No Periods After Zoladex Injections

Jul 18, 2008

I had my operation 3 months ago when a fibroid was removed from my womb .. I have had 6 months of zoladex injections prior to my operation. I bleed 2 weeks after my operation .. which felt like a period and then 3 weeks later I again had some heavy bleeding .. nothing as bad as it use to be .. My concern is I haven't had a period since and it's been around 4-5 weeks..does it take time for your body to settle down after 6 months of zoladex injections.

I'm getting some period like pain but nothing..I had a scan recently my womb is fine normal in fact but he did notice my ovaries was full of eggs..he said there bursting but your brain is not acknowledging it..He mentioned PCOS which freaked me be honest my periods were never really irregular before the fibroid problem..I did come in a week later or early or a day later or early but never months..I don't have access hair or acne..I don't think I could handle another period problem..

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Periods For Continuous 2 Months And No Periods This Month?

3 months back I had sex and agree that I had got my periods for continuous 2 months but this month I have not got my periods yet.

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Injections For Psoriasis

I was diagnosed with lupus and then psoriasis around 3 years ago. Having tried various creams that did nothing,  I was put on ciclosporin which helped because this time last year I could hardly walk. However, it affected kidney/liver so despite trying a lower dose I was take off it. I was then put on Fumaderm and the same thing happened! My Nephrologist took me off. I am now back on Acitretin which helps but does not control it. My Dermo wants to go for injections - has anyone else had any experience of this? I understand it is a last ditch thing partially because of the cost and it has to be done in the hospital. I am nearly 78 years.  I am very worried about potential side affects - I do not know name of injection because i am waiting for the appointment and the paperwork.   

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Vaccinations :: Allergic To Injections

On Thursday I had my meningitis C vaccine in my left arm, and diphtheria, polio and tetanus in the other. I've been feeling a bit off since. 

Basically- my arms hurt(which I know was to be expected) but they hurt more than everyone else's seemed to... 

Then on Friday I completely lost my appetite, I just didn't want to eat at all, I felt like crying all day(not out of pain though?) I had a really bad headache, my arms still hurt...mainly the meningitis arm, I felt exhausted, all throughout the day, especially in lessons, and I was really irritable and moody towards a few people then today I've been feeling a bit better, although I think the vaccine gave a me a cold? My voice at the moment is husky and I'm worried I'll lose it...

Is it normal for those vaccines to make me feel like this? If so, what can I do about it? 

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Hay Fever Tablets Vs Injections

My husband suffers from Hay Fever quite badly. He takes one Hay Fever tablet in the morning and then another at night. He then has his nasal spray which he takes everyday as well as eye drops to stop them from itching.

Also to help keep the pollen off his skin he will take 3-4 showers a day.

I have tried to convince him to at least try the Hay Fever injection but he says it is too dangerous and can cause heart problems.

The fact that he doses his system up on the tablets, sprays and eye drops everyday can't be healthy either!

Does anyone know of where I can find information to try and convince my husband that what he is doing isn't that great for him either?

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Experience With SI Joint Injections?

Anyone have experience with SI joint injections?

I have been dealing with pain (from nagging to disabling) for almost a year. A year ago, the pain slowly progressed to the point that any position was uncomfortable...sitting, standing, walking, sleeping was impossible (for some reason the pain seems worst at night). At that point, I called my spine surgeon (had a lumbar burst fracture 5 years ago so already had a doctor ), but the first available appointment was a month out...I scheduled the appointment and went to the ER after not sleeping any more than an hour or two for several weeks in a row due to pain. They gave me a Toradol injection, muscle relaxers, and Vicodin. I went home thinking that I would finally sleep...WRONG! All those drugs did nothing to stop the pain! I struggled through the next few weeks until my appointment. My doctor's first guess was a disc problem due to my history; however, MRI showed healthy discs and fracture site looking as good as a burst fracture can After a few more tests, he diagnosed me with an SI joint problem and put me on Relafen for 6 weeks to control inflammation. After 3 weeks, I did see improvement...The pain returned to the "annoying" level. Since that time, the pain has been up and down...Always there, not always awful, but sometimes miserable for weeks at a time. I had a foot/ankle reconstruction in November and had a HUGE flair up after that...I realized that I really had an issue when my back pain was keeping me awake at night, not the heel bone that had been sawed into three chunks! I was hoping this problem would just disappear as mysteriously as it began; but, unfortunately, it looks like it's here to stay. My doctor has recommended an SI joint injection as the next step.

