No Probiotics For Autoimmune Disease / Hashimoto's

Mar 20, 2014

Has anyone read or been told by their doc they should "not" take probiotics if they have Hashimoto's or other autoimmune illness?

I read somewhere that one with autoimmune problems should not take probiotics that it could cause systemic yeast infection. Now I can't find that article. Everything else I read states probiotics good for autoimmune disease.

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Thyroid :: Do I Have Hashimoto Disease?

I was recently referred to an endocrinologist due to 'abnormal' blood test results. The results were not shared with me. The endo gave me a full exam & at the time concluded my thyroid was fine & I was just stressed from work & maybe a psychologist would help. He took a blood test anyways.

A week later I got a call to say a prescription was in the post for 125 mg of Eltroxin!

I've managed to get a copy of the blood test result that the endo took & I'm trying to figure out if it means I have Hashimoto's disease. My endo never mentioned this to me but it seems from what I can find online that might be the case. Any help at all with this is greatly appreciated :

TSH: 13.79
Free T3: 5.2
Free T4: 14.7

ESR: 2

Anti TG: 358.8
Anti TPO: 8.1

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Thyroid :: Hashimoto's Disease - Possible Hyperparathyroidism?

I have Hashimoto's disease. Over the last year or so I have really started to experience some of the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism such as super bad fatigue, LOTS of pain in my bones, etc. Are the two connected?

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Can Hashimoto's Disease Cause Headaches And Depression?

I'm a 16-year-old female who has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I was diagnosed in November of 2013, and in December of that year I had the left side of my thyroid removed because of a mass. I am currently taking 88 mcg of Levo. I have struggled with headaches nearly every day for the past year and a half. I've tried everything, I've had blood tests, an MRI, I've tried every OTC pain pill, and I was prescribed Vicodin and Hydrocodone. I have gone to an ophthalmologist as well. I haven't had my levels checked in about 3 months, and my appointment isn't until next month. But I wanted to know if anyone knew if this disease can cause constant headaches, as well as depression.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Graves' Disease Or Hashimoto's ?

I Am wondering if someone can help me out with what my blood results mean . ok so i went to a walk in clinic because i was having a laundry list of stuff going on with my health . asked doc to do some blood work and see if he could find what might be wrong .

blood work came back showing some thyroid issues . my TSH was .16 my T4 free was 18 free T3 was 6.1 and my TPO was 102

the doc said i have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and referred me to endocrinologist which im waiting for appointment .

so my question is after doing some googling im wondering if the doc might have meant to say graves disease rather than hashimoto's . it was very busy in the office and maybe he just mixed the two up ? the reason im thinking this is because when i look at what my blood work results are they point to hyperthyroid rather than hypo . can anybody tell from my numbers i really would like to know and its a bit of a wait till my appointment with the specialist.

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Thyroid :: Graves Disease Or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

I am very new to this site and extremely grateful that I found it. I was diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia almost three years ago. I am taking 350 milligrams of metoprolol. My primary doctor ordered new labs since my cardiologist has not requested any in the last 2.5 years. My results are as follows:

TSH - 0.01
Vitamin D - 26
Carbon Dioxide - 18
Free T4 - 1.3
Thyroglobulin Antibodies <1
Thyroid Peroxidase Ab 421

Primary doc originally thought I graves or Hashimoto's, but now wants me to follow up with an endocrinologist. Of course that appointment is 2 months away.

I do not have many symptoms. I do have the feeling of warmth in my shins, but that comes and goes. I have a little muscle weakness. I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, but 2 glasses of wine have been helping.

If I do have either Graves or Hashimoto's is waiting 2 months for a doctor appointment ok? I would think that I need some type of medicine.

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Glands :: Hashimoto's Disease - Any Type Of Injection Available?

I am currently on my fourth different medication for "hashimoto's" disease and have either had allergic reactions or severe stomach problems as well as insomnia with all of them. Is any type of injection available for someone like me?

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Lichen Sclerosus Seems To Be Autoimmune Disease?

