Pregnancy :: Pain Under My Right Breast In The Ribs Area (23 Weeks)

Jun 23, 2014

I am having the worst pain under my right breast in the rib area. If I sit down for more than 15 mins I have the worst pain!! Any of you mom's experience this? I'm also 23 weeks pregnant but it's been going on since I was like 15 weeks

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Pain In Cleavage Area?

I'm feeling pain under my breasts or right on it I would say the cleavage area. It hurts when I lay down sometimes and I'm wondering why.. idk if the baby is pushing everything up and leaving me squashed or I'm just isn't pain.

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks - Rib Pain Under Right Breast

Its like a bunch of bees stinging me , I've been told by my ob the only relief is delivery.  Anyone found any remedies?? Im 32 weeks and going insane

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Pregnancy :: Ribs Hurt (35 Weeks)

35 weeks and all up in my ribs!

Anyone elses baby putting pressure on your ribs?

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Pregnancy :: What To Relieve The Pain From My Ribs

What can I do to relieve the pain from my ribs. Paracetamol don't even touch the bones and can't take codomal :(

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 22 Weeks And Breast Already Leaking

Is it normal to leak already I'm only 22 weeks!

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Pregnancy :: 24 Weeks - One Breast Leaking And Other Not

Im 24 weeks and 3 days along and my left breast has been leaking off and on since I hit 19 weeks but still the right breast has not at all. The left areola is much darker brown and the right one is still just kinda redish brownish. The left nipple is swelled up and getting bigger, it also has a strange lump that's grown under the nipple and idk what it is, but the right nipple is still normal.

Is there something wrong with my right breast that its not developing?

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Pregnancy :: Breast Leaking At 20 Weeks?

Is it normal to start leaking from my breasts at 20 weeks? My mom was worried and doesn't think that is normal.

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Pregnancy :: 35 Weeks Slight Pinching Pains Around My Cervix Area

I've been having slight pinching pains around my cervix area the last few days and today they've been way more frequent and seem to be getting slightly more intense, just wondering if this is normal

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Pregnancy 17 Weeks :: Twitching In The Pelvic Area - Baby Movement?

I'm not sure if I feel my baby move or if it is muscle spasms .. I'm 17w5d.

Has anyone else felt little flicks or muscle like twitching in the pelvic area. Is it the baby moving?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movement 30 Weeks - Bottom Of My Stomach And Towards Private Area

I am 30 weeks pregnant and I feel my baby all the time- but her kicks are only ever in the same place and very low down. At the very bottom of my stomach and towards private area. It can get very uncomfortable. I hear people all the time that say their baby is constantly kicking them in the ribs and very high up and I have just never experienced this!

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Pregnancy :: Breast Not Leaking - 34 Weeks Normal ?

I'm 34wks 26yrs young & this is my 1st baby I was wondering is it OK if my breast haven't started secreting milk yet?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Milk Not Leaked Yet - 36 Weeks

My breasts haven't leaked yet. I'm 36 weeks and they've only showed one time of leaking. Is this normal..?

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Pregnancy :: No Breast Soreness - 24 Weeks - Worried?

The doctor said my breast would get sore and now I'm 14 weeks one day and still no tenderness should I be worried?

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Pregnancy - 5 Weeks - Sore And Hard Breast

My boobs have been sore and hard for a week straight since i found out i was pregnant. Now today i wake up and i don't notice any soreness. Im 5 weeks. Should i be worried?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Extremely Tired And Breast Tenderness (7 Weeks)

Is anyone else 7 weeks pregnant? I'm 24 and this is my first pregnancy. I'm concerned because I haven't had any morning sickness. I have been extremely tired and have breast tenderness. I have already gone up a cup size and my lower tummy is already poking out a bit but it's firm not fat. I really don't have anyone to compare notes with :)

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Pregnancy :: Green Dots On Breast - Express Milk At 27 Weeks?

Few weeks ago i noticed green dots of discharge from my nipple, I checked with my Gynae he said it is not normal however I did not ask further as he is a guy and I feel uncomfortable to let him check yet.

My Mother in law today asked me to start expressing milk, is it OK to do that? I heard expressing milk can cause preterm labor and I thought doing it during my 37week would be better.

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Pregnancy :: 24 Weeks Breast Start Leaking Slimy Sticky Discharge

I'm almost 24 weeks and I have noticed my breast have started to make to clear kinda slimy sticky discharge I guess you could call it. Is it normal this early in pregnancy there's no odor and they don't hurt

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Dull Ache In Right Breast Rib Area

I know that i should be going to a doctor but for a month now i have been having a dull ache in my rib area. If feels like it's under my breast but just under my right rib. It's hard to pinpoint exactly. It was an on off dull ache but the more it is bothering me the more i feel it.

Sometimes i forget it's there and don't feel it, then i feel it again. I'm getting worried now that it could be something serious but i'm just wondering if anyone had a rough idea or what it might be.

I am overweight but taking steps to lower my weight, i smoke about 3 cigarettes a day, but i do drink a lot of diet coke.

Any ideas? I think i am starting to drive myself a bit crazy because when i type this into google, lung cancer and pancreatic comes up and i'm panicking!

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Pain Management :: Pain In Bruised Ribs After Accident

I was in a car accident about a week ago and 4 days after the accident I started having pain on the left side of my ribs right under my breast when I take deep breathes, yawn, sneeze, ect.  It a little swollen but doesn't hurt to touch. what could this be?

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Breast :: Constant Breast Pain After Being Sucked On

I am 21 and not married. My right breast was sucked on by my boy-friend probably for the second time. This time i am having constant acute pain for almost a week I am not sure what to do.

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