 4 time urinalysis has been so far and the results vary from sometimes RBC is between 2-3 to 7-8, Puss cells between 1-2 to 9-10 and protein from trace to present+.

So my doctor referred to a Nephrologists.

Nephrologists asked to go for Abdomen test and the results were normal. This was done last week.

Today again we went for urine test still the results are same Color yellow, protein present+, puss cells 9-10 and rbc 7-8.

My Nephrologists told me that there is no problem as the protein level is low.

He told me to regularly do urine test every 3 months and keep a track of protein level.

He also suggested me not to go for kidney biopsy as it is not needed now.

So what could be the reason behind it and what should I do?

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Urology :: Hematuria With No Apparent Cause

I found blood in urine yesterday (Saturday) So today I went to urgent care.

The following tests were performed:
"CBC With Differential"
"Comprehensive Metabolic Panel"
"Urinalysis With Microscopic"
"XR Abdomen AP."

Doctor said that everything appeared normal, but my GP may follow up with a CT scan. Why? I'm really scared about this, but I thought something really serious like a malignancy would show up in blood work.

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Kidney Transplant - Donor Had Hematuria

I'm posting here on behalf of my sister in law. She's 29 years and since 2 years she's in dialysis. We're looking at the option to perform a transplant.

Her mother is a potential donor and we did all the tests. Everything was fine except for Hematuria (that is Erythrocytes in urine). After the doctors reviewed the result they told us she can't donate. I feel that while she may not be the best donor, they didn't want to take any risk.

I wanted to ask if anyone did a transplant while the donor had Hematuria?

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Urology :: Microscopic Hematuria For 4 Years

I am 54 year old female . I have had a trace of blood in my urine specimens at my yearly female checkups for the last 4 years. This year my dr. sent me to urologist.I am scared to death that if it is cancer, I've had it for this long.Anybody else had this symptom for 4 years and should I be worried?

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Son Has Persistent Cough For 10 Weeks Now

So my son has had a persistent cough for around 10 weeks now, on and off. During that time he got an ear infection, now it has recovered, but during one of the doctors said he should start using albuterol for his cough if it continues, that he had during his ear infection. His ear infection has gone away, but his cough hasn't! Should I use albuterol or some other medicine, or am I able to treat it without using any drugs. I also gave him claritin to see if it was caused by allergies but that did not work.

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Pregnancy :: Persistent Recurrent UTI

I used to have recurrent utis about 5 years ago- trimethoprim used to work as a charm and they disappeared after i had my tonsils out (linked?)

I got a uti 4th of nov- got cephalexin. it got better but i still couldn't have trousers on due to uncomfortability which i assumed meant that the infection was there- 2 weeks later i got test results from gp saying i had a resistant form of e.coli and got new set of antibiotics- as i was on them i took a pregnancy test- which was positive (very happy news). last period date being 3 november.

my symptoms for uti are insane- my clit gets uncomfortably stimulated and i feel like i have to rub it to release the tension but if i do that the same feeling comes back with a vengeance. i have to keep pushing in the toilet and if i stand up there's a horrible sensation over my vaginal area which makes me want to jump out the balcony. so this is a major problem for me unlike the symptoms of "i pee a lot with a burning sensation".

i can't bear this feeling anymore. its been 4 days since i finished the last course of antibiotics, and mornings are horrible followed by symptom free nights. luckily i gave another urine sample on friday (waiting for results). can someone help me? starting to think uti came with the pregnancy.

or maybe i have screwed up genital area that needs to be fixed or something. i got the same symptoms when i was little around 4/5- i used to rub myself back then and remember how bad it used to get - my mum had to sit with me in the toilet to help me get through it. and now i just cry in the toilet for a hour before i force myself up and into bed.

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Kidney Disease :: Hematuria And Protein In Urine

For the last five months I have been experiencing blood and protein in my urine. After a very thorough assessment from a urologist everything came back normal. I was referred to see a nephrologist to see if the blood is coming from my kidneys. my kidney panel came back normal except for lower than normal creatinine levels???? but my urinalysis came back all wrong. It's showing 3+ for blood, 100 mg for protein, 1+ bilirubin, urine color is brown, ph of 5.5.

