Prostate :: Urination - Hard Time At Night Starting A Stream Than Day Time?

Jan 29, 2016

Why is it that I can have such a hard time starting a stream when visiting the toilet during the night (after having been asleep for several hours) and have little problem during the daytime when awake and alert? As I see it this has less to do with BPH than with mind/body connections.

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Hard Time When I Walking Around

I don't know why it seems like recently I am having less energy. When I do go to walk around somewhere then I feel kind of light headed ya. It seems like once I stop walking then it will go away. If I walk around a little more then I will have that feeling. Does anyone know what would cause this problem. It's hard to walk around like this since I need to rest sometimes to feel better.

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Prostate Cancer :: Weak Stream And Impotence

I'm a 20 year old male.

I recently fingered myself, and I felt something unusual. I went all the way in with my entire index finger (around 3 inches deep). I felt a hard, kind of pointy bump. I'm not sure if this is my prostate or if it's fecal matter. I've fingered myself before, and every time I do it I feel this. I'm often constipated, so maybe it's fecal matter? I'm worried because I also have symptoms of prostate cancer like impotence and a weak stream when urinating. I was followed by a urologist who was not able to find a problem. She made me take Flomax to help me urinate better. I haven't take a Flomax pill for more than a year.

Note: I do not have a family history of prostate cancer, I am Caucasian. I have a normal weight.

I know I should probably go see my doctor and tell him about this but it's very embarrassing.

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Best Time To Take Losartan :: Morning Or Night?

Hi I wonder if anybody has some advice based on personal experience please. I recently started on losartan [one week ago in place of bisoprolol] is beginning to work in terms of lowering my blood pressure but i wake up every morning & i'm OK for the first 30 minutes or so & then the side effects kick in .... dizziness, fuzzy head, breathing laboured, heavy legged, headache & so on. I take my bisoprolol along with my warfarin & simvastatin last thing at night. Has anybody felt less side effects either by taking them at a different time of day OR maybe by splitting the pill ... I'm on 50mg daily?

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Phobias :: Hard Time Swallowing Pills

Had this problem for as long as I can remember. I was advised to go on antidepressants when I was 18, but my GP thought it was best not to go on them with me being so young. I was eventually told to take vitamins (b25) for 3 months, but I couldn't bare swallowing them whole, so I didn't.

My dentist has put me on antibiotics for a week. (3 a day) I'm yet to start because I just can't convince myself to do it. If I manage to actually put the tablet in my mouth, my body physically refuses it when I go to swallow. I really need to take these tablets. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can bring myself to take them?

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Alcohol Reduction / Detox :: Waking Up Several Time At Night

I'm currently doing a gradual reduction / detox but suffer really bad with Neuropathy (I believe it is) as it wakes me several times during the night. Can anybody recommend anything to help? I started taking a multi-vit & minerals at weekend with has the vit B, Thiamine & Folic Acid in but wondered if it will only help once the alcohol stops?

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia- Very Hard Time Falling Asleep

I am 7 weeks along and experiencing insomnia, I'm having a very hard time falling asleep and when I do rest I wake up about once an hour, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Coeliac Disease :: Pain In The Right Upper Quadrant - Night Time Attacks?

I've been having problems after having my gallbladder removed and was sent for an mri and coeliac screening by the consultant (general surgeon). Mri was clear but blood screening indicated one of the antibodies was high which 'may' indicate coeliac's. The consultant feels this may explain why I'm having these ongoing issues but I'm not convinced. With coeliac would there be pain in the right upper quad, including night time attacks? Any help would be really appreciated.

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Oral / Nasal Human Papillomavirus :: Drainage And Hard Time Swallowing

What are the symptoms. I have a lot of nasal drainage and a hard time swallowing. Also, my sleep apnea has worsened. I have used a cpap for 12 years. Within the last three months it has stopped helping me sleep. It feels like there is a lump in my throat all the time. My airway feels obstructed. I had unprotected oral sex(giving) with a person of questionable character about six months ago. I found out later she is somewhat of a prostitute. I have been tested for all the stds and all tests have been negative. I am very fearful for my health. I don't think it is cancer. I had two cat scans this week and they were normal. I'm thinking I may have warts or lesions in my throat. For two months, i have been treated for sinus infections, but nothing has helped.

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Skin :: Red Bump On Butt Cheek Comes Back From Time To Time

There is a red bump that came up on my butt cheek it looked like a mosquito bite but got a few more around it thought it might of been ringworm bc it looked like a circle I scrubbed the area with bleach, I know that wasn't smart but it went away and let a slight dark spot on the area well the bump comes back from time to time in the same spot what is it? It's a Lil itchy only when I think about it but it's the same as before except it just had a few Little bumps around the middle bump.

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Frequent Urination At Night - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

Age : 42

Initially I was urinating 2-5 times a night.

Thought I had BPH. Began taking Saw Palmetto. Now urinating 1-2 times a night.

Not been to a doctor yet.

