(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Ultrasound - Boy Or A Girl?

Aug 10, 2014

When is the right time to check if its a boy or a girl? I'm 10 weeks right now. Is the baby going to be OK if I do a sonogram?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Boy Or Girl - Determination Ultrasound 15 Weeks?

Have anyone ever found out they was having a boy at 15 weeks and it was true?

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Pregnancy :: When I Will Know If Its A Boy Or Girl?

I am 12 weeks pregnant... i am just so excited because now everything went back to normal, i eat well,i do my daily activities and i cant wait to know what baby i will have ...i wish its a boy but when i will be able to find out that? i mean when is the 2nd ultrasound?

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Know Boy Or Girl?

I know between 16 and 20 weeks you can tell sex. Just curious when most find out what they were having.

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Pregnancy :: What Moves First A Boy Or Girl?

What moves first a boy or girl?

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Pregnancy :: Symptoms - Boy Or Girl

I know some people believe that they have certain symptoms when they ate pregnant that they feels determine whether they are having a boy or girl. Does anyone remember what their symptoms where and what they end up having? Pregnant with baby number 3 and the last 2 are boys. Never experienced anything like this before. Just wondering!

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Pregnancy :: No Kicks - Boy Or Girl?

What see some symtoms (symptoms) That have either one I haven't felt any kicks and I'm about To been home weeks

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Pregnancy :: More Acne Being Pregnant With A Girl ?

Did you have more acne being pregnant with a girl?

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Pregnancy :: Gender Symptoms - Boy Or Girl?

Does anyone want to guess the gender?? These are my symptoms. This is my second and I had a girl the 1st time :) (this pregnancy is completely different then my 1st as well)

Carrying low
Craving meat, spicy or salty things
Nausea for first 3 months
Baby's heart was 148 (4 weeks ago)
My boobs got bigger right away ( didn't with my 1st)
The hair on my legs grows ridiculously fast now
Intense cravings all the time(didn't have any 1st time)

We aren't finding out the gender. I just find it fun

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Pregnancy :: Symptoms For Girl Gender

What are some symptoms everyone had when pregnant with a girl. I have 3 boys and with each one i had bad morning sickness i'm now 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th but so far my symptoms are different.

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Pregnancy :: Contractions With Girl Are Worse Than Boy?

Okay so I keep hearing that contractions with girls are a lot worse then they are with boys. With my son I had contractions in my back none in the front. But now everyone keeps saying oh girls are a lot worse you feel the contractions all in the front. Is this true or is it just another old wives tale? I'm 32+4 weeks.

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Pregnancy :: Heart Beats Determine Boy Or Girl?

My baby heart beat has been 150 and 155 trying to figure out if im having a boy or girl.

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Boy Or Girl - Easy Pregnancy With Boy And More Drama For Girls ?

So i just found out that I'm pregnant with baby number 3. I have two boys right now. When i was pregnant with them i had no sickness no pain nothing, but now I'm very nauseous and i have been told that if you have boys its easy pregnancy and girls cause more drama. Is this true?

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Pregnancy :: Linea Nigra - Position For Boy And Girl

is it true that if linear nigra stops at ur belly button you will have a boy..and if it goes up close to d breast its a girl??mine stops at my belly button i'm just 14 weeks so i haven't found out d sex ...

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Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound ?

When should you go get your first ultrasound done? I'm 7 weeks I had one done but I never did a new appt. When should I go back and set up at appt?

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Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound When?

How far along were you when you had your first ultrasound?

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Take First Ultrasound?

When did you take your first ultrasound. My husband swears up & down that we are going to have twins because its on both sides of our families.

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Pregnancy :: When Can I Do An Ultrasound

I am 5 weeks pregnant, when can I do an ultrasound, am a first-time mom and one to answer my question please

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: First Ultrasound

So i just found out I am pregnant on monday. My doctor said I am between 4-5 weeks which I know is still really early. I have my first ultrasound tomorrow morning. I am so scared that something will be wrong. That I will miscarrige. Are all those thoughts normal or am i crazy? Also what should i expect to feel or look for at the ultrasound?? In all in and all I am a big nervous reck...I just want thinking to go perfectly

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Pregnancy :: How Many Ultrasound Do You Have?

On an average how many ultrasounds have you moms had? I've only gotten two, one at 7weeks when we found out I was pregnant and then on to determinan the sex. Was told I wouldn't have anymore unless there was compilations.

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Pregnancy :: 3d Ultrasound - Want To See My Baby

I want a 3d ultrasound does ur Doctor tell u to have them! I'm 32 weeks and I don't think they are gonna tell me to get anymore. I wanna see my baby girl's face!

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