Pregnancy :: What Moves First A Boy Or Girl?

Aug 27, 2014

What moves first a boy or girl?

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Pregnancy :: When I Will Know If Its A Boy Or Girl?

I am 12 weeks pregnant... i am just so excited because now everything went back to normal, i eat well,i do my daily activities and i cant wait to know what baby i will have ...i wish its a boy but when i will be able to find out that? i mean when is the 2nd ultrasound?

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Know Boy Or Girl?

I know between 16 and 20 weeks you can tell sex. Just curious when most find out what they were having.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Ultrasound - Boy Or A Girl?

When is the right time to check if its a boy or a girl? I'm 10 weeks right now. Is the baby going to be OK if I do a sonogram?

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Pregnancy :: Symptoms - Boy Or Girl

I know some people believe that they have certain symptoms when they ate pregnant that they feels determine whether they are having a boy or girl. Does anyone remember what their symptoms where and what they end up having? Pregnant with baby number 3 and the last 2 are boys. Never experienced anything like this before. Just wondering!

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Pregnancy :: No Kicks - Boy Or Girl?

What see some symtoms (symptoms) That have either one I haven't felt any kicks and I'm about To been home weeks

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Pregnancy :: More Acne Being Pregnant With A Girl ?

Did you have more acne being pregnant with a girl?

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Pregnancy :: Gender Symptoms - Boy Or Girl?

Does anyone want to guess the gender?? These are my symptoms. This is my second and I had a girl the 1st time :) (this pregnancy is completely different then my 1st as well)

Carrying low
Craving meat, spicy or salty things
Nausea for first 3 months
Baby's heart was 148 (4 weeks ago)
My boobs got bigger right away ( didn't with my 1st)
The hair on my legs grows ridiculously fast now
Intense cravings all the time(didn't have any 1st time)

We aren't finding out the gender. I just find it fun

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Pregnancy :: Symptoms For Girl Gender

What are some symptoms everyone had when pregnant with a girl. I have 3 boys and with each one i had bad morning sickness i'm now 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th but so far my symptoms are different.

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Pregnancy :: Contractions With Girl Are Worse Than Boy?

Okay so I keep hearing that contractions with girls are a lot worse then they are with boys. With my son I had contractions in my back none in the front. But now everyone keeps saying oh girls are a lot worse you feel the contractions all in the front. Is this true or is it just another old wives tale? I'm 32+4 weeks.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Boy Or Girl - Determination Ultrasound 15 Weeks?

Have anyone ever found out they was having a boy at 15 weeks and it was true?

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Pregnancy :: Heart Beats Determine Boy Or Girl?

My baby heart beat has been 150 and 155 trying to figure out if im having a boy or girl.

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Boy Or Girl - Easy Pregnancy With Boy And More Drama For Girls ?

So i just found out that I'm pregnant with baby number 3. I have two boys right now. When i was pregnant with them i had no sickness no pain nothing, but now I'm very nauseous and i have been told that if you have boys its easy pregnancy and girls cause more drama. Is this true?

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Pregnancy :: Linea Nigra - Position For Boy And Girl

is it true that if linear nigra stops at ur belly button you will have a boy..and if it goes up close to d breast its a girl??mine stops at my belly button i'm just 14 weeks so i haven't found out d sex ...

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Orgasm :: 14 Yo Girl - Cum A Lot Especially Around The Guys

I am fourteen and a girl and i am wondering if it is normal that i cum a lot especially around the guys that i think are hot and it is weird because i dont masterbate very often

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Newborn :: Girl Ears Pierced? When?

When can I get my little girl ears pierced?

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Hair Disorders :: 19 And Hairier Than Average Girl

I am 19 years old and am hairier than the average girl my age. I have chin hair and mild lip, abdomen, foot,arm and leg hair. I went to my GP who said that since I have regular periods and such that it doesn't have anything to do with PCOS or anything. I've read that as I age, the hair is going to get worse and worse, is that 100% true? I can handle the hair I have now as it's not too too bad, but the thought of it getting worse makes me even more depressed.

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Herpes :: I Kissed A Girl With An Active Cold Sore (HSV 1)

I'm negative for both hsv1 and 2, last checked in 2013, and have been cautious in the dating scene. I've been dating this girl for two months, and it definitely is not going to be serious, so I wouldn't want to catch hsv1 from her.... In the past week I noticed she had what I thought was a pimple just below her lip (center of her chin). I saw her for 3 days when it was red. I assumed it was a pimple.... Yesterday I noticed that same red spot had scabbed over, and she said that spot appears every 6 months or so... It was clear to me at that point that it's a cold sore. So for 3 days of kissing that red spot, and then 1 quick kiss with that scab yesterday, is it now a guarantee that I am infected??

Also, I got a valtrex prescription, per recommendation from the doctor. I know it wont help prevent an infection, but anything to bring up my chances, I will do. I really do not want to get hsv1, I have other health complications which lower my immune system and would make hsv1 much worse for me.

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Pregnancy :: 12 Days Delayed Period, Negative Result On Pregnancy

I'm 12 days delayed menstruation today, my period is irregular. should I take more pregnancy test or should I go to a doctor?my partner and I trying to have a baby this past 2 yrs. and we are having difficult to monitor my menstruation cycle because of my irregular period.

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Pregnancy :: Breast Not Grown Much Since Pre Pregnancy (6 Months)

I'm six months and my breast have not grown much since pre pregnancy. I also don't have any colostrum or milk.  Does anyone know natural remedies?

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Pregnancy :: Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Tests

I have had a few pregnancy symptoms like little to no bleeding, more pinky goo to be frank, and very very sore nipples almost like slightly bruised,I get teary at daft things

I have had tests to check hormonal level all were ok I've also had an ultrasound to check all there no obvious problems

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