Thyroid :: Probiotics - Goiter Went Away?

Oct 25, 2015

I was diagnosed with a goiter in 2010 and have suffered with severe depression, and anxiety since then but now it seems to have gone away. I went to my endo and she said she doesn't feel an enlarged thyroid and I don't feel it when I swallow anymore and I feel better with the depression and anxiety. What could have caused it and what could have made it go away??? No one made any connection to the goiter and the depression/anxiety. I was not diagnosed or medicated with anything. I made the connection which scares me because I knew something was wrong, but no one helped I'm glad its gone at least for now.. I started probiotics about a month ago, could that be it?

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Thyroid :: SubSternal Goiter ?

I have had an enlarged Thyroid since 2004 I have had regular blood monitoring and visits with my local GP who said it was quite normal and dismissed it quite a lot. I became pregnant in 2011 and a good midwife referred me as she thought it was quite large to an Endocrine. They done my bloods etc and picked up an underactive thyroid with antibodies. I began treatment on levothyroxine 50mgs and have been on it ever since. I had my last ultrasound review three weeks ago and got a letter through from my referring doctor today stating my thyroid was quite large and radiographer had suggested a chest x ray to check for substernal possibility? I am a little nervous.....I am waiting on additional appointment with endocrine to discuss treatment options. As I have been have a swelling and shrinking sensation of gland through day I am very active run two miles per day, and am gluten free etc. My last bloods where T4 15.1, TSH 3.59, Antibody level 34.

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Thyroid :: Multinodular Goiter And Soy?

For the last year I have not been feeling myself tired fatigue muscle aches hair falling out small weight gain. I have just contributed to me being around the age of 50 and having a hysterectomy in the last couple years. My job is a little bit stressful as well so thought the symptoms were because of the stress. Last week I went for my annual checkup and the doctor noticed that my thyroid was enlarged especially on my left side. I went for blood work and I went for a ultrasound my blood work came back with in normal limits and the ultrasound came back saying I have several nodules on the left lobe. Because my bloodwork is normal he wants to send me for a thyroid scan at the hospital which I go in for next week. My question is has anybody had any side effects in using soy products and your thyroid? I have read that soy products specially in protein powders will affect your thyroid. In the last four days I have not used my regular protein powder in my smoothie in the morning and I have noticed a considerable shrinkage in my thyroid. Has anybody else had this experience?

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Thyroid :: RAI For 5.3 Cm Multinodular Goiter That Is Benign

I have a very large 5.3 cm multinodular goiter that is benign. After my ultrasound my Dr. recommended a Thyroidectomy. He received my Radioactive uptake scan results and now he can recommend the RAI. I have an appointment next week to discuss my options further with him. Anyone that has been hyper with a large goiter and had the RAi, would you recommend it?

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Thyroid :: Goiter Went Away And Then Grew - 2nd Surgery

20 Years ago I had My thyroid partially removed now they tell me one side was never removed and the other side that was, grew back they want to do a 2nd removal what are the risks

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Headaches :: Thyroid Grew Nodules And Became A Goiter

I suppose a little history would be fitting first...I've been hypothyroid since birth (born without thyroid function), and was placed on a regimen of Synthroid for years. From there, my thyroid grew nodules and became a goiter, and at the age of 23, had to be removed completely. Since then, I struggled on the Synthroid, and finally found a doctor who agreed to try me on Armour. At first, I seemed to do well on it. I've been on Armour for about 2 1/2 years now.

Over the past year, I've developed migraine- like headaches that completely incapacitate me. For the most part, these would come on a frequent basis but I could go about my daily routine without disruption...until about four months ago. The headaches became non-stop. There is no break in the pain (the doctors don't understand this concept- they keep calling them "episodes"). The intensity changes, but the pain is ALWAYS there. I've been treated for migraines, but the medication for it doesn't work, and the pain isn't quite the same as a migraine. It's very hard to describe...almost like a twisting sensation in my skull and across my forehead.

That's not all of it. The pain gets worse with exertion. If I try to go out and run a few simple errands or do some household chores, my body heat goes through the roof- along with a lovely fever and I'm done. I can't do anything else for the rest of the day because I'm in too much pain (from the headache AND body aches from the fever).

