Omeprazole :: Excessive Burping

Apr 28, 2010

i think this may be caused by the omeprazole.

flatulence is mentioned in the side effects but i do not know if this include the burping. it is awful! for at least a half an hour burping keeps annoying me, again and again after i take omeprazole.

i must take it with diclofenac. last time i was on diclofenac i got gastritis. now i have to take these two together.

other people take the omeprazole on empty stomach.

but if i have to take these two medicines together, i must take them with the food. i cannot take diclofenac on empty stomach, can i?

which way would be the best?

do i have to take them together? should i not use omeprazole straight in the morning on empty stomach and then diclofenac later on with a meal?

generally, i do not have strong acid or reflux. i only take omeprazole because i have to take diclofenac.

how would the omeprazole react with contraception, which i also take straight in the morning?

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Weak Esophagus :: Excessive Burping 24 / 7

I burp 24 hours a day. It is constant. It seems like just air. I have had the barium test and it showed my gall bladder is fine, my liver is fine, and everything looked great except for my esophagus.

My esophagus is weak and it is not getting the proper signals of when to work and when not the doc says.My doc prescribed Reglan. It has done no good at all. Many times I vomit up a meal due to all of the burping.

The burps are loud, embarrassing and very uncomfortable!

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Anyone Burping Excessively? More Like Belching

Anyone burping excessively? More like belching I have to admit. Like when guys drink too much beer. Not just once but 3-5 in a row! And all day long everyday!

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Constant Burping After Neurosurgery

I'm 62 and recently have undergo a neuro surgery. I am 2 weeks post op and encounter lack of appetite and will feel nausea once I have my meal.

Also I'm constant burping as well. Kindly advise.

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Gallbladder :: Burping After Having Oatmeal

I sound like a man after I eat! I now burp so loud after eating it is embarrassing. I could never burp loud before. I hope this subsides. All I had was oatmeal. Anyone else experience this?

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Nausea :: Burping Before And After Vomiting

When I feel vomit coming up I run to the toilet/bucket and it feels like vomit is coming up I get watery mouth and try to steady my breathing ready for vomit and then I burp like I burp at least 2-4 times (long slow weird sounding burps) before vomit actually comes up, it's almost like the burp is replacing a "gag" but I still do gag As Well and after I vomit I'll burp more and vomit more the most I've burped in one go before throwing up/in between vomits was tonight and I burped at least 7 long slow weird almost frog sounding burps before actually vomiting what does this weird burping while throwing up mean?

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Anxiety Causing A Lot Of Burping?

Is anyone experiencing this? I've been burping a lot and it might have to do with the fact that I'm not eating much these days, but even when I eat a good amount throughout the day I am constantly burping. I'm also experiencing chest pain but usually when I burp it goes away. Is this normal? I'm like freaking out. Has anyone else experienced this chest pain like this? Its not an excruciating pain, but my anxiety amplifies it more.

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Asthma :: Belching/ Burping

For the past couple of months I've started belching /burping ,it's not acid ,I get a feeling of a lump at the back of my throat and feel the need to rub my upper chest / throat to help relieve it.

I have asthma to ,not sure if the two are connected ,it's a new problem for me ,I'm 69 and was diagnosed with asthma back in 1992.

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Continuous Burping With Bronchiectasis?

Does any Bronchiectasis sufferers have a continuous burping condition that came along after a year or so of diagnosis please?

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Thyroid :: Involuntary Burping After Parathyroidectomy?

Did anybody experience involuntary burping/ trapped air/ flemy lump when swallowing after their Parathyroidectomy? Mine started 4 days after op i'm now on my 3rd week of recovery and it's still there. Went back to hospital yesterday and she said the scar/lump which is going down nicely is normal, yet she has never heard of the involuntary burping/ trapped air , she said it could be because of where they have moved stuff and it's settling down. I still have soreness and bruising and this is starting to go down.

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Pregnancy :: Burping Means Little Ones' Hiccups?

