Overdosing On Microgynon 30 - Have Affected My Fertility Somehow?

Jul 4, 2014

Basically for the last 2 or 3 years I have skipped most of my periods...I think I maybe have about 4 a year?

I just felt so low and scared of being alone with bfs, that i felt 'I'm due on my period. They will want sex. If i can't give it to them, the will break up with me'.

So I would keep skipping the pill...often though I would forget to take it and come on, sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily, and to force it stop early would eat about 5 or 6 pills in one go...just to force it to stop. I'm not sure how many times a month this would happen, but I mainly used the pill just to stop having a period, the day I would start one.

I know I have probably ruined my body, and my hormones to say the least are all over the place...i was super hormonal and cry-ey and jealous and just an emotional wreck.

But now I'm worried it might have affected my fertility somehow? & Maybe make it harder for me to conceive in the future. (Which is my biggest fear)

I keep getting random pains in my right ovary kind of area.

I will go to my Dr at some point, but I just wondered if anyone knew of anything.

I am also looking to come off the pill and maybe lay off of anything estrogen related/cut down on eggs too. I think my body needs to cut out estrogen all together for a while. Also, I don't trust myself not to be tempted again, if i'm feeling low about myself. I know it works, so I might do it. I am thinking of going on the implant or coil or something instead, but not sure if I should come off all hormonal based contraceptives, or just change to something else?

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Male Fertility Affected? Smoking, Alcohol And Steroids

I am 28 years old male, and am worried over fertility. For the last 10 years I smoked two boxes a day, consumed alcohol, and in some periods I even used the steroids. I finally ended with all those things, and I changed my life style. However, I don’t know if it’s too late now, and are my chances to be a father destroyed forever.

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Diuretics :: Atenolol And Bendroflumethiazide Overdosing?

For several years now I have been prescribed both Atenolol and Bendroflumethiazide to control high blood pressure. The medication appears to have been successful, as my b.p. is well within acceptable limits, but lately I have noticed some bouts of giddiness and a kind of 'floating on air' sensation, not unlike mild inebriation. This was unnerving, so I went to my doctor and he checked my b.p. as 110/70, which he said was too substantial a drop to accept, so advised me to discontinue the Bendroflumethiazide and return for a re-check in 3 weeks. Perhaps the two drugs working together are simply more than I need? I am aged 62, non-smoker, light drinker, moderately active (10km charity walk recently) and in good general health. It is possible that, with increasing age, my body has self-adjusted and no longer requires such a level of 'help' to sustain a safe b.p. Time will tell, but for now (and perhaps for good) the Bendroflumethiazide is abandoned, as it was apparently making me feel unsteady and occasionally dizzy. I say 'apparently', because presumably the Atenolol could equally be at fault, but we have to start our experiment somewhere.

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Which Chromosome Is Affected By Cystic Fibrosis?

I am 16 years old girl. I attend medical school and I really need one answer fast. Can you tell me which chromosome is affected by cystic fibrosis? I have a test tomorrow and I can't seem to remember this fact. Please help me out; it will be a lifesaver. Thank you in advance.

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STDs :: Syphilis Tests Affected By Doxycycline

Would a syphilis test, both non treponemal test or treponemal tests, be affected by taking 2 days of doxycycline prior to the test?

By 2 days of doxy I mean 500mg to be exact.

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Medical Abortion :: Baby Been Affected By The Misoprostol?

I am 18 weeks pregnant. can a scan detect if my baby has been affected by the misoprostol I took while trying to abort it(to no avail)?

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Atrial Septal Defect :: Cardio ECO Report - Affected From ASD

Recently I came to know from Cardio ECO Report that my baby (4 months old) has affected from ASD (size 4mm), doctor advise me that by the time she grows the hole will be filled (I hope so Inshallah), I want to ask that Size 4mm is considered to be small or medium ???

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Oraquick After 45 Minutes Of Eating - Food Particles Affected The Test?

I took an Oraquick home saliva test about 45 minutes after eating. The test was negative, but when I took the strip out after 20 minutes to throw it away, I noticed a food particle on the test pad (from some chips I had eaten an hour before) that had apparently been stuck to my gums and swept up by the pad. I know I am being paranoid to begin with by even testing (I have some issues with anxiety/OCD, which I freely admit), so not sure I want to invest in another test kit. My question is then, how likely is it that this food particle would actually affect the results? Would it be more likely to make the test falsely negative or falsely positive? I did get a control line, if that counts for anything...

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Lichen Planus :: Vulvar - Affected My Breasts And Small Patches On My Torso

I have just been diagnosed with LP vulvar, it has also affected my breasts and small patches on my torso. I've had it for a long time and just didn't know what it was, with flare ups that come and go- everywhere but the vulva, which has been rather constant and suddenly got worse about a month ago. Been in agony with the vulvar part for the past week because taking antibiotics for an ear infection meant severe thrush also got thrown into the mix.

The doctor said it was unusual for someone of my age to suffer from lichen planus (I'm 26), so I have to go to a dermatologist for their review. I'm also an IBS sufferer, I noticed on a lot of other posts that many people that mentioned LP/LS also have IBS.

I've been given Trimovate but, so far, the only thing that stops the itching long enough for me to get to sleep is Vagisil, which I'm worried will cause problems long-term even though it brings temporary relief.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and don't know when/whether I'll get my sex life back with my amazing boyfriend. Feeling really rubbish

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Orlistat And Microgynon

I'm on the pill does it keep weight on you?. My GPs only gave me one month worth for some reason my BP is always ok had my BP done at my last orlistat weighing I lost 7 pound how much do I have to lose this month?