I'd love to say I'm making this all up. But would I really put myself through all the blood work, a lumbar puncture that went awry (yes, it was downright awful), and bounce from doctor to doctor? I finally found one who had a brain in his head that said "it could very well be your thyroid!"

The biggest problem I've had is that every doctor I've seen has said "your thyroid levels look fine!" But they've only tested my T4 and TSH...shouldn't they be testing my T3 as well? I know I'm no doctor but...

I know I should be under the care of an endocrinologist, but they are really hard to find around my part of town (at least one that's any good). I just want some other points of view here before I subject myself to more poking and prodding.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Goiter - Acute Pain And Fever

So for the last few weeks or longer I was sporadically feeling a lumpiness in my throat, especially while sleeping.  I thought it was how I lie in bed while reading.  Then this lumpiness, this weird feeling that isn't exactly painful just awkward and uncomfortable is a daily annoyance.  So bad in fact I felt nausea from the feeling in my neck.  Sort of like something is rolling up and out; of course nothing ever did.  So now this feeling his constant I feel like I'm either vomiting or choking.  Lovely!  So I also have asthma so my breathing is not 100% in the first place, add tightness to my throat and what? Full blown panic attack sure, lets not sleep tonight.  So I finally drag my feet to a Dr.  guess what PA says I have an enlarged thyroid, i.e. Goiter.  So now I am to have a thyroid ultrasound blood work.  Now this goiter is extremely uncomfortable, borderline painful; especially when I swallow, cough or yawn (oh yawning *****).  Is this simply because I am now aware of this enlargement in my body. The pain and discomfort seemed to become more acute during a 24 hour fever spike, which is what motivated me see a Dr in the first place.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Small Goiter And Nodule On The Left Side - Normal Tests

Just recently I was diagnosed with a small goiter & nodule on the left side. The doctor ordered all of the tests (TSH, T4 and TPO antibody level) and everything came back normal. The biopsy on the nodule is normal as well. Benign and no signs of cancer. My concern now is regarding my goiter & nodule. If my test results are all normal, what caused it to enlarge? What do I do to shrink it? My doctor will not give me anything because he said there's nothing wrong with my thyroid. The functions are normal. It just enlarges for a reason sometimes.

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No Probiotics For Autoimmune Disease / Hashimoto's

Has anyone read or been told by their doc they should "not" take probiotics if they have Hashimoto's or other autoimmune illness?

I read somewhere that one with autoimmune problems should not take probiotics that it could cause systemic yeast infection. Now I can't find that article. Everything else I read states probiotics good for autoimmune disease.

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Lichen Planus :: Probiotics Or Gluten Free?

I Am only the merry go round of LP. Off prednisone 5 days and it comes back in my mouth hands and vulva. I was trying and still am trying a shot of wheatgrass every am, probiotic yogurts and super 8 probiotic capsules. Have been doing this for three weeks and symptoms got worse so doctor has put me on steroids again...20mg as opposed to 40 mg the last time..I have been a naughty girl and am not taking them as I am trying to lose the stone in weight I put on during my last course. 

I have read so many posts and now think if there id a connection between candida and Lp. I am thinking of going gluten free.....does this work?

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Carbimazole :: Toxic Goiter Stopped Working?

i have been taking for over a month 20mg of carbimazole (5mg 4 times a day) the edno said i have hyper and a quite big nodule which is toxic.

i have been suffering the last two years with weight loss and tachycardia,agony and had that worrying feeling all the time.