The dr also order a ANA test to check for lupus, but it came back negative. I'm completely lost, can a person have kidney disease w/normal kidney function?or lupus nephritis w/negative ANA test?

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Kidney Mild Hydronephrosis :: Microscopic Hematuria

Recently there are red blood cells in my urine every time my doctor tests it and my ultrasound showed that my right kidney had mild hydronephrosis. My doctor order me to have a CT scan (IVP protocol). I don't know if MRI scan is more efficient than CT.

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Microscopic Hematuria With Negative Urology Workup

I am a 27 year old female who has been on oral contraceptives for 7 years. I've never smoked and don't take any other medications. As part of a physical in June, my dr found microscopic blood in my urine. They did several retests and kept finding it. I had an ultrasound, cystoscopy, and CT scan. All were normal. My blood pressure has always been perfect. I have been referred to a urologist and they took a lot of blood without really explaining what they are looking for. Can you provide me with some insight? The dr did say she noticed a very small amount of protein but not enough to really bother her. This process has taken months and I never know how worried I am supposed to be.

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Ramipril :: Persistent Dry Cough At Night

Prior to taking Ramipril I suffered from a persistent dry cough of which the cause had not been diagnosed.

On taking Ramipril the cough was very considerably aggravated particularly at night: codeine gave some relief ( as phoschol and 15mgm tablet) but sleep was reduced to snatches between coughing bouts.

This lasted for 3/4 months until I was advised to stop its use.

Within a week I retrurned to the status quo ante with considerable relief.

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HIV :: HIV, Persistent Swelling Of Lymph Node

I am HIV-positive from last 8 months. One month after infection, i got cold and observed swelling in lymph node at the back of my neck. Even after 7 months of infection, this swelling has not gone and slowly increasing. I came to know about my HIV status last month. Could you suggest something for it?

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Intermittent Gross Hematuria - No Pain And Frequent Urination

I've been avoiding going to the Dr's for a while now, as I'm very scared.

Every few months, I have a day or so where I urinate blood. Also some blood clots. No real pain.

Then it will seemingly disappears for a few months, and will then return for a day or so.

I'm assuming it's something terrible.

Other symptoms seem to be frequent/weak urination.

Sometimes a mild/dull pain in one of my testicles.

Has anyone experienced this? WHy would it be every few months like this?

I plan to call my GP tomorrow as it happened again a minute ago for the first time in a few months and i'm plucking up the courage.

I'm petrified of the cystoscopy. (pain and embarrassment)

I had my urine tested for an unrelated issue a while ago, and it was apparently 'clean' (even though this was only a day after i'd been urinating what looked like almost pure blood)

How can this be?

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Lansoprazole :: Producing Terrible Saliva And Persistent Mucus

I am 29 M, have asthma and suffer with anxiety. Started getting bad asthma 2 months ago when playing football and this continued every time I played/ did exercise. Went to docs after a month and was given seretide preventor. After a week of slightly improved asthma I started getting really bad indigestion, gas, acid reflux. Never had this before so considering my anxiety -I am scared!

Went back to docs last week and he has given me Lansoprazole and sent me for blood test, stool test tomorrow. But the LANs while it has helped with acid, I'm now getting chronic, consistent, persistent mucus, which is driving me to distraction and horrible feeling in my throat just below Adam's apple. I'm convinced there is something drastically wrong with me. My wife thinks it's my anxiety and probably not a serious condition but having never had reflux to then have it ALL the time for 2.5 weeks I'm terrified.

Can anyone offer any help or advice? Has anyone had mucus with LANs? Is 3 days of LANs enough to know whether it is going to work fully or not?

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Persistent Polymyalgia Rheumatica Sign Of Underlying Cancer?

My 77 year old father has had PMR for nearly 5 years and still takes 20 mg of prednisolone. Currently he is on 35 mg after a nasty fall and injury. I have read somewhere that resistant PMR can be a sign of an underlying malignancy. Apart from feeling unwell, poor walking and painful spasms in his hands and low back there don't seem to be any other clues. Any advice?

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