Does that mean that we women are more susceptible to viruses, respiratory infections, etc.? Do most follow  a certain diet ?

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Azathioprine For Autoimmune Hepatitis Disease

I have been living with AIH for 14 years, first diagnosed when i was 14 years old. Luckily I am fairly stable with the odd flare up now and again. I am being looked after by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bham and they are brilliant. Currently i'm on 50mg of Azathioprine a day and its brilliant with no side effects. I have been on Prednisolone in the past and i've not got on well with it. My doc keeps mentioning the possibility of me having to go back on it in the future but I don't like the side effects.

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Graves Disease With RAI :: What Happens To The Antibodies (autoimmune ?

Say you have been treated for Graves Disease with RAI and that deals with the hyperthyroidism (not so much with the eyes though!), what happens to the antibodies that were attacking you thyroid with such vigour and verve? Do they just go home because there's nothing left to attack? Are they always in your system waiting to attack public enemy number 2? And why do these things decide to attack the very thing they are meant to be protecting? Is it genetics? Childhood illness (whooping cough, measles and mumps in my case.) Environmental factors? Stress? Diet?

I am sure there are many schools of thought and theories to all of these questions but I am curious still about where these wee anti-bodies go after the illness (or symptom of your illness) has been irradiated in my case.

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Hashimoto's Disease - Terribly Low Vitamin D And Thyroid Level 13

Over the last year and a half, they have been testing my thyroid as it keeps showing up as underactive (no they have not done anything about it, for some reason they just keep getting more bloods done?). Until 2 years ago, all of my bloods came back perfect, with a high iron count of 148, but the other levels pretty much smack in the middle of normal ranges. This time, My iron came back as 53 - the doc said for me this is quite bad because mine are usually so high. My Thyroid level was 13, and he told me that my Vitamin D was terribly low. Although he did not give me the exact level of Vit D, I can only assume it was rather terrible as that is the only supplement he told me that I need to get onto immediately.

So, I know these levels are not great, but as it was a rushed appointment, he told me those levels, told me that I have Hashimoto's Disease and wrote up another batch of blood tests. So now I am lost.

Can anyone tell me what on earth this all means?

I AM going back to him, but couldn't get an appointment until mid/end next week (which is great because my bloods should be back by then anyway).

This will be the 4th set of bloods I have done in the last 18-20 months, all of which showed an underactive thyroid. I'm just not sure why they are still testing?

Is this normal? And what do those iron and thyroid levels mean? I'm assuming it isn't anything drastic or he would have done more about it?

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Autoimmune Disease Is Creating Warts On My Back

I am 2 days into the vinegar treatment. I can't reach them on my back to use duct tape. Too many anyway. Does anyone out there have them on

their back? Does just the vinegar help?

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Autoimmune Disease? Every Morning Pressure In My Chest

I am interested to know if anybody here has autoimmune and if so do you have discomfort in your chest. I've had my heart checked and it's OK but I wake every morning with pressure in my chest. Was wondering if this was typical for autoimmune.

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Autoimmune Disease? Rheumatoid Factor And High Anti-CCP

I have been to multiple doctors over the pas year. I started out at an orthopedic surgeon because my knee was swelling (previous meniscus removal in that knee btw). According to him nothing was wrong with my ligaments so he referred me to a rheumatologist. After testing positive for both blood tests (rheumatoid factor and high anti ccp level) he diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. I did not have any of the typical symptoms of rheumatoid so I went to the Mayo clinic for a second opinion. I then tested negative for the rheumatoid factor and after a thorough exam, he concluded that I don't have rheumatoid. Throughout this time and still now I have been experiencing the following symptoms:-

-random blurred vision
-popping and pain in elbows
-popping in back when taking a deep breath
-numbness every once in a while in fingers
-chest tightness and shortness of breath

I have had chest xrays, full blood work, etc. All came back fine. Am I making this all up in my head?! I feel there is something wrong but every doc I go to says I am fine.

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Diagnosed 4 Autoimmune Disease Together - Arthritis, Coeliac, Hypothyroidism..