Has anyone had success with SI joint injections? My typical symptoms are left side lower back, hip, and thigh pain from just annoying to feeling like my bones are disintegrating...that's the best description I can come up with I also have a lot of muscle soreness in those areas.

How was the "injection experience?" I've had cortisone injections in my foot before, and they were not pleasant...So, I'm definitely not excited about this. I have a high pain tolerance and have dealt with a lot of medical procedures, but something about someone sticking a big needle in my back doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Did you have increased pain for a few days following the injection? After the ones in my foot, I had fairly severe pain for several days...I think they called it a cortisone flair.

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Antidepressants :: B12 Injections To Get Off Cymbalta?

Has anyone heard of b12 injections to get off Cymbalta? I have been on for 3 years and can't get off this drug. The withdrawal is horrible. the spins, sweats and other stuff is a killer. I am down to my last 30mg pill and will try to take some of the stuff out like suggested but does anyone have any vitamin help on this?? I am going to read the the B12 epidemic book but have yet to hear of anyone that this has helped.

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Pernicious Anaemia :: B12 Tablets In Between Injections ?

my son was diagnosed with B12 a year ago he got the 6 booster jabs last September he had been getting sore heads that were lasting up to 8 weeks his joints ache his shoulders and neck are really sore he was getting ear infections had 10 in last 6 months pins and needles in his hands and feet he is sleeping about 15 to 18 hours a day they started to give him 3 monthly jabs and after 6 month put him on monthly also done a blood test went back to get his second monthly jab but said his b12 levels were normal so put him back to 3 monthly but he could hardly get out of bed they have now put him back to monthly jabs which are only lasting a week if that asked if they could be given weekly the doctor said he would not be happy giving the jabs sooner he got his last jab on the 17 sep and its only lasted till yesterday the are treating him for chronic migraines and now telling me they think it is ME I am sick getting put of by doctors as my son has no life now and i was wondering if I could give him tablets in between jobs because when he first gets his b12 jabs the symptoms all disappear and he gets a week of feeling a lot better but they won't listen

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Splitting Headache With Methotrexate Injections

Did my first methotrexate injection on Tuesday. Seem to have had a splitting headache ever since. Do not know if coincidence or side effect. If side effect any tips?

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Has Anyone Had Cortisone Injections For CS?

I am due to have cortisone injections on 7th November but am feeling a bit anxious about it.

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Facet Joint Injections - Anyone Has Experience

Since 3 yo I have had pain in my back and up until I was 12 they said that it was growing pains! they then said I had wear and tear at l3/4 and suffered everyday since but been a pain I know that's there but didn't stop me I just grit my teeth and get on! Every few years I have a flare up of it and knocks me for a few weeks then back to usual bearable pains!

April 2013 woken to numbness /tingling legs and feet 3 days later horrendous back pain and it hasn't left since! Been 15 month of living hell! I've tried pt many many times over the years and always made my pains worse! I've eventually seen PM who said they will do facet joint injections in July however I am due to fly on holiday 5wks later! I can't imagine coping on holiday being the way I am atm however if I get worse then I won't be able to go!

Anybody had facet joint injections? Any good for you ? All experience welcome please

I was taken 300mg X2 daily pregabalin (lyrica). 250mg x 3 naproxen daily and 30mg oxycodone 2x daily they have cramped my meds to now 50mg x2 lyrica, 60mg x1 duloxetine and 30 mg X2 oxycodone! All the meds do is take the edge of the pain but if having a flare up then nothing helps!

