Oral / Nasal Human Papillomavirus :: Drainage And Hard Time Swallowing

Feb 13, 2016

What are the symptoms. I have a lot of nasal drainage and a hard time swallowing. Also, my sleep apnea has worsened. I have used a cpap for 12 years. Within the last three months it has stopped helping me sleep. It feels like there is a lump in my throat all the time. My airway feels obstructed. I had unprotected oral sex(giving) with a person of questionable character about six months ago. I found out later she is somewhat of a prostitute. I have been tested for all the stds and all tests have been negative. I am very fearful for my health. I don't think it is cancer. I had two cat scans this week and they were normal. I'm thinking I may have warts or lesions in my throat. For two months, i have been treated for sinus infections, but nothing has helped.

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Human Papillomavirus :: Receiving Oral Sex

I am female and received oral sex 9 months ago. I got tested for stds and they came back negative. However, they did not test me for HPV because the only way to do that is through a Pap smear. I am only 18 and the doctor told me that I don't need a Pap smear until I am 21. (I am very afraid of getting a Pap smear)

But what if I got HPV and develop ovarian cancer?

I have OCD and much anxiety. I can't freak out with anxiety every time I am intimate with someone.

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Phobias :: Hard Time Swallowing Pills

Had this problem for as long as I can remember. I was advised to go on antidepressants when I was 18, but my GP thought it was best not to go on them with me being so young. I was eventually told to take vitamins (b25) for 3 months, but I couldn't bare swallowing them whole, so I didn't.

My dentist has put me on antibiotics for a week. (3 a day) I'm yet to start because I just can't convince myself to do it. If I manage to actually put the tablet in my mouth, my body physically refuses it when I go to swallow. I really need to take these tablets. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can bring myself to take them?

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Human Papillomavirus :: Are These Supplements Ok?

I was diagnosed with High a risk HPV 8 months ago.  The doctor said I didn't need to do nothing because it usually clears up on its own.  Oooh too bad I listen and didn't started doing something on time. I'm a 28 yr old female. Based on other testimonies I just started my own regimen.  So I was wondering if this supplements will help:  

Methyl Folate, DIM- Plus, Curcumin, Monolaurin, Food Carotene  (vit A), 3000 mg vitamin C, Host Defense Mycommunity (comprehensive immune support) and I will start a mostly vegetarian diet, no alcohol or sugars (just stevia)...adding also fish oil, vitamin E, B-complex- probiotics and D3... any suggestions?

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Human Papillomavirus Or STDs? - Hand Job From A Guy

I recently went to an adult theater and let another guy give me a hand job. I have never done anything like this in the past and have no idea why I did it. Is there risk of HPV or any other stds from this?

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Does Smoking Weed Affect Human Papillomavirus And Warts?

Does smoking weed affect anal warts ?

While it with tobacco or without ...

Im going through treatment to clean my warts from my anus and the doc told me not to smoke..  

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Human Papillomavirus :: Genital Wart And Possibility To Spread To Wife ?

I had an unprotected sex encounter with a CSW since the condom broke 8 weeks ago. I now see a red raised spot to the left of my penis on the genital area which I suspect to be a wart. I am worried but mostly I am worried if I had passed it to my wife since I had unprotected sex twice with her within a week of the exposure. My wife had not complained yet of symptoms and we are currently staying far from each other and will be like that at least for another year due to personal constraints.

Is there a timeframe when I could have turned contagious or I could have transmitted the virus to her already? How can I ascertain for sure that my wart is indeed a genital wart and not any other wart. Should I wait for my wife to notice symptoms as I heard that the virus is usually suppressed by immune system?

All my Sti tests are negative at 8 week mark.

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Human Papillomavirus :: Hand To Genital Contact? Genital Warts Risk

I was with a women who clearly had genital warts. When she pulled her underwear down they were visible and she then covered them with her hand. I told her I couldn't have sex with her and she became angry and grabbed my penis with the same hand she had just touched her warts with. I washed myself with soap and hot water afterwards.

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Human Papillomavirus :: Genital Warts For Me And Partner Have/had No Warts?