After taking carbimazole for one month i start to feel BETTER but yesterday i had hyper symptoms is this possible the blood test have showed that I AM NO LONGER HYPER!!!!

i know that eventually i have to choose between RAI or surgery but i m scared that the symptoms will come back.Does carbimazole stopped working? is it normal to have symptoms while taking it?

the edno prescribe me also propranolol but i took it once and it scared the hell out of me!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Probiotics And Diet Plan

I just recently found out I had IBS, I've started probiotics and I started a completely different diet plan. For three weeks I was in pain and had diarrhea but before this I was always constipated, so this diagnosis makes sense. But the weeks before going to the doctor I was actually dry heaving after every meal, sometimes I would even throw up the meal I just ate. Now starting probiotics and changing my eating habits I am still throwing up my food. Should I wait a few weeks and see if anything changes? I've read that vomiting isn't a normal symptom of ibs. Does anyone else have this issue? I don't know if I'm puking because the pain is making me physically ill or if it's because my body can't digest the food I'm eating properly. Does anyone have any tricks on how to stop the pain or make it better?

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Diverticula With Colitis :: Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey - Probiotics?

Report from colonoscopy which states that both are now present.  As most are aware have been using Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey plus Acidophilus, we have been sent a prescription now advising to take the drug Budesonide (budenofalk) has anyone had any experience of being given this to use and can this be combined with probiotics?


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Alternative Therapies :: Probiotics Claim They Reduce High Blood Pressure

I have this problem-  I have bowl movement and then I have to lay down on bed, and massage all over my head for 10 minutes.  When I take probiotics, this feeling gets worse.  I do take olonzapine for sleep and have been on several anti-depressants before.  This annoying thing began happening summer of 2009 and is not healing by itself.  I do suffer from constipation time to time and sometimes it is chronic.  I discussed this issue with my GP and she doesn't know what's going on.  She says take fiber supplements for constiaption like Metamucil, but they make me worse.  

I have not had bowl movement for 2 days now.  I discussed my resting after bowl movement with someone not a doctor and he said that it maybe little high blood pressure and it goes down after bowl movement.  

Also does probiotic supplements increase or decrease blood pressure.  Probiotics claim they reduce high blood pressure.  I am getting mixed information from what I have searched on web. says it can also increase chances of sepis- blood infection and diverticulitis.  I don't know if this is true.

On some probiotic supplement, like Udo's, I think, not sure that probiotics can increase blood pressure.  When I take these I have to rest more and massage more after having bowl movement.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Probiotics/Yogurt Causing Terrible Heartburn

I have been suffering with acid reflux for the past 10 years. I also became lactose/ gluten intolerant all of a sudden like 8 years back. Then I took probiotics for some time and my lactose / gluten intolerance became better. After that i took probiotics only when needed.

2 years back I got food poisoning from bad milk and to get better I started taking probiotics again and my diarrhea improved a lot however after couple of days of probiotics I started getting very bad reaction to them like severe burning in stomach , chest , acid reflux .. ( which kept me awake all night ) . since then every time i take probiotics or eat anything containing them like yogurt / fermented stuff etc. even in smallest quantity . I get similar reaction.

When i go to the GI and tell him about my acidity issues , he suggests to take more probiotics. . which is actually the cause of the problem.

Everywhere i read it says that probiotics are good for acid reflux and GI issues. Why is it in my case I get such adverse reaction to them . ?

I also tried taking prebiotic fiber and then probiotic , i still get the same reaction.

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Severe Constipation (2 Years Old) - No Effect Of Goats Milk, Pre And Probiotics, Exercises And Massage

My son is 2yrs 2 months old and has suffered Constipation for 10 months ... it started when i went away for a weekend and he had his first weekend without breastmilk... 3 days late he was screaming in pain and had a stool stuck I was about to take him to hospital when in dropped enough for us to remove it,

the problem got more frequent over the coming weeks despite a lot of research on web tryin all kinda things increasing his fluids (which just made him wee more) and changing his diet (we tried more prunes, brown bread rice pastas, watermelon and watery fruits cutting out bananas and other foods) and he was prescribed Lactulose by the dr, whom told me it was just something toddlers get at this age, but it got worse as we weaned him onto cow's milk and the dr just increased his does of Lactulose over and over ... and saying would be 2 years until he would ref him to hospital.....OMG was my reaction, he passes stools most days but all are firm large and dry like rock the poor thing is in tears trying to pass them. his hanging of furniture like his in labour and there telling me this is normal at his age.......

so with yet more net research tried yet more diet changes no milk at all , goats milk, pre and probiotics, exercises, massage still to little or no effect

he now has senna from the dr too but the dr is still refusing to give him a ref, but my Hv has at least said there is a problem she thinks its "slow bowel" so currently trying to find out more on this as i am at my wits end and running out of things to try to relieve his pain its breaking my heart,

I know this is also now becoming psychological too and who can blame him when it hurts him so much, I am worried it will effect his happy go lucky nature being in pain for months on end. not to mention he starts preschool in nov and i am worried if this isn't sorted by then what i am going to do....