I'm 25 and over the past 6 years I've been diagnosed with 4 pretty serious autoimmune conditions. When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which is often crippling, even now. I was told this was an autoimmune condition. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, another autoimmune condition. The Arthritis and symptoms of the coeliac disease when I hadn't controlled it obviously made me feel unwell and I often felt lethargic and unhopeful due to a lot of pain and stuff going on in my body. 

I managed to go on a clinical trial which allowed me to have a new and powerful arthritis drug which dramatically improved the condition and I managed to cut gluten out of my diet. I also lost a bit of weight - this helped. 

However, after the trial, my symptoms of arthritis gradually came back but was usually kept under control with the exception of a few flare ups. 

When I was 23, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after getting a very quick onset flurry of symptoms (another autoimmune condition) - I find this very difficult to manage. 

I've recently moved cities and transferring all of my specialists and treatments left me with no arthritis medication, and a long wait until I see a diabetes specialist to adjust insulin levels. As you can probably imagine, I've been in an awful lot of pain and been feeling very down, tired and lethargic. I'm very upbeat although having so many conditions and I don't let it bring me down, even though I work a full-time job 8 til 5 everyday. I've been having problems with blood tests, platelet counts, that kind of thing. 

I was aware that I had the antibodies for Hypothyroidism as I had the test for that about a year ago and I knew it was just a matter of time before I developed it. Upon my most recent blood tests, my TSH level was 47.7 - ten times the top end of the normal limit. I've literally just started levothyroxine but, as you can imagine, I feel completely overloaded with health issues and like my head is going to explode and quite down about it all. 

I'm sorry to give you my life story but I was just wondering if any one else has any of the other conditions I have and how they manage with all of them? 

Also - how should I have been feeling with a TSH of 47.7? Should I have been feeling VERY different because, like I said, I always feel fairly tired and down due to the combination of illnesses. Any advice at all would be appreciated - I feel massively alone with this.

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Autoimmune Disease? Tooth Decay / Lots Of Cavities

I'm a 24 year old female. I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for years. Two doctors, and two dentists, suggested that I may have an autoimmune disease, but I've had no diagnosis. I am wondering what autoimmune disease in particular this might be closest to. I've had these symptoms for a long time:

- Mild arthritis in right hand (since 17 years old) - maybe once a year, my fingers unexpectedly become swollen and arthritic, and then it goes away after a few weeks. It was most severe a few years ago, when my fingers became very swollen, hot, itchy and red, but it eventually calmed down and has not since returned with the same severity. My fingers in this hand are tilted towards the side, the joints have bended a little a bit sideways. Both of my hands and fingers are always very cold.

- Chronic fatigue

- A skin rash, cluster of small red bumps, that comes and goes on the side of legs. Also get random isolated red bumps throughout the body.

- Underweight and can't easily gain, though this might be genetic. I've always been underweight.

- Hair loss (began at age 18)

- Brain fog

- Vision getting blurrier / sensitive to light

- Eyes sore and red especially in the morning

- Poor looking skin

- Chronic sinusitis for the past 3 years. No cure or known cause (allergies were ruled out) - the sinusitis and red eyes clear up on steroids and antibiotics, but come back afterwards. So possibly a bacterial cause.

- Low blood pressure, low body temperature (96.5 - 97.5 on average)

- Tooth decay. I've had a lot of tooth cavities since I was a teen. I often wonder if tooth decay is the underlying cause of all of my problems. I've had many fillings and a root canal, but continue to have seemingly never ending problems with my teeth. My oral hygiene habits are extremely thorough though, and I try my best to prevent the cavities. I do everything I can to keep my mouth and teeth clean; electric toothbrush, brushing, flossing, special mouthwash, special toothpastes, etc.

I eat a relatively healthy diet and take vitamins and nutritional supplements. I've been experimenting to find the best diet to cope with this..whatever it is. I notice my health and energy levels are very dependent on how well I eat. If I eat junk food, or even the standard American diet, I feel very ill, exhausted and can't function. I can't have "treats" like a cookie or brownie, doing so could make me feel miserable for the next 24 hours. I keep myself semi-functioning by eating as simple and clean of a diet as possible, and consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables every day, along with tea and coffee.