I'm 17 and I first noticed a bump down there about a month ago. I didn't think anything of it until more appeared. I went to the doctor a couple days ago and she told me they were warts. I've only ever had one sex partner and he didn't (and still doesn't) have any warts. Why do I have them and he doesn't?

Also, I recently discovered that one of my warts is turning scabby and sort of black. Is that a good sign? How long should I wait to see if they'll heal without treatment?

I've read about home remedies to treat them as well. Should I try anything simple or just wait and see if they heal on their own?

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Cancer :: Retention Time Of Carmustine (BCNU) In The Human Body

What is the retention time of Carmustine (BCNU) in the human body.

If it varies with the dosage, is it possible for me to know the recommended dosage(mg/kg) and the corresponding retention time in the body.

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Prostate :: Urination - Hard Time At Night Starting A Stream Than Day Time?

Why is it that I can have such a hard time starting a stream when visiting the toilet during the night (after having been asleep for several hours) and have little problem during the daytime when awake and alert? As I see it this has less to do with BPH than with mind/body connections.

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Cancer :: Hard (bone-like) Lump On The Left Side Of My Nasal Bridge?

I developed a hard (bone-like) lump on the left side of my nasal bridge 3 weeks ago after falling asleep on my couch. It's very painful and aches all the time, even without touching it. It's grown a bit bigger as the weeks have gone by.

Now, I have developed symptoms of a sinus infection and chest infection, that won't go away.

I'm constantly tired and my immune system is the lowest it's ever been, seeing as in the last few months, I've needed an operation to remove a pilonidal sinus, my appendix and some ovarian cysts (that were haemorrhaging), and straight after, this!

Other symptoms include -
A loss of appetite
Weight loss
Just feeling blue all the time
Pain under my left eye
Very large lymph nodes in my neck

Is it cancer? Especially if I did nothing to aggravate the bump??

I'm a 19 year old girl, who doesn't smoke or drink.

I would love to know if other people are experiencing this, or if anyone can help me figure out what this is, because I'm sick of being sick and of being in hospital, and would like to get on with life.

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Hard Time When I Walking Around

I don't know why it seems like recently I am having less energy. When I do go to walk around somewhere then I feel kind of light headed ya. It seems like once I stop walking then it will go away. If I walk around a little more then I will have that feeling. Does anyone know what would cause this problem. It's hard to walk around like this since I need to rest sometimes to feel better.

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia- Very Hard Time Falling Asleep

I am 7 weeks along and experiencing insomnia, I'm having a very hard time falling asleep and when I do rest I wake up about once an hour, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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HIV / STD :: Receiving Oral Sex From Sex Worker First Time

I've had FIRST time oral sex received from sex worker this is my very first time never had any sex related things! i'm soo scared an i cant eat / sleep / work anything even i can't speak !

almost 2 months ago i've received it an i after two weeks i've no pain but i've itching on my penis inside an then two days ago i've had clear discharge / grey at the morning discharge was very bright when i squeeze it i can see yellowish drop an then i went to clinic an showed him an then doc gave me doxy for 1 week an then he request VDRL test an urine culture i've done those an everything clear but he told me i've pus in urine 46 i think then i took my doxy then everything clear i've no discharge. almost 2 month an 1 week right now. but i'm still scared about HIV also HSV but i know HSV is rare it i infected then have to see penile sores but there's nothing on my penis. everything clear same as before but! only thing that i'm scared about HIV i cant forget it. i did normal test after 2 week an 4 days i think it was negative but i know its not 100%, but i'm scared  about this i didn't see any cuts on her mouth but shes drug user she had very bad teeth an even voice was bad as well an i didnt see any Blood actually but i'm scared  about this !!

1-please tell me the risk of HIV do i need to test ?

2-what does that mean of Pus cells ??? it was 45-46 ?

3-i didn't develop any sores on my penis so i don't need to test hsv?

4- an what you guys think about my situation ?? this was my very first thing i won't do this again

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Deviated Septum Operation? Nasal Obstruction (breathing Difficulties) And Nasal Drip

I have suffered with Nasal obstruction(breathing difficulties)and Nasal Drip(continuous mucus draining down the back of throat)for over 8years and have been prescribed all the usual sprays,anxiety pills,breathing strips, etc.