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Thyroid :: Nodule - Homogeneous Appearance To The Echotexture Of The Thyroid Gland

I had an ultrasound today and it says that there is "a homogeneous appearance to the echotexture of the thyroid gland. Bilateral thyroid nodules are observed. There is evidence of a complex cystic and solid lower pole right thyroid nodule measuring 1.8 x 1.0 x 0.9 cm. Within the left thyroid lobe there is evidence of a hypoechoic midpole left thyroid nodule measuring 0.6 x 0.4 x 0.7 cm. Bilateral thyroid nodules. Dominant nodule is a complex cystic and solid lower pole right thyroid nodule measuring up to 1.8 cm. what does this mean?

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Thyroid :: Natural Ways To Dissolve Thyroid Nodules

I have 3 thyroid nodules and 1 cyst. I have been advised to have a thyroidectomy. I do not want to go this route yet and am searching for some natural remedies. I have heard of using iodine but to be careful do to the fact that that might enlarge the nodules. I recently found out that I am very iodine deficient from a lab result. I have heard of iodine trapping, whereby the iodine taken in when their is a severe deficiency is immediately 'trapped' and held in the gland in order to preserve some iodine for the use of the thyroid. I would like to proceed with caution and try the iodine therapy.

Does anyone on this board have any experience with successfully dissolving or at least reducing the nodules/cysts?

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Thyroid :: Nuclear Power Plant Cause Thyroid Issues?

It wasn't long after I moved to an area within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant that I was diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid with nodules. And after a surgery I had, I became extremely depressed and I still am, this was three years ago. Also a feeling of not being myself.

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Anti-thyroid Antibodies With A Fully Functioning Thyroid

I am new to this site. I have been diagnosed as Euthyroid (antithyroid antibodies with a fully functioning thyroid) and I also have Anti-nuclear antibodies - Speckled 1:640.

I don't have Lupus as have been tested for that.

I am currently undergoing IVF and have had 2 failed rounds. I have been put on Aspirin (100 mg), Prednisolone 7.5mg a day and CoEnzyme Q10, folate and Vit B12 with no success.

I am desperately looking for anyone in my situation that can offer any sort of guidance, maybe a drug regime you are on or just anything at all. I desperately want children but it isn't looking too good. I'm terribly sad about the prospect of never having children.

Ive been trying for 3 years now and was pregnant once and miscarried at about 5 weeks back in 2011 and have never been pregnant since indicating a problem but I don't have any other issues except a low egg reserve which is from these other issues

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Digestive Disorders :: Bloating? Probiotics? Digestive Enzymes?

Hey everyone! I have had an ongoing problem that I have tried multiple things to fix with my bloating issues.. To start I am petite and not overweight.. In the morning my stomach looks good and flat than any little thing I try to eat it bloats up and continues to through out the day until the next morning. This is a very stressful thing for me and I am on the path to try to resolve it. I have tried probiotics quite a few brands like Align, as well as others.. I have also taken digestive enzymes again a few different brands. I take fiber tablets and started taking peppermint oil caps and drinking lemon water every day. Nothing really has seemed to help. I did go to a doctor almost 2 years ago and they ran tests and said well nothing seems to be showing in your blood work have a nice day kind of thing. I get when you eat a large meal that this sort of thing can happen but its small things too like a banana, apple, a couple crackers, a piece of chicken.. basically anything.. I am wondering if anyone has had the same type of issues they may be able to give me guidance on.. Also, I do have an appointment set up for a gastrointestinal doctor in August maybe they will be able to help but this problem is really annoying and makes me very self conscious...

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