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Contraception :: Microgynon - Could I Be Pregnant

I'm on microgynon and had sex around a week and a half before i was due to have my 7 day break, then missed a pill around 3 days and 5 days after (about 15 hours after was due to take i took them). As i had less than 7 pills left in the pack i missed my 7 day break and started a new pack as that's what the leaflet said if you miss more than one pill..

i have read online that it only counts as a missed pill if its more than 24 hours after due to take it anyway so am i worrying about nothing or should i be worried?

I have had about 5 days worth of the new strip but my breasts have been really tender the last few days, if i need to do a test do i need to wait until my next 7 day break or can i do one before?

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Switching Between Microgynon And Cerazette

So basically I was on microgynon for about 3 years before switching to cerazette as I told the doctors I had headaches from microgynon as I didn't want to have periods anymore (stupid I know). So now I have been on cerazette for about 6 months my bleeding is extremely light however can come at any time. Sometimes for weeks of light bleeding. I now want to swap back to microgynon as I am going on holiday in November and want to ensure I am not bleeding whilst I am there. I am worried that If I switch back I could potentially bleed for a long period of time. My doctor told me to double up on cerazette but I have had other symptoms such as vaginal dryness which is affecting my sex life. If I switch back to microgynon will I bleed for ages or will it just be for a week, I never had problems with this pills before.

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Birth Control :: How To Take - Microgynon 30

After taking 4tabs after unprotected sex after 120 hours and 4 tabs again after 12 hours? What would be the next time to take the emergency pill? And what dose?

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Microgynon ED 30 :: Take It To Control My Periods

I have been on the pill (Microgynon) for a year and a half now. At first I was taking it for contraception, but now I take it to control my periods. I have not experienced any of the side effects that are listed in the leaflets that come with it. I have always been lucky with it and not had any issues!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take one pack after the other (I've done this before - no issues with it!) as I was going on holiday. Everything is going fine and there is no sign of my period.

I go away again in under two weeks, my period will be due on the Sunday (my first day away) and obviously I don't want this.

I have two options here, leave my last 7 pills and have my period early (again, I am NOT using this pill for contraception at the moment) or take another pack immediately after this pack has finished and miss another period.

(I have not experienced any bleeding whenever I have taken one pack after the other, I have not missed two periods in a row before though).

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Microgynon - No Period During My Seven Day Break

I'm hoping to get some info about Microgynon as I didn't have a period during my seven day break. I ALWAYS have a period, is this normal? I have the Mirena coil too so it's very unlikely I'm pregnant but is it still possible to conceive with double contraception (the Microgynon is to help with mood swings and the Merina is my main contraception)

Also I had a super super faint line on a pregnancy test. Some can see it, some can't. When I made the photo darker in black and white it's really obvious. Is that line just the chemicals underneath?

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Was On Depo Then Microgynon, Trying To Get Pregnant

was on depo i took 3 shots last year then stopped and took microgynon for 1 week earlier in the year. But i have been having normal period for 3 months now. I am actually trying to get pregnant.

Good day. I have had a light pinkish bleeding 11 days after period has ended then it followed straight into my normal period. I am always tired, i did a pregnancy test but it was negative. And d bleeding before my period lasted for 2 weeks. What could this mean?

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Acne :: Back On Microgynon

I was on microgynon for 2 years. I stopped with it because my relationship had ended and I didn’t have need for birth control pills. I went back on microgynon again to clear acne. I’ve noticed that my face got worse when I stopped with hormones.

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Contraception :: Microgynon - Bit Unusual Mood

I've just started taking these today to try and sort hormones out after they've been flaring for weeks on end, is it normal to feel a little weird when first starting out like mood wise? Just feel a bit unusual.

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Microgynon 30 - Dealying Periods For Holidays Only

I'm going on a holiday in a couple of days time, and My period will clash with the holiday. So I went to the doctor to request for pills to delay my period, and the doctor gave me microgynon 30. After taking the first pill yesterday, my 'period' came. The 'period' is really light, unlike my previous month's periods.

So firstly, is that 'period', my actual period? Or is my actual period going to come a few days later. My actual period is due to come around this period too.

Secondly, if the 'period' isn't my actual period, do I still continue taking the pills to delay my period?

Lastly, if it's my actual period, am I able to stop taking the pill completely and let the period continue? Would it have any effects on my period only?

P/s I know that this pill is a birth control pill, but I'm only taking it to delay my period and not for contraceptive purposes

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Contraception :: Microgynon 30 - After 2 Years Break

I'm back on this pill after a 2 year break to have a baby.I I started it last month, as advised, the first over my period. I've finished the first Pk, now I'm on day 4 of 7 day break from pill taking, no period has happened. My partner and I have agreed to use condoms also for a couple months to allows the pill to get bk in my system fully as in an extra precaution. All that happened one night when I was about to take it it slipped out hand and rolled under sofa, so I picked a tablet from another Pk for that day and just threw rest that full Pk away. Is it normal to have not had a period yet?

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Microgynon Not To Be Effective With UC If Taking Pentasa

Just wondering if anyone knows if there would be any reason for microgynon not to be effective with UC if taking pentasa. I would like to think not as I am given repeat prescriptions by my GP but have little faith in any doctors and nurses as of recent so thought I should ask.

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