My top two suspicions are that this is all a manifestation of tooth bacteria, or Celiac disease. Or maybe both. Most dentists don't believe that tooth bacteria would cause such an elaborate array of health problems, but I think it might be possible. I've heard of meningitis and heart disease caused by tooth decay. All of my symptoms started after I started to get severe tooth cavities, it was after having a root canal when I began to have severe hair falling out, and from then on my health went downhill. I had a blood test for celiac by a gastrointestinal doctor and they told me the results were negative. I never had an intestinal biopsy.

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Autoimmune Disease? Flu, Achy Joints, Headaches, Tired And Fatigue

I'm sick all the time, flu like symptoms, achy joints, headaches, tired all the time, fatigue.

lab results
Ana titer 1:640 speckled
anti-dna titer 1:20
ra- neg
everything else is neg and normal. What can be wrong with me?

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Autoimmune Disease? Hair Loss, Low WBC, Pain In Legs, Buttocks And Knee

I am a 20 year old female. for the past 8 months i have had pains in my legs shooting down from my buttocks to my knees in both legs but is worse in my left leg but only while I'm sitting down and after i sit for 10 minutes i start to get pins and needles in my left foot and it is starting to happen more frequently and more painfully as time goes by it makes it hard to drive anywhere and painful to be sitting down. I have had a full spinal MRI and my spine is normal. 

i feel like I'm always sick and when i get a cold/flu it never goes away at the moment i have a cough sore throat headaches which i have taken antibiotics for and it went away after 2 weeks of antibiotics but as soon as i stopped taking them it came back even worse. I am constantly yawning and tired. 

I had a blood test and my WBC count was low 1.6 but everything else in the test came back normal negative for arthritis. The doctor has said to have another test but he said the low WBC count is most likely just low because of a virus?I have also been loosing hair. It is all making me stressed so the hair loss could be because of that but i don't know are all these symptoms connected? Could the pins and needles and pains be from lupus or another autoimmune disease? i am sick of going to doctors and spending money on MRIs which are useless.

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Thyroid :: Probiotics - Goiter Went Away?

I was diagnosed with a goiter in 2010 and have suffered with severe depression, and anxiety since then but now it seems to have gone away. I went to my endo and she said she doesn't feel an enlarged thyroid and I don't feel it when I swallow anymore and I feel better with the depression and anxiety. What could have caused it and what could have made it go away??? No one made any connection to the goiter and the depression/anxiety. I was not diagnosed or medicated with anything. I made the connection which scares me because I knew something was wrong, but no one helped I'm glad its gone at least for now.. I started probiotics about a month ago, could that be it?

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Lichen Planus :: Probiotics Or Gluten Free?

I Am only the merry go round of LP. Off prednisone 5 days and it comes back in my mouth hands and vulva. I was trying and still am trying a shot of wheatgrass every am, probiotic yogurts and super 8 probiotic capsules. Have been doing this for three weeks and symptoms got worse so doctor has put me on steroids again...20mg as opposed to 40 mg the last time..I have been a naughty girl and am not taking them as I am trying to lose the stone in weight I put on during my last course. 

I have read so many posts and now think if there id a connection between candida and Lp. I am thinking of going gluten free.....does this work?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Probiotics And Diet Plan

I just recently found out I had IBS, I've started probiotics and I started a completely different diet plan. For three weeks I was in pain and had diarrhea but before this I was always constipated, so this diagnosis makes sense. But the weeks before going to the doctor I was actually dry heaving after every meal, sometimes I would even throw up the meal I just ate. Now starting probiotics and changing my eating habits I am still throwing up my food. Should I wait a few weeks and see if anything changes? I've read that vomiting isn't a normal symptom of ibs. Does anyone else have this issue? I don't know if I'm puking because the pain is making me physically ill or if it's because my body can't digest the food I'm eating properly. Does anyone have any tricks on how to stop the pain or make it better?

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