Tests I have taken:

PSA : Results were normal, Free PSA was .9

Urinalysis : Bilirubin level was high.

I assume I need to go to a urologist. What tests will he request?

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Frequent Urination At Night With Non-emptying Bladder (24 Years Old)

I am posting on behalf of my partner. He is otherwise healthy and 24 years old.

Since mid January he noticed that he was urinating more frequently, particularly at night. He would be getting up 4-5 times a night. He had no other symptoms.

He went to his GP who then referred him to the GUM clinic. They done all the relevant swabs and looked at his urine under a microscope. They said that there was 'something' in the urine but they didn't specify what. They prescribed him with a one week course of doxycycline antibiotics and diagnosed it as non specific urethritis.

His symptoms went when he finished his course of antibiotics. However, a few days after treatment had finished, the frequent urination came back.

He returned to the GUM clinic. They informed him that all his results came back normal (no STIs). They also looked at a new sample of urine under the microscope and said that it looked fine. They then referred him back to his GP.

The GP said that the infection might need stronger antibiotics so prescribed him a two week course of doxycyline. They also performed a blood test which came back all normal with no further action needed.

His symptoms had started to go and he wasn't urinating as frequently, but said that he still felt like he hadn't emptied his bladder properly after he had been to the toilet.
The GP sent him for an ultrasound scan. The doctor performing the scan said his kidneys looked fine.

The results came back yesterday. The GP said that after he had emptied his bladder during the scan there was still 160ml of water left behind meaning that his bladder isn't emptying correctly. He now has to go back for another ultrasound where the scans can be looked at by a specialist bladder department.

Since these results he says he feels like its 'come back' and has needed to urinate frequently again. There is clearly an issue but do you think it's possible that psychology could be worsening the symptoms I.e. When he thinks about it he needs to go more often?

He was diagnosed and successfully treated for an STI infection a few years ago and his GP said that the infection could have left scarring in his urethra which means that it may be limiting how much urine can come out...

Does anyone have any idea would could be causing this? As you can understand his mind has jumped to the worst conclusion (tumours/cancer) - would these show up on an ultrasound? I also suggested that it could be prostate problems but I'm not sure how likely this is because of his age? The doctors haven't performed any examinations on his prostate yet.

It will probably be another 3 weeks+ for the new scan and results and it is starting to have an impact on his quality of life with all the not knowing.

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Ramipril :: Best Time Of The Day To Take It

Can anyone tell me the best time to take Ramipril.

I am on one 5mg tablet per day.

I take this last thing at night but am wondering if it would be better to take in morning as I feel a little unsteady on my feet when I am out in the day.

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Bleeding After My First Time Having Sex

I had sex for the first time and i knew i was going to bleed cause that is what i've heard. Well three days have gone by and im still bleeding, not bad but pretty good from now and then. Is this something normal, or should i be worried?

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Bleeding After Second Time Sex

I had sex for the first time about a month ago, and at that time it hurt and I was sore for a few days but there was no bleeding. Then a few days ago this month I had sex again and this time it actually hurt more and I am bleeding a lot. I notice a lot of blood when I go to the bathroom, and I am really sore. I don't know what I should do, and if it is normal to experience this.

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Bleeding Whole Day After First Time Sex

I just had sex for the first time some days ago.after we had sex, that whole day i bleed, is that normal? the day after i also had brown stuff coming out, is it blood? if not can you tell me what it is and is it normal?

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Chicken Pox For The First Time What Should I Do?

I am 13 years old and Just broke out in very itchy spots. My mom said that I have chickenpox. I have 2 brothers 11 and 8 and they have not had chickenpox or the shot. Will they get chickenpox from me? I am having one of my brothers right now scratch my back. I hope i give my brothers chicken pox so they can go through what I feel like when you have chickenpox.

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Headaches For 3 Days At A Time

For quite a few years now i've been getting headaches in the left side of my head they last for 3 days only and they make my jaw ache and my eye gets pain and my neck is painful they make me really tired as well , can anyone tell me if they know what this is and if they experience this as well?

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Depression :: Go In And Out Of For Days At A Time.

Is it possible to go in and out of depression for days at a time. I have never self harmed but I have thought about it, I just don't take those thoughts seriously and I keep going. I can't handle real life like everyone else. I get really sad and cry for days and then I come out of it.

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Will Schizophrenia End In Some Point In Time?

I was diagnosed with Psychosis in mid 2006 which I also learned on my own that I was having Schizophrenia as well.

My Psychiatrist put me under different medications from time to time. Now I have a different Psychiatrist and different medication as well, I am now using risperidone 2mg x2/day.

My question is "Am I still going to have a time when I won't have to use this medication anymore?"

I asked my doctor about it even before and he tells me not to worry as long as I follow his advice. But my problem here is that I have been taking medications since 2006 and every time I miss out to take my MEDs for more than 3 days - the voices in my head always start to come back, and they say I had a relapse so i have to start the process all over again.

Will I be having this medication for the rest of my life? Or will this surely end in some point in time?

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