I Have A High Pulse Feeling In My Tummy Does That Mean My Little Ounces Got The Hiccups

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Gastroenterology :: Uncontrollable Burping And Loss Of Appetite

This took place about 2 months ago now and started with loss of appetite, I could go all day without even getting hungry. when i would realize how long it had been seine i ate i would make myself eat, but it would cause stomach cramps and pain so i started just not eating. i felt fine never getting hungry or even feeling weak. I am sure this wasn't good but eat became quite painful. it progressed to if i would eat i would burp literally constantly the rest of the day. So now i am back to not eating at all and still burping constantly. I know i need to eat but don't know what i can do to help this, tums and over the counter meds have done nothing so far.

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Bad Wind And Burping

I have just completed a month course of this medication, prescribed due to possible acid reflux. I got rid of the final tablet as I feel the side effects were too bad to carry on even for just one more day. I felt worn out - very bad wind and burping from week one - my husband commented on this. Also feeling as though I would throw up at any minute - still a bit of shoulder pain but the chest pain has now diminished. Had a couple of nights when I did not even go to bed it was that bad so perhaps that is why I am so tired. Now two days after my last tablet I still have a lot of wind which does not seem to be shifting - maybe I will try charcoal tabs as I have heard that these work well. Still stressed out at work so I suppose I will have to put up with this until I retire. Really makes me fee so depressed and unhappy

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Keep Burping And Sometimes It Relieves Symptoms

why do I keep burping and sometimes it relieves symptoms


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Nervous - Muscle Spasm, Twitching And Burping

For the last 3 days I've had muscle spasm on my right side-it doesn't hurt. It's more like twitching. I have been burping-maybe gas. I have worked out a lot but haven't since this started. I was just wondering if anyone gets these. I did soak in Epsom salts tonight but the twitches still happening. I have read people do get these-it just makes you nervous as you feel a loss of control over your body.

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Bowel Disorders :: Nausea, Diarrhea, Gas And Burping

I have been experiencing nausea, diarrhea, gas, burping for the past few days and cant get into my doctor is this a reason to go to the er? also a sensation down towards my genital, not painful i can just feel it.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Bend Over Burping

I just spoke to my GP about a particular issue I've been having lately. Often whenever I bend over or crouch - say to open a safe, or when looking at my laptop screen - I belch quite a lot of the time. Furthermore, water makes me belch a lot, and sometimes the only air that escapes is a little, audible gurgle. My GP and some relatives of mine say they get this too, and that it is normal. It doesn't cause me much discomfort, apart from dislodging some mucus in my throat so I have to clear it, but it worries me all the same because it's so frequent.

Is it normal to sometimes belch when you put pressure on your stomach? And if not, can anxiety be the cause of more belching/potential reflux?

(One more thing, I burp more and fart less than I used to. Maybe that's related somehow?)

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Burping With Back Pain

I have had symptoms of burping and a pain in my back between my blades for some time now, put on ppi and it's was a little better, the burping hasn't stopped and the pain comes on goes , if I lay down ,it's better and it's better in the morning. When I sit in my van and drive my back gets worse, anyone else have something similar .

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Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain :: Burping, Cramps And Diarrhea

Constant for the past 3 months and doctor thought it was just heartburn but medicine isn't working. Cramps are through my whole stomach. I'm only 12.

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GERD (Acid Reflux) :: Burping Loudly Through The Night

I suffer from acid reflux. I take Prevacid which works great. My only complaint is i burp loudly and continually through the night, waking me up. It doesn't burn it's like I just have a lot of air on my stomach and I can't stop burping. Could someone tell me what could be the cause of this and what can I do to stop it so I can get a full night's rest.

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Burping? ADCAL -D3 For Osteoporosis And THYROXINE For Underactive Thyroid

When taking ADCAL -D3 for Osteoporosis and THYROXINE for underactive thyroid, there should be a space of at least 4, yes 4 hours between these medications as side effects could be upset tummy, wind and constipation etc.

So tomorrow I will leave off the ADCAL-D3 for a few days to see if this is the problem.

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