My latest consultant advises I need an operation to treat a deviated septum(restricted airway on one side of nose).

I was also told by one consultant that I had collapsed airways due to my age(70) and nothing could be done.

Has anyone had this operation,and if so, did you have relief from nasal drip and improved breathing through the airways.

My quality of life is poor,with low energy during the day and nighttime breathing problems that cause me to be awake most of the time.

I am looking to make contact with someone that has had surgery or experiencing the same symptoms as mine.

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Nasal Polyps :: Breathing Difficulty, Stuffy Nose, Facial Pain And Post Nasal Drip

I have just been diagnosed has having Nasal polyps. My symptoms have been so bad that I haven't worked in 14 years.  I have the usual symptoms of breathing difficulty, stuffy nose, facial pain & a post nasal drip.  I also have other symptoms like dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, pressure in my head.  I feel like I am walking on a bouncy castle 24/7.  i wanted to know if anyone else who has nasal polyps, has ever experienced any dizziness or eye sight problems. I have had my eyesight checked recently and its near perfect yet I cannot see properly.

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Nasal Polyp History :: Nasal Dryness And Pain In Left Eye

Two weeks ago, I woke up with pain in my left nostril.  I thought it was a pimple and would go away, but the pain is shooting into my left eye and temple area off and on.  Is this nasal dryness I am experiencing or could it be something more serious?  It is strange that I suddenly felt it overnight.  I have history of polyp in this area but wasn't big enough to cause a concern 2 years ago.  I am trying to keep area moist with argan and almond sweet/vitamin e oil but hear that I shouldn't keep doing that, lipoid pneumonia may result in repeat use.  Saline spray makes it worse.  I will go in eventually to check it out, but this ENT Dr. I have usually blows me off.  He is not the compassionate type and to see another specialist is an hour away.

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Hyperthyroidism :: Ears Pop When Swallowing

i was diagnosed with hyperthyroid 6 weeks ago, started taking metoprolol 25mg twice a day... on the 4th day i noticed my ears were popping every time i swallowed... and have been ever since.  went to ENT today and had a scope done of nose and throat w/everything fine... anyone else had this type of issue?  

I finally see specialist tomorrow and hope to get on meds... i have tremors all over body, anxiety, fatigue, high heart rate (120 at times)

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ENT :: Fear Of Choking / Swallowing

I'm a 21 year old girl who is scared of choking on food and swallowing do you know anyone who went through this problem it's been now since April I had this problem I was at my parents house eating meat and I didn't realize that I have let the peace of meat pass it got stuck on my throat for at least 5 seconds and finally let it down with soda after that it was a week ago that I couldn't swallow my saliva and yes it was really scary at that time that same night I got an anxiety attack so I went to the emergency room so I didn't left till 5 in the morning all they did was give me something to swallow the liquid but doctors couldn't find anything in my throat and since then I lost so much weight that I didn't expect I'm halfway skinny now but this has been the worst experience I had ever have in my life and idk if my life could be normal again all I ate was sweet food and liquids cause it will get food and since than I don't remember having a good full meal like pizza or burgers ever again it ruined my life but after that months went by it got better I was eating food again and than it happen again I don't know how much longer this will last I want to feel normal and a have a normal life again I keep thinking to myself that my food will get stuck again or choke to death and I don't want that no more please help or any medications I can take to solve this problem I don't want my husband to get mad at me by not eating all day and yes my life has changed ever since that happen and I sometimes I cry because of it and most of all I don't wanna get sick from it someone should give me an advice or any medication I can take to take away my fear and I do believe I do have something in my throat doctors don't check me well please help?

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Skin :: Red Bump On Butt Cheek Comes Back From Time To Time

There is a red bump that came up on my butt cheek it looked like a mosquito bite but got a few more around it thought it might of been ringworm bc it looked like a circle I scrubbed the area with bleach, I know that wasn't smart but it went away and let a slight dark spot on the area well the bump comes back from time to time in the same spot what is it? It's a Lil itchy only when I think about it but it's the same as before except it just had a few Little bumps around the middle bump.

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