I have to use crutches constantly just can't walk without at least one because it causes to much pain in my lumber,hips, groin and my legs sometimes give way!

The things I have been diagnosed with are, ddd, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia. (They said I have loss if disc height and osteophytes too)

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Breastfeeding After Facet Joint Injections?

Has anyone breastfeeding had facet joint injection i've been told by 1 surgeon i can feed after 2 days another said 2 weeks and another not to feed again anyone any ideas which is right.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Actonel Injections

Would someone be able to give me some input into this bone-saving medication? 

I was told by a "fill-in" doctor who I had not seen before, that Prednisone is a terrible but often necessary medication.  What bothered me when he said that PMR is "annoying" which is truly an understatement.

We all know how excruciating the pain can be......!

I am wondering what the side effects of Actonel might be.  I am taking 1000 mg of Calcium, 2000 UI of  D, and 500 mg of Magnesium.

I am on 15 mg of Prednisone.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia :: Kenalog Injections Are Successful

I came across the following while doing research and had not heard of this treatment  before:

" I have been able to treat patients effectively with kenalog injections. Usually on palpation the branch of the trigeminal nerve causing the pain can be identified. Its usually either supra orbital, supratrochlear or infraorbital. Then I inject 5mg of kenalog into the nerve itself using 30gauge needle with 0.5cc of Kenalog 10.It takes the pain away for about 3 months."

The guy was trained in otolaryngology at Yale before becoming a highly reputable plastic surgeon. It might be worth asking your doctor or neurologist about this proceedure.

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Hip Replacement :: Hyaluronic Sodium Injections - Do They Hurt ?

Had my hip replacement in June last year, then had a second fall and broke my right wrist, seriously damaged knee ligaments and damaged my ankle all on the right side, spent until December in a wheelchair, I can now walk with crutches. Saw the specialist this morning and he has prescribed 4 weeks I'd hyaluronic sodium injections for the knee, has anyone had these into the knee joint and do they hurt

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Urinary Incontinence :: Macroplastique Injections Information ?

Just wondered if anyone has had these injections, can't seem to find out any information about them.  Already had tvt surgery which was unsuccessful so really want more information before I have another procedure.

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Backache :: Paralysis After Low Back Steroid Injections?

Am wondering if anyone that has had shots in the lower back become numb or paralyzed from the waist down?

Two weeks after getting these shots I became paralyzed from waist down with daily headache and other problems.My pain dr. Put together a team of doctors who were able with strong medications to get my feeling back in my legs.They ran all kinds of tests that showed masse on liver,kidney,lung and large mass on thyroid.Blood sugar was 140 and then 61.Noone told me anything,they just told me I could go home with meds and appointments for tomorrow and the 31st.

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Disc Prolapse :: Steroid Injections Work ?

steroid injections in spine do they work on prolapsed discs

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Anemia :: Vitamin B12 - Good On Injections, Not Tablets

I was diagnosed with low b12 in September last year. My levels were at 70. My Dr had me tested to see whether my body had stopped absorbing b12, or I was just low in it from my diet. It turned out I can absorb it but I was just low in b12 at that time for whatever reason. I had loading injections every other day for 2 weeks. Then I was put on b12 tablets for 3 months. After the initial loading injections I felt better, but then on the tablets deteriorated again. I was tested after the 3 months and my levels were normal this time. However I still felt awful, so my Dr has advised I have an injection every 3 months. But still they are making no difference. I don't have the energy to even get myself dressed in the morning. I have a 1 and 2 year old and I find life so hard with no energy at all. I really can't cope anymore, every aspect of my life is suffering but I don't understand why since my levels are normal now.

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Cortisone Injections In Knees Causing Swelling?

I had cortisone injections in both knees 5 days ago and both of my feet are really swollen. Is this a normal side effect of injections in knees?

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Arthritis :: Cortisone Injections - Pros And Cons

I am thinking about having cortisone injections in my feet for arthritis pain and I've heard 1 good and 1 bad report about the success of it. Can anyone who's had it let me know how it went.

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